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Omg Space Dandy sucks. I can not think of another time this anime annoys me as much as this show
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RPG » Lucky Seven [RP]

@Fehafare: @Kuma_From_Argentina: @Justalittlegirl: @SamJaz: @ChronoWolf: @Justalittlegirl: @Vapovile:

Arrows, Bullets, Magic, and Muskets….You Sicken Me!

When Arthur declared he needed to figure out who exactly were the criminals both Crow and Owen were more than a bit comically angry. “What the hell do you mean? We both fought those Bone Dragons with Haruko. How am I a bad guy?” “Someone who represents the shining light of justice like me could never be considered a criminal….you sicken me!” However while the two bounty hunters argued with the Ice Mage the real criminals took advantage. With one firing a musket at Crow and the other shooting arrows at Owen. The two bounty hunters immediately shifted focused to the incoming threats.

Crow and Owen reacted almost simultaneously to the situation. Crow rolling out of the way of the shot noticing how the man compensated for the inaccuracy of the weapon by adjusting the angle of the rifle. While Owen also spun elegantly out of the arrow’s path snatching one out of the air. “How dare you take advantage of a gentleman when his back is turn? This conduct is not fitting for a lady in anyway…you sicken me!” On the other side of the room Crow got ready to return fire however before he could pull the trigger Owen saw him out of the corner of his eye. An arrow came flying across the room implanting itself in the wall next to his head. The Last Gunslinger eyes widen a little in shock to see Owen glaring at him.

“What the hell you freaking Fancy Nancy?” (Note: Fancy Nancy is an old Gunslinger term to refer to pretty boys, high class city men, and effeminate guys in general. It is in no way derogatory. Okay. NOT DEROGATORY!) “I’m on your side you dumbass!” The Glorious Light turned his nose up with disgust, “A dirty gun wielding cowboy claiming he is on the side of righteous, brilliant, and beautiful justice. You may not be their ally but you have not proven you are mine….You sicken me!” Comical anger bubbles formed around Crow as he popped up from behind his cover exposing himself. “WHAT THE HELL YOU JUST CALL ME? THOSE ARE FIGHT’N WORDS!” However despite Crow’s rage the Gentleman ignored him, “Your howling like a wild beast is rude and not the conduct of a gentleman let alone a man…you sicken me!”

Owen swiftly moved in towards Irene, from beneath his mask one could see a dim glow which increased slightly when he flashed a charming smile. Upon seeing the light one may feel a bit charmed and disarmed against the Glorious Light. Meanwhile Owen brought his arm back his fingers straighten like a spear and thrust it forward. “Lance de Poète!” A powerful force followed the strike like an invisible spear, which could pierce through a normal man, aimed at Irene’s gut….however. “Flecha!”

A powerful bolt of electrical NE (natural energy) tore across the room tearing up some of the counters throwing glass in all directions. The bolt broke apart Owen’s attack and took out the opposite wall. Crow had his arm stretched out energy still surging from his hand as he glared at Owen. “I said those are fight’n words and…you really sicken me.”

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RPG » The Bounty Hunter Association: BHA

@Justalittlegirl: that is better than good. I added him to the list with the link.

Also changed Balmung to Fernir (now i need to find a new emblem to match)

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RPG » The Bounty Hunter Association: BHA

@Justalittlegirl: Do you really think I should change the name? I haven't decided on whether I should or not.

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RPG » The Bounty Hunter Association: BHA

*cough cough* bump *cough*

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RPG » A Night at the Castle RP

@Kuma_From_Argentina: @Vapovile: @SamJaz: @Fehafare:

The Rising Sun

Crow panted heavily he was pretty spent after this fight and while for a moment he was deflated when Cavaler deflected the Silver Bullet Rail-gun. However with the help of Callis Nomene (a name that sounded familiar) the combined Crimson Silver Bullet Rail-gun featuring Callis was more than enough to do some damage to the Umbra Knight. The Gunslinger body could barely move, he was out of ammo, and couldn’t summon up enough nature energy for his electrical attacks but Cavaler had to go down. So if bullets, claws, swords, divine light, demonic energy and lighting weren’t going to finish him then Crow had one last resort……his fist.

Meanwhile Jericho was drenched in sweat, the process of using these divide chants was draining physically, emotionally, and spiritual. The Uber Priest could not believe the strength of the heroes that God gathered to fight this darkness. He silently spoke to himself, “Thank you Lord for bringing together these heroes of light. However this castle represents the sins and evil we experience. I will not allow it to stand. Forgive me Lord for all my sins. Past. Present. And Future.” The priest knew his work wasn’t done yet he focused the rest of his spiritual will as he prepared his final prayer for the night. “Aurora lucem sanctam facit. Ostende pura per tenebras. Caelum et perforabunt sagittis Archangeli divinam lucem!” Suddenly a golden pillar of divide light erupted upwards with enough force to potentially break through the castle’s various floors, through the roof, and through barrier of darkness Cavaler created.

When the Pillar of Light reaches the sky it would part the clouds. Then like an assault from the angels themselves millions of arrows would rain down on the barrier of darkness and castle with divine might. Jericho was at the center of the erupting light. It was so powerful and blinding no one could see him as it burned his flesh destroying his gauntlets completely. For this was no ordinary light it was the holy light of the lord that no mortal should witness. Jericho knew the risk of this prayer yet he did not let up. Despite all the power and might of this attack it would only last a few seconds before Jericho passed out with his body burned and his eye sight impaired.

The Last Gunslinger began to slowly move forward towards Cavaler his revolver no longer in hand yet his fist clenched. He swayed weakly from side to side but he could not fall…not now. Despite the darkness pair of cobalt eyes still glowed brightly. “You wanna talk about the Light being your servant Cavaler. I got news for you the Light was never yours. Someone as twisted and poorly written as you can’t even stand in the light for long.” As Crow spoke his feet began picking up speed slowly bringing his arm back focusing the little bit of Nature Energy he could muster into his fist. “We are the Light Calaver! They are the Rising Sun that rejects the darkness! And I’m the goddamn Lightning Bolt that separates it!”

Crow was now running towards Cavaler his gritted his teeth in pain as his body ached in agony. Crow’s cobalt eyes met with the Umbra Knight’s cold black ones. The Gunslinger wanted to see the look in the Knight’s face when he realized he had lost. Crow shouted out loud so Gen could hear him, “This one is for you Gen! SOARING EAGLE…..CANNON!” The Rail-gun threw a haymaker with all his might strengthen by his determination and his friends tonight. (Haruko, Arsenal, Jericho, Luna, Karen, Naoto, George, and Gen.) He aimed the haymaker straight into Cavaler’s face and jaw. Crow wanted to shatter every tooth and fang in the knight’s mouth then send him flying.

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Off-Topic » Animevice RPG News Blog by Kuma 12/9/14

@Kuma_From_Argentina: I can link them to you if you want they are also in my mini profile with links already. I haven't linked the last one I did yet though.

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Off-Topic » Animevice RPG News Blog by Kuma 12/9/14

@Kuma_From_Argentina: I love seeing this back plus with my Author's notes and your blogs we can give really the RP forums a good spotlight.

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RPG » Osaka Ablaze RP

@Kuma_From_Argentina: @SamJaz: @Fehafare: @Vapovile: @Justalittlegirl:

The Search for Rin (Part II): Crow’s Contained Fury

When Haruko asked Crow about who exactly kidnapped Gen the Gunslinger simply sighed, “First I told you stop calling me Zappy…Flat Chest. Anyway the situation is a lot complicated than simply Gen pissing people off. The people who kidnapped him…were his parents.” Crow stopped for a minute to let that sink into the Battle Seamstress. “You are probably think why would his parents do this and to be honest I don’t think even Gen wants people to know. The truth is Haruko Gen’s parents are monsters they are trying to save their eldest son who is sick by carving Gen up like a turkey and harvesting his organs.”

As Crow talked one could notice a dark shadow forming over his eyes his fist clenched and he slowly pulled his cowboy hat down, “I never really understood Gen before….he was just a hot headed angry brat that kept looking for his next opponent. But after speaking to his sister and hearing from Gen himself back in Kobe…I understand now. Gen been living in his own personal hell all his life, he been fighting for every moment of freedom he can get. What his parents put him through is far worse than most can imagine and now they are willing to trade his life for the perfect child. I don’t care what I have to do Haruko the Shishioh….” Before Crow could finish he suddenly notice Dan, the Pink Comet of Death was a bit paler than before.

Without a word Crow walked back towards Dan the cowboy hat keeping his eyes hidden but his body giving off an aura that Haruko, nor Alvin, or anyone seen before in the Gunslinger it more vengeful and dark than calm and collected. The Rail-gun reached into his jacket and suddenly removed a bar of chocolate he broke some off and handed it to Dan his voice solemn and almost cold. “I’m guessing this is the first time you ever had to kill someone. Here eat this chocolate I get it from a special Native American supplier where I live it made from special herbs that are said to calm the nerves. I’m sorry you got drug into this fight with us. But let me tell you this…if you can’t stomach this then I suggest you take your ass and walk the hell home!”

Suddenly Crow looked at the whole group revealing his cobalt blue eyes were filled with a violent storm of rage aimed at the Gen’s parents, FMY, and anybody who stood in his way. “Those mercenaries we fought at the restaurant they were called the Iron Eagles they are some of the deadliest in the business. And those two cyborgs I would bet they have something to do with an elite team of assassins who recently dropped off the grid and it seems they were upgraded. I can tell you right now the enemies who lie ahead are probably some of the deadliest men and women we ever encountered. So if you think you are out of your league you probably are and you will only slow the rest down!” Crow began walking back to the front of the group he felt bad for losing his temper but his rage had been building since Kobe.

It didn’t take long for the Gen (Shishioh) Rescue Team to encounter the three in the alleyway the Gunslinger smirked a little at Alvin’s comment. “I would take that bet Alvin but as my Gramps use to tell me, never take a bet against a guy with rabbit’s feet and a wearing a horseshoe.” Crow stepped towards the FMY assassins, “You bastards took some friends of ours. So I’ll say this one time tell us where they are…or I swear on my word as a Gunslinger. I’ll make you regret the day you bastards decided to step in front of me!” Electrical Nature Energy was slowly started to radiate from his body its color taking a slight red tint, this wasn’t a Crow his friends had seen before this was the Crow who was the contained storm of rage and vengeance. This was the furious Lighting Bolt of Justice that strike down the wicked and evil without mercy, Gen’s parents were monsters they cared nothing for the lives of those around them and desired only what improved their status. He had learned of Gen’s past from the Spirit Boxer and his sister, he had learned of Rin’s former bodyguard from SJ prior to this, their children were tools to them. Crow never met them but he hated them and they…would...pay.

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RPG » (LOCATION) Inazuma Gakuen: The School of Warriors

@Kuma_From_Argentina: @SamJaz: @Fehafare: @Vapovile: (Should I start naming these with titles like I do with the rest of my post.)


The Bullet Princess’s eyes widen in delight as Izumi handed back her magazine, however behind that delight was genuinely surprised it seemed Izumi was being nice to her and even though Alicia had treated her so unladylike when they first met. For someone who lived a life of people being nice to her because she had money or because she told them too this was a sudden and welcomed change. Two words that the Weston Princess never thought would come out of her mouth,

“Thank You Miss Izumi. I agreed let’s get this café I’m quite hungry and would like a bite to eat before I retire for the rest of the day.” The Bullet Princess turned to the girls as she reached in her bag and took out a platinum card, “Let’s go girls. My Daddy gave me some extra money in my bank account for getting into this school and I believe the currency exchange doubled it. So that’s means this is on me.” Alicia walked ahead of the girls a slight change in her demeanor one might say she was becoming friendlier (GASP). Batilda asked where Alicia got the issue, and surprisingly took out the issue in question handing it to her. “Here I have two of them so I don’t mind giving one up. There also a subscription form in there so you can sign up for the issues. They are extremely hard to get normally.”


The moment Andy said that his family worked in mercenary business the young marital artist was quite shocked; even though Keiji wasn’t sure why he should be shocked after all he was in a school that taught the essentials of modern warfare. It was merely that Andy seemed like such a kind and cool guy no one would suspect he was someone who belonged to a family that should allegiance to the dollar bill. However the clumsy marital artist thoughts were broken by the arrival of his dish. The food looked and smelled delicious and after giving a pray and thanks to the chef (a common practice in his home) he took a bite. Keiji’s eyes widen the dish tasted better than it looked, he didn’t even think that was possible, even after the first few bites he felt a fire building in his tummy. Not a flame of spicy or hot dish but one that you get when your courage and will boil in you like a thousand suns.

“Oh wow Massimilano-san this is amazing! I didn’t even know food could taste this good!” When Sid asked Keiji about his story he laughed a little as he tried to think of what to say. “Well it’s a bit of a story. You see I was a student at this dojo in my neighborhood. But I wasn’t very good so some of the other kids picked on me pretty bad. One day after school they tried to beat me up, I don’t remember much I think I blacked out. But when I woke up one of the teacher’s from Inazuma was standing over me and the kids were all knocked out. He offered me a place here because he saw potential he said whatever that means.” One of the things Keiji left out was that the reason he joined a dojo was because at a young age his father left him with his mother and older sisters at home, Keiji’s mom always said that his father was a marital artist and an adventure. The bullied teen swore form that day he would get stronger as a martial artist so he may one day meet his father. “But um I guess that my story. Sorry it’s not as cool as being a mercenary it’s probably pretty lame. What about you Sid?”

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RPG » Flowers for the Gem Girls

@waybig1010101: link me the OCC and I will find a character to use in it if I had the time. It probably won't be Crow or Kusuri but I want Vega to do some stuff.

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RPG » Flowers for the Gem Girls

@waybig1010101: Just want to let you know High Stakes is on the way.

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RPG » (FINALLY) Flowers for the Gem Girls (RP)

A Day for Flowers: The Nadeshiko Festival

Tokyo, Japan

The sound of an alarm clock began to ring within a small apartment, the digital clock was quite adorable being brightly covered with multiple chibi anime character animating on the screen to wake up the 17 year in bed. Kusuri Inoue grumbled a little as she reached over to shut off her alarm clock; laying on top of the girl was a white rabbit like animal with a silver gem in its forehead, the young nurse spotted the date on the clock and suddenly her eyes widen and she sat up with a start. “Oh my god I almost forgot about it!” The white rabbit jumped with a start nearly falling across the room till it landed perfectly almost magically.

The creature looked at her and suddenly it spoke with a surprisingly sophisticated tone (yet it mouth did not move), “You act like it’s a surprise you forgot something. What did you forget this time girlie?” Kusuri gave the rabbit a stern look, “I don’t forget things all the Shinshi just you know….most of the time.” Shinshi rolled its eyes as Kusuri continued, “Besides that why I set the alarm clock this time. Because today is the Nadeshiko Festival!” Shinshi again titled his head slightly at the girl and spoke (somehow) “And what pray tell is the Na-sha-ko festival.” Kusuri quickly hopped out of bed as she began picking out her clothes for the day, “It’s the Nadeshiko festival, and it’s a huge festival to flowers, plants, fragrances, and life that is held at Gurīnraifu Park every year. I promise my friends we would all go to it together and enjoy the day.” Shinshi barely paid any attention to the girl, “A festival for flowers sounds dreadfully boring and girly.” Kusuri turned towards the rabbit glaring “It is not boring…it so amazing all these fresh flowers decorate the park and it’s full of color and life. It’s a fun time for everyone and I can’t wait to share it with my friends.” Shinshi mumbled under his breath about it still sounding girly however he kept mum when the girl rounded on him again. “I been so busy studying and interning that I barely have time for friends. Plus with my duties as a Gem Girl I feel like we are growing distant but today is going to be the best day ever.” The White Rabbit still didn’t care for this flower festival while he understood Kusuri need to be with her friends; after all she was still 17, as one of the magical Gem Girls she had a duty. One that was greater than the wants of a 17 year old girl and festival about flowers she was the Ruby Heart and her first priority should have been finding the other Gem Girls and uniting them and their magic against the Evil Konton Crystal Queen. However Shinshi trusted the girl enough that should would do what was necessary when it came time so one day couldn’t hurt. Unbeknownst to Shinshi and Kusuri…..

The Konton Crystal Dimension

Makai Kishi
Makai Kishi

Within Konton Castle, a nearly impenetrable fortress located within a hidden dimension where the Evil Konton Crystal Queen reigned at her full power, sat the Queen herself on a violet throne in one a dark scepter with purple crystal at the top. Behind her one could make out several shadowy figures. Just in front her was large tablet with several some crystals imbedded in that glowed dimly. “Hmm it seems that the Mahoseki are starting to appear. It’s time my reign grows and I finally defeat those Mahoseki Warriors once and for all by collected the Gems.” The evil queen let out a dark laugh as she created a swirling pool of energy to locate exactly where the Gems would be appearing. Slowly an image began to form in the mass of swirling energy revealing a park decorated with flowers. One of the shadowy figures step out into the light (what one could assume was male) in a full suite of dark purple metal armor, “That seems to be Tokyo, Japan Madam.” The Konton Queen turned towards him, he was one of her infamous Konran Kishi who led groups of her evil army “You seem familiar with this place Makai Kishi.”

Koibito Kishi
Koibito Kishi

The Metal Knight nodded his head slowly, “Yes mam I have some knowledge of this human city. I am familiar enough with the area that I can find the Mahoseki in no time.” A smirk played on the evil queen’s lips “Those are bold words Makai Kishi.” Another figure stepped out of the shadows revealing a young girl whose entire body seemed to be made of a light green slime, “Don’t worry Mistress I will aid him with my Utsukushī.” The Konton Queen smiled a little at her second Konran Kishi, “Hmm okay Koibito Kishi as long as Makai accepts then there is no reason for me not to object. After all what can seem weak humans do to two of my Konran Kishi the leaders of my Konran Army. HAHAHHAHAHAHA! The evil crystal queen’s dark laughter filled the halls of her palace until she broke it a sinister look coming in her eyes. “However should you two fail me…I will personally see that your punishment is as slow and cruel as possible.” Neither Makai nor Koibito said anything however from the shadows the other Konran Kishi could not hide a smirk or two. Makai broke the silence his voice as cold as steel, “Don’t worry My Lady we will not fail you.” The Queen smirked again as she created a portal of swirling energy that would take the two to Tokyo as well as a glowing purple crystal. “Take a Konton crystal with you. It will corrupt the body, mind, and soul of a heartbroken individual and allow their inner chaos to reign. That should be enough for any humans to deal with while you two find the Mahoseki.” Makai took the Konton Crystal and nodded a silent thank you as both him and Koibito stepped into the portal.

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RPG » Author Notes: A New Jewel's Sake Bar and Grill

@waybig1010101: A small town sounds kinda nice because it like a video game hub world.

@Justalittlegirl: Maybe it's just me but i feel like a mall is too big I like the idea of a restaurant because the cast of characters can be simple. A waiter/waitress, bartender, cook, and owner. (Plus whatever other small characters people want to throw in)

Also I didn't add this in the author's notes but I think this place should have a section for the events that happen there and a short description of that like we did in the Vice Canon thread just on a smaller scale

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RPG » Author Notes: A New Jewel's Sake Bar and Grill

@Justalittlegirl: No i just think a mall is dumb. It's like a whole bunch of teenagers hanging out after high school.

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RPG » Author Notes: A New Jewel's Sake Bar and Grill

@Justalittlegirl: Manga/Comic Book store.

Not going to lie I'm completely against the mall idea. (I still think a restaurant in general would be better but it seems a mall will win out)

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RPG » Author Notes: A New Jewel's Sake Bar and Grill

Warning: What you are about to read is my personal opinion and not true fact. I am in no way an expert and most of the time my opinions are at least partially wrong. You have been warned.

Author's Notes

So it's been a while since I wrote one of these but seeing as I'm coming out of my own personal slump I wanted to get back to these because people seem to enjoy them as much as I enjoy writing them. This Author's Note is going to be dealing with what was a staple in the Vice for the longest time but has since faded away as a new crop of players and characters have joined us. I'm talking about Jewel's Sake Bar and Grill. Again please hear me out on all points before you jump to any conclusions after you hear me out feel free to voice your own opinions and suggestions.

Jewel's Sake Bar and Grill

So for newer players or people just reading this for the first time for some context Jewel's Sake Bar and Grill has been a mainstay in the Vice-verse for as long as I can remember it existed before I joined so I can't really tell you the story of it or anything like that but I do know that is exist as a meeting place, hang out, or fun little break from the massive threads so that characters can interact some before or after threads. It's a typical sake bar and grill writers were feel to create NPCs who worked there like a bartender or waitress the menu I assume was infinite so characters could eat or drink whatever they desired. It was just a fun place to write there only rules were no destruction and no fighting within or on the property. It is still at the top of page 1 on the Vice and anyone can go in there and read some great stories between former characters. However this is just the problem and the reason I'm writing this. Jewel's Sake Bar and Grill is dated.

It's Irrelevant

Jewel's Sake Bar and Grill has not been as important as it was during it hey day if you look at it now the last post was 7 months and 1 week ago since then new characters and stories and gone while the the Bar and Grill has remained neglected. I personally think that the whole place is dated and there it will never been a cool hang out again, now there is nothing wrong with this it reflects real life new restaurants open and close everyday because time changes everything. Even the name Jewel's Sake Bar and Grill (Jewel has not been a character in how many years) how are new players suppose to get into this place there really is no story to it anymore and I don't think anyone knows anymore.

The Solution

The solution is that it's time we move on in the Vice and close Jewel's door for good so that a new place can be open instead that is relevant filled with story, interesting characters, appeals to every character and is just a fun place where characters can interact briefly before moving on to the next big RP thread. I'm open to anybody wanting to build this new place even if that person is me, personally I would suggest maybe a group afraid giving other to the main writer. Just like in real life when a new place opens we do a big Grand Opening that gets as many characters interacting as we can to generate some fun and then let it go from there. I been thinking about and for whoever makes the next place where our characters to hang out. I come up with some ideas they can incorporate into it if they wanted to:

A Story

In today's Vice Earth we are more story driven than ever before and stories just make everything that much more interesting yeah a Sake Bar and Grill is cool but as I mention no one really remembers what Jewel's story really was. I think a story behind the new place would make it that much more appealing it no longer just a building it has it's own life that draws people in and they too can become of this story.


While I still think writers should be allowed to add their own cast members to the story that work here like a waitress or bartender I think the creator of this new place should come up with a new cast of characters that tie into the story of the building. When I saw a new cast I mean a very small cast maybe just an owner, cook, head waitress/hostess, and head bartender this way other people can fill in the blank spots with their own cast members and there can we a character list like we have we other locations and organizations. Again this give the place more life and makes it more interesting.

It Should Be A Restaurant

So maybe this one doesn't matter but I feel it goes without saying I feel this new place should be restaurant of some kind, don't ask me why but I feel a place where our characters is needed. Food is a common connecting point for people in real life we all sit down and have a meal at least once during the day; so our characters should do the same it's a good way to share a moment with another character or connect over some story element.

It should be relevant to ALL characters

Whatever the theme and story this new place takes it should appeal to a general audience of characters as in it shouldn't feel like it belongs to one character but any our of characters can go in and feel at home. For example if I was to do one that clearly reflects a western theme then it would feel like only Crow should go there, and while I can do that in my own threads, everyone should be able to feel like their character could exist here.


So there is my point while Jewel's was a fun place for it's time the Vice has move on yet we still need a place for our characters to interact outside of the big RP Threads. I'm open to anyone making it but I feel we should all willing pitch in our own ideas to make it fit into the current Vice verse. So let me know in the comments below what do you think the new place needs or should be? Who should write it? Do we even need a new place? I can't wait to read your opinions and hopefully we will come up with something cool if we all agree.

I hope you all enjoyed this Author's Note

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RPG » DK: Crow vs Dan


Showdown (Part VII): A Single Bullet Falls

Crow’s eyes widen as he saw Dan’s incoming fist there was no time to react no time to counter it seemed that the martial artist was going for the fatality on the Gunslinger. The Rail-gun pulled away at the last second but it was still too slow….A flash of crimson filled his vision and then it painted the white floor of the arena in all directions. Crow coughed up blood onto Dan’s arm as he looked down and witness it plunged into his chest. “F*ck.” The Gunslinger stumbled backwards causing blood to spill from his wound as he looked back at Dan it seemed that their clash had seriously injured the marital artist. Crow stumbled back and forth his vision was going blurry fading to black slowly as he tried to focus on Dan. There was no point stopping the wound it was vicious one Crow reached for his revolver and drew it slowly, Quicksilver was unusually heavy in his hand (probably from all the blood lost), he began to pull the trigger aiming at Dan. However there was only the blank clicking.

With each pull of the trigger there was nothing but a blank click and Crow stumbled backwards more getting closer to the edge of the arena. He could hardly focus on Dan, despite the martial artist wearing pink, as he coughed up more blood. Something caught the eye of the Gunslinger and he smirked a little realizing that it was his beloved cowboy hat, Crow reached down slowly and picked it up. “Hmm I guess if this is the end of me I might as well go out with my hat on like real Gunslinger.” As Crow went the put on his cowboy hat his eyes widen a little, how could he forget he had hid it there it was a Gunslinger trick as old as time in fact it was one of the first things his Gramps taught him. A Gunslinger ALWAYS has a single bullet hidden on him in rim of his hat. With a bit of sleight of hand Crow put on hat as he grabbed the bullet. Crow slowly loaded Quicksilver he barely had any strength left and he was on the edge of the arena. Using all the will power he had left Crow focused on Dan smirking. “Hey Dan. There…something you…you should…know….about…Gunslingers. We...always fight…to the…last BULLET!” With the last of his remaining strength Crow pulled the trigger and fired the bullet at Dan unfortunately he was not going to see where it hit. With a smile on his face Crow fell backwards out of the arena his eyes shutting as Quicksilver fell from his hands till he landed on the grass in with a thud in a puddle of his own blood. (Thus disqualifying himself ending the fight.)……

“Aaaaahhhh!” Crow sat up with a start his heart pounding in his chest he just had the strangest dream but the more he tried to recall it the more it faded from his memories the only thing he slightly remembered was Dan…and a lot of blood. The Gunslinger felt his body checking himself to make sure he wasn’t hurt and then let out a sigh of relief. Looking around the Last Gunslinger remembered what happen it had been another restless night for him so he came down to his garage/workshop he must have fallen asleep at the desk. In front of him was a wall covered with notes and various pieces of paper connected by strings that lead to a center where a picture with a question mark on it was. This board was all the notes and clues Crow had gathered regarding who killed the Gunslinger and destroyed his town. On desk was various motorcycle and gun parts, bullets, tools, more notes, and pieces of paper along with soda cans and candy wrappers. “Hmm that the last time I mixed sugar and soda before bed. Who the hell am I kidding I will still probably drink one before I go to sleep.” Crow picked up his phone and checked the bounty hunter app seeing if there was any no bounties he smirked when he saw that there was a new one from London regarding a theif going by the name Neo-Phantom. “Well better get some real sleep this time. Tomorrow a new day....oh wait!” Crow suddenly grabbed a pencil and a piece of paper and scribbled something down. After sticking it to the board Crow left the workshop and headed back to his room a single light hit the new note on it was written….Talk to Dan.

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RPG » A Night at the Castle RP

@Kuma_From_Argentina: @Vapovile: @SamJaz: @Fehafare:

Pitch Black Battle (Part III): A Light in the Darkness

Crow didn’t need to see to know his bullet hit his mark the clash of metal against the ground from Cavaler’s sword missing was enough for him to tell that the this was change of momentum the heroes needed. However the Gunslinger’s heart sank as his Eco de las Tormentas lasted long enough to see Arsenal go down. The feeling of despair and hopelessness were boiled away as anger and rage replace them. This war against the vampire was dragging on he had seen too many of his friends go down first was Gen, now Arsenal, he was not going to let anyone suffer. Despite the pitch black that surrounded the heroes there was one thing that seemed to glow, cobalt blue radiated from Crow’s eyes as if they were charged with the strongest lightning. The scent of honey filled the air and Crow knew what the source was, “Thanks Karen.” Crow locked on to the scent of honey and move out from behind his pillar of cover. Crow fired two more shots that would ricochet around the room off the pillars and strike at Calaver from different angels. Crow was down to one last silver bullet. He began move in a zig-zag pattern the Gunslinger eyes still glowing in the darkness like a flash of lightning in the darkness.

Meanwhile Jericho continued praying in Latin the circle of light surrounding him grew bigger and brighter he repeated the same line over and over again each time with more conviction, more passion, and more faith in the soldiers of god that fought alongside him tonight. The light of god was so powerful it dispelled the darkness almost as if it was burning it away. “Imperium Dei purum. Imperium Dei purum. Imperium Dei purum! Imperium Dei purum! Imperium Dei purum! Imperium Dei purum!” The light was so bright it was blinding to stare at directly however the true power of this the Silver Star Priest prayer’s the blessing it gave others. Anyone with in ear shot of this prayer would feel the lord’s holy light. Their morale would be higher their spirit would shine like the light surrounding Jericho so that it created a ring of holy aura around them which would heal minor wounds. Crow, Gen, George, Arsenal, Callis, and even Luna (thought being a succubus she may be burned a little by this technique) would all feel its effects. Jericho cried out to encourage the heroes, “Soldiers of Light Vanquish this Darkness! Let your Souls burn brighter than the hottest flame! Show him you will not be defeated by any EVIL! BE THE LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS!”

As Crow charged at Cavaler he felt the effects of Jericho’s prayer, a glowing white aura appeared around his feet dispelling some of the darkness around him he could feel some of his smaller wounds heal. The Last Gunslinger decided to strike after Luna’s Queen Straight Crow began charging Quicksilver, with one final bullet in the chamber, he was going to end this long night. Crow ran towards the Blade of Darkness, “I got new for your creator…THEY ARE A SHITTY WRITER!” He didn’t care if Cavalver understood him or not he wanted this “creator” to hear that because this wasn’t their story anymore Crow was rewriting the ending. “Silver Bullet….RAIL-GUN!” Taking aim at the final Crimson Knight and pulled the trigger firing the powerful supercharged bullet however there was something different. Normally the lightning produced from Rail-gun was a white color this was time it was a dull silver that was heading straight towards Cavaler.

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RPG » My Recent Delay

Hey Everyone! I just want to write a quick message explaining some things and the reason why some of my threads are a bit slow.

So not to get into the details, those who knew I already told you why, and not to get too personal and make a sob story right now. I been going through some hard times at home with some personal issues and while I love writing on Animevice and writing with you guys the stuff at home really took a toll on me mentally and emotionally, I'm sure there is a lot of people out there that know what this feels like, and because that I fell into a slump. Thankfully through the help of some good friends you really do care about me they kinda cheered me up and make me feel better and it did help somewhat. Right now I am just now coming out of my slump and trying to get back into it and bring the usual Lobos to you guys.

So this is why my story threads have been slowly mainly High Stakes and the beginning of the much anticipated start of my Gem Girl saga. They are still on my mind and I will start them back up as soon as I can I'm just trying to get back up to date with my threads while i have helped from friends like Kuma who have covered my post for me when I feel to behind I been trying to write smaller things that bring my creativity back up. But those stories are still things I want to write and continue those story lines I know what I want to write it's just finding the time to write them. So I just want to ask for a little more patience with me I will resume my usually posting pace soon it's just like I said I take a big hit emotionally and mentally so coming back from that has been the hardest thing.

I will hopefully be starting a job soon (hopefully) while also working on the novel Kuma and I created base off Crow, getting that back on tracks but fear not this will not interfere with my post i usually write at night anyway because I'm less distracted.

So Thank You to those who helped me in my difficult time and to those who have been patient with me thank you as well. Don't worry I will make it up to all of you.

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RPG » Lucky Seven [RP]

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Partners in Crime

Behind the Jewelry

While the Ice Mage Arthur was arriving at the Jewel store behind it a silver and chrome motorcycle pulled up as quietly as it could riding bike known as Silver was the American Bounty Hunter Crow. Having followed the hacked police scanners through his phone Crow arrived at the jewelry store where two assailants were held it. After turning the bike off the Gunslinger listened carefully, “Hmm gunshots it seems the Neo Phantoms cronies are still inside being held down by the guards.” Moving quietly and carefully inside through the back door his revolver, Quicksilver, in his hand Crow made his way to the front of the store where the current shoot out was going on. The Gunslinger crouched down keeping himself hidden from the two robbers he could make out some of their features and determined that one was female the other male their weapons were the most peculiar thing about them. “Hmmm interesting a flint lock musket…I can smell the black powder from here. A composite bow as well. That’s probably the most interesting choices of weapons to rub a jewelry with.” Crow carefully looked around the bodies and saw all the arrows in them. “So the girl with the bow is the faster draw thus making her possibly the bigger threat.” After planning out his next move Crow moved around staying crouched down behind the counters till he was behind the female with the bow. Ready to pop up like a jack in the box drawing on the girl…but first let’s check in on a certain Gentleman.

Rooftops above the Jewelry

Choosing to take a, quite literally, higher route Owen Soleil moved along the various rooftops of London swiftly heading to the same jewel heist that both Arthur and Crow were out. The Glorious Light himself smiled charmingly as he admired the London sky line. “Ah London you cut such a beautiful skyline in the night time sky. With your famous landmarks like Big Ben you have inspired many a tale…However I know your truth London. You are no historical city of England greatness. You reek of the unrefined odor of your industrial past where black smog and filth covered even the brightest sun…You sicken me London!” It didn’t take the Bronze Star Gentleman long to get close enough to the jewel heist, from where he was he could clearly hear the gun fire within. “GUNS! Such brute, unrefined, uncivilized, weapons of carnage….Guns sicken me!” However Owen spotted a unique silver motorcycle behind the jewel store. “Urgh! What kind of low life, unrefined, horrible criminal use such an ugly piece of machinery as a form of transportation…these criminals sicken me! I will show them the brilliance of the shining glory.” Down below Owen spotted a young man wearing a coat approaching the store, with a quick display of agility the Frenchman leaped down and cut the man off. “I’m sorry sir but I’m going to have to ask you to leave the area it seems some unrefined criminals are causing trouble. I suggest you run along to whatever family you have and enjoy a cup of tea or read Sherlock Holmes…Or whatever it is you unrefined Brits do.” With that passive aggressive snobbish remarks the Bounty Hunter pushed up the doors dramatically announcing his presence in a glorious fashion. “I suggest you unrefined criminals stop this vulgar crime. I am Owen Soleil with the BHA European Balmung Branch I suggest you come out with your hands up.”…now let’s check back in with Crow.

The Gunslinger was just popping up drawing his gun on the girl when Owen burst in, “Hold it partner…Who the hell are you?” Crow stopped mid-sentence as Owen announced his presence the Gunslinger instinctually reacted turning Quicksilver towards the Gentleman. An opening the partners in crime could exploit.

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