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Dear AV, I love you guys and your site. I've been posting up stuff at the classy wasteland for a while now, give the sample a read and if you like to read the rest give it a click.



Written by Rick Babeg and Ian.

Do I have your attention?

What makes anime fun as hell to watch and then write about is the crazy stuff that it likes to do. Unless you’re from Boonies, Pennsyltucky, incest is considered taboo. In anime, however, it’s considered the most normal thing in the world besides Goku screaming for no goddamn reason.

Before you lower your head and sigh, “oh, Japan”, incest in anime has been around for quite a while. Back in 1986, Yagami-kun’s “Family Affair” ran in the anime-centric Japanese magazine, Young Sunday. It’s a manga about a boy trying to wine and dine his mother. It was quite popular even though Young Sunday was a Seinan (an adult male’s magazine). Yagami-kun’s “Family Affair” even found a strange audience in teenage girls. A great aspect of the show was that the mother in the series actually had a great relationship with her husband. It’s not her fault that her pervy son was trying to destroy him.

Incest in Japan, as a whole, goes back a bit farther though. You have to look at Japanese royalty much like you would England’s. Japan had a similar ideality about imperial bloodlines; it was all about purity. If you’re wealthy and powerful, then your family tree doesn’t really need to branch. Alas, all orgy/family reunion hybrids must come to an end eventually. Unlike England, who tries to have a sense of humor about it now, Japan still bows their heads in shame while trying to hide their past away.

Not Anime, though. Anime is a medium used as an open forum to air out any and all ideas and opinions. At the end of the day, Anime is still considered to be “commoner” entertainment. Lower class people have no problem talking and laughing about crazy stuff because they also understand it. In an attempt to modernize, Japan has been desperately trying to remove itself from its class system. They’ve actually been doing it fairly well. But just like making a good pot of tea, it takes time.

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