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I'd like to say from the onset that I am a fan of both these series, having seen Code Geass from beginning to end, and Guilty Crown from it's start up until episode 11, which is the current episode as far as I can tell. If I had to pick one over the other, I'd take Code Geass since it has a higher level of action and more interesting story than Guilty Crown, which I am starting to have some minor issues with.

With that said, I am reading a whole bunch of negative comments on this board about Guilty Crown. One of the predominate complaints is that the lead character is too much of a pussy, and I certainly agree. I have a feeling though, this was done primarily to give Shu a chance to develop from a shy teenager into a leader and a man. I got the impression early on in the series he was being groomed by Gia to take over the leadership position in Undertaker, since Gia has the virus and is slowly dieing from it. The last episode is just that for Gia, now we see if Shu has what it takes to rebuild Undertaker and rescue Inori. My complaint however, goes slightly beyond that of others, that is if Shu is such a pussy, why is it that once he gets a void in his hands, he suddenly becomes a ultra brave war machine, happily attacking the people he was so concerned about hurting before he got the void in his hands? One of my friends on this board, Takashichea, who is the top editor on Anime Vice, answered part of the question for me, telling me having a void in Shu's hands was like taking a "bravery pill", but this only answers half the question. I can only guess the other half has to do with the activation of the Kings Power, having no concern for the health and well being of his enemies.

Takashichea also pointed out to me that many of the people on this board who don't like Guilty Crown do so because it seams like a rip off of Code Geass. In reality, while both share a laundry list of similar plot elements, both tell a different story, and there leading characters are almost polar opposites. And if anyone reading this thinks for a second Code Geass is such an original, I can point to at least a dozen animes that came before it that had a similar story and plot elements. Like I said before, we hardy get to see anything truly original these days. Coping stories and plots seams to be a constant in the world of anime.

If your a fan of either of these series, I'd like to get your impression of what I just said, and if I missed the mark, let me know just how.

Also, I am continuing my reviews of older animes that have no review on Anime Vice with the movie M.D. Geist and the series DNA Squared. I also did a comprehensive summery and review of Guilty Crown, episode 10. Please check them out and leave a comment, I'd love to hear from you.



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