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Nearly done with season 4 of Naruto! Hopefully Lady Tsunade will be able to fix up Rock Lee.
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Been watching more of Naruto today, good stuff. The search for Lady Tsunade is on and he is being chased by the bad guys intent on getting at the 9-tail fox. Jiraiya is a trip, the "perve sage" is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters. The interplay between him and Naruto keeps me laughing. It is interesting to see that all the legendary Sannin have serious issues despite their incredible powers. Jiraiya being a perve from hell, Tsunade being a gambling addict, and Orochimaru being a psycho power hungry freak.

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Been watching Naruto lately. Having blasted through the first three seasons I have to admit this show rocks. Having seen some of the Shippuden series I figured it would be best if I started from the beginning. Good thing I did since it explains alot lol! Meanwhile I have been going through and updating my page and all for this site.

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