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The Rundown

Do you like Ikki Tousen? When I say big breasted girls, who show there panty's every time the wind blows, is your interest peaked. Do you not admit to the fact that you totally picked up Sekirei, but did not tell anyone that you bought it. It's okay, I understand.

When I first saw the trailer for Freezing, I said very quickly “yep, another harem, panty action show”, “like we don't get enough of those”. In the back of my head, I thought, “take my money”. I have a soft spot for these types of shows. They are the Russ Meyer films of anime. They are a reason to show off the female characters and to play up what ever fetish is en vogue that week. The trick to these types of shows is 2 things, the setting and the hook.

Freezing is a show about an invasion of Earth by alien forces, named the Nova. There are genetically engineered women named, Pandoras and the male partners, named Limiters whos job it is to fight the Nova. The show is about a Limiter named Kazuya Aoi, who late sister was a pandora. He meets Satellizer el Bridget, a cold hearted Pandora, with the nickname of “Untouchable Queen”. They are both enrolled in West Genetics academy, a school with the purpose of training Pandoras and Limiters, with the intent to defeat the Nova.

Today, Funimation put up there first 2 episodes of there reversioning (i.e. Dub) in there Funimation Elite Video Subscribers page. Freezing hit a bit of controversy over here, due to it's level of violence and it's level of sexuality. Funimation on the other hand makes a good bit of money off these types of shows. Straight up, they have said, that they sell well. I wonder why. I am a fan of dime store quality science fiction and exploitation anime. So watching these first 2 episodes, it has a charm. I am not going to review this series, I watched the subs a few month back, but have been awaiting the dub.

The show likes to play up its violence and gore. I think in a reflection of these types of show, if someone is chopping into people with swords, there is going to be gore and blood, it takes away some of the shows fun factor and replaces it with a pulpy atmosphere. Your either okay with this stuff or your not. I grew up in a time (early 90's) when this was all anime, that came out in america on home video. It was a high-light to go to my local video store and rent the newest Manga Entertainment Video and be surprised by all the crazy things you would see. This has a similar tone.

Freezing hits Blu-Ray/DVD Combo pack on August 28th and Funimation puts up the rest of there dub on there EVS on August 21st. They are streaming the full

Critical Highlights

"the prudish need not apply"-

"hits big-time on the female character designs" - Anime News Network

"The first to accomplish that, but seriously, there was not a single redeeming factor to this series." - Otaku Life

"a show that is exactly what it appears to be: hot babes hacking and slashing at each other with a decent plot and tons of fanservice" - Anime Evo

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