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Top 16 ANBU Squad

ANBU is a special squad of highly trained ninja under the complete and direct control of the village's head or even more so the village Kage. They are specifically there to perform special high-level missions to dangerous for regular shinobi (ninja), torture and even assassination. The shinobi in the ANBU are directly chosen by the village head for their individual exceptional skill. There are no ranks in the ANBU and team leaders are chosen based completely on experience and merit.

1. Kakashi Hatake
2. Yamato
3. Shin
4. Sai
5. Itachi Uchiha
6. Foo
7. Hyou
8. Danzo Shimura
9. Kisuke Maboroshi
10. Raiga Kurosuki
11. Taji
12. Tatsuji
13. Terai
14. Torune
15. Yugao Uzuki
16. Zabuza Momochi
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