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So I put these detergent balls in my bathroom (my mum did) and I saw the weirdest thing yesterday.

the white detergent ball looked like it was electrocuted and earned spikes or something and when I threw water on it

because I didn't wanna touch something i don't know...when I came home from school this evening the number of spikey stuff increased

and there's a lot of it now...and I'm almost sure I saw it move or well maybe it's a living I thought it was maybe fungi and I wanna know is it possible for detergent balls to grow fungi? if yes, is it DT balls harmful? how can I get rid of it?

I am not going to that washroom again!

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So I bought a new fish tank (for my baby bro) and today morning, the tank looks really cloudy

I have about 8 small fish and a small baby the same tank...the tank is the average size not too big or too small...

Also I went to a few websites and its mentioned "the break-in-cycle" I don't understand the concept of it..please, anyone HELP! (I like the fish..they're cute)

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I 'm currently obsessed with making videos or anything animated, I made stuff using paint and movie maker, and powerpoint, and a HUMAN one

Now I wanna try make an MMD video...but I really don't know where to download an MMD model. I'd also like to download PMD editor in english, so if anyone know the link please help me.


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