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Sicily Greenwood
Sicily Greenwood
  • Name: Sicily Greenwood
  • Height: 5'7"1/4
  • Weight: 105
  • Avatars: Yuno Gasai, Junko Enoshima, Mayu (Vocaloid)
  • Origin of Power: Demonic/Chaos Energy
  • Aliases: The Loving Housewife, Kita's Chef, Sickly Greenwood, Forever Alone, Bloody Mary


Sicily is a demon from the Chaosrealm that looks like an average human female that is in her late teen to early 20’s. However in actuality Sicily is nearly 3 centuries old. She typically wears a Gothic Lolita dress with ribbons in her and carries around a stuffed animal that conceals her Lovely Axe. She is in perfect physical condition; she credits this to her excellent diet like eating a well-balanced breakfast.


After years of failed marriages, that usually resulted in death. Sicily’s self-esteem is usually very low and fragile so is common to see tears coming down her face. She believes she is not directly responsible for being a constant widow. Sicily is usually seen in some corner in public places talking to herself or to her stuffed animal that really is her axe. When Sicily does see a friend or potential boyfriends, she perpetually stalks them. Doing practically anything for them to notice her; Obtain their Cell phone number, appear at their work places, Even break into their homes just to watch them sleep at night and cook them a well-balanced breakfast in the morning. Sicily even stalks heroes’ male or female who she believes could perform better with her help. Once Sicily starts to cling onto the person she will never let them go under any circumstances, Sicily becomes more violent if they try to leave, but her perception is skewed it appears as love in her eyes. In this phase of emotion, Sicily talks in a sweet, but bone chilling manner. An example below.

Powers & Abilities: Sicily is an ageless demon from the chaosrealm, she cannot be killed by natural causes.Due to recent events her mistress Kita has unlocked her true physical abilities. She is able to dodge heavy machine gun fire at close range, She can survive high impact falls. Her strength has been measured in the 25 ton range.

Bio-molecular cell Manipulation: Sicily is to manipulate the various aspects of a person’s physical being. Meaning that she can improve or destroy a person’s natural bodily functions and DNA patterns Sicily can cause effects such as irregular bowel movements, asthma, and high cholesterol, diabetes, stroke, brain damage, High Blood pressure, Heart Attacks and much more. Sicily’s range is in a 30ft radius, and effects are temporary. Even if she causes the death of someone using this ability they would revive once she leaves the area. However if Sicily is constantly around the person the effects become more and more permanent. Cause ones around her to become obese sluggish, muscle deterioration, and other problems occur.

Death By Chocolate: Sicily is an outstanding cook, but it is one of her most dangerous weapons. Using her cooking utensils from the chaosrealm, she is able to conceptually cut or add calories, vitamins and nutrients, and fat into whatever she makes. A simple bowl of cereal could the deadly contents of a dump truck full of triple bacon cheeseburgers. Or have calorie count of zero, with a dump truck full of health vitamins and minerals. Sicily can also do the same to foods she did cook as long as she can get a hold of it.

The Lovely Axe: Sicily’s main weapon crafted by Kita Kurenai in the Chaosrealm as a thank you. Sicily is able to slow down a person’s healing factor even if its instant, and can kill immortals with a well-placed strike. One of the more unique abilities of the Axe the Fateful Lover Cut, with this ability Sicily is able to find her stalking victim where ever he or she is. By simply placing some off of the victims boy like hair or blood, The Axe works as a homing device, and with a simple slash she cuts through space and appears in front of her victim. This technique only works for this purpose and nothing else.

The Horror Scope Form

Sicily taps into the true madness and mental instability of her mind causing horrifying experiences to those around her. Sicily has driven people into sheer fright just by having conversations, telling stories or just holding a knife in her hand. Over exposer to Sicily in this form could result in permanent insanity that may end in suicide like it has done to several others. Sicily is able to create horrifying illusions to bring her dark and twisted tells to life. She has used this power to make herself famous on the theater circuit.

Deceased Husbands of Sicily

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