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Omg Space Dandy sucks. I can not think of another time this anime annoys me as much as this show
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RPG » Author's Note: Close Knit Creativity

@Vapovile: @takashichea:

The comment about the Battle Forums was meant to be a fun little jab. There was no disrespect meant in it and if anything it only started a debate about who would actually win between Ace and Enel.

Vapo hit the nail on the head i made this thread to show that we are a group of writers and good friends helping each other out both personally and creatively.

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RPG » Osaka Ablaze RP

@Kuma_From_Argentina: @SamJaz: @Fehafare: @Vapovile: @Justalittlegirl:

The Sound of Storms (Part II)

The Last Gunslinger’s eyes widen as saw his bullets and electrical attack fail when it made contact with Uta’s barrier of sound. However the true horror was just beginning. When the Full Metal Assassin revealed the speakers built in her body Crow saw the true nature of what the FMY were. The vibrating air around the FMY assassin was the only warning Crow received to the impending attack. The force of the sound hitting Crow felt like a truck of bricks, “Aaaaaaaarrrrrghhhh!”

The Gunslinger violently coughed up blood as the force struck him, tearing at his clothes and his jacket a bit. It was so powerful that he knocked Crow back with concussive force sending him flying back into the wall behind him. His body made an indentation in it with cracks going in all directions; again he coughed up more blood as he suffered several internal injuries. It seemed that Crow had been defeated so easily however if the FMY Assassin knew of the storm brewing within Crow then she would be more afraid then confident.

Several Years Ago: The Town of Rayo Rosado

A young Crow was in a fight with several bullies who were picking on one of his friends, the bullies had gone too far this time and the young Gunslinger in training was going to make them pay. “YOU COWARDS WANNA PICK ON VERGIL! I’LL TEACH YOU TO MESS WITH ONE OF MY FRIENDS!” The bully sniveled as blood ran down his face staring in the enraged eyes of Crow, which had a bit of a red tint to them. Crow brought his fist back to inflict more punishment on the beaten bully until suddenly a voice called out to him. “CROW DON’T YOU EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!” The Gunslinger gritted his teeth as he heard the voice his gramps Buho. He knew better to disobey his trainer, master, and the one called the Fastest Gunslinger but the enraged Crow didn’t care he wanted to make this bullies suffer. “LEAVE ME….” Suddenly the shadow of his grandfather loomed over Crow and he know he was in trouble now especially when the elder Gunslinger grabbed him by his shirt and throw him with all his might. “Damn Whipper Snapper!”

Crow was sent flying and crashing into clearing far from the bullies, by the time the Gunslinger in trainer came around he was as battered and bruise as the bullies he had beaten. Buho was looming over him again. “What the hell Old Man? Those kid ganged up on Vergil and beat him up because he was standing up to one of them! I wasn’t going to let them get away with hurting my friend! I swear I will never let anyone hurt one of my….” “Enough Crow! I don’t care if those kids spat on Mother Teresa! A Gunslinger must always maintain a cool temperament especially a Cementerio!” Crow was stunned silence he couldn’t believe his grandfather was telling him to keep cool right now and why did being a Cementerio mean anything but before he could speak his gramps cut him off. “Listen Crow I’m not mad that you fought for your convictions especially when you are defending your friend. I know Vergil is your best friend and all, I’m proud of you for that. However fighting for your convictions and taking your fury and vengeance out on someone is not the conduct of a Gunslinger.” Buho kneeled down placing his hand on Crow’s shoulder. “Listen Crow do you understand how the Cementerio clan manipulates electrical natural energy?” Crow wasn’t sure what his grandfather was getting out but he answered anyway, “Yeah it comes from the contract with the Storm Eagle and manipulating natural energy in the environment around us.”

“Yes Crow but there is something you should know. Electrical natural energy comes from various elements of nature coming together just like a storm therefore it is extremely volatile. This makes the Cementerio clan short tempered, violent, and even more prone to bloodlust in combat. This is extremely dangerous even to those we want to protect, if we get too caught up in our own darker emotion just like Mother Nature we can unleash terrible disasters. For some users of Natural Energy this is still an issue when enraged they can unleash terrible forces of nature from tornadoes, floods, and even wild fires. However the Cementerio Clan have created a special term for this we call it the Red Storm.” The Elderly Gunslinger and his young grandson met eyes as Crow let his teacher’s words sink in, “The Red Storm is a violent ability that draws on darker emotions and leaves nothing but devastation in its wake. The name comes from a Cementerio who became a Gunslinger and willingly gave into these emotions. He became a violent storm of destruction and left nothing but blood and bullets behind earning the epithet the Red Storm. Please Crow you must maintain your cool nature in battle.”

Present Time

Crow was eerily still against the wall however inside his heart and head he only saw flashes red as he remembered those bullies who attack his friend Vergil, his hatred for the Shishioh family, first Gen and now Rin being captured, his previous quest for vengeance when he lost all that he held close to his heart. There was a single thought that began to violently repeat and pulse in his mind…..DESTROY! A violent and powerful eruption of electrical natural energy exploded from Crow. Unlike the Rail-gun’s normal electrical NE this was a bright red, the energy pulse aggressively easily destroying the stray bullets from Baku that came near. Crow pulled himself from the wall as he lifted his head and cowboy hat he revealed that his eyes once a calming yet determined blue were not an intense and vicious red.

As Crow meet his gaze with Uta’s he only uttered, “I warned you about standing in my path…” With the force and sound of thunder Crow pushed off the ground fierce red electrical NE trailing behind him as he suddenly appeared next to Uta. “NOW GET THE F*CK OUT OF MY WAY!” The Last Gunslinger swung his revolver horizontally at the FMY assassin the signature Quicksilver was covered in red electrical NE. “GARRA!” There was nothing but killing intent in the blow Crow was no longer thinking rationally he just wanted to rip this bitch’s head off.

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RPG » Dead of Night

A Spooky Gathering

Bukimina Estate, Japan

As the weather became cooler and the leaves shifted colors a certain spooky chill filled the air when Jack-o-lanterns lined the streets and bats hung from windows Halloween was drawing near and things were getting very spooky. A favorite event this time of year was the many haunted houses that would pop up but none was as fun as the Bukimina Estate in Japan. The estate was built on private land and every year around Halloween it was converted into a fun and scary Haunted House attraction along with several other fun things related to this time of year.

Bukimina Estate was filled with people all dressed in ghoulish costumes there were several popular ones around including Zombies (in all kinds of blood and gore), Dead Zed (the recent horror movie villain who came out), and the latest animated princess. Amongst the scary individuals were two American Bounty Hunters enjoying some down time.

Over by the large tub filed with apple for bobbing was none other than Crow Cementerio and Toni Sociere the duo were dressed in some ghastly costumes themselves. The Cat Eye Witch wore a long black cape, black and orange dress with long black opera gloves. In her hair was a bat wing shaped clip and in her mouth a pair of funny fake vampire teeth making Toni a scary female vampire who thirsted for blood this night. Meanwhile Crow was covered in head to toe in bandages like a mummy with a few loose ends hanging from various spots the only visible parts of the Gunslinger were his cobalt blue eyes and some of his hair. In fact Crow was barely recognizable because he wasn’t wearing his cowboy hat instead that was in Toni’s possession for the night for safe keeping in her bag.

The Cat Eye Illusionist looked around in delight at all the scary things going on at the estate, “Oh Crow I’m so happy you invited me to join you for this! Look at how many fun things there are to do what should we do first?” Unfortunately for Crow Toni had bandaged him up so good that he was actually unable to talk with the bandages covering his mouth so instead he took out a pad and pen writing. Actually you kind of invited yourself when I told you I was going to Japan for Halloween. And we are waiting for Gaston to show up. The Vampire seemed a bit too preoccupied as she planned their activities for the night including getting lost in the corn maze to spend more time with Crow, going in the haunted house so she could be scared and Crow will protect her, and more. The Gunslinger rolled his eyes which was pretty much all his could do until he heard a familiar voice from behind him. “Bonjour! Monsieur Cementerio and Mademoiselle Sociere. I’m so glad you could make it! Exquis!”

The Silver Star Chef was dressed as a Frankenstein smiling as he wrapped his arms around his fellow bounty hunters. He had invited the two bounty to join him at this fun Halloween Haunted House when he learned they would be in Japan for a bit. “Gaston I’m so glad to see you. It’s been too long friend.” Toni was more than happy to see the Fraken-Chef as he was one the people who led her to the Bounty Hunter life meanwhile Crow simple wrote. Hey Gaston. Great Costume. The chef let out a hearty laugh, “Ah yes thank you Crow. However your costumes amazing and seeing you two together make me think you make a great couple.” Crow quickly scribbled down. “We are not a couple!” Meanwhile Toni with smiling brightly. “Yeah Crow and I picked each other costume I even wrapped up all of his bandages.” The Gunslinger rolled his eyes again as Gaston laughed. “Ah well I hope you guys enjoy one of Japan’s premiere haunted attractions. They say it is built on actual haunted lands but I think that just to scare up some customers….Get it! Scare up!” Toni and Gaston started laughing as Crow rubbed his head sighing under the mummy bandages.

Meanwhile just arriving to the haunted attraction dressed as a pirate complete with an eye patch and Jolly Roger on her hat was the Gem Girl Kusuri Inoue or as she preferred to be called tonight, the Fearsome Captain Red Hair Kusuri! Riding on her shoulder as her parrot was Shinshi in his rabbit form a frown on her face, the Gem Guardian was frowning as he spoke to Kusuri via his telepathic link he shared with all of the Gem Girls. “I hate you sooooooo much right now girl,” The nurse in training frowned a little turning him, “I don’t care this is what you get for not telling me you were actually a guy in that rabbit form. Even after I changed in front of you so many times.” The White Knight of the Gems replied with his usual snarkiness, “I don’t see what the problem is it’s not like you a have body to begin with.” The girl suddenly turned red then grabbed her parrot shaking him violently “You dirty little perv! How dare you call yourself a Gentleman when you talk to a lady like that?”

Meanwhile watching everything from within a haunted house attraction that Bukimina Estate had been turned into this night was a mysterious figure. His attire was quite old as he watched from window just below the attic in what appeared to be a study. “Mortals how dare they disturb my land and turn it into some sort of attraction for their amusement. But tonight they would rue the day they decide to disturb my resting spot. All these years I have been gathering energy to unleash my revenge upon these mortals. I will give them their frights they seek and then some.”

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RPG » The Cave OOC


Definitely count Crow in this for a few reasons one of them being he is concerned over Gen's well being and Reiji seems familiar to the Gunslinger. I would like to use Kusuri because she is actually a healer but she woundn't fit as easily.

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RPG » A Night at the Castle RP

@Kuma_From_Argentina: @Vapovile: @SamJaz: @Fehafare:

Aftermath Part II: Walking the in the Dark.

The Uber Priest Jericho was barely able to move as he laid on the ground unable to see. Jericho’s eyes were a cloudy white a good portion of his body was scarred with burns he was both emotionally and physically weaken. Jericho began to mumble to himself incoherently, “Why…why…am I still alive? I…I preformed the…..Ritum Magni Arbitrio dei caelestis. It…it would supposed to be….an exorcist’s final rite…Banishing the darkest evils…at the cost…of one’s life. So…why…why have you spared…my life?” The Priest weakly clenched his fist in anger and pounded the ground unable to comprehend why god would spare his life and rob him of his sight when he was willing to sacrifice everything.

Meanwhile Crow, his body in a state of shock, was unable to move as he watched the priest writhed on the ground. “Father Jericho! Answer me! Can you move…?” However before Crow could get a reply the castle started to rumble violently as it broke apart and fade away. “JESUS! Haruko is sent to get answers and she brings down the whole castle! That flat chested broad is about as dangerous as a pissed off rattler!” The Gunslinger went to move and possible assist Jericho so they can flee however Crow’s whole body was incredibly sore and weak. Just the act of standing was painful fortunately for the Gunslinger he received help in the form of a certain flat chested broad. The castle continued to violently shake and fade away coming completely apart; the gunslinger winced in agony as he forced himself up putting his arm over Haruko to support himself. “Were are not leaving Jericho! You may not be able to support both of us by yourself but the three of us could balance it out! We are leaving here the way we came here!” The Gunslinger gritted his teeth, there was something to be said about a man who despite his own injuries and pain was not willing to leave someone far worse off behind.

Jericho could hear Crow and Haruko coming to get him, “No Cementerio! No Miss Haruko! Please leave me and get out while you can! God has given you the strength to move forward because you are his shining…” Suddenly the Rail-gun grabbed Jericho his voice filled with anger, “SHUT THE HELL UP ABOUT GOD! IF GOD WANTED YOU TO DIE YOU WOULDN”T BE YAPPING ON ABOUT HIM! NOW PUT YOUR ARM AROUND HARUKO AND LET”S GET OUT OF HERE!” The Uber Priest was left speechless, he had been a man of fate all his life dedicating himself to the path that God had laid before yet now he was left in the dark. He weakly put his arm around Haruko and Crow put his arm around Jericho and the seamstress disrupting their weight amongst the three of them. As the Castle crumbled fading into a black inky shadow the sun slowly began to cut through it bringing light and some warmth to the heroes.


With the Castle of Orsul Sang now completely destroyed and (most) of the heroes safe; Jericho leaned against a tree sitting on the ground some wrapping covered his eyes. Unfortunately for the priest there would be no recovering or healing for his sight through any means (technology, magic, ki, or natural energy) his blindness caused by divine powers. The Silver Star Priest was left in the dark both physically and spiritually. Suddenly though a voice interrupted his silent meditation, “Are you okay Father Jericho? I’m sorry about your vision father. What will you do now? After all you are a Silver Star BH and pretty powerful I’m sure…” “I think I may walk away from the BHA for now.”

Crow was leaning against back against the same tree, despite everything his body was put through tonight he could still just barely stand for now. His cowboy hat was pulled down low on his eyes the gunslinger was taken aback by the answer. “What? What do you mean walk away from the BHA? What will you do?” The Priest smiled just a little, “I feel I will go back to the nomadic roots of being a priest. I will walk the earth. All my life I have walked in the light of the lord to guide my life however it seems God has chosen to leave me in the dark this time. I believe it times I find that light again as you said God would have not let me live if he had plans for me.” There was a moment of silence between the two Bounty Hunters. “I want to know something Cementerio. Something that only a few in the entire BHA know.”

Crow was a little confused as Jericho spoke, if this information was so important why Jericho would feel the need to reveal it, what it could be about? He was about to receive his answer, “Do you know of the person that has been killing Bounty Hunters. The one they call the Black Star Killer.” The Gunslinger kneeled down a little so he could hear this the Black Star Killer had been a topic that was very hush amongst all Bounty Hunters. Any news regarding this mysterious person was to be reported directly to the Branch Leaders. “The BHA investigation unit has been looking into the Black Star Killer’s murders and they have been drawing some conclusion.” “Father this is high class material how do you even have access to this.” “Because I was a member of the Investigation team. After examining several elements of the cases there seems to be a common thread. The techniques, methods, and tactics displayed by this person are those used by the Gunslingers.”

Crow’s eyes widen a little as he received this news with the death of the Gunslingers the only person who would possibly know those skills would be Crow….or another Gunslinger. “But that’s impossible. Gunslingers have kept those techniques hidden and secret for years they are only passed down to other Gunslingers.” Jericho nodded his head slowly. “I understand I wasn’t sure it was possible at first but the evidence was hard to deny. I tell you this because there are many in the Investigation Unit that suspect this could be the beginning of a coup staged by a hidden Gunslinger.”

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RPG » Lucky Seven [RP]

@Fehafare: @Justalittlegirl: @Kuma_From_Argentina: @ChronoWolf: @SamJaz: @Vapovile:

A Gunslinger, a Gentleman, and an Ice Mage?

Crow and Owen were about to tear each other’s throats out with glaring at one another and clenching fist a fight between these two could be disastrous for anyone caught in the cross fire. Luckily Arthur was there to cool the situation off (quite literally), with the Ice Mage casting Flash Freeze on the two criminals. The two bounty hunters took notice and turned to see one of them frozen from the waist down and the other having dodge the spell.

Despite the pun jewel thieves being (sigh) on ice, they were seem capable of retaliating with both of them firing bullets and arrows at Arthur. However the Gunslinger and Gentleman decided to take a break from trying to kill each other to deal with the thieves for now. The Rail-gun swiftly moved to the side as shooting a few rounds at the arrows precisely aimed at the tail fins of the arrows. This would cause the arrows to go off their trajectory into different direction possibly avoiding Arthur all together. Crow followed by shooting a final round exactly into the barrel of the musket preventing the thief from attempting a head shot on the Ice Mage. “As my gramps always said a jammed gun is about as useful as bag of wet mice.” The Gunslinger smirked as he ducked under the musket and attempted an uppercut to knock out the jewel thief.

Meanwhile Owen elegantly moved into take down the Archer Irene, “You move as elegantly as one of the great dancers of theater. However to attempt to use their skills to escape the beauty of the law…You sicken me!” The Gentleman threw a high kick at the chin of the girl smirking a little as he know how to follow up no matter if the kick connected or not. Balancing himself on his tip toe with one leg extended high in the air Owen began to spin in place like a top. Pirouette!” In a few revolutions Owen became a spinning blur and with his leg extended he could rapidly kick at Irene, several times in a single rotation. After a few seconds, which was enough for Owen to possibly kick Irene over a dozen times, he slowed coming to a crouch positon smirking a little. “Foolish girl I was trained in the art of Ballet de Bataille. My strikes are filled with beauty and elegance your ignorance…sickens me!” Despite the thieves skills it seems they were about to be about by the combined might of the Gunslinger, Gentleman, and Ice Mage.

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RPG » New Vice Awards

@Vapovile: The personal awards were mostly from Waybig.

I'm glad you guys liked it was a blast to write.

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RPG » AnimeVice Halloween Special: OCC

So for those who don't know I really love celebrating certain holidays it gives the Vice Earth some more life and it's fun Halloween is one of those holidays I just like to celebrate and bring into the Vice. So this is going to be a special RP thread.


There is a certain chill in the air around this time of year; the leaves shift from a vibrant green to golden browns, oranges, and reds falling off the trees with each cool breeze. Jack 'o' Lanterns start to line the streets and spooky decorations cover the houses creating a scary mood for soon to be trick-or-treaters. October is the time for scary monsters, ghastly ghosts, creepy crawlers, and things that go bump in the night; it's the time when one can put on a costume and be something else letting their imagination control the night and nothing personifies this idea better than a spooky HAUNTED house.

A small Halloween Festival is being held out in the country on some private property where an old home is located, the house has been converted into a fun Haunted House for people to walk through being thrilled and chilled however the Haunted House is not the only thing for people to amuse themselves. There are plenty of other fun Halloween theme attractions for guest including a hay ride with monsters around every turn, a complicated corn maze where people can get lost for hours, an apple bobbing contest along with plenty of other fun Halloween events for guests. However unbeknownst to the trick or trickers there is a darkness that lays in this land that has been buried deep and has been growing reckless as it watched people tread on it's forbidden land with the abundance of various forms of enegry from Ki, Charka, Nature Energy, Magic, and more it finally has enough power to awaken. This powerful poltergeist is about to turn the fun scares to terrifying nightmares unleashing the evil that lies within the graveyard behind the house. Can the heroes of Vice Earth stop this spooky threat while protecting the innocent people? Who will come dress as what to this spooky event? What evil have befallen this land that has corrupted this poor lost soul? Do you believe in ghost? If you so who are you going to call?

The Haunted House
The Haunted House

Author's Notes/Rules

  • There is a main story for this RP involving the house but if you don't want to partake in in you can do some of the other fun things going on. Just know that in the end the main story will affect all the other plots and things will most likely spiral out of control. So feel free to create your own stories here about what your characters are doing and how they are enjoying this spooky event
  • Your character(s) MUST be in costume no matter what. It can be a original costume, a costume base off an anime character, a funny costume, a serious costume whatever you want but they MUST have a costume on. Please list the character and their costume below. Also put in suggestions for other people as well it could help them.
  • I really want to try and get everyone in this even if it's just one post I want everyone to join in on the Halloween Fun.
  • There is no real posting order but you can only post once in a cycle before I post again. (I will probably lift this if you ask nicely.)
  • NO and I mean NO destruction of the house or mass ddestructionto the festival going on. Remember we are apart of the Hidden World and there are people around who are just normal citizens so try to be cautious with your powers.
  • To stick with the theme I would like to keep this story within the month of October if not we can go into November if everyone is enjoying it.
  • Finally the house is decievingly big, While it may look small on the outside inside it is warped with powerful evil magic so hallways can be miles long and rooms as big as a stadium some times. This is perfect to fit all kinds of evil and creepy monsters.

Characters and Costumes

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RPG » New Vice Awards

Vicey Awards: September

As September draws to an end the cooler weather starts to set in as autumn makes it presence felt; soon the leaves will change colors and the streets will be decorated with spooky Halloween decorations. However the end of the month was also a time of celebration for it was the monthly Vice Awards!

The theater was quickly filled to capacity with everyone favorite characters; Gen and Dan were in the middle of an arm wrestling contest while Kuma helped Callis prepare an acceptance speech. Vapo was being overseeing the chaos the many characters were getting into as a new Mod while Haruko and Hitomi was inspecting everyone’s outfit. Arthur was babysitting the many Lolis of the Vice while Warden was sharing a drink with Crown at the bar. The entire Inazuma Class was arguing over who had what seat but as the lights dimmed everyone became quiet.

As the stage came to life a young man about 23 years old was standing in the center of the spotlight wearing of sight. It was none other than the writer of the Author’s Notes and creator of some of the best characters on Vice Earth, Lobos he smiled brightly as welcomed the guest “HELLO EVERYONE! Welcome to the September Vice Awards! So if you are wondering who will be hosting with me tonight? well I was having trouble deciding exactly who will be hosting with me. So I decided to let everyone join me!” From Behind Lobos emerged every character he was currently using this month from the King of Pleasures Vega, The Glorious Light Owen, Kusuri Inoue, Toni Sociere, and finally Crow Cementerio.

As Lobos went to introduce the first reward suddenly he was interrupted by the Gentleman Owen. “Ah Lobos I applaud you creative mindset that allows to generate such unique characters….but how dare you make anyone that is not as magnificent as me….you SICKEN me!” Lobos stood there a bit shocked unsure if that was a compliment or an insult however it seemed that Kusuri had something to say. “Hmm so you are my writer. Weird I thought you would be kind of cooler. But you are really disorganized and a bit lazy. No wonder I’m always late to stuff.” Lobos just glared a little at his cast of characters. “What the hell Crow? I told you to that you were in charge so that we didn’t cause the awards to go side tracked.” The Gunslinger just sighed a little, “Hey Partner don’t look at me. It’s not my fault that your characters are a bunch of crazies. After all aren’t we supposed to be some reflection of you?” Lobos sighed a little, “Vega do you have anything to say?” The Drug King Pin just smirked a little, “I think the show is going great so far baby.” Lobos sighed even more as his various characters argued and fought behind him. “Okay let’s get this show moving. The first presenters will be Toni and Kusuri for Hero of the Month.”

Hero of the Month

Kusuri: “Wow there are so many cool heroes in the nominees this month? They are remind me of some of my favorite shonen heroes like Adventure Guardian, Priestess Love 0, Mobile Cowboy Detective, and Fatality Rogue Virgin. But only one of these characters can be labeled the most heroic.”

Toni: “The nominees for Hero of the Month are; Haruko, Callis, Arthur, Owen, and my Cowboy in Leather Armor Crow. And the winner is none other than my beloved Crow. I know no other hero could live up to his standards.”

Crow: “Thanks everyone for voting for your favorite Gunslinger.” *Quickly gets off the stage side steeping Toni before she could leap into his arms.*

Neutral of the Month

Lobos: “The next award is for the most neutral character of the month the nominees include; Huntsman, Haruko, Owen and Arthur.”

Owen: “Ah such individuals walking the line between good and evil a delicate balance of white and black to live in the gray area of life…however I know their true nature of being indecisive living in a world of such ugly gray. They sicken me!”

Lobos: “Owen you do know you are in this category as well. Anyway the winner of Neutral of the Month is Huntsman. Congrats to you Huntsman I’m not really sure what you are other than a baby sitter at this point”

Owen: “How dare that monstrosity win my award and how dare the public not vote for me.,..they sicken me!”

Villain of the Month

Vega: “Hmmm that’s nothing better than living life on the darker side, baby. These villains have shown this month that being bad has never been so good…baby.”

Crow: “No matter who they or what they are they are just bounties waiting to be caught. And what the hell did Lobos create you Vega.”

Vega: “Let’s face it Crow even our writer has a dark side…..baby. The nominees are Marika, Kuro-san, Master of Games, Iron Side, and Cavaler.”

Crow: “And the winner of Villain of the Month is….Marika. I’m not going to lie anyone who wants to rip out someone’s eyes isn’t just a villain they are a whole new level of crazy.”

Best Fight

Owen: “This month there have been many great battles between characters on all sides’ epic clashes of wills to determine one’s fate…however I know the truth these fights are just brutality and violent blood baths written by the depraved. They sicken me!”

Crow: “You know you Fancy Nancy I’m getting real sick of you being sicken by everything. If you ask you are just begging for an ass whopping.”

Owen: “Your unrefined presence sickens me! Be away with yourself!”


Owen: “As this unrefined dirty cowboy learns to use his inside voice I will read the nominees. Yuu vs Euryale, Luna vs Haruko, Everyone versus the Lemon Lords Goons, Everyone versus Iron side, and Cavaler versus the team known as Rising Sun. It’s a close one but with the tie breaker vote Cavaler versus Rising Sun wins…they sicken me!”


Best Bromance

Kusuri: “Um Lobos what exactly is a bromance?”

Lobos: “Well to be honest I don’t really know but to best describe it. I would say a bromance is special type of relationship between a group of two or more guys who bind over manly things….I think.”

Kusuri: “Oh you mean like the characters in Outlaw After Stars, where the main character Shinji is in love with the crew of his all-male spaceship the Wild Outlaw.”

Crow: “What the hell kind of manga do you read? That’s not a bromance that is a yaoi Kusuri. How is this still an award Lobos?”

Lobos: “I don’t it’s quite popular Crow. Anyway the nominees are CCC of course, Haruko and Luna, and Arthur and Sid. And because this is a three way tie. The tie breaker vote goes to Haruko and Luna. Congrats but I think that more of a Sismance…Huh get it everyone.”

Owen: “Your joke sickens me!”


Best Rivalry

Toni: “Well um Lobos was supposed to give out this reward with me but it seems he is busy trying to keep Owen and Crow from killing each other. Hopefully he does a better job than Arthur in Lucky Seven.” *Crow and Owen arguing can be heard in the background* “The nominees for the Best Rivalry are; Swallower and Samjaz, Owen and Crow, Gen and Everyone, Owen and Everyone. This was pretty close but the tie breaker goes to Owen and Crow. Oh dead my beloved is about to shoot Owen I think. No wonder they won.”

Crowning Moment of Awesome

Vega: “Hmm it’s seems like everyone is a bit busy. I think I can handle this next award. Awesomeness isn’t something you are born with it’s something you find in the heat of the moment and unleash on everyone. It’s the secret sauce that’s brings flavors to life and makes everyone envy of your awesomeness baby. The nominees for the Crowning Moment of Awesome are; Coleen slaying a giant robotic bull, appearance of the Demon Gods, the Crimson Silver Bullet Rail-gun Ft. Callis, and Jericho’s Attack. These was a close one but with the tie breaker vote the Crowning Moment of Awesome goes to The Crimson Silver Bullet Rail-gun.”

Crowning Moment of Funny

Lobos: “Okay well it seems that I took care earlier as long as Crow and Owen don’t get too close this Vice Awards should go smoothly from now on. Anyway where we were…oh right Crowning Moment of Funny.”

Kusuri: “There were plenty of gut busting moments this month but only one of them can be called the Crowning moment of Funny. The nominees are; Any of the Events in Rooom for Two More, The Father and Son antics in Lucky Seven and finally Lemon Lord in General.”

Lobos: “This was a close one in my opinion but the tie breaking vote goes to Room for Two More.”

Kusuri: “Hey Lobos why don’t you write any funny characters.”

Lobos: “What? I write plenty of funny characters they are just share the same humor as I do so they are hilarious.”

Kusuri: “Oh I see so they are only funny to you.”

Best Tearjerker Scene

Toni: “There was a lot of sad moments this month but only one could make even the coldest of hearts break out into tears. Just reading the nominations are making me teary eyed.”

Owen: “The nominees for Best Tearjerker scene are; Cavaler’s Death and Huntsman invoking scene. Tragedy is one of the many obstacles of life yet it paints a more beautiful picture in the end…however I know the truth. To wallow in sorrow and tragedy like an unrefined pig in filth is uncivilized and….”

Crow: “Don’t you dare say it you Fancy Nancy.”


Owen: “It sickens me!”


Toni: “Um well the winner with the tie breaker vote is Huntsman invoking scene. Not only was it heart breaking but don’t right disturbing.”

Best Line

Lobos: “Oh god here they go again. Can security please break those two up I got to present the next award. Being a great writer means bringing out the best line from your characters it can be a simple sentence or a beautiful monologue. This next award goes to the best line of the month.”

Toni: “The nominees for best line are:

  • Crow-“I would take that bet Alvin but as my Gramps used to tell me, never take a bet against a guy with rabbit’s feet and wearing a horseshoe.”
  • Huntsman-“Not cool with the tentacles. I thought you were above this.”
  • Anything Owen Said
  • Masako-“Hello boys and girls…the menu for today has you in the buffet and I already have my everything you can eat voucher…I THINK WE SHOULD SKIP THE FIRST DISH!!!!”
  • Owen-“Ah London you cut such a beautiful skyline in the night time sky. With your famous landmarks like Big Ben you have inspired many a tale…However I know your truth London. You are no historical city of England greatness. You reek of the unrefined odor of your industrial past where black smog and filth covered even the brightest sun…You sicken me London!”
  • Marika-"Get her at all costs. Tear her apart. Destroy her legs, tear her heart out, burn her to the bone and claw out her spine, I don't care. But bring me her eyes.”

Lobos: “And the winner is pretty much anything Owen said in Lucky Seven with a special shout out to that London line. I got to admit writing someone like Owen is actually pretty hilarious.”

Owen: “The fact that I won this award is a great honor however even for anyone to believe that everything that comes from my poetic lips is not golden words weaving together in a precious pattern is absurd…they sicken me!”

Best Couple

Toni: “Oh wow Crow I can’t believe that we actually get to present this award together. I practically begged Lobos to pair us up so that our love can boost the strength of these other couples. Don’t you think that there being an award for this is just romantic?”

Crow: “Yeah, yeah Toni romance and all that stuff. I’ll tell you something romantic me knocking that pretty boy’s teeth down his throat.”

Owen: “Romance and Love are the two driving passions in any….” *Toni violently cracks her knuckles the flames of a scorn woman rising around her.

Toni: “Don’t….you….dare….THINK ABOUT INTERUPTTING MY TIME WITH MY BELOVED CROW!” *There is a violent blood curdling scream from Owen followed by a terrifying thud as Toni viciously punches him through the floor of the theater.*

Crow: “Now that is romantic. Anyway the nominees are Alex Miyata and Sarah also Huntsman and Eve. The winner with a land slide is Alex and Sarah I should have known that chain loving fetish freak would win this.”

Best Ship

Kusuri: “Well why not exactly a couple a ship is what happens when fans write weird fan fictions of their favorite characters pairing them off. You can get some weird romances from this like Crow and Haruko, Haruko and Hitomi, Callis and Crow, Crow and Gen….Wow there is a lot of Crow-ships I wonder if it’s the cowboy thing.”

Vega: “There can also be a ship between you and me little one.”

Kusuri: “Eeeeeeewwww no that is totally gross you are way older than me and a bad guy. Who in their right mind would ship us?”

Vega: “The world is filled with sick people….baby. The nominees for best ship this month are; Swallower and Huntsman, Crow and Owen, Huntsman and Slayer, Hitomi and Kelly, and Marika and Lily.”

Kusuri: “And the winner is….Crow and Owen? Um well they are more at each other throats now but I guess opposite can attract.”

Best Story Thread

Lobos: “Well um Owen was supposed to present this with me but I think Toni may have nearly killed him with that punch so I will do this one alone. Every month stories are told by some of the best writers here. However only one can be called the best Story thread. The nominees include; Bring Me Her Eyes, Castle, Johann, High Stakes, and Another Roll of the Dice.”

Owen: *Dripping with blood form a wound in his forehead his entire outfit disheveled* “That woman was not lady like at all. I think I’m going to go lay down awhile. But first the winner is Bring Me Her Eyes…now can someone bring me some else. I think I’m going to be sicken”

Best Location

Toni: “Well that taught him not to ever mess with me when I’m with Crow again. Anyway to have a great story one needs a great location to set the tone and mood for what is to follow. The following are the nominees for Best Location.”

Kusuri: “Juice, Nassau, the City of Osaka, the Green Dungeon Room, and the Nadeshiko Festival. Which was so pretty being there with all those flowers.”

Toni: “With the tie breaker vote the winner is Juice because that is one clever name for a town with fruit base villains. Maybe Crow should take me there on a date I bet it would be so romantic.”

Best NPC

Crow: “While everyone loves main characters it’s the support characters and allies who deserve some spotlight. This month featured a great cast of NPCs that really brought more life to the main characters around them. The nominees are; Katsuo, Marceline, Nusumi, the Paparazzi Ninja, Miss Menthe, and that Fancy Nancy Owen.”

Lobos: “And with the tie breaker vote the winner of best NPC is Owen however because Owen is suffering from a stage four concussion I don’t think he will be doing much right now. So as his writer I will gladly expect the reward for him….Crow get back here with that!”

Best NPC Villain

Vega: “In contrast to the Best NPC good stories and especially good heroes need the worst villains. They pose a threat to the good guys and can bring action and darkness to the best stories baby. The following are the nominees for best NPC Villain: Cosmina, Lemon Lord, Sakka, The Train Murders, Marika Dolls and the useless Crime Lords from High Stakes. Unfortunately for them they should have known when to fold baby.”

Lobos: “And the winner goes to Lemon Lord because well…why the hell not the dude is a Lemon Lord. However I will give a shout out to Sakka, because she represents the darkness and evils that plague all writers and is the living embodiment of plot hooks.”

Vega: “Hmm Lemon Lord. I guess any ally is a good ally especially when the world is about to succumb to chaos baby.”

Lobos: “Yeah that totally wasn’t ominous at all.”

Best Writer

Crow: “So the next award is for the Best Writer this month. While everyone always brings their A game to writing post there can be only one who everyone admires. The nominees are: my writer Lobos, Kuma, JLG, and Feha.”

Lobos: “Wow I can’t believe people actually voted for me this month. I know I’m not the fastest but I put everything into what I write. However I believe there are people much better…oh god what are you guys doing.”

*Vega, Kusuri, Toni, Crow, and the barely conscious Owen stand in front of Lobos.”

Crow: “You are damn right partner you may not be the fastest but when you do post it’s the best you can bring. The writer of the month goes to you Lobos. You created this cast of characters and you only touched the surface. Keep Shooting Partner,”

Lobos: “Thanks guys and everyone who voted for me. I promise to continue to bring my best with each post!”

Best Player

Kusuri: “Sometimes it not about being the best writer, the most active, or the longest post sometimes is about being just around a great player helping others and being nice. The nominees for Best Player this month are: JLG, Feha, Lobos, Vapo, and Sam.”

Lobos: “And to be honest I’m not surprised this guy won. He is just a nice guy to talk to. Not to say that all the players aren’t nice but the winner is particular nice. I can call him a friend of mine and proud to say so. The winner is JLG. Congrats man.”

Personal Awards

Owen: “Before we get to the final award of the night it’s time for time for the personal awards. This awards are just players giving credits to others in their own way. However they are nothing more than shams designed to boost the egos of one’s friends for brass rings…they sicken me!”

Best Voice of Reason - Chronowolf.
Gen Favorite attack of the month: CRIMSON SILVER RAILGUN!
Best new NPC: Owen
Biggest Twist - Master of Games trying to kill Ariana
Smartest Move - Warden trying to use a machine to break through a forcefield
Best Relationship outside of romance - Warden and Ariana
Best Family relationship - Haruko and Erin (Miyata)
Most words in a posts per average - Kuma
Biggest Troll - Master of Games
Best new character - Catherine
Best random moment - Huntsman asking Chase about sex
Most gruesome scene/location - 2nd Bank in Lucky Seven
Best overall character Cast in a RP - So long and thanks for all the steak
Strongest start - Lucky Seven
Gunslinger Moment of Badass: Crow’s final punch on Cavaler as he copied Gen’s move.

Vicer of the Month

Lobos: “The final award of the night is for the one Vicer who has just been awesome this month and while anyone of us could be consider for this award I think we all know who it belongs to this month. In fact one person voted for this winner 3 times in one post (they are counted as one but still I agree). The Vicer of the Month can only go to one person. The Winner is our Newest Mod VAPO! Congrats man not only on the award but your new Mod-ship. May you reign last for a hundred seasons and you rule with an Iron Ban Hammer!”

Well that this month’s Vice Awards congratulations to all our winners and writers say tune for next month when Taylor and Samjaz will host the special spooky Halloween October edition. If you enjoy the Vice RPG section be sure to follow Kuma’s weekly spotlights and my own random Author’s Notes. From Crow, Owen, Toni, Kusuri, and Vega this is Lobos saying…..

Good Night and Good Write!

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RPG » (FINALLY) Flowers for the Gem Girls (RP)

@Justalittlegirl: @waybig1010101: @ChronoWolf: @Vapovile:

A Dangerous Blossom

Kusuri arrived to the Nadeshiko Festival with light footsteps and a big smile wearing a simple t-shirt with some of her favorite anime characters on it along with a pair of jeans. The Gem Girl had on a back pack with some goodies for the day, following behind her was Shinshi. The White Rabbit let out a sigh then again spoke to Kusuri without moving its mouth. “Jeez Girl could have slowed down a bit. I had to run after you which is not an easy task in this body.” The young girl laughed a little taking out a small carrot and handing it to the rabbit, “I’m sorry Shinshi. I promise my friends I would be here at a certain time and it’s important that I’m here because I promised to bring snacks so we can picnic.” Shinshi reluctantly munched despite being a rabbit carrots were probably his least favorite food.

“So where are you supposed to meet your friends girl? I don’t see them around.” The Nurse in training laughed a little, “Oh well they won’t be here for at least thirty minutes.” Shinshi comically reacted to this revelation, “But you said you were late earlier! We ran all the way just so you didn’t miss them! If you were going to be early why did you rush?” The Gem Girl just titled her head and laughed a little, “Well because I’m always late I decided to leave earlier so that no matter what I wouldn’t be late. Besides now we can look at some the flowers before they arrive.” Shinshi dropped his head unable to reply to that logic.

Kusuri and Shinshi casually walked through the park taking in all the sights and sounds of the Nadeshiko festival. The park was a beautiful collage of vibrant colors, a sweet fragrance of combined aromas from the flowers and fried food, and a calming melody of music from the band playing. As Kusuri walked around she took notice of some people including a young girl doing some sketches. It seemed the girl was soon greeted by friends she knew. Kusuri even walked passed one of the prettiest girls she ever seen who seemed to make everything around her even more beautiful. It seemed like everyone was having an amazing day.

However as everyone was enjoying the Nadeshiko Festival a powerful evil was about to bloom as Makai and Koibito emerged a swirling pull of shadowy energy into Japan. The slime girl was delighted by the sights and sounds of the human. She gazed down and saw the park where the Nadeshiko Festival was taking place. “Oh wow there should is a lot of humans down there is this some sort of ritual.” The Shadow Knight reply was cold, “No humans are small minded creatures and take pleasure in the most trivial elements. This is a festival to celebrate flowers.”

Koibito was still impressed with it despite Makai’s negative statement, “Hmm if they are impressed with that wait till they get a load of me.” Before The Slime Knight could act on her instinct Makai placed a hand on her shoulder, “Remember our mission Koibito we are here to find the Mahoseki. We don’t have time for you to indulge yourself in pleasure.” The Slime Girl sighed a little as she turned towards Knight her slime body shifting to a sultrier more with a bigger bust and rump. “You know Makai you need to lighten up. You take things ways to seriously. How about you remove this armor and indulge in some pleasure yourself.” Makai pushed the girl away and she shifted more this time taking on a more boyish form, Hmm women not your thing Makai. What about boys? Or are you a Lolita fan?” The Slime Girl shifted form to her original appearance but the Knight didn’t respond making Koibito pout. “You are no fun Makai.”

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RPG » Author's Note: Close Knit Creativity

Warning: What you are about to read is my personal opinion and not true fact. You have been warned.

Author's Note

So first thing first, I originally just wanted to express an opinion on something and that would be it. But then something strange happen i enjoyed writing and people enjoyed these so I started to writer another and another...and another. Now then seem to be my signature and I'm quite proud of myself for coming up with this and thankful that people really enjoyed them. I think I will try to do the more often or turn them into a weekly or monthly format. Again thank you everyone for enjoying these and wanting more.

Okay time to start. Hello Again Everyone! My name is Lobos_Del_Rayo and I'm the creator of characters like Crow, Kusuri, the BHA, and Vega; I'm also the creator of this Author Note concept. I just want to say that this is my opinion personally and nothing more, I'm not a mod or an expert in anymore I'm just a guy who loves anime and is partially right about certain things. I will not call anyone out and I'm not trying to hurt anyone I just want to express my own opinion and share a little of the RPG section with you.

"What is this about Lobos?"..."I'll tell ya!"

So for this Author's Note I want to address something that has been on my recently and really put a spotlight on it so people can understand why we act like do and care about this place so much. I want to talk about our Close Knit Community. To someone looking from the outside in the Vice Earth and the RPG section in general is a huge place there is a variety of different characters with different powers and different backgrounds. A Shamanistic Gunslinger, a Street Delinquent Boxer, a Magical Thief and Magician, a Adventurous Seamstress, a Fatherly Ice Mage, a Timeless Monstrosity, a Shadowy Crime Lord, a Martial Artist Mercenary, a Key Blade Master...and this is just the big players I haven't even listed smaller characters and NPCs. All those exist on one (Hidden) World and yet there is a only a handful of writers behind each one.

Close Knit Creativity

The truth is we are a small group of WRITERS. I say Writers because that is what we are, we are writers bringing our creativity together and our love for anime to bringing great characters, stories, and scenes. In my honest opinion this is the most creative group in the RPG sections history if not the entire Animevice website. We are not the Batlte Forums comparing characters from existing series to create debates that boil down to one's opinion (No one cares if Enel could beat Ace or Naruto could run a gauntlet of Toriko characters) instead we make those characters and have them fight comparing each other strength and weaknesses. We are not Wiki Editors either. I am proud to say that the RPG section is it's own beast with our own codes and rules.

The reason the RPG section works so well is because we are a close knit group, now that does not mean we are secluded or exclusive we welcome people to join and grew our small community. I consider some of the other writers my good friends and i respect them as writers, while we may bump heads over creative differences we always bounce ideas off each other to expand each of our creative processes. We don't just help each other creatively we also take care help each other personally. Recently I went through a hard time personally and was probably slipping into some dark places emotionally and mentally I'm thankful that I had the friends i made here to get me through it. Kuma is perhaps one of my best friends on and off the forum, I told him numerous times that I'm open to talk any time he wants and whenever i needed someone to chat to he is there for me as well. He has also helped me when i feel behind on posts and picked up my slack when I was down.

I agree we can be difficult when allowing in new people and sometimes our rules and methods are hard to understand but at the same time it is because we care about this place. For many including me personally writing here is an escape from my own mental and emotional problems it's a break from everything around me and a place where I can enjoying writing with good friends. So I may speak for myself but I apologize for the Vice for our attitudes sometimes but we don't take kindly to people trying to break something we worked hard to set up. We have our own rules and guidelines that only we understand to help maintain fun and balance for all players old and new.

The Horizon

Yes we can be hard and want to protect something this close knit community help build we good creative writing from some of the most creative people I have had the pleasure of writing with. But if you see through that I promise you there are BIG things on the horizon of the Vice Earth. If you appreciate good writing, love anime, and just want to have fun than you want to be HERE! The stories, the characters, the events, the places, the twist and turns, and the fun are just getting started.

Well that concludes this Author's Note I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know what you think in the comments below and whether I should make this a monthly or weekly. If you have any suggestions for what the next topic should be let me know.

This is Lobos signing off Good Night and Good Writing.

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RPG » (LOCATION) Inazuma Gakuen: The School of Warriors

@Kuma_From_Argentina: @SamJaz: @Fehafare: @Vapovile:


The Young Martial Artist looked back and forth between the two fellow classmates as they ate their meal, they seemed so much cooler than he was. Andy was a mercenary who family were probably the best in their field while Sid struck out on his own to find strong opponents. Yet here was a Keiji some weak martial artist who just wanted to get stronger and eventually meet his father and possibly learn why his father just the life of an adventurer over a martial artist.

Once his meal was finished Keiji thanked the wonderful chef and stretched a little, on the inside a fire was lit in his body he wanted to be as cool and strong as Sid, Andy, Gerwulf, and the rest of the students. He wanted to train as much as he could, when he could Keiji excorised and trained by himself doing sit-ups, pull-ups, push-ups, and recently he began punching a large tree stump he found till his knuckles were bloody. “Thank you again Massimilano-san for the meal, and thank you Andy for bringing us here.”


The Weston Princess just laughed at Izumi’s comment about the boy to girl ratio in their class, “Don’t worry dear. If any of those big nasty boys try messing with us…..” Without warning Alicia pulled out her two custom made Weston Munitions .45 Caliber Death Eagles. “I’LL PUMP THEM FULL OF LEAD!” However as fast as her maniac state came it went and she returned to her normal self, returning the guns to the holsters behind her back just under her school shirt, “Yes let’s pick up the pace.” Within a few minutes the group of girls arrived at the café Alicia having made her way to the front a smile on her face. She had somewhat bounded with the girls in just this short time especially Izumi which was a major improvement from earlier.

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RPG » Osaka Ablaze RP

@Kuma_From_Argentina: @SamJaz: @Fehafare: @Vapovile: @Justalittlegirl:

The Sound of Storms

Uta, a member of the deadly assassins FMY, taunted Crow and the Gunslinger was more than happy to oblige. “I’ll dance with you sweetheart but you should know the last member of your little group that tangled with me. We buried her under a couple tons of stone and steel. I personally put the flowers on her grave!” The Rail-gun wasted no time in going after the FMY Assassin, he had warn them would happen if they didn’t answer him, now he was going to make good on his promise.

The Gunslinger drew his revolver faster than a viper’s strike and fired 3 shots at Uta making sure to bounce the bullets off surrounding surfaces so they would strike her from different angles. Crow wasn’t done with his attack yet he rushed as Electrical Natural Energy formed around his hand. He smirked a little as he decided to reveal a new trick he had been working on, once the Gunslinger got in Uta’s range he suddenly vanished leaving behind an afterimage, or Fantasma, which could possibly fool the assassin just enough.

The real Crow appeared behind the cyborg killer his hand surging with electrical natural energy. “I warned you bitch I would make you bastards regret the day you stepped in my path! ALA!” Crow went for what could be a killing blow aiming for the heart of the FMY Agent’s heart with his electrical blade. There was some violent and malicious about Crow’s aura and electrical nature energy they were filled with a violent intent and had a growing red color to it. The normally calm and cool cowboy was falling the biggest faults of the fabled Gunslingers…the violent force of nature known as the Red Storm.

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RPG » Jose Hernandez Bio

@Kuma_From_Argentina said:

@waybig1010101: Forgot something, I like your character name, there is a famous writer in Argentina who was named Jose Hernandez.


Taka, I’ll speak from experience as I’m currently, apart from Sonata, the oldest player in the forum. I appreciate your input and interest in the RPG forum, yet there is a fundamental thing to know when it comes to characters and power levels.

I personally prefer, and most of the players share my views, low level characters. Why is this? Is not to impede new players creativity or imagination, but to improve it. Everybody can make a character that is a pile of powers from a franchise. But making characters with interesting abilities that can be versatile without breaking the game is more challenging.

In the RPG forum we aim for a tight-knit narrative and a living world. We want to allow characters be challenged by our threads and the enemies we can make for them, yet if there are characters immensely powerful, the balance of the forum goes, and if you excuse my French, to hell.

How is that? As I expressed we aim to create a living, breathing world for the characters to interact. In hopes of that we created a concept that slowly grew to become accepted in the forum. The concept is “Hidden World”

What is the “Hidden World” concept? We concluded after seeing the previous iterations of the forum crumble under massive world splitting wars, that one of the main problems was the openness of the characters to the world. Thus we decided that most of them kept their powers hidden.

How do we enforce this in-universe? There are multiple organizations created by veteran players who police certain territories in the world to keep what should be “Hidden” out of the regular humans’ eyes. Of course there is a limit to what they can do, but most of the time they can cover it.

How is this related to overpowered characters? If there is a character that can lift and press 1 Trillion Tons, or there is a man who can summon infinite powers from mystical relics he can only use, what can stop them from destroying everything and everyone? The Hidden World Organizations can’t handle such power and the “Hidden World” curtain would fall

We already constructed narrative around the “Hidden World” concept; it’s integrated to characters, organizations and locations. Is a narrative constant that serves as glue to stick together many varied concepts that can be used in the forum. We have Old West Gunslingers with shamanistic powers, Super Powered Boxers, Magicians and more.

The power level is also kept relatively low as the essence of RPG is telling a story, and the essence of telling a story is to see the protagonist struggle through problems and solve them at the end. With Overpowered character there is no struggle, unless the challenge matches them. This creates problems in threads.

If an overpowered character is playing in the same group as all the other characters, the challenges the Thread Creator must place to fight the OP character and challenge him are too much for the regular powered characters too deal with.

You may ask why not allow everybody overpowered characters? Well, when there is no power limiter as a policy in the forum players keep trying to one-up others in terms of power, not only increasing the probabilities of catastrophic events that could lead towards another reboot as it happened to times and I watched it happen two times, but it also dilutes good storytelling as everybody is too focused on power rather than feeling or content.

This is what we decided to call a Super Powered Arms Race, as if you give free rein to the characters powers then the will stop when the whole Earth is scorched and nobody can do anything about it.

So, the majority of users know what would happen if that situations returns and we like our characters so we don’t want the forum to suffer another reboot. Thus is better to limit the powers rather than allowing all players to create unstoppable monsters.

The other problem is experience, as there exist cases of players with high powered characters or characters with Hax abilities, the players who created them understand the situation and tend to deliberately make them lose or have exploitable weak spot. Or for example in my case I only use that broken character for purely narrative moments. It’s a question of experience.

We prefer if new players start with base power level characters (If you need numbers it would be around 1-5 Tons/Sonic Speed/Building level) because is easier for them to handle the character and is easier for every player to include them in new threads to give them the experience they need to handle more powerful characters.

Using me as an example, my first character was a 1 Ton strong Samurai type character with minor wind control. I fell into the super powered arms races two reboots before and I created a monster character but it wasn’t satisfying or enjoyable. Thus I strictly made lower powered characters from that point onward.

I know that having one single example isn’t proof of anything, but my point stands, having overly powered from the start isn’t safe for the forum or for the development of writing skills for the players. I currently work as Professional Writer/Scriptwriter in a Gaming Studio in my country and I have studied a bit of game design.

And I studied this:

Overpowered players end up not enjoying the game and leaving. (If we consider the X axis as Power more than Skill)

Thanks for reading this, as you offered your opinion I wanted to express my own.

The fact that you wrote this out and made a freaking chart(!) would be enough to convince ND soley because how much effort you put into this explanation. This could have been the most flawed opinion ever and I would say yeah I agree....because you made a CHART! Seriously I don't know if I show, laugh, applaud, or get you some treatment. (of course I'm joking). Still though that may be one of the best concepts I ever seen and is more proof we should do that threat level power scale you came up with.

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RPG » A Night at the Castle RP

@Kuma_From_Argentina: @Vapovile: @SamJaz: @Fehafare: (So unless Kuma says otherwise I'm pretty sure my next post will be my last and my epilouge for Crow and Jericho)

The Rising Sun: Aftermath (Part I)

Crow watched as the Vampire Knight’s body faded away into a mist of black ink, similar to how all Cavaler’s allies faded before him, the darkness around the heroes also lifted. It seemed for now the heroes had won the knight and the threat of the Crimson Knights were finally defeated. Over on the other side of the room Jericho laid there unconscious his body badly burned from his attack. The Gunslinger’s breath was heavy as he panted his body completely exhausted, in fact he wasn’t sure why he wanted to keep standing, then he felt it. Rising over the mountains breaking through the fading darkness was the morning sun.

Bits of warmth hit the heroes as the sky started to lighten as the night would soon fade away, with Cavaler’s spell near completely dissipated Crow could find see the allies he was fighting with tonight. A small smile broke out on his face which held heavy bags from the sleepless night, with Aresnal calling out his new blade name’s Crow weakly glared at him. “Jeez partner do you ever give it a rest. Look around I don’t think any of else are in shape to…” Crow stopped mid-sentence as he spotted someone he felt he knew, Callis Nomene, “Hey wait you look…….arrrgghhh.” The Gunslinger dropped to his knees and grabbed his head as flashes of memories broken up by static electricity filled his head.

Flashes of brief memories like a ghost of déjà vu; a hotel, a dead rock popstar, assassins, a man in black, blade and bullets working together. As the Gunslinger struggled with these images they were interrupted by hearing a groan of coming from Jericho. Crow turned to Jericho however all the exhaustion hit him at once as Crow stumbled a little unable to move. “Father! Father Jericho! Can you hear me?” The Uber Priest didn’t move or reply he just laid there yet Crow kept calling to him.

As the priest laid he could hear the noises of those around him he believed he was now with the Holy Father in heaven. He had used a technique that was forbidden he had open the Gates to the Kingdom of Heaven and witness the Lord’s Divine Light therefore he was allowing God to take him. But as the voices continued he recognized them it was that of Crow Cementerio and the others who had fought alongside this night. “Cementerio?” The priest mumbled slightly his body stirring much to the relief of Crow however all was not right, to Jericho despite the rising sun he was still in darkness. If one got close enough they could see his eyes were now white.

Jericho could feel the rising sun’s warmth on his skin, he could hear the celebration of his allies signaling victory, Cavaler was defeated, and the Castle weaken. However all Jericho could see was pure darkness and only shadowy blurry shapes. The weaken priest mumbled to himself, “I’m…..blind.”

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RPG » High Stakes (RP)

@Eleventh: @Vapovile: @waybig1010101: @Fehafare: (I'm sooooooo sorry for the long wait but now we can get this train back on tracks. Thank you all for being patient with me)

Wild Card Shuffle (Part II)

Crime Lord Suite

All the crime lords glared at the this Wild Card with nothing but hate and malice while the Four Specialist seemed ready to kill on the order of their bosses, Fuego seemed a bit too eager and was ready to attack whether Corazon order it or not. However the man in tactical stepped up on Fuego a militant look in his face, “I don’t know what you think you are going to try but you better. Step. The. Fuck. Back.”

The Red Hot Fist was fuming with rage as he went to say something to the back but was cut off by Corazon. “Keep cool Fuego. There is no reason to spill blood or in your case char bodies just yet. Let the man explain himself and when he doesn’t have a good enough answer then you can burn him and his friend alive.” Boss Matsumoto smirked a little as he took a sip of sake before speaking, “I’m impressed Corazon that seems to be the most intelligent think to come out of your mouth so I met you.” The young Cartel boss just snorted mumbling under his breath that the Yakuza leader should stick something where the sun don’t shine.

Without warning Don Vanga took out a pistol and fired bullet into the ceiling to draw everyone’s attention. He then pointed the gun at the Wild Card, “Now who the hell do you are interrupting this game and where did you get that invitation? I suggest you make your answers short and to the point I’m starting to run out of f*cking PATIENCE!” The Wild Card smirked a little, “How I got the invitation is not important. I am an associate of the one who originally received it, the Undisputed Underworld Drug Kingpin, Candy Man.” A silence fell on the room, the reputation of Candy Man was well known among the Hidden (and Normal World) crime lords as Candy was an extreme lucrative drug that could change the outcomes of crime wars in a heartbeat. The Wild Card continued, “The Game of Four Suites, a game composed of four of the underworld’s strongest crime bosses. The four of you do this game once of year gambling men, weapons, territory, and more. Now normally this game is reserved between the four men who represent the suites. Hearts. Clubs. Diamonds. Spades. However there is occasionally a fifth member can be invited to this game. A Wild Card. That Wild Card can only be invited by one member with a card signed by the four Suites. So the real question is which one of you invited the Candy Man baby.”

Casino Room

As people entered and left the room including Lincent and Charlotte and the person with the sword, the Gunslinger casually finished his drink setting with both Toni and Aria. He finished the last of the last drops and set the drink down. “The location of the crime lords game is being kept secret I highly doubt that one these weak links would know of its location. However before speaking with people before I encountered you there seems to be an even more high stakes game going on a few floors up. Mostly for high ranking captains while there is a low chance they know where the game is being held gang members are always plotting to take down their boss at some point and that may be to our advantage.”

Toni eyes were comical stars of amazement as Crow’s deduction of where the crime lords could be. “Wow Crow! That was amazing how you were putting that all together.” Toni was falling more and more in love with Crow, it seemed from the moment they encountered each other in Coyote Creek their fates were connected. As Toni day dreamed about wedding bells, Crow seemed to shift to a more solemn tone. “Thanks Ms. Sociere but this isn’t as easy as it seems. As I said that higher poker game is probably for high ranking crime captains. So my alias of Clint Bala ain’t getting me in there and would probably get me shot. But there is another way.”

Crow look over at Toni and Aria, “These are drunk, greedy, and happy men and I’m sure they wouldn’t mind being joined by a couple of high class ladies. In a few minutes I will cause a distraction and you two can slip out of here quietly make your way up to that room and get in. I will contact you when I can.” With that Crow tipped his cowboy hat to the two girls and made his way over to the bottle to get another drink. With a burst of noise a man pushed open the doors to the casino room, he was large his hands bloodied and bandaged (having been in the fighting room in the basement) a girl on either arm. “DAMN! I kick the shit out of those wet behind the ears pansies! Somebody get me a drink!” Crow smirked a little he had find his distraction.

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RPG » Lucky Seven [RP]

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Arrows, Bullets, Magic, and Muskets….You Sicken Me!

When Arthur declared he needed to figure out who exactly were the criminals both Crow and Owen were more than a bit comically angry. “What the hell do you mean? We both fought those Bone Dragons with Haruko. How am I a bad guy?” “Someone who represents the shining light of justice like me could never be considered a criminal….you sicken me!” However while the two bounty hunters argued with the Ice Mage the real criminals took advantage. With one firing a musket at Crow and the other shooting arrows at Owen. The two bounty hunters immediately shifted focused to the incoming threats.

Crow and Owen reacted almost simultaneously to the situation. Crow rolling out of the way of the shot noticing how the man compensated for the inaccuracy of the weapon by adjusting the angle of the rifle. While Owen also spun elegantly out of the arrow’s path snatching one out of the air. “How dare you take advantage of a gentleman when his back is turn? This conduct is not fitting for a lady in anyway…you sicken me!” On the other side of the room Crow got ready to return fire however before he could pull the trigger Owen saw him out of the corner of his eye. An arrow came flying across the room implanting itself in the wall next to his head. The Last Gunslinger eyes widen a little in shock to see Owen glaring at him.

“What the hell you freaking Fancy Nancy?” (Note: Fancy Nancy is an old Gunslinger term to refer to pretty boys, high class city men, and effeminate guys in general. It is in no way derogatory. Okay. NOT DEROGATORY!) “I’m on your side you dumbass!” The Glorious Light turned his nose up with disgust, “A dirty gun wielding cowboy claiming he is on the side of righteous, brilliant, and beautiful justice. You may not be their ally but you have not proven you are mine….You sicken me!” Comical anger bubbles formed around Crow as he popped up from behind his cover exposing himself. “WHAT THE HELL YOU JUST CALL ME? THOSE ARE FIGHT’N WORDS!” However despite Crow’s rage the Gentleman ignored him, “Your howling like a wild beast is rude and not the conduct of a gentleman let alone a man…you sicken me!”

Owen swiftly moved in towards Irene, from beneath his mask one could see a dim glow which increased slightly when he flashed a charming smile. Upon seeing the light one may feel a bit charmed and disarmed against the Glorious Light. Meanwhile Owen brought his arm back his fingers straighten like a spear and thrust it forward. “Lance de Poète!” A powerful force followed the strike like an invisible spear, which could pierce through a normal man, aimed at Irene’s gut….however. “Flecha!”

A powerful bolt of electrical NE (natural energy) tore across the room tearing up some of the counters throwing glass in all directions. The bolt broke apart Owen’s attack and took out the opposite wall. Crow had his arm stretched out energy still surging from his hand as he glared at Owen. “I said those are fight’n words and…you really sicken me.”

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RPG » The Bounty Hunter Association: BHA

@Justalittlegirl: that is better than good. I added him to the list with the link.

Also changed Balmung to Fernir (now i need to find a new emblem to match)

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RPG » The Bounty Hunter Association: BHA

@Justalittlegirl: Do you really think I should change the name? I haven't decided on whether I should or not.

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RPG » The Bounty Hunter Association: BHA

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