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Shows that Warped my Mind as a child!!
First list, here we go! The following is a collection of anime tv shows & movies that absolutely twisted my head as a small child roughly through the tender ages of 3 to 11 years old. The result of which endowed me with a curiosity & taste for anime throughout the rest of my life, as well as a mordant disdain for cyborgs!!!!!
1. Astro Boy

My earliest childhood memory is of a 3 year old me waking up at around 6 in the morning & sitting on our old brown lounge to watch Astro Boy with my mother. Good Times!

2. Tekkaman Blade

This used to air on a before school cartoon program called "Cheese TV" & the success of this particular anime paved the way for Dragonball Z's adaption by the same variety program. Despite the show's often long-winded nature there was just something that captured my attention about the fact that the main character was systematically hunting down & killing his own family. Rock On!

3. Wicked City

Saw this little gem at somebody's house when I was around 9. Wicked City was responsible for the adaptation of the term "ew" into my regular vocabulary.

4. Neon Genesis Evangelion

I think my first Eva experience came at the age of 10, I didn't understand a lick of anything that went on in the show but I knew I loved it... Not much has changed.

5. Akira

What to say about Akira... I first saw it when I was 11 on one of Australia's government funded public stations. When I told my siblings it was showing, nobody seemed to care. An hour into the movie I ventured away to the bathroom & noticed every other tv in the house was switched to Akira with somebody different watching.

6. Ghost in the Shell

After seeing Akira I'd heard people talking about how Ghost in the Shell was another MUST SEE anime movie. In truth I don't remember much about my first time actually watching the film, I just remember the nightmares I had following my first viewing. To this day I'm scared of robots.

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