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Omg Space Dandy sucks. I can not think of another time this anime annoys me as much as this show
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RPG » A Place to Call Home (RP)


Kyoto, Japan

Japan a place where the inhabitants of the Hidden World have come to call a second home because of it many ties to the myths and legends of the time, while most inhabitants of the Inner World are good in nature. There are those who see their powers as a way to take what they want. There are many agencies that help keep this balance between light and dark but none are as prominent as the BHAJ also known as the Yatagarasu Branch. Of the three main branches of the BHA the Yatagarasu branch holds the title as being one of the most discipline, and as the newest branch this is feat they are pride of, under their President Masaru Kobayashi the Yatagarasu branch has produced some of the most skills BHs the BHA have ever seen. The BHA show Bulleye’s Big Bounties will be doing a special feature on the Yatagarasu Branch itself and many of its top BHs. For years they have followed their own motto of ‘A Man Seeks Guidance through Darkness” it is a saying most members of the Yatagarasu say with pride.

A large burly man dressed in the typical attire of a chef combine with the functionality of a karate gi, on his back a large wok like weapon, printed boldly on the sleeve of his outfit was the symbol of the BHAJ the black three legged raven Yatagarasu. “These felons known as the Kintama Sentai must have become quite a pain for the JHWAB for them to put up a Silver Star Bounty.” With feats of impressive leg strength the Japanese BH pushed off one roof top to another leaving small cracks and craters. In his one hand was a small black notebook that contained some information on the Kintama Sentai. “Four brothers banded together to commit vile acts of crime I don’t know whether to celebrate their kinship or scowl their misjudgment! Either way as a Bounty Hunter of the Yatagarasu Branch I cannot allow these criminals to continue their path of deviancy. So fear me Kintama Sentai for the Silver Star Chef of the BHAJ is coming to deal with you personally!” The Boisterous Chef, who was now standing proudly on the ledge of a building was Gatson Rousseau, Gaston had originally came to japan to achieve his dream of creating a meal that could satisfy a man for a year. In this journey of his dream Gaston had opened up a restaurant called Gin no Naifu and became a bounty hunter to support the business finically. The French Karate Master let out a hearty laugh when suddenly the edge of the ledge he was on broke.

However with an impressive feat of reflexes and leg strength, Gatson kicked off the very air itself to propel him upwards then kick off the walls of the building around him to get back to his starting point. Gatson let out a boisterous laugh. “Hahahaha! That was a close one Hahahaha!” While the Beast Knight Callis fought against the four tanuki brothers the Yatagarasu Chef got closer till the point he could see them on the distant rooftop. “What is this? Three…no five figures. That’s strange the notes said that there was four brothers and nothing of a fifth man. He may be another bounty hunter but I would know of another BH in the area. No mattey who they are they are interfering with the pride of the Yatagarasu Branch and this is something I cannot allow.” Suddenly one of the figures began to morph into a mountainous beast. “Sacrebleu! As a member of the Yatagarasu Branch I will not allow this monster to exist.” The burly chef quicken his pace in order to aid the Beast Knight of Centris. Shikin began to ominously loam over the Beast Knight ready to strike with probably a monstrous force when suddenly a large blur slammed into the large Tanuki’s gut. The blur slowed to reveal the burly form of Gaston his leg implanted firmly into the stomach of the oldest tanuki causing him to double over. Gaston backed up with smirk as he stood in front of Callis in a unique karate position of his own custom made style, Naifu to Fōku. “Kintama Sentai your mischievous ways end today as you have come against the Silver Knife of the Yatagarasu Branch. Gaston Rousseau! Haahahahahaha!”

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RPG » A Night at the Castle RP

@Kuma_From_Argentina: @Vapovile: @SamJaz: @Fehafare:

Orasul Sâng: West Forest

Before the Last Gunslinger and the Hot Blooded Boxer could exchange any more pleasantries the Mad Clown(s) came rushing through the forest as the four heroes, Crow spun on his heel revolver in hand as blacking the blade strikes with the unbreakable steel that made up the revolver. The Rail-gun turned to Gen who was also defending off the assault of laughing clones, “Hey Gen! How about we settle for a truce let’s make it through this night then we can deal with each other again.” The Gunslinger began to dodge out of the way of the clowns’ attacks however as winced a little with each movement pain racking his body from the various wounds he had received and had not healed yet. Damn I’m too beat and lost too much blood to use Overcharged right now. “Your laughing is pissing me off!” With the speed of a viper and precision of the eagle the Gunslinger fired at the Jester’s clones putting silver bullets through the heads and hearts. However Crow’s eyes widen in surprise the four clones he thought he killed exploded like a bomb in an array of colorful confetti. “What the hell?”

Orasul Sâng: East Trail

With the shadow wolves exorcised from this world, Jericho went after the Corrupted Werewolf Lup his fist imbued with the power of the Holy Father. “Servant of Evil I will exorcise you from God’s almighty creation!” While the Blade of Healing stabbed at the lycan the Priest of the Balmung Branch repeated the same incarnation he used on the shadows wolves to create more winged swords. The Holy Blades of the Archangel Saint Michael would seek out Lup and impale him through his limps to the ground if he couldn’t deal with them. Then the God Hand leapt into the air bringing his fist back he was going to bring his full fight down onto Lup with enough force to create a large crater in the ground. “Begone from this world DEMON!”

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RPG » Oh Son where art thou? RP

@Kuma_From_Argentina: @SamJaz:

Kobe: Streets (Yuki)

As Rin and Yuriko planned behind her stone wall Yuki was slipping further and further in despair and darkness created by the corrupted blade. The sword given to her by the Gunslinger in Black whispers words in her ear that twisted her mind. Words of humiliation, defeat, failure, and self-loathing, “The Toragari Ryu style is perfect…yes PERFECT…It…It can’t FAIL!...I can’t FAIL!...I’ll KILL YOU!” The once innocent Dancing Petal, now it was more the Petal of Madness, rushed towards the Mistress of Fist and Rin behind their stone wall of defense. Stopping right in front of it the Toragari Ryu Heiress sliced horizontally at the stone wall however the power of Sakura no Mayonaka released a black blade of energy that cut the stone wall in half diagonally. Yuki’s eyes look at both Rin and Yuriko, the Yatagarasu BH eyes were deranged and filled with the madness plaguing her mind but behind that was the small flicker of sadness, a signal that Yuki was trapped within her own emotions. The Dancing Petal simply uttered, “Toragari Ryu Style: Yasei no Kaze” Yuki spun her small body around at full speed turning herself into a mini top of slicing force. However with the added distortion ability of the of corrupted sword it released wild twisting blade of black energy in all directions with no way of predicting or anticipating their paths it was an attack that would force the girls to separate. Following up on this Yuki charged towards Rin targeting her with her madness. Pushing off with her foot the Toragari Ryu Heiress jumped a few feet into the air then with an expert agility she twisted her body in mid slicing at the Spear Wielding Shishioh, “Toragari Ryu Style: Rakka Hana.” Sakura no Mayonaka released 3 blade of twisting energy that would slice Rin from random directions if she didn’t counter the assault.

Kobe: Streets (Crow and Gen)

Crow brushed off the dust and dirt from his treasured cowboy hat before putting it back on his head. He gazed over at the torn up Gen who body was badly injured from their brief fight, I never seen anything like that before, he was like a monster no reason no mind just the urge to fight. I don’t know what that power is but that is something I don’t ever want to deal with again. Reaching into his jacket Crow removed a small leather pouch inside were dark red berries from the rocky desert like regions surrounding Death Vegas that often populated by Native tribes, they were vivificum berries (or called life giving berries). The tart berries were valued among the Native Americans because of their slight healing properties capable of accelerating the healing process just enough to fix bones, heal bruises, and even in extreme circumstance be the extra little something that could save a man’s life. Crow always purchase a bag every month to carry with him on the road just encase a bounty was harder than he thought. Crow take a few of the extremely tart berries and shoved them into Gen’s mouth to heal the Spirit Boxer recover from some of the wounds he sustain. The Last Gunslinger sat down next to Gen as he popped a berry into his mouth and gazed out aimlessly. The Rail-gun started talking to no one in particular but hoped some of it got through to Gen. “I won’t lie to you and tell you I know what it’s like growing up in such a hell Gen but I will tell you one thing you and me have in common. We both used our past to make us stronger. When I was 18 I lost everything my friends, my family, my idols the Gunslingers themselves they were all taken from me. I was 18 and as my town burned I was useless. I swore from that day I would become stronger I would hunt those people down for my own sense of justice. That is why I am Bounty Hunter because I believe if I keep hunting bad guys long enough it will lead me towards the bad guys I really want. However in all that time with the BHA and seeking vengeance I learned one thing something my Grandfather taught me a long time ago. We all have to keep moving forward, no matter what lies ahead of us even if it is a river of blood we must move forward. That is what I told you sister when I met her, keep moving forward.”

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RPG » An Unexpected Train Ride - RP

@Vapovile: @Eleventh: @SamJaz: @Kuma_From_Argentina: @Fehafare: @ChronoWolf: @Masterofdeath: (OCC Note: I want to apologize to everyone I was a bit stuck on something for school and when I finished I couldn;t get back into it. But as of this moment consider my hiatus over.)

Car 12

Kusuri was enjoying the train ride so far the car she was in was filled with interesting people but there was one in particular she was the most interested in and that was the one she confused for a cosplayer, Callis Nomene. To her Callis was just the coolest person she had ever seen. Even while she tried to read her manga she couldn’t help but occasionally look up at him and gaze at the awesomeness that was the Beast Knight. She also couldn’t help but notice he was kind of cute too. Unfortunately for the nurse in training this train ride was about to become dramatically darker, a second before the voice violently interrupted the pleasant ride a necklace with a green gem around Kusuri’s neck began to glow making her eyes widen. “Oh no not here.” As the voice of one the hijackers announced their plans to kill all the passengers Kusuri became extremely anxious while her pet Chiyu hid against her. The nurse in training placed her hand over the necklace as it signaled that there was evil amongst them.

Unfortunately for the Ms. Inoue this was a bit more than an understatement as soon the sound of screaming passengers filled the train, the screams were coming from the car in front of them as blood splattered onto the window. The Beast Knight was the first into action surprising the pinkette as he rushed into the next car without worrying what may await him. Oh wow Mr.Callis is so brave he just ran to help those people. What should I do? I’m not strong like that. Kusuri was surprised as the handsome beast warrior was not the only one springing into action. The other passengers in her car were also moving out to help those in need, the young girl sat there as the car emptied out a realization donning on her. Oh wow all these people are so strong and brave I can’t believe it they are just like the characters from Hyper Night Universes. I can’t just sit here I need to help these people too. I can’t just cower in fear it’s my job as a Magical Heavenly Healer Kusuri. What most people didn’t realize about Kusuri was she not just some ordinary girl, Kusuri not to long along with bless with a magical power that allowed her to become Magical Nurse Kusuri with angelic healing abilities. Kusuri stood up and placing a few fingers on the magical gen stone around her neck as she channeled her latent magical energy through it and her.

The gem released rings of magical energy that surrounded her and changed her appearance from the normal Kusuri Inoue to Magical Nurse the Healer of Lives. The light began to fade finally revealing her outfit which appeared to be a combo of magical girl and nurse a pink wand with a heart at the top and a green gem within the center. Rushing bravely into the next car with her magical pet Chiyu behind her; however the young magical was not prepared for the horrors she witness. The blood stained walls, the bodies, the mangled organs and flesh. In the center of it all was a young girl. “What…what is this?”

Car 14

When the ominous threat came over the loud speaker the Superior Intellect Enigma smiled a little not showing an ounce of terror or fear. “Well it seems my dear Olivia that our duty calls come on.” Olivia caught off guard by the terrorists announced look at Enigma shocked, “What are you kidding me you crazy bastard? Don’t tell me that you intend on stopping this train by yourself we don’t know what the hell we are dealing with.” Enigma smiled again as he packed up his lap top carefully putting the bag back over his shoulder, “Please dear I am a man of science not war I have no intention of fighting someone over such things. As I mention before there are some interesting people on this train that can handle that matter themselves. I however need to check on a few passengers of particular interest to me. I take it you pack appropriately.” Dr. Verde stood up with an anxious smile on her face, as she retrieved her bag opening to reveal several fire arms, while she wasn’t an expert shot or any such thing Olivia was trained by her military father in the art of tactics and combat making her a deadly asset to Enigma. However just as Enigma and Olivia were about to move out themselves the deadly assassin Altair arrived bursting into the car. “Hmm it seems the interesting passengers have come to us dear.” Olivia had drawn her a handgun and had it aimed at Altair’s head.

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RPG » (LOCATION) Inazuma Gakuen: The School of Warriors

@Kuma_From_Argentina: @Fehafare:

Introduction: The Bullet Princess Alicia Weston

Alicia Weston, also known as the Bullet Princess, had made her way into the famous Inazuma Gakuen through her family wealth and connections along with her own skill. Alicia was too wrapped up in her own little world (which she was the queen of) to care about her fellow students, the Weston Daughter was currently writing a fan letter to her idol, Crow Cementerio of the BHA Artemis Branch, however she was stuck on exactly what to write him. The only thing currently written was Dear Mr. Crow Cementerio follow by a series of scribbles and scathed out words as she was unsure of what to write to the Rail-Gun. It wasn’t until Izumi spoke to her that Alicia snapped out of her focus with a fright. The Bullet Princess let out a surprise squeak then tore out her letter to a million pieces her face red with embarrassment, Alicia turned to towards Izumi with a rather disinterested look. What a homely looking girl? What is she even doing here? I thought Inazuma was supposed to be a school of talent. The spoiled girl quickly put on her best (most sarcastic voice) “Oh yes how lovely to meet you. I hope we can become the best of friends, braid each other’s hair and have sleep overs.” Alicia then took out her wallet and handed some money to Izumi, “Now be a dear and go get me an ice coffee, or should I say ice coffees. One should be no whip cream extra caramel, another should be no caramel extra whip cream, and one that has neither whip cream nor caramel. And be fast about it dear the last boy is late with my order.”

Introduction: Wimpy Keiji the Worst Martial Artist?

With class already starting Keiji Nakahara was practically sprinting through the halls his back over his shoulder and carry a trio of ice coffees. One of the girls on his class had ask him to buy her some ice coffees her request were strange but the young martial artist couldn’t say no to her after all she seemed so nice and kind. Wimpy Keiji, a unpleasant nickname that some of the other kids had labeled him with, carefully navigated the halls of Inazuma trying not spill the girl’s ice coffee. He was entering the home stretch. Yes I’m going to make it…oh no is that a teacher crap. Keiji doubled his efforts and managed to make it into the class room panting out of breath and apologizing to the two instructors. “I’m so sorry please forgive instructors I had to get a girl these ice coffees she said something about she needed them or she would explode. I promise I won’t be late again.” With his apology Keiji turned to hand Alicia her ice coffees but the clumsy teen tripped over his own foot and spilled all the drinks right onto the German Noble Gerwulf. The class went silent as all eyes fell on the two as Keiji looked up at Gerwulf a look of fear and anxiety in his eyes.

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RPG » Heart of the Sword (OOC)

@Kuma_From_Argentina: Fine but if you do a gunslinger equivalent of this than I want in that!

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RPG » Heart of the Sword (OOC)

@Kuma_From_Argentina: I could create a BH swordman from one of the 3 branches (or all of them)

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RPG » Small Hiatus

Hello Everyone I want to apologize for not be very active lately I have to finish a stupid paper for school so I had to focus all my time to that. It won;t take me long to finish but I just need a little time and patience from everybody so that I can finish this. I'll be working to get my posts in for the RPs that I am playing in but please be patient with me for now. Again everyone I'm sorry this is just a little hiccup I'm not leaving or going away I just need time.

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RPG » A Night Out with Samjaz

Author's Note

This is going to be a closed RP between Me and Samjaz


Crow and Samjaz are for lack of a better words friends yet every time the two get together it only ends in complete chaos, the Pineapple incident, however Samjaz's has invited Crow to join him in a night out on the town. Unbeknownst to the Gunslinger the Keyblade King has set up a double date with him and Hitomi, Crow and a mystery date. What could possibly go wrong?...Everything! Can the two survive a night together? Who is behind this crazy series of events? Who is Hitomi's secret admirder? Who is Crow's blind date? HOW WILL THEY SPLIT THE BILL? The answers to all these questions you didn't want to know will be answered in a Night Out with Samjaz. There will be Explosions, Pineapples, and Explosive Pineapples!

Cast of Characters

Crow Cementerio: The Last Gunslinger and BH with the BHA Artemis Branch, Crow has reluctantly agreed to join Samjaz on a night out unbeknownst to him the Key Blade Master has a lot more up his sleeves than just a simple guys night out. Crow sees Samjaz as an annoying yet helpful ally there seems to be mutual respect between the two.

SamJaz Shinoda: The Key Blade wielding Shinodaborn and friend/rival's of Crow the two has as of yet unknown history together that seems to revolve around the infamous Pineapple Incident, it is believed by observer of the two that Samjaz sees the good in the Gunslinger and normally tries to bring out his more heroic nature. He has set up this night out which unbeknownst to Crow is a double date with a mystery blind date for the Gunslinger while Samjaz brought Hitomi.

Hitomi Nakamura: Friend of Samjaz and his "date" for this evening, Hitomi has a dislike of Crow for unknown reasons, some of which may have to deal with him being a Bounty Hunter, she came more for Samjaz then for Crow.

Crow's Blind Date: Samajz has set the Gunslinger up with this blind date for the evening, Crow doesn't know about it and it could be anyone man, woman, Hentai Tentacle Rape Monster, SOMETHING. You never know when Samjaz is behind it. (Will be revealed when this starts)

(more to be added as the rp begins )

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RPG » An Unexpected Train Ride (OOC)

I have a presentation to write and prepare for so i'm on a bit of a hiatus at least until the end of today. So I'm willing taking the last spot.

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RPG » Haruko Miyata (Bio)

@Vapovile: When ever you have time you should really update this there is nothing wrong with this just need to keep it updated. For example add a list of stories you been in (I usually add links to those threads), maybe a list of allies, enemies, etc. you have met.

Oh and even add Crow and Haruko new combo move to the special technique list.

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RPG » An Unexpected Train Ride (OOC)


I think I'm done with my intro what ever i didn't do i can do in my next post. Please tell me we now return to the the posting order. :P

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RPG » New Vice Awards

@Vapovile: lol no this is the first time i hosted the awards so i wanted to focus on only me and Crow for the first time maybe the next one I will include more of my characters.

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RPG » A Day at the Amusement Park: OCC

@Masterofdeath: I haven't revealed anything yet it's just so I don't forget this.

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RPG » A Day at the Amusement Park: OCC

A Day at the Amusement Park

Coming Soon...
Coming Soon...
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RPG » New Vice Awards

@Kuma_From_Argentina: Thanks yours was much better though

@Fehafare: Whoops sorry I fixed it.

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RPG » New Vice Awards

Welcome everyone it’s that time of the month again the Vice Awards aka the Viceys, the audience is filled with everyone’s favorite characters new and old. The Seamstresses Hitomi and Haruko provided a lot of tonight’s fashions, The Bromance of FCL seem to hanging out chilling shooting the breeze, and Gen seems to trying to pick a fight with anyone. Everyone seems to be talking about a man in Black that they don’t remember (flash of light) wait who were we talking about again. Oh right this month’s host are real special treat. One is a Bounty Hunter Gunslinger, a Western Hero, the Sheriff of the Vice…CROW CEMENTERIO. The other is a writer of immense talent, his post are long but rich in detail and enjoyment, he is a member of the Vice Hall Of Fame Class Two, and the creator of Crow himself…LOBOS.

Lobos and Crow made their way to the center of the stage a similarity between the two yet their attire showed a difference between the creator and character. Lobos was probably dressed for the occasion while Crow had his jacket up open, his tie loose, and his cowboy hat on his head. Lobos spoke cheerfully as he greeted the audience. “Greetings Everyone! Welcome to this Month’s Vice Awards! I’m your host for tonight along with my number one character Crow.” The camera pans over to Crow who seems upset, “What’s wrong Crow? You should be smiling we are hosting this Month’s Awards this is something that not a lot of people get to do.” Crow turned towards his creator with a frown, “Yeah it’s so great then why are we now only getting the invite to host? Huh if we are so great why have we been snubbed so many times? I say this whole thing is a conspiracy they are trying to hold me down! Well nay I say NAY! Nobody will stop the Crow Movement my time is just getting started! All feel the Reign of Crow HAHAHHAHAHHA!” Lobos stares shocked the Gunslinger’s outburst, “Crow can we just get on with the show we got a lot of rewards to present.” Crow sighed as he came down, “Yeah sure thing let’s go to the first award of the night”

Best Hero

L: “Tonight first award is the Best Hero, which of the Vice’s Heroes was the most heroic, the bravest in the face of evil, and kicked the most ass.”

C: “Clearly this one is going to be me, after all what did I stuff the ballot few of votes for myself for.”

L:”You can’t rigged the votes that not heroic at all.”

C: “It was absouletly heroic someone had to stop the Vice from giving the award to someone other than me.”

L: *sigh* “Anyway let’s see who wins. The Vicey for Best Hero is….Oh wow it’s a tie between Crow Cementerio and Alestier Crown!”

C: “What? That’s not right Crown must have stuff the votes just as much as me!”

L: “Anyway yeah let’s move on.”

Best Neutral

C: “The Award for Best Neutral goes to the person who was the most lawfully evil and chaotically good they walked the fine line edge between Hero and Villain.”

L: “The Vicey goes to….Gen Shishioh! That Hot Blooded Foul Mouth Boxer would punch you being good and evil he doesn’t care. It’s a shame he has such mommy and daddy issues.”

C: “Yeah 1 Billion Yen worth of issues hopefully with his parents may be pride of him.”

Best Villian

L: “Who was the most evil this month, who very name made men cower in fear, babies cry, and women have miscarriages?”

C: “It doesn’t matter who wins this award because any villain will always have a target on his back and I never miss.” *Performs cool poise with his revolver*

L: *Sighs* “I wonder sometimes about you, Crow. I think I may have broken the wrong mold when I made you…the wrong mold. The Vicey goes to Jardsam, Samjaz really needs to deal with him before the Evil Shinodaborn.”

Best Fight

C: “The next award is for Best Fight, which battle was a showdown worthy of legends when two opposing sides came face to face.”

L: “The Vicey goes to the showdown between Ross and Falken, a dream kombat match that brought out a nightmare in both men.”

C: “Damn that Degraiz, I can’t believe someone like him got an award. He better hold onto that Vicey tight because when I meet him I’m going to put a hurting on his ass.”

Best Bromance

L: “The next award is for the Best Bromance of Month, which group of guys were the best of bros.”

C: “I can’t believe this is actually an award.”

L: “It is an award and this month goes to…surprise, surprise the trio of CCC from HellScarper FCL”

Best Rivalry

C: “Whose tension is so intense that their rivalry is about to explode like a powder keg?”

L: “The Vicey goes to Hitomi and Haruko you know with Seamstresses in the Vice it is only a matter of time before they meet.”

C: “I think I smell a fashion off the likes of which the Oscars haven’t even seen before.”

Crowning Moment of Awesome

L: “I just want to announce that this award is brought to you by Awesome Sauce….Awesome Sauce because normal Apple Sauce is for pussy. And the reward goes to….Crow for 3 separate moments of pure awesomeness. Congrats Crow.”

C: “I’m not going to lie I’m not surprise I won this reward, after all I been having an extra dose of Awesome Sauce every morning.”

L: “Wow Crow you think you could turn down the modesty.”

C: “Never I’m so awesome I got my own, trading card…that’s right folks BHA official trading cards coming to a store near you.”

L: “Nice plug there Crow, anyway let’s move on.”

Crowning Moment of Funny

C: “Which moment had us ROFLOAOTWWOP? Which moment was so funny we had to make up a shorthand for it?”

L: “The Crowning Moment of Funny goes to Arsenal for absolute freak out during his battle against the Vampires in One Night at the Castle.”

C: “Not cool dude not dude. A hero can’t be having a melt down because of bees, or succubus, or succubus bees.”


L: “Which scene this month had us balling our eyes out it was so heartbreakingly depressing? Crow are those tissues in your hand.”

C: “No of course not I was just about to wipe something off the camera. Go on announce the winner.”

L: “Oh okay well the award goes to….Gen’s Backstory revealed in Oh Son Where Art Thou? There has never been a sadder story about a parent being mistreated by their parents. Crow are you crying?”

C: “No of course not I just had something in my eye that’s all.”

L: “Yeah same here man just something in my eye. Man poor Gen”

Best Line

C: “Who had the best line that is worthy of an Arnold Schwarzenegger action movie?”

L: “The Vicey for Best Line goes to…..a tie between Takamaru the Shishioh’s Family deadly butler for his awesome line against Samjaz, and the Blond hero Arsenal for his outrageous heroic banter.”

C: “You know I’ve been working on my own cool catch phrase.”

L: “Really well let’s hear it Crow.”

C: “Okay here it goes….Time for you to Ride the Lightning KAPOW!”

L: “Yeah you may want to keep working on that one. Let’s move on.”

Best Couple

C: “Which couple this month was the most beloved of all the couples in the Vice? Which one was cute, adorable, and down right in love…*Looks over at Lobos wearing a Craius 4 EVER shirt* “What the hell are you doing wearing that?!”

L: “What oh this old thing I just found it in the closet. I thought it would be a good time to break it out again. Besides everyone knows the best relationship is you and Caius. The fan girls wrote some much fanfic about it. They flooded the pages with it…strange though a lot of them made you the submissive of the relationship…”

C: “WOOAAHHH! No this conversations ends now! The award goes to Hagane and Crown now give me that shirt!”

Best Story

L: “Which story this month had us gripping the each of the seat in anticipation of the next post? The Vicey goes to….a three way tied between Oh Son Where Art Thou?, A Night at the Castle, and Iron Ghost.”

C:”You know it is my presence in them that makes them so great.”

L: “Sure Crow and it has nothing to do with the amazing story talents of both Kuma and Samjaz.”

Best Location

C: “Which spot sets the mood their story the best creating a perfect blend of tone, atmosphere, and environment to create a great place to write in?”

L: “The Vicey for Best Location in a Story goes to…a three way tie between Orasul Sang, Inazuma, and the Sound Breaker.”

C: “That Romania forest was creepy as all hell. And I can’t believe that I didn’t win a ticket to go on the Sound Breaker”

Best NPC

L: “This month showed a lot of characters appearing in all different kinds of threads, but who was the best NPC of the month. The Vicey for Best NPC goes to the NPC Cast of Oh Son Where Art Thou?”

C: “The story is just filled with interesting people especially that Takamaru guy, butler one minute evil assassin by the next. I hope SJ can deal with him because I got my own problems to deal with and it’s currently in a beserker like state wanting to kill me.”

Best NPC Villain

L: “Next up is the award for who was the best of the worst when it came to this month’s NPC villains? The Vicey for Best NPC Villain goes to…a three way tied between Telsa, Gen’s Parents, and Mr. Brown of the Gentlemen.”

C: “So it was a tie between a blow-hard, a couple of horrible parents, and some guy who really needs to get some color in his wardrobe.”

L: “Oh my.”

Best Writer

L: “The next award is for the best writer this month, who skills with words and literature was enough to shine above the rest. Who on the Vice.”

C: “Hold on Lobos I’m presenting this award because it goes to someone special. The Vicey for Best Writer this month goes to….you Lobos. Your post may be long and take a while to get up but you still show excellent form in your writing. Your posts are filled with detail and creativity.”

L: “Thank you everyone who voted for me. I am proud to be rewarded this and will continue to impress with my work.”

Best Player

C: “The next award is for the Best Player of the month, who was the most active, the most fun, and the all-around great player to write with this month.”

L: “The Vicey goes to two different players this month one is a new person who is really becoming a rising star and the other is someone who has been developed some of the most intriguing characters. The winners of the Best Player award are Vapovile and Fehafare.”

C: “Congratulations to both of them now how about you invite me into some RPs”

Other Awards

L: “Before we get to the main event and final award of the night, let’s take a moment to give out the other awards for the night.

The New Player Award goes to Vapovile

Best One Hit KO goes to Luna for her Boob hug of death on Callis

Best Metagame Reference goes to Samjaz for quoting Archer

Best New Thread Award goes to Unexpected Train Ride”

C: “Congrats to all those who achieved those awards of excellence.”

Vicer of the Month

L: “Now for the Vicer of the Month, which player stood for exactly what the Vice is about a community of writers who enjoy anime and support one another’s work? They Vicer of the Month goes to not one but two players this month. The first being Vapovile while new Vapo has shown great potential and has created one of the most intriguing threads yet. Unexpected Train Ride looks to be a great mass up of new and old characters who may be facing a threat bigger than all of them. So congrats Vapo here is to your continued success.”

C: “The other person awards Vicer of the Month is Fehafare, with a variety of characters from all walks of anime life, Feha is weaving a story of emotion, action, and awesomeness with characters like Crown and the evil Gentleman. The sky is the limit for Feha and only the future knows what awaits this great writer.”

Thank you all letting us host this month’s awards congratulations to all the winners and remember Keep Calm and Write.

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RPG » Crow Cementerio: The Last Gunslinger (Bio)


Put some of his appearance in

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RPG » A Place to Call Home (OOC)

@Kuma_From_Argentina: Let's plan to start this within this week if you can. I will add some more info on the BHAJ HQ. I plan to make it a temple which will be explain in this story.

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RPG » An Unexpected Train Ride - RP

@Vapovile: @Masterofdeath: @SamJaz: @Fehafare: @ChronoWolf: @Kuma_From_Argentina:

Car 12

Kasuri stopped her assault on Callis suddenly feeling embarrassed and ashamed, she backed away blushing bright red as she apologized, “Oh my god Oh my god I’m so sorry. I just carried away you just look so cool. You look exactly like my favorite manga, Leon Griffon the Golden Lion Knight from Hyper Night Universes. See take a look for yourself.” Kasuri took out an issue of Hyper Night Universes and surprisingly the character Leon Griffon held an uncanny resemblance to thnurse in training e Beast Knight, however Hyper Night Universes was what manga fans referred to as Yaoi and the cover to the Issue had Leon kissing another male character passionately. The pinkette handed the manga to Callis, it was an old issue and she had 2 more of them, “You must be one of the cosplayers who take their character seriously and never break role. I’m so sorry I promise I hope I didn’t break your character.” Kasuri was completely oblivious to the fact that Caliis was not in some costume but from a different realm altogether, she noticed the others who all seemed to know each other. “Anyway I’m Kasuri Inoue nice to meet you.” A squeaking came from the plushie like flying rabbit Chiyu, “And this here is Chiyu my pet. We are all very lucky to win this train ride and vacation. I couldn’t believe I won I don’t remember entering any contest and none of my family entered me in it.”

Car 14

Enigma and Olivia seemed to be one of the few people in the car, they sat by the window and across from each other. The Superior Spider had his laptop out and plugged his phone into it causing scrolls of information to appear on the screen that he scrolled through meanwhile Olivia had ordered a drink from the bar to calm her nerves. Enigma noticed the drink among other things, “I take it you suffer from kinetosis also known as motion sickness.” Olivia looked over at him wanting to ask how he knew but she been with him this long and it was obvious but that didn’t seem to stop him from annoyingly answering anyway, “The aroma your drink reveals it is a vodka and ice tea, a simple drink nothing to strong just enough to create a buzz from the amount of alcohol I can sense in it. You also have a minty breathe meaning you were most likely chewing cum. I surmise that you refuse to take another prescription to ease the nausea because your medical background let’s you know about some unfortunate fact about the drugs on the market.” Olivia sighed as she went to take a drink but Enigma stopped her putting a hand on the glass, “My professional advice is that you not do that, not only will the alcohol make it worse but it will slow your reaction time by .0003 seconds. I would prefer that your reaction time be at top notch should a situation arise.” Olivia looked over at the information broker confused by that last statement. “What situation could possibly arise?” Enigma smirked a little and yet again ignored her, “If you would like to ease your kinetosis I would suggest a game to take your mind off the motion of the train, I like to observe the people around me and create theories about their lives then found out how accurate I am. And I’m usually very accurate.” Dr. Verde looked confused at Enigma, “How do you found out how accurate your theories are?”

Enigma slowly turned his laptop to Olivia revealing the information he was looking at was information on almost every single passenger currently on the Sound Breaker. “While we were on the platform I used my phone to hacked into every single passenger’s electronic device and bring up all their personal information. By the way I wouldn’t be so eager to touch something before disinfecting it first there it at least 10 passengers with a contagious diseases.” Suddenly an alert went off on his computer and phone simultaneously, “Hmm it seems that 2 more BHs were found dead overnight. Same MO as the last 5 all with black stars burned onto their bodies.” Olivia seemed a bit more concerned now, “Really 2 more? Damn with that this brings it to 7 this month alone. You think an organization of bounty hunters would be more adapt at catching someone killing their own.” Enigma smirked as he looked up the information on the recent killing, “Oh according to my informant they are very hard on this but have no leads or at least they aren’t telling the lower ranks. Plus the 13 killings over the last two months are only the ones that are making the news there is more that they are trying to cover up. It seems the BHA does not want this information out there.”

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