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Seriously,i am a really bad writer
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 You know its weird, the way some anime fans brains work.
 I don't know if its unique to anime but anime discussions are the only place i see it
 asked," people think anime is weird", I am of course paraphrasing but you get what i'm going
 People who like special effects in movies don't apologise for liking special effects
 movie,yet it is exactly no different from anime, suspension of disbelief is suspension of
 economy of the language is a funny thing, you are what you eat after all,
 Lets look at the terms used,
 ,otaku, otaku basically means weirdo,
 neet = waster,
 hentai=well if porn is scorned then drawings of porn will be seen as being weird as well,
 lolicon=ha, going to win a few fans for that one,
 Add otaku+neet+hentai+lolicon together and what do you get, an indefensible position,
 You can argue with people that not all anime is like that and that not all people who
 appreciate anime like magical girls or tentacles,
 Alas people tend not to split the difference,
 I'm not a pervert, I haven't got aspergers or anything resembling it, I'm not likely to head
 out to the shop dressed up as pikachu.
 I'm as normal a guy you could meet, is it fair that i may get a label? No its fvckinwell
 not, should i stop enjoying anime? not going to happen as long as there are good shows to
 long story short, be aware how language works, if words were food then
 otaku,neet,hikamori,hentai,lolicon moe and magical girls make one rotten tasting stew.
 Enjoy your anime but don't turn all weird about it
 P.S. don't split the difference with loli,moe,ecchi,hentai etc and don't get caught trying to
 split the difference, its an indefensible argument and its fanciful to expect people to
 P.P.S. yeah you can see this great show and feel the need to share your good fortune with
 everyone including non anime fans, I have had this happen many times, with music, with
 sports, etc etc
 You've got a jewel, remember its your jewel,i used love watching irish dancing, Irelands great
 irelands fantastic etc etc, the thing is when riverdance came out i thought it was great, at
 Now the world knows about it it seems to have lost a bit of its shine, its not just my jewel
 anymore, so don't feel bad that anime isn't the big mass phenomenon you would like it to be. Be
 happy you found something you enjoy
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