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Off-Topic » What's Going Through you Mind Right Now?

@Supreme Marvel: Chi-Chi, possibly the strongest woman in the world? Regardless of that Goku was a terrible father overall. I mean, those memes out there of "Raise Gohan? That's Piccolo's job./Raise Pan? That's dad's job." But then again--when you go to Otherworld and spend the majority of your time there instead of being with your family that can be detrimental to the health and stability of your son, which I posit is due to how Gohan had rage issues. That--and he always did the "THIS ENEMY IS MY MOM AND WHAT DO I WANT TO DO TO MY MOM? Beat the piss out of her!"

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Off-Topic » What's Going Through you Mind Right Now?

@Supreme Marvel: The problem I have with that--is I believe Toriyama was right to make Gohan a supporting lead. Because in the series Gohan stated he wanted to become a Scholar. Which he did. He achieved his dream--now granted Gohan's my favorite character out of all the DBZ Characters (next to Tien/Krillin, just because, even WITH those bastard Saiyans they STILL risked their lives on the line). But when I saw Gohan take Buu and just stomp on his balls and feed them to him, it made me quack. When I saw Gohan turn SSJ2, I just quacked.

But--regardless of that, the new DBZ movie in 2013 I think features Gohan/Vegeta and Goku vs. 3 other saiyans who can go SSJ--so that may be interesting but I haven't heard an actual story on that yet.

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Off-Topic » What's Going Through you Mind Right Now?

@ReVamp said:

@Supreme Marvel said:

@ReVamp said:

@Supreme Marvel said:

@ReVamp: I'm more of a fanboy of Gohan!! :P

I'm the one writing a fan fiction about him and some of the other DBZ characters. On Vine and Vice.


...Oh wait, you were serious? Pfffffffft, you have no idea who ya talkin' ta boy!

(Seriously, Gohan man, Gohan.)

Gohan got me to keep watching DBZ when I first watched it during the Namek saga about 10 years ago.

Same. Gohan pretty much made me watch DBZ.

Interesting Fact:

Toriyama wanted Goku to stay dead after the Cell Saga and make Gohan the main character since he "surpassed his father" and therefore make him the savior of the Buu Saga. But, ultimately, he didn't see it in Gohan's personality, and that's why Goku came back, essentially.

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Battles » Alright, so i saw this thing on fb.. about goku and superman..


All-star: 200Quint Tons (ignoring that huge amount, just because... obviously)

Silver Age: Ridiculous strong--wasn't he the one who sneezed a solar system out of existence as well as pulling planets?

Then again--don't know what 's[feats] been retconn'd and not.

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Battles » Goku vs just about any single being

Goku, under the water when fighting Frieza, said "Kamehameha" in his mind while floating under water. Goku has summoned energy attacks WHILE not saying anything. Things such as the energy blasts while fighting Majin Vegeta. His Kamehameha wave while doing the Instant Transmission. Now, people have said "Goku can instant transmission [x] before Superman Reaches him, or before [x] reaches him." And yes, we HAVE seen what Goku is capable of in the sense that we saw him fighting at his full potential vs. Buu, and then vs. Omega Shenron. We saw him put his full effort into it. We saw him training, and how he trains.

As for the Instant Transmission thing--he uses his Ki whenever he transmits, secondly, he has to have a point of reference; it's not Instantaneous movement, like Dende or some of the Kai's have (less effective), and he hasn't had a clock'd speed. We cannot assume how FAST he is. Just "faster than the naked eye." Which means, what, he's Sonic's speed? Now, you say I need to think deeper? Okay then--Goku broke out of hell (in the DBZ anime, not in the manga) that's a feat only few have ever done. He trained at 100x Earth's gravity and hit himself with a full charge Kamehameha. He's capable of taking strong ki based attacks to the face (in DBGT). Then WHY, and this is important because I didn't want to pull it out, does he still bleed after being punched through a mountain?

We've seen Bizarro Superman (in Superman's body) get punched THROUGH the Earth, out the other side, with no pain and just a smile on his face. We've seen Superman punch someone THROUGH the Earth, and around the Earth. When people mention how strong Goku is--we have seen him punch someone THROUGH a mountain; and if you take the Pikkon Goku fight in the DBZ anime. When Goku uses his Super Kaioken, he catches Pikkon off guard, and punches him into the "moon" like thing above the stadium. After doing so, it creates a massive crater. But it doesn't destroy it. We'lll assume he doesn't NEED to say Kamehameha and go from there. There is still the motion needed to preform the Kamehameha. Which is putting your hands behind your back, and summoning the Ki, and then putting your hands forward.

Ki is still Life Force, though. People say that "The kamehameha moves at light speed" because "We've seen it blow up the moon in a matter of seconds." and we've also seen Cooler hurl'd toward the sun in "0:10 during his fight." But that doesn't mean that's how fast it is. Technically, the Afterimage requires beyond light speed movement, but then why isn't ALL of their movement an afterimage? It's not JUST a technique, if you're going to use physics one should do it properly.

Now, let's just assume (since that's the name of the game when using Goku), he can have his arms straight forward, and his Kamehameha charges INSTANTLY (instead of taking seconds to charge, of which--that could be used to screw up his day),) that he does fire that beam. He is totally helpless if that beam goes flying into nothingness. Goku is weak during that entire time until he can cease the beam. Next. the idea that Goku can destroy a planet is entirely fathomable. Just because we have to go by the assumption DBZ Chars know what they're talking about:

"Goku, don't use the Spirit bomb, you can destroy the planet." Or even during the fight with Cell "Goku, if you fire directly at the ground you'll destroy the planet." I think it is completely understandable to believe Goku capable of destroying a planet. But not breaking through dimensions. Gotenks did it? Okay--let's talk a bit about Gotenks. Gotenks flew around the world 8 times, napped, and then came back. And was almost immediately brought out of Fusion when Piccolo found him. So that means within 30 minutes he did this. Superman flew to another Galaxy while hearing people call out in pain; he saved them, and then came back--and Lois didn't even realize he had left.

That kind of topples "flying around the world in 8 seconds." Also--Goku got to Earth before Piccolo died in the Saiyan saga. Appeared right before his son had gotten smashed--and saved him. Goku was out of the regenerative pod on Namek, and flew halfway around the planet, but it took him longer to get there than it should have. Goku is NOT that fast, he moves beyond the speed of sound, at least. But there's no way he moves faster than the speed of light (at least, not when flying, maybe when punching?). But again, we cannot ASSUME this. There are lots of assumptions that people have to make when using DBZ because there is NO real physics to it (lolphysics).. Gotenks can break through the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, into reality, like Buu? Okay--Superman punched through another dimension, he's punched THROUGH a barrier used by the Green Lantern, and escaped a double black hole.

Goku hasn't done that so we cannot ASSUME he can do that. I can't think of a movie, or an episode where Goku did that. Essentially, that would be the barrier Frieza used against him on Namek, if he could escape that prior to it exploding, then yes. But he didn't. He escaped it during the explosion and so he IS faster than that. He was hardly scathed but that's it.

- TRUST ME. I Agree with you that Goku would lose, and be crush'd hard compared to Superman. The only reason I say "assume" is because people will say things like "we don't know what Goku's capable of" but the only reason I use "assumptions" is because lots of DBZ Fanboys can't fathom the loss of their favorite hero. Even though Goku's my favorite hero, I know he'd lose. And the only reason I keep "assuming" things is just because even UNDER such circumstances, Goku's still not at an advantage. So--sorry if it seems I'm a Gokufanboy, but I'm not. But I have to use assumptions to make the DBZboys happy, when they see the loss of their Superhero.

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Battles » Goku vs just about any single being

Okay--let me just go into this argument saying "I AM A FAN OF GOKU." I think Goku's a great character. I think that Goku is amazing. And he's a much better character than heroes like, let's say, SUPERMAN. I hate Superman--but if you put Superman vs. Goku on an even playing field. Superman stomps Goku any time. WHY do people "underrate DBZ?" Because DBZ is wrought with fillers, because it strays too far from the Manga--and even in the Anime, Goku is overpowered greatly in comparison; however, even with that DBZ characters don't hold a candle to DC/Marvel top-tier heroes/villains. And (hold your britches) LEGENDARY POKEMON. Now before you all jump on me and say "POKEMON? REALLY?" Yes. Pokemon--look at the Anime/Manga. Mewtwo/Mew have mind-fuck abilities. Arceas warps time, and defeated Dialga (who even was able to create, and can destroy the pocket universe) and there are a few other Legendary Tier pokemon that have stats that are supreme (not the game, it's like taking Golden Age Superman vs. End of Z Goku; unfair--but also the difference is astronomical, to have a fair fight they have to be as close to evenly matched as possible). Legendary Tier Pokemon are even able to give Supes a ride; just in the sense that Mew(two) can both use telekinesis, and energy balls (Superman has always [minus one or two forms?] been susceptible to mind-fuck).

NOW. What makes DBZ chars "underrated" is the fact that of them--the only "strong" ones are Goku and Vegeta (their villains are pretty tough, but nowhere near as difficult to stomp over as some DC/Marvel villains). The feats that Goku has, and same with Vegeta, are nothing. Vegeta trained at 300x gravity? Earth has a gravity of 0.03 in comparison to Krypton. Secondly--as for weight training, Goku has lifted 40tons in the show/manga in Other World. (40 TONS, 40 TONS, 40 TONS) It was NOT 400 as people may suggest, since King Kai says "He's now got 40 tons total, 10 on each limb." People will say it's 10x because King Kai's planet has 10x, so every planet in Other World must have 10x, but that's not the case. The Incredible Hulk has been known to lift 100 when he's calm, the average Kryptonian can lift battleships. But Superman is "as strong as he needs to be" so his measurement in tons hasn't ever been stated (though, All-star Superman has 200Quint under his belt (LOLOLROFLfuck).).

Speed? Yes, DBZ characters do move at fast speeds--at one point in Dragonball Jackie Chun and Krillin had fought and they had moves that not everyone saw. "Oh well we had 5 punches" (when people may have only seen one--I need a check on this? I don't have the link to the image). Speed Blitzing is one of Superman's favorite things to do. Silver Age Superman has feats that would probably make Goku cringe and say "How did he do that?"

The other thing is that DBZ is wrought with inconsistencies--IE: Krillin punches Goku and Goku exclaims "OW that hurt!" Now people say "THAT'S COMEDY." Granted--but why would Goku getting hit by a rock hurt him, just as when he was a kid a bullet hurt him? They hurt the same? Last time I got shot with a bullet, and hit with a rock--I cried at both, but the bullet killed me. For Goku, a rock, a bullet and Krillin all do the same damage. (Now--again, COMEDY; fine, I'll give you that, but just stating one inconsistency) when people mention "moon busting," or "planet busting" in DBZ; they are talking what their centralized KI can do. Roshi destroyed a moon with his Kamehameha. Yes. But he couldn't PHYSICALLY destroy the moon with his punch. That's another thing where people get a bit upset. One version of the Hulk (World Breaker?) punched a planet into destruction with one punch.

DBZ Characters are outclassed because they are "weak" in comparison. And even if you WANTED to put them in a different universe. Let's say DBZ into the Naruto-verse. The fact that in Naruto land they use Chakra and DBZ Characters use Ki. You can't assume that they are just as effective. Goku has Ki Training, not Chakra Training--so what's to say that he would be at 15,000,000 PL in Naruto-world, he may be at 150,000 because of the difference, he doesn't HAVE that Chakra training. And what about a world that doesn't "HAVE" Ki--that doesn't express Ki in it; would they be ineffective? Now, again--I'm just throwing hypotheticals out there. But if you put Goku into the world of Superman, Goku would essentially be controlling his Ki the same way (since there is Ki in DC); but it's not Magic. Ki is Life Force, and since it takes Goku the time to SAY the attack (since I don't remember any time he's ever done an attack without saying it?) he can summon his attack in that amount of time. But your speech is only as fast as you are "Kamehameha" in the time it takes you to speak it--you may be at death's door. Regardless of that--let's assume you speak "Kamehameha" and your Ki is fully charged, and you extend your hands--that's all in the time it could take someone like Superman, Iron Man, Captain Marvel--or Mewtwo the time to be at your face, or behind you.

So it's not that people UNDERESTIMATE Goku's potential--we SEE what Goku's capable of. But it's nothing in comparison to other universes. I mean. I like Goku just as much as the next guy--but American Writers design the biggest and most badass Super Heroes. "I'm Superman--and eventhough it's been retconn'd. I've sneezed planets out of existence, I've also pushed planets, and pulled them with a chain." Or "I'm The Hulk, I've punched a planet into destruction with a single punch." Or Arceas "I can halt time. I feed off the energy of elemental plates." Dialga controls time, Palkia controls space--Giratina has control over antimatter.

Soooo that's why people "underestimate." I mean--it takes a LOT to destroy Goku, but it just depends--if they're top tier, god-tier or legendary (pokemon) then Goku's probably getting fucked.

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