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Omg Space Dandy sucks. I can not think of another time this anime annoys me as much as this show
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RPG » Osaka Ablaze RP

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The Aftermath of the Red Storm

It seemed that Haruko had grown tired and Crow and Dan’s bickering over how to deal with the God of Gambling, the Battle seamstress suggested her own method to deal with rescuing Gen and handling Aoki. The Rail-gun sighed a little as he realized that his plan was a bit brutal and unlike him. For a brief moment he had flashes of himself during his Red Storm of War mode and quickly realize that he was more affected by that than he realized. After Aoki revealed where the lab and scientist were holding Gen and how they would have to get there Crow sighed a little. “Okay it seems that we have to go with Haruko way for now. Besides I grown tired of all of us fighting each other. Every minute we waste here is another minute Gen loses.”

Crow turned to Dan the two seemed to be butting heads the most recently (mainly because of Crow’s drastic shift in personality) and offered a hand apologetically. The Gunslinger mentally sized the martial artist of Death. From what the bounty hunter had seen Dan was an impressive fighter he was strong and powerful capable of throwing that around to his advantage however…Crow was fast and nimble. Dan may try to overpower him but Crow could just as easily wear him down with speed and rapid attacks. But that fight was for another day. “What do you say Dan? Do you want to put our disagreements aside for now and go kick some cyborg ass?”

Alvin soon revealed that the Russian Swordswomen, Raisa, was leaving the battle and taking her ally from Inazuma with her. The Gunslinger made a mental note to send something to the girl and remember her, while she still had a long way to go Crow could tell Raisa would be a fearsome swordswoman one day. “Okay then that leave us with Haruko, Sid, Dan, Alvin, Rin, Yuriko, and myself. I know this hasn’t been easy but now we have a destination in mine. Gen’s life is dependent on us, I swore on my word as a Gunslinger I would rescue him.” As Crow looked around at those who were fighting with him tonight he smirked while he clenched his fist. “I don’t know about the rest of you but…I never go back on my word!” With a recharged determination Crow took a step however he suddenly felt an intense pain hit him like an electrical discharge.

With the adrenaline from the fight against Uta wearing off Crow instantaneously started to feel the ramifications of giving into the Red Storm of War even for that short amount of time. Crow’s body felt physically exhausted, he was sore all over and felt like he was about to collapse. There was a strong ringing in his ears making it difficult to hear as well as his vision was blurry. However as drastic as these ramifications were they lasted only a few seconds, the Gunslinger panted a bit unsure if he could let alone should continue. Using all his will power Crow took another step forward preventing himself from passing out. Despite the seriousness of the situation the Rail-gun brushed it off for now to not let his allies in on his current condition and proceeded forward to the University. Whether Crow himself, let alone the city of Osaka, still stood standing by the end of this did not matter to the Last Gunslinger the only thing that did was….saving Gen!

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RPG » Lucky Seven [RP]

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The One that Needs Protecting

The Gunslinger spun on a dime Quicksilver in hand as Franz Josephson of the Protection of Extraordinary People Bureau revealed himself. Owen also took notice of the man slowly getting up to stand behind the Mage and Rail-gun. Arthur ask Crow if he had ever heard of these guys before, the Gunslinger tried to think about to any instance when someone may have mention this agency before. “No I’ve never heard of the Protection of Extraordinary People Bureau before, trust with a terrible name like that I would have. I also never heard of an agent going on about moral code carrying an axe.” Crow’s eyes had a predatory glint in them like he was readying to pull the trigger at any moment should this Franz trying even the slightest movement. However before anyone could make any sudden movements the Gentleman Bounty Hunter reached out placing his hand Crow’s revolver.

“My god the manners of you two are quite appalling. This man enters advice and to oversee our conduct to make sure we conduct ourselves in the manner of gentleman. And the first thing you two do are draw a gun on him and insult his agency…You sicken me.” The Gentleman approached Franz with a casually and calm smile offering his hand. “Nice to meet you Mr. Josephson. I am Owen Soleil of the Bounty Hunter Association: Fenrir Branch. The involvement of the Protection of Extraordinary People Bureau with make this bounty go smoothly and comply with all official Hidden World laws. As for our code of conduct...” Without any warning Owen sprung at Franz with velocity, the Silver Star Gentleman spun on around bringing his leg up to round house Franz. “Bounty Hunters operate by own our code of conduct! We don’t need help from the likes of some suit wearing stiff whether he is a fraud or for real! You very ignorance as well as your poor taste in fashion and weapon accessory sicken me!” The kick had enough force behind it to spin Franz around if he didn’t block it.

If Franz did block Crow was also in motion against the agent swiftly moving behind Franz Quicksilver in hand. The Last Gunslinger attempted to fire two shots at near point blank range at Franz. The two shots were aimed to wound (not kill surprisingly) the PEPB Agent. A smirked played on Crow’s face as for the first time tonight he and Owen seemed to be on the same side. “Sorry Franz but this Fancy Nancy is right. We Bounty Hunters don’t care about any code of conduct as long as we get our target and get paid there are no rules. So it seems the one who needs protecting is you. Arthur you get those two out of here me and Owen can deal with this guy.”

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RPG » The Cave (RP)

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Enemies turned Allies and Allies turned Enemies?

The Gunslinger slowly stood up on the bits of paper that Shinji had created to bring Crow out of the water. The Rail-gun was about to thank the new comer for helping him out of the water. The Paper Master revealed Jin being cocooned in similar bits of paper as talking about dibs on him. Crow voice took a casual tone but from the look of his predatory (hawk-like) eyes one could tell he was not to be trifled with. “Listen partner thanks for getting us out of the water just now. But I can’t have you claiming dibs on that one.” He causally pointed towards Jin, “Because you missed the disagreement earlier I will fill you in. That guy with the wings you are calling dibs on, is a member of the Japanese Hidden World Affairs Burea. I’m a member of the Bounty Hunter Association. And while I may not agree with the policies of both sides I rather not have a war break out between the organizations over me allowing you to claim one of the members like some damn trophy.”

Despite just having his confrontation with Jin and the mysterious assailant Crow was more than confident he could fight this new guy should push comes to shove. “Besides if you accomplish whatever you are planning on doing to him. You will be the one facing the wrath of the Japanese Hidden World Affairs Burea. And of course they will put a Bounty on you and I will be sent in to face you to capture that bounty. So how about we avoid all that you put that Tengu down and save the fisticuffs for another day.” With that Crow pointed back to the island, “Not too far from here is Sakurajima Island, where a man by the name of Reiji Fukuma needs help for a friend of mine. I already wasted enough time dealing with the tengu so how about you me and him calmly go over there and met with Mr. Fukuma. After all I have some questions as to why the JHWAB is so determine to keep anyone from going to that island to the point where they would risk another Great Hidden World War.” Crow calmly offered a hand out to Shinji as a token of peace but was ready to strike like a viper should the Paper God slap it away. “So what will it be partner?”

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RPG » The Big Hunt (OOC)

@Kuma_From_Argentina: Even if I wanted to enter I doubt you would let me not that I blame you

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RPG » (FINALLY) Flowers for the Gem Girls (RP)

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Slime Ambush! (Part II) Koibito Attacks!

The Slime Clones of Koibito Kishi were all over the place, they were dripping down from the trees, oozing up from the ground, or plopping down from the sky before taking their vaguely humanoid shapes. Their limbs extending into tendrils that would wrap around helpless victims lifting them high into the air (often exposing the undergarments of young ladies). Some would absorb the victims into their gelatin like bodies. What most people didn’t realize about the Utsukushī and Koibito herself was that the slime that made up their bodies worked like an aphrodisiac being in contact with in would cause intense pleasure which grew stronger the longer the contact was or the more the area was covered. This caused many of the victims to slowly give in to the overwhelming pleasure turning screams of fear to those of ecstasy.

All the while Koibito watched smirking a little to herself as she mentally made note of which victims she would bring back to the Konton Crystal Dimension to turn into her mates, ravishing their body, minds, and souls before turning them into another member of her Utsukushī. That was until she took interest of a particular girl who was fighting some of her slimes with knives. The girl looked young (a plus for Koibito), cute with her pink hair and adorable outfit, and her use of knives meant she LOTS of knife play. The Slime Knight smirked a little as she decided she wanted the young pink hair girl.

Back over to Kusuri the poor girl was in a state of shock not because of the ambush of Slime Clones but because of Warden’s sudden shift into a terrifying creature of claws and tendrils. “What…what…what are you?” As Warden slashed at the slime clone its body was ripped in half with the upper section going flying. The legs remained where they were for a few moments before they started to shift and morph into a blob while the upper sections moved back to the legs reforming into another clone. Kusuri really didn’t hear what Haruko had said she was already running off into the opposite direction. “What are those guys? I never seen anyone morph their bodies like that!”

The poor girl’s heart was pounding in her chest as she hid behind a tree, “Are they with the Konran Kishi somehow. I just wanted a normal day with my friends why did I have to run into those strange people, why did these slime creatures’ choice to attack now? Are these the kind of people my brother meant what he said he wanted to investigate the Hidden World. Despite being a Magical Gem Warrior Kusuri was still a young girl at heart and always looked to her brother for courage however it had been several months if not a year since he had sought to investigate this Hidden World and disappeared. But then she had met Shinshi…SHINSHI. “Oh no where is he? Why did he choice now to run off I need his help what do I do?” As Kusuri got closer and closer to a panic attack she didn’t notice the Utsukushī oozing down from the tree.

Meanwhile back at Haruko and the others locatios the slime clones that the Battle Seamstress had blown up sent droplets of the pleasure inducing slime in all directions including right at both Loveline and Arianna. While Leora’s Physical Happiness seemed to affect the slime clones it was for a brief moment the slime’s bodies seemed to liquefy a bit but it only seemed to make them faster and swifter. They began to maneuver around the Embodiment of Compassion in circles only then stop and simultaneously attack with whip-like tendrils of slime. The added liquid like texture of the slime increased their velocity making them even deadlier. Behind Warden two more slimes formed both in the humanoid form of young girls at first one may be taken back their slight cuteness however they were just as deadly as any other of the Slime Clones. Each one fired bullet-like projectiles at the body guard the slime bullets were aimed at his arms, legs, and back in a shotgun like volley.

Meanwhile unbeknownst to Haruko the creator of the slime clones were forming behind her, a smirk on the slime’s knight face. “Wow! When I was told that you humans were strong I wasn’t expecting this.” As Koibito Kishi spoke to the group her eyes were more focused on Haruko than anyone else. “Let me introduce myself so you may know the name of the person who will defeat you. I am Koibito, one of the Konton Crystal Queen’s powerful Konran Kishi. What you are fighting are my Utsukushī, former lovers of mine who I turned into my perfect slime slaves. Each one has a hundredth of my actual strength.” The slime girl licked her lips as she waited for one of the humans to attack her slimes forming all around them. She wanted to draw Haruko away from the group so that she could take her first, then Warden seeing as his powers were similar to hers he could be a great playmate. The two Lolis were cute but would break easily and finally Leora her magic abilities would be an interesting thing to experiment with….but first she wanted Haruko.

As Koibito confronted the heroic group, Shinshi was about to encounter the second Konran Kishi. The white rabbit like creature was panting as the various slimes he had just taken out were now reforming. “Damn! Are there no end to these vial creatures. Koibito Kishi has really out done herself with this batch.” “Yes despite that girls particular interests her powers are quite fearsome.” The white rabbit spun around to see the menacing Shadow Knight, Makai Kishi. “Damn not you too Makai! I should have realized Koibito wasn’t smart enough to create this elaborate plot.” The Konran Kishi chuckled softly. “Your words flatter me especially when they are coming from the Great White Knight. Or should I say former White Knight. Let me ask you something, how does it feels to know that you have been cursed into that pathetic excuse for a body? To know that you resemble a stuff animal helpless while your Queen's life force fades…” The White Knight seemed to snap as he lunged at the Black Knight. “En Garde You TRAIRTIOUS BASTARD!” However despite Shinshi best efforts Makai simply swatted him down with a backhand. “Please White Knight. Do not temp me. In your current state it would be soooo easy to slay you. However there would be no sport in that. If you are going to come at me I suggest you do it in your true form.”

Before Makai said another word suddenly a smaller Konton Crystal in his hand began to glow as did the silver gem in Shinshi’s forehead. A beautiful rose colored light began to glow in the direction where Kusuri was. Shinshi’s eyes widen in shock, “Oh no Kusuri.” Makai simply chuckled. “Ah it seems the Ruby Heart has finally come out to play.”

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RPG » Osaka Ablaze RP

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Terms of Negotiation

Crow turned to Dan a little annoyed by his relaxed terms of negation, “There is no way in hell I'm letting him get off this easy! This bastard hurt our friends, who the hell do you think sent those Cyborgs after us Danny Boy? don’t give a flying f*ck if he leads us right to Gen! Besides do you know the reward I would get for turning in the God of Gambling?” The Gunslinger quickly spun Aoki around keeping his pressed against the wall as he removed a pair of zip-cuffs from his jacket. Crow cuffed Aoki hands behind his back then spun him back around (after Alvin healed him a bit).

“Here are MY terms of negotiation. You are going to lead us down into the lab and to where Gen is being held. If we encounter any trouble you will tell your hounds to stand down. If there are any traps you will tell us how to disarm them. If one of us has to piss you will gladly point us to the bathroom! And when it’s all said and done I’m turning your ass over to the BHA!” Crow then glared at Dan, “Are you okay with that Danny Boy?” The Rail-gun then turned towards the others, “I suggest anyone who doesn't think they are strong enough to go another round...wait here. This war is only going to get harder as we enter the lion’s den.” As Crow spoke he couldn’t help but sense they were being watched.

As a Gunslinger, Crow was trained to always be aware of his surroundings and to rely on his instincts because they subconsciously could sense danger around him. It would take a trained eye to notice the small things that Crow was doing. For example his hand was a few fractions of an inch closer to his revolver (in case he had to draw it), his body was loosening up (in case he had to react or dodge a surprise attack). Most importantly his senses were just a bit more heighten, enough to pick up the faint scent of a burning cigarette.

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RPG » An Apology and a New Year Resolution

So First the Apology

Hello everyone just your favorite neighborhood Lobos here, I been doing a lot of thinking and decided I should put my feelings out there for you guys and know that I'm not just ignoring you. I return to writing on the Vice I would late Jan-February of last year (someone can call me out on that if I get the date wrong) and for a while it was a pretty good run. I wrote often and a lot and put everything I had into what I wrote. Yeah I had a few slumps but I quickly came back and was back at it. Then as most of you in late summer I personally went through some hard times especially financially thankfully I made more than enough friends on here who helped me though it and took up for me while I was dealing with my personal problems. But it was at that time that I made the decision I would commit to getting a job and nothing would stop me and I did get a decent job just being a cashier. I tried to keep up my steam and momentum for writing but it slowly faded and work consumed more and more of my time and as I fell behind I cared less and less. It now starting to feel like a chore to write a post and I procrastinate more and more. Work consumes most of my time I come home and really don't want to deal with having to write when it feels like a chore. So i been Vice Silent for a while and things suffered because of that. Now that I put that on the table let me say this......


I WANT EVERYONE to know that I am NOT making EXCUSES! I am not just trying to make you feel sorry for me or anything like that. I am just trying to EXPLAIN my silence I did not expect work to chew up most of my time and really drain the life out of my writing. I know we all have stuff to do personally so I'm not saying that my personal problems out weighs what you guys have going on. So this is my APOLOGY to you guys for putting up with my silence recently. I'm sorry I held up several threads and plots and even awards because I wasn't posting. I'm sorry for seemingly ignoring you guys and just being silent as of late. I'm sorry I didn't budget my time better or stop myself from procrastinating. I'm sorry that my heart and head have not been in every post and that I could have made them better if I tried. I promise I will do better in the future and continue to write here and only here at the Home of TRUE WRITING. Now onto the second part of the blog.

Now the New Year's Resolution

This is a NEW YEAR for the Vice a NEW YEAR for all of us and a NEW YEAR for me personally. I want to change a lot of things about myself in the NEW YEAR I want to be better mentally, physically, emotionally, and creatively. I literally started changing my wardrobe (this is not a joke) I use to wear a lot of tshirts with ironic sayings on them or a logo or something and a pair of jeans well I'm tired of dressing like that I'm tired of dressing like a child and appearing to be immature. I'm 23 years old and I have responsibilities its about time I started acting and dressing like that. I literally being buying myself new clothes that are more mature and changing up my wardrobe and to be honest I'm starting to feel better about myself. Sorry about this rant I will get back to the point. This year I have a few New Year Resolutions the first to create a budget for myself and stick to it, the second to get in better shape somehow someway, another resolution get a job in my field or at least a better paying job that i can build a career off of. There are a few more personal ones but that's a different story for a different blog. Now onto the one that deals with me writing here.

My Vice Resolution

Unfortunately with me working to pay my bills I can't dedicate full time to writing on the Vice but that does NOT mean I am leaving the Vice. I am going to try and write for an hour every day and perhaps two hours when I have off. It's not much but if I sit down and focus to write in that hour I can get a lot done and perhaps I will increase the time as I get more and more back into writing. And this does not mean only writing for the Vice but also there are a lot of things I have in my head that I would like to get out this mainly goes to Mine and Kuma's (or Kuma and Mine's) Novel Frontera so that when I don't have a post to write I can keep the writing momentum up. I have a lot of plans for the New Year and plots for the Vice stories for Crow, Kusuri, the BHA, Owen, Toni, Gatson, The Gunslinger in Black and the many characters I have created over the last year. I have a great idea for a new RP involving bounty hunters, pirates, and treasure. I have some great ideas to expand the RP format by introducing side objectives and goals for characters. I want to introduce new and old characters alike including both Enigma and Vega.

However I just need sometime to get my ducks in a row find my heart and passion for writing again before getting back into it. So until then POST FOR ME! If there something that I need to post in L7 and Cave I'm looking at you POST for me! Please just ask me if you are unsure of my plans and I will tell you them so you know what direction to steer my characters. I just need the time to get back into it and start fresh basically before I stick to my New Year's Resolution plan.

Thank You all for your Patience and Can't wait to get back into this!!!!

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RPG » Osaka Ablaze RP

@Kuma_From_Argentina: @SamJaz: @Fehafare: @Vapovile: @Justalittlegirl:

The Reunion of Allies

The moment Crow heard the sounds of Rin and Yuriko beating the unholy piss out of the captive he almost instantly rushed over to them. Putting a hand on Rin shoulder Crow spoke with a serious and almost depressed tone. “Rin I’m so sorry. I came to Osaka to help rescue your brother on my word as a Gunslinger and yet in the process you and Ms. Kazegawa were also captured. My gun is in your debt Rin and I swear this will end tonight.” Before Crow could continue he took out the pouch of vivificum (berries that were ripe Natural Energy allowing those who consumes them to heal slightly), “Listen up everyone I suggest you take a berry. They are a bit tart but they contain energy that will allow you to heal up a bit. Ms. Kazegawa, Rin, you two get one first your injuires look pretty severe.”

The Gunslinger then set his eyes on the plumb God of Gambling, “Don’t worry about making him talk Alvin. Because I’m going to make him squeal like the fat little piggy he is.” Without another word Crow grabbed Aoki by the collar and slammed his against the wall as he took out Quicksilver and fire out a shot. Crow then pressed the slightly heated barrel of Quicksilver against Aoki forehead; “Don’t think for a minute I haven’t heard of you before….Aoki. Or should I call you by your Epithet the God of Gambling. You made quite a name for yourself controlling the Hidden World gambling while being backed by hired thugs like the Iron Eagles and killers like Falken Degriaz.” While some might fear that Crow could get dangerously close to unleashing the Red Storm again, a closer inspection would reveal that he was in control of himself (for now). A smirked played on Crow lips as he popped open Quicksilver’s cylinder and took out all but one bullet.

“So Mr. God of Gambling let’s see if the rumors are true do you have the Golden Luck of Legends or are you just another poor smuck down to his last chip! This is what about to happen you are going to give us the location of the lab where Gen Shishioh is being held. I’m going to pull the trigger every time you stall, lie, or try to snake out of this. I wonder what will hold out longer your tongue or your luck.” Crow took a step back and held the gun up to Aoki’s face before he spun the cylinder. “Now where is the lab holding Gen?”

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RPG » The Cave (RP)

@Kuma_From_Argentina: @waybig1010101: @Justalittlegirl: @Fehafare: @Vapovile:

Fierce Winds versus Violent Storm (Part III)

The Last Gunslinger smirked a little as JIn countered both his Incendie bullets and the lasso; the Half-Tengu agent of the JHWAB was proving he is no slouch. However it seemed that Jin was growing impatient his output of NE increased dramatically black winds began to swirl around the two and it seemed that the agent’s bloodlust was increasing. The Rail-gun clenched his fist a little he had personally experienced what happens when one let’s their emotions get out of control; the combination of raw Natural Energy and out of control emotions made disastrous results. Ever since Crow unleashed the wrath of the Red Storm of War in Osaka he had been a bit cautious with his own powers however it seemed Jin needed to be dealt with more decisively.

The air began to crackle and spark as Crow’s own NE output increased arcs of electricity peeling off his body. The captain smirked a little he was waiting for this exact moment. “I told you before we started that nothing will stop me from getting to that island. Not you, not the Japanese Hidden World Affairs Burea, not the BHA, not even the heavens. It seems that I should have taken this fight more serious. So Jin you better make sure your next shot counts because when facing a Gunslinger one mistake is too many. Over….” Before Crow could activate Overcharged his eyes widen it seemed that the air and environment around Jin began to distort and twist. The boat, the ocean, the sky, all began to twist and blur together Crow tried to move but it felt like his body was frozen. “Hmmm that is an interesting comment you made about being a Gunslinger Cementerio. However are you truly a Gunslinger that has yet to be seen?” Crow’s eyes widen when someone voice reached his ears; the bounty hunter was shocked to see it came from the captain of the boat he was on. The man seemed to be the only thing that was solid in this world of twisted shapes and distorted colors.

However the captain seemed to be peeling off his face, a disguise, as he revealed himself. Before Crow stood a man in his 50’s who appeared to be a bit taller than Crow with white hair and mustache goatee combo. “I’m sure you have lots of questions right now so I will get to the point young man. I ask you to recall back to the harpoon I fired at that winged intruder earlier; while he may have stopped both of you had no idea that in left trace amounts of a powerful hallucinogenic in the air. While dormant at first it was waiting to be activated by a certain level of NE output something both you and that JHWAB agent triggered.” Crow’s eyes widen he was frozen in this spot listening to this strange man’s explanation. “I’m not entirely sure what the Tengu is witnessing now but I’m sure he is trying to understand as you are. If you are wondering who I am that is not important right now what is important who has sent me. My master has taken a particular interest in you starting back in Kobe with that girl he has been observing your development and while he is fascinated I am not.”

The Gunslinger slowly found the strength to speak even if he felt like he was going to puke,

“Was….this…all…a…trap?” The mysterious messenger was shocked Crow could talk. “Hmmm now that was impressive the payload I use to incapacitate you was enough to make a normal man go insane and render someone from the Hidden World paralyzed for at least a few hours. The will power and fortitude it would take for you to even speak must be exhausting. If this was truly a trap you would be dead by now Cementerio. No this is merely a way to deliver a message, a warning of sorts. My master has big plans involving you Cementerio. However you are nowhere ready to face him let alone me, in fact if you tried to face any of the Acolytes of the Black Bullet you would be killed instantly.” As the Gunslinger began to regain control of his limbs ever so slowly his eyes widen he couldn’t believe half the information this man was saying however he wasn’t about to get more answers. As a newcomer arrived to the sight the air began to become less disturb breaking the paralyzing hallucinogenic, because of the paper flying around.

The Acolyte turned around shocked to see someone had found their boat, “Damn it! Another complication to the plan. Never mind I delivered my message to you Cementerio. Now I have more important matters to tend to.” The Acolyte smirked a little as he pulled out a detonating trigger, unbeknownst to Jin, Crow, and Shinji he had placed a few sticks of dynamite in the bottom of the boat enough to create a powerful explosion. “Good bye Cementerio. I hope the next time we meet you are much stronger.” With that the Acolyte pulled the trigger on the detonator.

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RPG » Osaka Ablaze RP

@Kuma_From_Argentina: @SamJaz: @Fehafare: @Vapovile: @Justalittlegirl:

Calming the Storm (Part II)

Crow didn’t have to turn around to know what Dan was doing, he could sense the build-up of the martial artist’s powerful ki. However while Dan normally would be a fearsome opponent for the Gunslinger this was not the same Crow who had declared them the Gen Rescue Team, this was a Crow who was without his moral code and would not think twice about killing someone. With the speed of an eagle Crow easily side stepped the Pink Comet causing the basketball of destruction to miss and blow apart the ground sending shrapnel in all directions. Despite the noise and destruction of Dan’s attack the familiar click of Crow pulling the hammer back on the double barrel revolver, War Iron, was audible. “Attacking a Gunslinger from behind is equivalent to signing one’s death sentence Danny Boy.”

Crow’s voice was cold and distance his eyes were filled with a violent killing intent as he held a double barrel revolver to the back of one of his allies’ head. “I got to give you credit for your bravery though. You wanted to take me out but let me ask you something. However you ever met a wild beast you swore would never attack you…because I haven’t!” As Crow began to pull the trigger to essentially turn Dan’s head into a canoe he suddenly stopped himself He had heard that line before but where and why did it feel foreign to him it seemed like it came out of someone else’s mouth instead of his. One of Crow’s eyes shifted from crimson red to its normal blue and now he saw for the first time what he was doing with clear eyes.

All around him was destruction and carnage; in front of him was Dan, a man who Crow considered a possible ally. Worst of all Crow saw the gun in his hand aimed at a friend something that was practically forbidden to Gunslingers. “Oh my god…what am I doing?” The Gunslinger’s eyes slowly turned back to blue as the crimson lightning and the violent buzzing ceased. With the sudden release of the energy Crow body went limp and he arms dropped to his sides as he slumped down to this knees his head bowed in forgiveness. “Forgive me Dan. I’m sorry I don’t know what came over me. I was so filled with rage, hatred, and anger. I just wanted everything to burn, everything to be destroyed, everything to fall to ruin. I felt like I was a storm of war that would tear throw evil and leave nothing but destruction in my wake. I raised my gun to a friend and that is a taboo among the Gunslinger I apologize not just to you Dan but you as well Haruko. I don’t expect either of you to forgive at least not until after we finish our mission here.”

As Crow went to stand, the Gunslinger winced in agony his entire body was sore and trembling it seemed the power Red Storm of War had more adverse effects on Crow then he realized not only physically but mentally as well. He remembered everything he had done the violent fight against Uta, the words to both Haruko and Dan most importantly he nearly shooting Dan from behind. However there was two things that trouble Crow the most one being that deep down he felt like he secretly enjoyed the surplus of power. It troubled the Rail-gun that he may have enjoyed being that violent and destructive the rush of energy made him feel like he was riding on the edge of a lightning bolt. The other was the line he had said to Dan before he snapped out of his rage induced state. However you ever met a wild beast you swore would never attack you…because I haven’t! Crow swore he had heard that line before but when and where he wasn’t sure. However there seemed to be bigger fish to fry it seemed Alvin had caught someone from the underground chamber.

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RPG » The Cave (RP)

@Kuma_From_Argentina: @Vapovile: @Fehafare: @waybig1010101: @Justalittlegirl:

Fierce Winds versus Violent Storm (Part II)

As the Half Tengu’s NE coated staff collided with Crow’s Legendary Revolver a smirk played on Crow’s face. When his Flecha collided with Jin’s Kaze no Reiya the Gunslinger realized he was facing another NE user. Jin made a comment about dominating the skies as he used his mighty wings to push Crow downwards. The Winged Agent of the JHWAB began chanting and released a vortex of wind that added downwards pressure to Crow. “SHIT! I’m going to get blown to the bottom of ocean!” In a last ditch effort Crow began firing his revolver as many times as he could in a horizontal direction to push himself out of the way of the air vortex. It took at least 15 rounds fired in less than .5 seconds but just before he hit the ground Crow was nudged just a faction off his current angel.

The force of the vortex and Crow’s adjusted angle blasted towards the side of the boat and caused him to slam into the railing cracking it in all directions along with causing some internal injuries. The Gunslinger coughed up some blood as he slowly rose to his feet, at the other end of the boat something caught the corner of his eye. A smirk played on his lips as saw a potential opening and strategy to bring the Half Tengu down to earth. However he used a lot of normal ammo escaping the vortex but he had brought some special ammo this time. Using the Trick Crow loaded Quicksilver, faster than a human eye could perceive, with uniquely colored ammo. “You may rule the skies but can you fly in the storms I control!” Crow spun around and fired two shots at the JHWAB Agent.

If one could they would notice that bullets were different than just a regular bullet, they were colored orange and had flame like engraving on them. These bullets were made by Toni and given to Crow to help him grow stronger in his path of justice, using her knowledge of gunpowder and alchemy she had created Balles d'Alchimie. These two were made with a highly flammable composite of gunpowder and other ingredients so that when they hit their target they would explode into small scale fire balls, they were Incendie bullets. Crow smirked a little as used the bullets as a distraction making a mental note to thank Toni later as he ran towards what he saw earlier…a length of rope. The Rail-gun performed a small evasive roll as he grasped the rope and tied a quick lasso. “Okay Partner let’s bring you back down to earth and see how well you down here!” Crow threw the lasso at JIn aiming to either snag his whole body or his foot at which point Crow would try and pull him in with all his might.

Meanwhile as Crow and Jin fought, the boat captain had been growing more and more focused on Crow. It was like the old man was waiting for his chance, but his chance to do what exactly was unknown. He had received his orders to send a message to Crow Cementerio and so far everything had been going according to plan. Crow arriving in Japan, the gunslinger choosing his boat, them being alone as they headed out to this island into the middle of the ocean. However it seemed this JHWAB agent had thrown off the plan entirely and now drastic measures were going to have to be taken. The Master would not like this after all he had given strict orders to leave Crow alive. What was he going to do now? He couldn’t quite expose himself in front of this JHWAB and attacking him would cause even more problems. The boat captain settled on his course of actions and waited for his moment.

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RPG » Lucky Seven [RP]

@Fehafare: @Justalittlegirl: @Kuma_From_Argentina: @ChronoWolf: @Vapovile: @waybig1010101:

Interrogation Interrupted? Owen’s Methods

As Crow and Arthur took to interrogating the two thieves in their own various ways, Owen was impatiently tapping his foot. “What brutish methods. Don’t you two have any sense of decency or elegance? Your methods….sicken me!” Crow was suddenly up in Owen’s face, “What the hell did I tell you about saying that! It really starting to sicken me!” Owen simply turned his head away from Crow waving his hand dismissively. “Sorry if I wasted time trying to decipher your ramblings I would lose a few brain cells in the process. Besides if you had to stoop so low as to mock me you could at least learn the subtle nuisances and traits within my speech…Your poor excuse for mocking me…sickens me!”

The Gentleman Bounty Hunter ignored Crow’s (Yosemite Sam like) rant while he approached the fallen thief Irene and placed a hand on her shoulder. Removing his hat Owen smiled at her calmly, “Now Miss. I apologize for the confrontation earlier, however this is what happens when the defenders of elegance and justice encounter the rogues who choose crime. But now that the battle is over we can easily work out a deal for you as long as you cooperate with me. I appeal to the person you once were to divulge information about your boss to me.” While Owen thought that his calm smile, pleasant features, and elegant speech could sway even the tightest lips he was actually far more condescending and his comments were ruder than he thought. Meanwhile Crow approached Arthur, “Hey Arthur I was wondering I am here catching a bounty, that Fancy Nancy over there is probably doing the same. How did you get wrapped up into this mess?”

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RPG » [Reboot Profile] The Road To Become A Superhero - Daisuke Emiya

@The_Black_Knight: now we can do the Crow vs Daisuke fight properly.

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RPG » Ikari Fukushi (Character Bio)

@Kuma_From_Argentina: So I wonder how big of a villian Ikari will be?

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RPG » A Moonlit Revival - RP

@Vapovile: @SamJaz: @ChronoWolf: @Masterofdeath:

The Ultimate Threat: Angel of Death Dante!

Following the shocking revelation that the mysterious allies (?) Aria and Alex were actually Haruko siblings the group moved to the final room where these so called gods were supposed to be resurrected. Unfortunately for the group the mastermind behind the original attack on the Soundbreaker Train and now this had succeeded releasing 3 very ominous beings.

As the three began to reveal themselves a small piece of their unique personalities the Last Gunslinger has his eyes set on the one in all white with a pair of angelic wings. He seemed to be the leader of the group. His calm and collected demeanor was an eerie contrast the angelic like appearance his aspired. Despite being out numbered and out gun by the various heroes surrounding him he didn’t seem to worry. It was as if he was in complete control of the situation and that was the most terrifying thing about this Angel of Destruction. Aria declared their attention charging at Dante like a glowing yellow rocket, Crow tried to call out to her. “WAIT WE DON’T KNOW HOW STRONG THEY ARE!”

However he was too late as the Angelic Deity easily parried Aria then teleported instantly to Haruko, the Rail-gun’s eyes widen as he realized that the God like being had moved so fast that not even the trained eyes of a Gunslinger could track his movements. With a simple punch he sent Haruko flying in the stone wall of the cavern igniting Crow’s anger. “HARUKO! You bastard! I don’t care how powerful you are I won’t let you lay a finger on my friends!” Drawing Quicksilver with the speed of a viper’s strike Crow took a few shots aiming at different points in the room so that they ricochet around to hit the deity from various angles. Meanwhile Crow used his own speed and agility to try and move in close to Dante his arm and revolver surging with electrical natural energy, “Garra!” Swinging the lightning/electricity coated revolver at Dante vertically aiming for his head to try and end the Angel of Death before this fight went too far.

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RPG » The Vice Before Christmas - OOC

@Vapovile: of course i will in be this ;)

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RPG » The Vice Before Christmas - OOC

@Vapovile: is this considered canon? lol

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RPG » The Cave (RP)

@Kuma_From_Argentina: @Justalittlegirl: @waybig1010101: @Vapovile: @Fehafare:

Fierce Winds vs Volatile Lightning

Crow merely smirked a little as Jin prepared his attack, “Fine then to prevent this conflict from causing any more friction between our organizations. I got a message for your boss. I, Crow Cementerio the Last Gunslinger, am not doing this as a member of the BHA. I am doing this because…I WANT TO!” The Gunslinger’s hand began to surge with electrical NE. “I don’t give a damn about your jurisdiction! Or your stakes out! Or the JHWAB! I warned you not to stand in my way! Trust I am more dangerous acting on my own then acting as a bounty hunter! Flecha!” As Jin fired his spears of winds Crow countered with his own attack unleashing a large blast of electrical NE from his hand that collided with the spears causing an explosion of wind and electricity. The waves rocked the boat back and forth as bolts of lightning struck at the water. The old sea captain watched in awe at the display of power between Jin and Crow.

Meanwhile as the wind and electrical attacks collided Crow used the aftermath as an opportunity with short sprint forward he leaped at the cabin/helm window going completely through it. Crow then ran out from the other side while drawing Quicksilver and firing as Jin’s black wings from behind. The Last Gunslinger then leaped up and swung the nigh indestructible revolver at the half-tengu from the back. The old captain quickly took cover as he watched the two Hidden World residents fight, however the old man seemed a bit more focused on Crow and his skills then Jin. The old captain quietly withdrew a black revolver and loaded it with some bullets waiting for an opening.

Side Story: Toni Cleans (Crow’s) House

The Cat Eye Witch was standing in front of the unattended mess that has sort of built up over the years from Crow neglecting to do anything about it. She was prepared for her own battle against Crow’s organized chaos. She held a mop in one hand and a spray can of disinfectant in the other. She had gas mask covering the lower of her face and goggles covering her eyes. As she spoke her voice was distorted through the mask, “Okay Mess this is your last warning. I swore to my beloved that I would look after and take care of his home. How am I supposed to show him that he can trust me if I leave his house in this state? I can see it now Crow will come home from his trip and find his house totally clean. He will be amazed and delighted then purpose to me on the spot.” The illusionist shook herself at of her day dream smiling brightly now even more determined than ever “I swear on my word as Crow’s future wife I will make sure this house is spotless when he returns. So prepare yourself dirt and grime because I am your…….RECKONING!” A dark and evil glint formed in Toni’s eyes as she rushed she charged at the pile of dirt.

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RPG » Osaka Ablaze RP

@Kuma_From_Argentina: @SamJaz: @Fehafare: @Vapovile: @Justalittlegirl:

Calming the Storm.

The Gunslinger’s eyes were glowing red with the influx of negative Natural Energy, a pair of wings had formed on his back made from the same red lighting that was arcing off his body. He stood over Uta’s headless husk of a corpse like a predator admiring its kill. La Balad de la Muerte (as Uta had called it) was the anthem of Crow’s hear, the static electric buzzing was so loud and deafening it drowned out all thoughts and noises around him. The only thing Crow craved now was WAR. He could care less about the others, Rin, Gen, or even himself for that matter he just wanted to cause as much destruction as he could.

The Rail-gun walked pass both Alvin and Raisa without even a second look as he spoke his voice was cold and distant. This was not the normal Crow who would smile and protect his friends with all his might after he tells them that everything will be okay. This was someone who was beginning to slowly give into the corruption and bloodshed that anger created within one’s heart. “Either stand and fight or get the hell out of my way! This is war and the battlefield shows no mercy to those who are weak! If you get in my way or hold me back…I’ll KILL YOU!” Crow turned towards Haruko a terrifying and threatening look in his eyes as he spoke. “Haruko are you coming or are you just going to stand there!” Crow then snapped around towards Dan, “What about you Danny Boy have you found your balls or are you still acting like a pussy! Puking at the first sight of blood!”

Crow took a look around seeing all the blood, destruction, and chaos created by their fight against the FMY agent he looked down at Uta’s body and suddenly kicked it along the ground. “What the hell is wrong with your all? They weren’t any threat they were just f*cking cyborgs! They gave up their humanity so they could be better killing machines! Maybe you should all wait here while I finish this! I will personally find these bastards and BURN THEM ALL!”

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RPG » (LOCATION) Inazuma Gakuen: The School of Warriors

@Kuma_From_Argentina: @Fehafare: @Vapovile:


The Weston Princess just laughed at Izumi’s comment about the boy to girl ratio in their class, “Don’t worry dear. If any of those big nasty boys try messing with us…..” Without warning Alicia pulled out her two custom made Weston Munitions .45 Caliber Death Eagles. “I’LL PUMP THEM FULL OF LEAD!” However as fast as her maniac state came it went and she returned to her normal self, returning the guns to the holsters behind her back just under her school shirt, “Yes let’s pick up the pace.” Within a few minutes the group of girls arrived at the café Alicia having made her way to the front a smile on her face. She had somewhat bounded with the girls in just this short time especially Izumi which was a major improvement from earlier.

While the other girls were enjoying their strawberry parfaits and talking about their various stories and style of martial arts. Alicia was half listening half indulging herself in her own parfait a combination of the three flavors strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate with extra sweets thrown in (it seemed that the Weston Princess also had a craving for sweets like her idol). As Alicia listened to them an idea began to turn in her head. While she was new to this school she had heard that some students would often band together and form small groups to participate in various tournaments. However before the Bullet Princess could consider anymore she noticed the girls turned their attention to her.

Alicia carefully wiped her chin, “Oh well my story is not quite as interesting as yours. My family and I come from England. My father is the head of Weston Munitions, the same company that provides Inazuma with all its ammunition and firearms. Originally it was supposed to be my brother who came to this school but he refused to apart of our family’s history of manufacturing death so he abandon the family and moved to Japan to become an influential doctor. My mother was quite harsh on me because she wanted me to became a socialite and expand the family’s connection even trying to get me to date the son of a Japanese conglomerate. My father has always been to busy and never really paid attention the affairs of his actual family. Like I said my story is actual quite boring.” The shocking part of Alicia confession was that she had said it with little to no remorse in her voice like the sadness of it all was lost on her. She might as well have been talking about the weather.


Keiji finished his dish and like Sid was quite curious about what Andy meant about real male bonding in Japan. “Andy-san we aren’t going to do anything illegal are we?” After the sharpshooter’s reveal that his family were pretty much mercenaries Keiji was a bit more cautious about what kind of fun the three teen boy could get into. However after the trip to this food truck it could be something equally enjoyable.

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