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Haseo Yashimora formally known as yashina yakazri, was once the leader of the Maggnoriyion military and navy for 435 years, until his lost love came in spirit form and gave his memories back, and went back to his people known as the Valhallian’s!

The Valhallian’s put him in charge of his own fleet with his own flagship called the Avenger formally called the Reaper. the Valhallian’s were created for a reason, to obey the "creators" and keep the galaxy in its place(meaning no war) in the galaxy, the leader of the race is the counsel, 5 holy Valhallian’s that were the first to be created by the creators!!! Haseo’s wife, Ayana and there daughter, Miranda live on the only known Valhallian planet called Prosperity. Haseo's rival, kazza is an x-Valhallian that he's bean trying to defeat for millennia now and still can’t defeat him!

     Part 1

Haseo, in a sense is a “angel of death” witch he is known on countless planets across the stars and is feared by millions, 4500 years ago he commended genocide on a grand scale because that race was rivaling the Valhallian’s, that’s were his nickname came into place, “lord Haseo, the Angel of Death” and since bean covered up by the Valhallian’s for the sake of there pride!! Kazza and Haseo have battled it out over 56 times in the past 3 years always ending in a draw, because of other people interfering!!! Later in season 4 of the Maggnoriyions Haseo’s wife joins the Valhallian military and decided to use her superior strength for her weapon and is known as the “heavy hitter”, witch is a sever understatement!! Haseo and Ayana team up along with Zeeg, Nijaa and Dark and Light.


In season 5 Haseo comes across his father’s flagship the Renivartio! He clams it as his own and became his new flagship (keeping the name)

part 3

Going back in time, before the first episode a woman named Yulinndi erased Haseo’s memory of his entire past in till they can get the genocide situation covered so he was sent adrift in space eventually landing on planet Zenitaia the Maggnoriyion home world and over time became one of them (dearing the 1 season) intill his wife Ayana came back and gave his memory back to him (behined the Valhallian Empire’s back) and left the Maggnoriyions to go back to his people and face the Emperor himself!!

Part 4 end

Haseo go’s to a distant world to find a holy temple that he can speak to the goddess, Limaniess directly! When he finally does, he finds out that he’s not a Valhallian, but an Ancient!! A race only known in a legend! When he finds out the truth he gets teleported to Limeniesses sanguary, known as Heaven Regones! Limaniess and haseo talk about everything, that his whole life as bean a lie, and ect… he then gets teleported to the Ancient home world, Carmona, or Peace!



This is a bio of my characters life in the cartoon Maggnoriyions    

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