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All of my favorite male characters

Like i said on one of my lists and i gladly will say it again be warned some of my favorites and some of my all time favorites are either younger then me,same age as me or older then me i hope you like this list if not i fully understand and just a heads up so you fellow gamers,fellow anime fans and fellow manga fans and fellow members know ahead of time some of my favorites and some of my all time favorites are a badass/kickass too as well and my other my favorites and my other all time favorites are not a badass/kickass it depends on the characters enjoy :).

And don't worry if i have anymore favorites and all time favorites male and female characters before you ask me and if i also remember any of my favorites and any of my all time favorites male characters and female characters and yes if i forgot to add them too as well to the lists I'll make sure to update this list of my favorites and all time male characters and my favorites and all time female characters list too as well and/or any other of my lists whenever i can :)

1. Cloud Strife
2. Sephiroth
3. Barret Wallace
4. Cid Highwind
5. Vincent Valentine
6. Red XIII
7. Weiss the Immaculate
8. Zack Fair
9. Denzel
10. Ulrich Stern
11. Odd Della Robbia
12. Jeremy Belpois
13. Aang
14. Sokka
15. Zuko
16. Iroh
17. Leon Scott Kennedy
18. Batou
19. Tidus
20. Wakka
21. Auron
22. Sora
23. Yuji Sakai
24. Riku
25. Mario
26. Luigi
27. Donkey Kong
28. Fayt Leingod
29. Squall Leonhart
30. Ryu
31. Ken Masters
32. Akuma
33. Gouken
34. Luke fon Fabre
35. Jade Curtiss
36. Asch
37. Van Grants
38. Rude
39. Reno
40. Rufus Shinra
41. Ion
42. Guy Cecil
43. Kenshin Himura
44. Goku
45. Gohan
46. Piccolo
47. Vegeta
48. Trunks
49. Future Trunks
50. Yusuke Urameshi
takashichea moderator on Aug. 1, 2014 at 5:44 p.m.

If you need me to create characters for you list, you can always PM requests or leave requests on Taka's Request Blog.

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