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Omg Space Dandy sucks. I can not think of another time this anime annoys me as much as this show
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RPG » A Moonlit Revival - RP

@Vapovile: @SamJaz: @ChronoWolf: @Masterofdeath: @Fehafare: (sorry for the wait this got a bit confusing)

Tomb of the Bone Dragons (Part III)

The Last Gunslinger glanced around the tomb at everyone attacking the various dragons yet the dragons still remained standing especially the Electric Dragon which bones were conductive and therefore could absorb most of his attacks. Crow then recalled earlier how the dragon flapped it wings to generate the electricity to counter his attack. The Gunslinger shouted towards the Azul Bullet Charlotte, “Target the wings that is how he is generating electricity!” Taking his own advice suddenly the Lighting Revolver moved around the room with incredible speed while charging his revolver for his signature attack. Crow had to move in-between the various attacks from the dragons, his allies, and Abyss’s whip lashes; finally Crow stopped moving so that he was now just above the dragon his revolver pointing down at the spot where it wings meet. Quicksilver glowed white with electricity ready to fire a super charged bullet, Crow pulled the trigger as he uttered. “Rail-gun!”

Quicksilver fired the super charged lightning bolt like bullet down at the spot where the bone dragon’s wings met. Crow hoped the bullet would piecre through the dragon’s back and out it front possibly severing it half while Charlotte Gungir’s bullet destroyed it skull completely. The indestructible revolver became super-heated making Crow wince as it burned his hand.

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RPG » High Stakes (OCC)

@Fehafare: Don't feel like you have to rush I'm not one who can really call anyone out on holding up an RP.

I'm going to try and get the next post for this up.

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RPG » High Stakes (OCC)

@waybig1010101: Yea we were just waiting for Feha to post.

@Fehafare: Lol it's okay i had to make a villain just for you and it helps the story i have planned out more. :)

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RPG » High Stakes (OCC)

@waybig1010101: Sorry for not getting back to you on this. That's fine I don't see any problem I'm not one to rush people because I fall behind myself.

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RPG » So Long And Thanks For All The Steak - RP

@HE_IS: @Fehafare: @Kuma_From_Argentina: @Vivian_Vishnari:

The Law of the BHA: Isaac Hawkins

Kansas Embassy

One of the Last to arrive at the meeting that would determine the possible fate of the Hidden World moving forward was the often out spoken, pride, and passionate Leader of the Bounty Hunter Association. The Old Man was small with a balding head mixed with patches of grey he wore a simple dress shirt and pants; the maroon shirt held a white version of the BHA logo (a Star with two sets of wings at the top and bottom of the star) on the chest. Isaac also wore a cloak with a larger version of the BHA logo on the back. Besides him stood a women with short black hair and glasses wearing a black pant suit on the breast was the BHA logo. She was the Head of the BHA’s Logistic Division Setsuna Ninchi and representative of the 7 White Stars (Division Chairman). As Isaac made his way down the aisle he sighed a bit, “I do hope this meeting doesn’t run long Setsuna, I promised my granddaughter that I would be back in time to watch her little contest.” The Leader of the BHA smiled cheerfully as he thought of his beloved granddaughter perhaps the one thing he cherished most in the world right next to his own daughter (her mother). Setsuna pushed her glasses up with her fingers carefully, “Don’t worry sir I have your granddaughter’s sharp shooting contest worked perfectly into your schedule.” Isaac smiled a little, “You know that little angel is an amazing shot just the other day she shot a hole right through a can…it took her six tries to do it but she is becoming more and more just like her mother.” Setsuna sighed she knew that President Hawkins saw the world in his granddaughter and respected him for that however she could do without the constant stories of Bellina’s (adorable) feats. “Yes sir I know you um told me this about 3 times already on the trip here.” Isaac just laughed a little till he spotted an old and familiar face.

Not too far from the President of BHA was none other the Leader of the JHWAB, Roshi Yasimori “Ah Roshi it’s be been too long Old Friend.” Isaac quickly made his way to the old timer a cheerful smile on his face, “How are you Roshi I hope you haven’t been getting into too much trouble lately you Old Perv? You should visit for a beer or two, maybe even 5, and some a game of cards so we can catch up. It’s seems even when I’m supposed to be retired there is even more stuff that needs to dealt with. Ah but I guess that is the burden of age to deal with issues maturely so the youth can live freely and without worries.” As Isaac uttered his motto he glance around the room at “young kids” also assembled for this meeting including Leonardo, Ethan, and the women of F.A.B.L.E. “I’m actually surprised to see you hear Roshi I assumed you send one of your representatives I’m guessing this meeting is going to change the gears of the world. However we will have to see if it is for the better or worse.”

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RPG » So Long And Thanks For All The Steak - OOC

@HE_IS: count the BHA in this. We may be Bounty Hunters but we still care about Earth.

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RPG » Lilly Soung [Bio]

@chaosknight said:

@SamJaz: I don't think so. I don't see any of Lobos in the writing. I think its Brady.

What is my writing like? lol

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RPG » Osaka Ablaze RP

@Kuma_From_Argentina: @SamJaz: @Fehafare: @Vapovile: @Justalittlegirl:

Crow versus Washi: The Threat of FMY

The Last Gunslinger began explaining the current situation as fast and simple as he can to Daniel Drake, “Well I won’t give you the long story but to make matters simple partner. A friend of ours by the name of Gen Shishioh is in more trouble than a carp in a desert. His sister has assembled what I’m calling the Gen Rescue Team to get him back and these mercenaries work for the people who took him.” Before Crow could say anymore Dan shouted for him to look out, seeing the object heading towards him out of the corner of his eye. The Last Gunslinger spun on a time and caught the rifle spinning it in his hand to ease the momentum till he stopped it perfectly in his hand. Looking down at the fire arm Crow spotted the note and knife his eyes widen as he looked up to spot none other than the Battle Seamstress, Haruko Miyata, on top some buildings looking over the battlefield. The shocking part was seeing his ally on facing home some more mercenaries. “Haruko Damn it! I’m either a magnet to that girl or she is a magnet for trouble! Either way I gotta help her!” Dan was already on the move intending to use Alvin’s platform to create steps and Crow was going to be right behind him however he was caught off by the impact of Washi crashing into the ground the force of her creating a small crater sent some debris at Crow and pushed him back. A single people flew past his face creating a small cut on his cheek that trickled down some blood.

The Rail-gun glared at the women blocking his path as he looked down and noticed the crater beneath her feet. There was something strange about this women and it wasn’t she was a wearing a suit (no that was kind of stylish) it was that fact she seemed normal yet the way she jumped off that building and how she landed. There was something unnatural about it not to mention the eerie feeling she had seen this women before, however there wasn’t much time he had to help Haruko and more importantly reunited with Rin and rescue gen. The Lightning Revolver turned towards Dan, “Dan I need you to get up there and help that girl. She is a good person and an ally of mine I will hold off this bitch here. Just get up there no matter what.” Crow faced the mysterious Washi, “I normally have an issue with fighting women because it’s against the code of a Gunslinger. However anyone who targets my allies is no longer innocent and therefore I will show no mercy to. I doubt you were very innocent to begin with, you reek of so much bloodlust it’s making me sick. Overcharged.” An electrical aura surrounded glow arcing out powerful electrical energy in all directions his eyes glowing slightly. “Now if you don’t mind…” Without warning Crow charged his increased speed allowed him to appear as if he was teleporting in very short distances moving all around the FMY female in diagonals till in a flash he appeared crouch down in front of her. “GET THE HELL OUT OF MY WAY!” Crow thrust his leg up with his enhanced speed and strength aiming his boot right at her chin with potential devestating and shocking results.

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RPG » Identity Theft: RP

@Vapovile: @Kuma_From_Argentina:(Thank you two for sticking with this. I know it was a bit of a mess at times but hopefully this sorta pulls everything back together. I want to let you both know that this will be wrapping up/ending around the same time as Castle. So we are heading into the last parts of it. I promise I will be faster with my posts. Hope you Enjoyed it.)

The Red Temptress’s Kiss

Toni and Falken

The Cat Eye Witch was dismayed as the Mercenary had easily detected her illusion and harmlessly bypassed her as he handed her his card. The bounty hunter was quite annoyed with him and his nerve acting like he was so cool with his card and his “chivalry”. However she had to admit when she was outmatched and the Dual Wielding Angel of Death had trumped her illusions pretty easily and she wasn’t about to pick a fight with someone who spared her because of his “policy”. Pocketing his card she shouted towards, “Hold on…Falken is it? We seem to both have the same target and you are just after some of his blood right? So I don’t see any problem with a temporary business partnership do you?” The Witch offered the truce to the Falcon Eye Killer however in her mind she was plotting to get away from him as soon as she could.

Meanwhile the Bubblegum Shooter, Ana Copper, was running away as fast as she could wanting no part of the mysterious mercenary who showed up however in her panic state she ran right into Beatrice. Both girls fell backwards in a little pain, once the Red Temptress had realized who ran into her she began questioning Ana. “Ana! What are you doing here?! You should be keeping an eye on the front entrance of the town. Why are you running this way?!” Ana suddenly broke out in tears, “Oh Ms. Beatrice I’ve been so grateful to see you! I was keeping a look out when at first I spotted this girl show up she is a Bounty Hunter after Mr.Tesla so I was keeping her occupied! Then out of nowhere this scary guy showed up I don’t know if he was another Bounty Hunter but he demanded answers I ran away to warn you guys! But why are you running towards this way!” The normally confident Beatrice seemed more frazzled than ever, “Damn it another Bounty Hunter where do they keep coming from? I told that idiot Tesla not to flaunt himself around like peacock it would only draw attention us and ruin our job! He is going to be so mad about this I wonder what he will do?!” Ana seemed confused she didn’t know anything about a job or who Beatrice was so afraid of she had only joined Tesla’s Crew a short wild ago right after Warren, it seemed back then that Tesla, Mr. Stahl, and Beatrice was together from the beginning. “What do you mean Ms. Beatrice what job? And who is He?” Beatrice turned with a smirk towards Ana, “Oh that right you and Warren didn’t know about our little job because you weren’t there in the beginning. You think these towns we been going to are just random, Tesla, Stahl, and I were given a tasks by a certain benefactor to come to places. We don’t know much but from what Stahl has told us those places were rich with some kind of energy we were there to collect samples.”

Ana was silent as Beatrice continued, “However it seems that Tesla’s cockiness has back fired not only does he have BHs hunting him but Crow Cementerio has appeared and I’m sure his other side will come out. But it shouldn’t be a problem after I gave Warren one of my kisses he should be able to aid Tesla with Crow.” Ana looked at the Red Temptress a little scared she had never seen this darker side of her, “What did you do to Warren?” Beatrice smirked again this time it held malicious intent, “Oh don’t worry that boy is fine. I just gave him one of Red Kisses and whispered some suggestions in his ear to help Tesla no matter what. You know Ana I could use you. You said one of Bounty Hunters was a woman, a BH will do anything for another BH.” The Red Temptress slowly stalked towards Ana like a hungry predator, then she grabbed the young girl who began to panic and planted a soft sensual kiss on her lips. Slowly the fear and fight in Ana’s eyes faded till they were blank emotionless with an errily red glow. A result of Beatrice’s infamous Red Kiss a cruel ability that allowed her to bend and control people when she kissed them which brought out their lustful carnal instincts. Ana stared up at Beatrice her face a bit flush and her mouth drooling slightly. Beatrice wiped her lips, “Mmmm there is nothing like the taste of a young girl lips especially one as pure as you Ana. Too bad this little game has to end because I’m sure Tesla would have loved ruining you is a bit on the twisted perverted side when he is in the mood. Now I want you to help me with something follow me dearie.” Beatrice headed towards Falken and Toni’s location with a lust controlled Ana in tow.

Lightning King Tesla vs Rail-gun Crow

The Lightning King smirked as he looked at the twisted pile of metal carnage that was burying Crow Cementerio he twirled his revolvers on his fingers before putting them back into their holsters. Despite his confident attitude Tesla seemed a bit drained he was panting a little sweating a result of the taxing attack he just performed but this didn’t stop him from gloating completely ignorant to the Battle Seamstress sneaking up on him. “This is all that remains of the great Crow Cementerio! A pile of scrap metal! Ha! I can’t believe I use to look up to the Gunslingers! I was mocked for looking up to them but I showed those kids they weren’t laughing when I electrocuted them!” A dark side began to leak out from Tesla no longer was a loud mouth show off who couldn’t back it up but now his darker side created by his parents who didn’t show him proper love and a life of getting away with everything. A twisted, cruel, and evil side. “I wanted to be just like you and the Gunslingers. So I sought to make my reputation as great as their built my end legacy and when someone stood in my way I just did to them what I did to those kids. But now I can’t believe you are a Gunslinger! You are pathetic and after I’m done here I’m going to go to that bitch Alicia Weston and I will take my POSITION BACK! I bet she will scream so nice when she is naked and being electrocuted I’ll burn my name into her pretty flesh! I’m going to take your place Crow and I will be the LEGACY OF THE GUNSLINGERS!”

As Tesla ranted dementedly he was oblivious to Haruko sneaking up on him however she may have not noticed Warren slowly getting up a red lipstick mark on his cheek and his eyes with an eerily red glow to them. The Tornado took aim at the Battle Seamstress with his Dragoon and fired a powerful blast of wind that would blow away a normal person and fling shrapnel towards her direction. Tesla turned on a dime and spotted Haruko, “You little bitch you are still alive! No matter I thought you were a pretty piece of ass when you first appeared! I’m going to ruin your body so you can’t use your charms again!” Warren began approaching Haruko as he reloaded Dragoon wanting to ravish the pretty girl from earlier but first he needed to aid Tesla as was Mistress Beatrice’s orders. However before Tesla could move to Haruko a slight noise could be heard from the pile of rubble that buried Crow then it erupted blowing metal shrapnel in all directions revealing the Last Gunslinger Crow standing in the center lighting arcing from his body. In his hand was Haruko’s belt and in his eyes was the fury of a storm. “You wanna know why I didn’t show up to your party Tesla, I was busy rebuilding a town ravished by bandits. I was honoring the title of being a Gunslinger and when I tried to contact your family to apologize I learned something I didn’t understand until now. That yacht your party was on sank didn’t it suffering some electrical problems the entire crew and its passenger drowned expect one. You. You were the only survivor found on a raft all by yourself. Thankfully no other children was on the boat and now I know. You aren’t just a spoiled brat you are a twisted monster! HOW DARE YOU CLAIM THE LEGACY OF THE GUNSLINGERS! I SWEAR ON MY WORD AS A GUNSLINGER I WILL NEVER ALLOW YOU TO HARM SOMEONE AGAIN!” The storm was awaken in Crow and now the Self Proclaimed Lightning King would face its wraith.

The Result of Stahl’s Research

While the three robots created by Ivan Stahl shot back at The Western Dogs trying to get through their defense the Puppet Creator was receiving the first samples of the dig suit and examining the results. “Hmmm it seems that my hypothesis were correct. This area soil is rich in Natural Energy and the earth is bountiful. Also the high level of Natural Energy in the soil seem to affect the technology in the town of Coyote Creek therefore most man made creations seem to suffer. It’s as if the earth is rejecting technology. I must contact Him at once this proves our theory correct, if the fountain of youth does exist then it’s probably that it contains a high level of Natural Energy providing the drinker with the ability to regress aging! I knew that Natural Energy was a variation of ki or charka but this is astounding.” Suddenly a meter in Ivan’s hand began to go off in the direction of the town where Crow and Tesla were, “My god there is so much Natural Energy. Is it possible it’s coming from Cementerio no wonder He warned us about! Hopefully the Natural Energy/Electro-Magnetic coils in Tesla’s body can absorb that much NE.”

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RPG » High Stakes (OCC)

@Fehafare: XD That does have a nice ring to it and the sequel will be "And Now That"

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RPG » High Stakes (OCC)

@Fehafare: lol i have a folder with all the RPs I am writing in and one for the ones I completed. There is one in the completed folder and like 6 in the current folder. :P

Identity Theft, Osaka Ablaze, Revival, Castle, Inazuma, A Place to Call Home, and now this.

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@Fehafare: :P Yeah I know the last one I planned with Kusuri didn't go through that was poor planning on my part along with the one with SJ. But i trying to plan my time and not stretch myself too thin.

I still have plans for a RP to introduce my magical girl character, Kusuri, but I'm waiting for Identity Theft to end. I'm going to try and not use Crow as much in my RPs.

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@Fehafare: Your welcome and they are fine. I probably should have said no but I believe you and me should write together more (still waiting for the Crown and Crow RP ;) )

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@Fehafare: No you can join in this posting cycle. But you are going to be my line no one else allowed in past this point.

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RPG » High Stakes (OCC)

Updated the Opening with the Crime Bosses and the Top Four Specialists

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RPG » High Stakes (RP)

@Eleventh: @Vapovile: @waybig1010101: (let's continue :) Also check the OCC for updates)

The Top Four Wet Works Specialists?!

Casino Room

The Last Gunslinger took notice of the strange man who ordered a Scotch next to him, casually looking over the man’s armor and weapon from behind the darken lenses of his shades. The braces and sword seemed to be made from fine steel and possibly custom made the suit looked expensive as well. Crow considered the man could be a high ranking officer in any of the four crime families but before he could ask the man anything he spotted someone he recognized (well Crow sort of recognized her). Heading over to a couch after she ordered a drink was none other than Aria Miyata, the sister of his ally Haruko, at least she appeared to be her. When the Rail-gun encountered her in Alaska Aria had a younger appearance this form of her was considerably older more like a young woman instead of a girl. Crow casually picked up his drink and made his way over to her taking a seat on a black leather chair next to her the Gunslinger spoke quietly getting her attention. “You know you damn Miyata keep getting into my business and it’s kinda annoying me now. After all a man got to make a living not all of us can work for organizations like yours.”

While Felicia continued entice the men to bet more and more in her game of Black Jack; Toni Sociere grabbed her purse which contain some of her signature items; including her whip, her spell book, and a few other items. The Black Cat of the Artemis Branch intended to make her way over to Crow until she spotted him sit next to some women. Toni’s nostrils flared along with her jealously, it was almost enough for her to blow her cover to attack the women however kept her sense enough. Not wanting create a scene (yet) the Witch made her way to the bar next to a mysterious man with braces and paid for a drink for Crow hoping her flirtatious ways would draw her away from the blonde. While Crow spoke with Aria his second drink arrived from Toni, when the waiter said it was from a pretty girl at the bar Crow eyes widen as he recognized the Cat Eye Witch. Toni flashed him a wink and a smile but Crow replied with a sigh speaking to Aria, “It seems I’m not the only bounty hunter here. Of course it had to be her. I hope you don’t mind her joining us she is good a bit crazy but very skilled.” Crow tipped the waiter and asked him to send the girl over.

Getting the message Toni quickly joined Aria and Crow making sure she sat even closer to him than Aria was. “Toni Sociere this is Aria…she is a um ally. Aria this is the Cat Eye Witch Toni Sociere.” Trying to keep her jealously in Toni reached out to shake hands with the girl but spoke more to Crow, “Crow I hope you received my present I sent you. After our last meeting I found out who supplied you with your ammo and broke down the components of the gunpowder and made it better.” The Gunslinger had received the bullets she had sent in the mail and was impress with their quality in fact he had some with him right now but he wasn’t sure he liked the idea that Toni tracked down his bullet supplier. “Yes I did that was very kind of you. Your Gunpowder Alchemy is um quite impressive.” Toni nearly melted from the compliment.

Poker Room

In the room with the crime lords the cards were being dealt to the men and Don Vanga decided to break the silence. “Well Gentlemen…I know business has become troublesome lately but let’s not sulk in silence. After all we started this game to enjoy ourselves didn’t we?” The Italian Mafia boss laughed out a deep laugh that was met with scorn from the 3 other crime lords. Don Vanga was a small, fat, and balding man who enjoyed a good wine and cigar. Boss Matsumoto, an elderly Japanese man who valued Japanese Steel and traditions (As long as they suited him) quickly spoke up, “It’s easy for you to laugh and enjoy the circumstances Vanga when your family is the only one who has not suffered any losses.” Don Vanga abruptly stopped laughing, “You know Matsumoto I hate when people beat around the bush. So how about you speak the F*CK UP!” From the shadows a young wearing a tight body armor like suit mixed with traditional street clothes, a glowing blue blade in hand producing a buzzing sound, “You better watch your better watch your mouth Italian. Show some respect when speaking to Boss Matsumoto.” The Cartel Boss Corazon, the youngest of the three who took the seat when his predecessor suddenly died he valued wealth and money, interrupted. “Easy Espadachín. You take another step and my man, Fuego, will roast your ass.” Stepping out from behind Corazon a small flame held in a hand covered by a bronze gauntlet as he smirked was Fuego Diaz (aka “Red Hot Fist”) “Hey I know you, you are Ashita Senshi the Perfect Slash. I hear your blade can slice even the air around you. Let’s see how well you cut through my flames.” “Easy Fuego.” Corazon attempted to cool down his assassin. “Anyway Padrino, what Matsumoto meant to say wasy. How the F*CK can we trust you when it’s our soldiers who are being killed!”

“Careful what you say Corazon. After all we all knew the stories of what happen to your predecessor a man we all respected, you are lucky to be here but as the role of the games his seat needed to be filled.” The Cartel Boss turned to face the Russian Almaz, a powerful middle aged former solider with a scar across his face, “What the f*ck is that supposed to mean Camarada?!” The Russian Crime Lord was indifferent in his reply “Please Corazon the rumors are well known that you had your former boss kidnapped, tortured, and killed while you initiated a coup to take control.” Fuego spoke up in defense of his boss, “The key word there is rumors. So unless you got some proof to back that up I suggest you keep your mouth close.” A deeper voice from behind the Russian spoke emerging from the shadows was a mountain of a man in karate-gi his arms as thick as tree branches, “The only proof Comrade Almaz needs is that smug attitude and arrogance Fuego Diaz. I suggest a pyromaniac like you as you put it, keep your mouth, if you value your life of luxury or even your life.” Almaz calmly lifted a hand, “There is no need for violence Mr. Dubrava we are supposed to be enjoying ourselves.” Boss Matsumoto spoke up again smiling at the Russian and his body guard. “Ah I thought I recognize you, Argo Dubrava also known as the Mighty Oak Dubrava. Your reputation in Japan as a martial artist is well known. Being a master of the Fudō Uddo style, its shame your martial arts career was cut short by a fatal accident. I applied you Almaz you hired a very efficient asset as one would expect for a man of strategy like yourself. However Almaz I suspect you the most for a man of your military background is well verse in tactics.” The Russian Strategist smirked a little, “Thank you Boss Matsumoto. Your words humble me but I as recall it was you hired the ninja clans working for your enemies to kill them and their families.” The Yakuza Lord was silent for a minute until Don Venga slammed his fist into the table angrily.

“Shut the f*ck up the lot of ya! This game is supposed to be a time of planning and healthy exchange not the start of another gang war like in the Crimson Wars! If the four of you must know my men are being killed as well just before leaving to this island I was informed that two of my captains were killed in the same manner as yours. Their throats slit and their eyes replaced with a pair of dice on snake eyes! So now we are all even there is no need to suspect anyone! And if this bastard shows up then we have four best wet works specialists in this room! Ashita Senshi. Fuego Diaz. Argo Dubrava. And my own lovely Tatiana Veleno.” Emerging from the shadows was a women dressed similar to an assassin a silver mask over her mouth, Ashita leaned down and spoke to his boss, “Boss Matsumoto that women I have heard her name, she is known as the Viper Mistress, however this is the first time I seen her in person. I think this is the first and only time anyone ever seen her appearance and not face death afterwards.” The Mob Boss continued, “Now can we get back to playing some f*cking poker.” The other three crime bosses agreed as their game began however they were each exchanging calculated and malicious glances at the others.

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RPG » A Place to Call Home (RP)

@Kuma_From_Argentina: (I apologize for the length I had a lot I wanted to get to)

“Dragon Cutter” Hiryō Katto Saves the Day?

Seinaru Kawa Shrine

Taking the handkerchief Ame wiped her eyes and slowly a smile started to form on her face, like a refreshing shower that cooled the very soul her eyes the color of the ocean. “Thank you Callis-Sama you are really nice. I’m fine now this shrine owes everything to Kobayashi-Sentai and all he has done so in return we try to do anything to repay him. You remind me a little of someone who visits the shrine sometimes when he is in town, he is another Bounty Hunter but from America. I don’t know if you met him yet his name is Crow Cementerio he tries to act all cool but deep down he is big softie he once bought me a whole bag of candies.” Ame smiled cheerfully as she finished wiping her eyes ready to finish showing the Lost Knight his way around the shrine however they were soon interrupted by a loud voice, “YOU BEAST MAN-Ya! YOU DARE MAKE A YOUNG LADY CRY WHAT KIND OF VILLAIN ARE YOU?!” Standing just a few feet from Ame and Callis was a man in his 30’s who attire was quite strange; wearing an all-white Japanese biker gangsta outfit complete with long tail jacket the back (which was facing Callis and Ame) had a yin-yang with a pair of dragons wrapping around it. In his hand he held a large weapon which was a naginata mixed with a katana. The Stranger had a small entourage behind him all wearing a similar head band that he had on his head; while most would be confused by a sight Ame just sighed, “Hiryō-san what do you think you are doing?” The man was Hiryō Katto aka the Dragon Cutter a Bronze Star BH who were quite (in)famous in the Yatagarasu Branch for his over the top antics and the fact he developed a cult following complete with a small fan club. The Dragon Cutter spun around revealing a rather impressive pompadour on his head and a stern look, “What do you think I’m doing Priestess-Ya? Is this guy making you cry?” Hiryō turned towards Lost Knight a stern look on his face, “You got a problem with Ame-Ya Beast Man-Ya well I got news for you. You are facing the Rock Star Rookie of the Yatagarasu Branch “Dragon Cutter” Hiryō and I’m here to save the day…ya!”

Yatagarasu Branch Processing Center

Gatson was getting some interesting yet vague details about the recent events in the Yatagarasu Branch especially the events around the Black Star Killer, “So Monsieur you haven’t told who it was the Black Star Killer struck this time? He gone after quite a few Balmung Bounty Hunters and even a few Artemis members.” The processor became quieter and a little nervous, “Well you see this time he attacked one of our own, he killed Shīrudo “The Unbreakable”. They found him with his armor completely shattered and a black star burned into his chest the signature of the killer.” Gatson’s eyes widen in shock while he didn’t know Shīrudo that well his reputation in the Yatagarasu Branch was wide spread. Known as “The Unbreakable” he was a Silver Star BH on par with Gatson himself, however what had earned Shīrudo his reputation and epithet was the armor he wore. A complete set of samurai armor that covered him from head to toe it could tank a strike from Gohei “Thunder Palm” one of the strongest BH. For someone to not only defeat but kill someone like Shīrudo meant that the Black Star Killer was not only ruthless he was capable of taking on top level BHs.

Yatagarasu Main Office

The Dancing Petal Yuki Toragari was seated in the shadow of a large man, her mind still fuzzy from the events in Kobe as she tried to remember them. Instead of her usually school girl attire she was now wearing an official BHA Hoodie with the Yatagarasu emblem printed on the sleeve. Yuki had her head down a little ashamed of recent actions especially in the presence of the BHAJ Branch President. “I swear that is all I remember Kobayashi-sentai. I would never go after an innocent civilian like that I respect being a member of the Yatagarasu Branch! Are you angry with me sir?” Masaru Kobayashi sighed as he rubbed his chin, he was a man of steel and traditions he had a thick black mustache and a scar on his forehead with visible because of his traditional samurai haircut. He was easily the largest BH in the entire Yatagarasu Branch his frame dwarfed the tiny Toragari Ryu Heiress, “Your actions in Kobe are not something that can be overlooked Toragari-san. You participated in an unauthorized Bounty Hunt, you attacked another BH, and displayed mannerisms that are unbecoming of a Yatagarasu Bounty Hunter and that was before you “blacked out”. At which you attack two innocent civilian girls, don’t you understand how serious these charged are Toragari-san?” With each statement Yuki felt of the weight of her guilt crushing her, “I am not mad at you Toragari-san. I am more disappointed than anything else. You are e bright girl with unless capabilities yet I have tried to get you to see time and time again that the path of anger you were walking would lead to something like this.” Tears began to slide down Yuki’s cheeks the sting of disappointing one of her idols was far worse than any punishment. The Yatagarasu Branch President sighed again, “Lucky for you Cementerio-san was kind enough to not file this with the BHA and also to somehow convince the two girls not to file complaints as well.” Yuki bit her lip a little hearing Crow’s name after the recent events she wasn’t sure how she felt about the Gunslinger. However the part she feared the most was coming and that was her punishment from Kobayashi-Sentai. “Normally this is something I cannot look pass Toragari-san….however after speaking with Cementerio-san he convinced me not to punish you harshly. You will still be on probation for a time were you will be partnered with another BH.” Yuki eyes widen in shock not only for her small punishment but that Crow Cementerio was actually the one who convinced Master Kobayashi to go easy on her.

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: i wish Crow could be in this but I think I'm going to have to use another Bounty Hunter as Crow doesn't make any sense here. Ame accompanying Callis or any other Yatagarasu BH would work (Yuki, Gatson, The Yokai Gunslinger, etc.)

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RPG » A Day to Remember (OOC)

@Kuma_From_Argentina: Hmm I'm trying to keep the RPs I am in under control. But this is certainly a tasty piece of bait. :P

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RPG » A Day to Remember (OOC)

@Kuma_From_Argentina: This is one of those RPs that I would like to join but I don't have anyone who would fit into this. If Callis is here than perhaps one of the Yatagarasu Branch BH would accompany him.

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