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Name: Crow Cementerio

Crow the Last of the Gunslingers.
Crow the Last of the Gunslingers.

Aliases: The Last (of the) Gunslingers, Railgun, Rail-gunner, Rail-gunslinger, Gunslinger, Lighting Shooter, Electric Cowboy, Thunderbolt Gunslinger, Thundering Cowboy,

Alignment: Good most of the time.

Race: Human

Place of Birth: Rayo Rosado (Lightning Struck Rose)

Occupation: Gunslinger, Bounty Hunter

Group Affiliation: None as of yet. Shadow Corps, a secret black ops group (for only a little while)

Martial Status: Currently dating Toni

Crow's full Bio


      Crow is 23 years old he is about 5’11 and around 220 pounds, but despite this he is moderately fit. Crow most noticeable feature is his calm cobalt blue eyes that seem to be electrically charged this is a trait he shares with most of his family. Crow has messy light brown hair that just touches his eyes. Another noticeable feature is the smile he always seems to have on its face; it is a calm collected smile that can reassure those who feel despair or simply just cheer up a person who is feeling down this is another trait that he shares with most of his family. Crow has 3 tattoos the first being his Devil Never Cries guild tattoo that is located on his right arm; the second is his DNC rank tattoo on the back of his right hand which is a Jack of spades playing card. His third and most secretive is his Shadow Corps tattoo that is located on his left pelvis just covered by pants and boxers alike. Crow dresses in the style similar to that of a modern cowboy wearing a white shirt. Over that he wears a light blue jacket that has pockets on the front these pockets contain everything from candy to ammo there is a silver strip, pencil width, that runs down from his shoulders to its sleeves and two stripes across the chest that run parallel with each other and are about 6 inches apart, the forearms of the jacket has a zip that can go up so that the sleeves can be folded back into a short sleeve jacket this the way Crow wears it most often. He also wears blue worn out demine jeans and black and silver sneakers. Crow wears a light brown worn out cowboy hat that once belongs to his grandfather; the hat is extremely sentimental and rarely does anything without it, another sentimental item that Crow wears is a light pink ribbon that has a small golden bell attach to it around his neck Toni gave him the ribbon as a romantic gesture upon one of their first meetings and he wore it ever since. He also wears a holster for his dual custom guns along with gun belt that contains a variety of his special bullets for Quicksilver around his waist and brown loose fitting gloves. Crow changes what he wears after his clothes are pretty much ruin in his fight with the Numbers; the Last of the Gunslingers now wears a blue half jacket with pockets on the front similar to before that sleeve are rolled up and it usually open, underneath he wears a loose white t shirt, black pants and shoes as well as his cowboy themed items. Crow also has start wearing an outfit for the colder weather, this new look also seems more for battle than his others. It consist of a tan/ dark brown sleeve flak jacket, a black or white long sleeve shirt (occasionally the sleeves are rolled up), black pants and shoes.


Crow appears to be a very relax and almost lazy character he likes to sleep in and usually shows a carefree opinion during job or battles. Crow even shows a worry free attitude during the worst of condition always staying optimistic, this the complete opposite of how he was in Shadow Crops, this is a result of him taking on the belief that he must walk forward and move on. Crow is a very cheerful character usually laughing and joking about things and always wearing his famous smile, he often comments that he smiles to keep everyone he is protecting calm so he rarely lets those around see him afraid or worried. Despite Crow careful and lazy attitude he is extremely perceptive his incredible eyesight allows him to see the small details in how his opponents fight whether it be a slight movement or a way they attack or certain weak points. Crow is able to understand and figure out an opponent powers or fighting style by watching it a few times even taking an attack head on this is what he calls “deduction though reasoning”. Crow is extremely protective of his friends and family because of his tragic past he will risk his own life to make sure they are safe he will often smile to reassure them that everything is okay and he is fine. Even though Crow cares for his friends and they hang out there is a part of him that wants to distance himself from his friends especially when questions about his past arise, Crow is very secretive about his past keeping the incident of his town being destroyed a secret from almost everyone or Crow usually makes a mysterious comment but then will laugh and say he is joking. Crow also hides his time in Shadow Corps from everyone even from his girlfriend Toni who he met while he was still in the black ops group Crow holds deep regret and sorrow for what in did back then and when someone mentions Crow former aliases or stuff about Shadow Corps Crow has shown to become very sick to going into a complete blind rage. One Crow biggest fears is that his friends will learn of the horrible things is did while a black ops solider and will see him as a murderer and monster and leave him. One person that Crow cares deeply for is his “girlfriend” Toni; they have a very unique relationship whereas he tries his best to play it off cool and not show that he is completely in love with she on the other hand is completely in love with Crow believing he is her soul mate and one true love. Despite his attitude Crow would protect Toni even if it means his own life when Toni is threaten in any way his personality changes a side similar to his darker nature in Shadow Corps emerges he will often destroy anyone who gets in his way to make sure she is safe. Toni will often try to turn Crow into the perfect romantic forcing him to take her on dates, or spend a day with her and other crazy schemes but because of Crow often comical nature and wanting to just relax there will often be some kind of chaos to ruin their date but this will often lead to Toni being upset and because Crow can’t stand to see her upset will make it up to her ironically making him the perfect boyfriend. Crow has a trait that is known as the ultimate sweet tooth this Crow completely addicted to sugary, fried, chocolate, etc. foods but it goes beyond that Crow is immune to all the negative affects like sugar highs, being fat, etc but if Crow is something like a salad he gets really, really sick so Crow is usually seen drinking soda or eating candy. Crow will never fight a woman or a child unless under extreme condition as a part of his own moral code that also includes not fighting in front of children he will often cover their eyes or make a smoke screen before he engages an enemy. Crow hates water or getting wet because this is his one weakness, he also dislikes puns, clichés, bad villains, and stinkbugs along with many other things. Crow biggest pet peeve is when people make fun of his name and referring to his name as having something to do with the bird crow, often going into a comical anger when people call him names like Bird-Brain, Birdie, Bird-Boy, Crow the Bird Wonder, etc. Crow has a secret addiction to Twinkies often having random battles to attain one this is another trait he shares with his family and often leads to chaos when they are around a single Twinkie, he is also in search of the mystical and allusive deep fried Twinkie.

After a recent series of events and mishaps of bad luck Crow has become increasing depressed not only is he emotionally drained but his physical abilities and skills are regressing so much so that at one point Crow missed a shot on at a low ranked criminal that normally he would have made perfectly. The beginning of this sudden down turn is uncertain but it seems from a unfortunate encounter with Newdeath and Zella at Jewel's Bar and Grill, battles with fellow heroes he thought were enemies, and an incident where several mercenaries and sharp shooter mercenary organization known as The Numbers constantly challenged him to a fights till he was physically exhausted. Crow believes he is losing his soul as a hero because he is not strong enough and is determine to gain his "strength" back. Crow who is usually calm and collected rarely afraid of anyone has grown a deliberating fear of the Zella, the Viper strikes so much fear in the gunslinger that he refuses to be around her and actually hid behind his ally Raseri when encountering her at Jewel's Bar and Grill. Crow is unsure of why he is so afraid of her but he theorizes that it is because of her obsession with him and his unknowing of her plans for him. Crow also has a fear of the crimson eyed man (Newdeath) who made Crow suffer a traumatic mental illusion.

Crow has developed a complicated and often comical relationship with Caius Weaver; originally the two met at Zella's erotic night club where the boy would end up teasing the gunslinger. The two would then encounter each other in Caius's Hogwarts based Dream World where they would develop a close bond with one another Crow even staying with him as Caius tortured his brother Kaine. The relationship would continue when Crow battled the Numbers Caius joining him in his fight. Caius has a deep obsession and love for Crow, the 12 year old often wanting sex with the 23 year old gunslinger and Crow originally seeing this as annoying and trying to stay away from Caius has begun to care for him deeply seeing himself in the young boy and wanting to protect him from himself. Crow does not show any signs of love to the Weaver's heir but he has kissed and hug him on multiple occasions. The relationship between the two seems to be a running joke and a fan girl dream come true developing the name Craius or Craius Love.

Power and Abilties:

Super Sight: Though simple genetics and training Crow has the best eye sight possible with a visual acuity of 20/2 (which is similar to hawks and other birds of prey) he is able to see the smallest of details in everything plus this along with his already excellence marksmanship makes him the best shot ever he can hit the same spot on a target miles away he can also see bullets fired from a gun allowing him to knock them down with his own gun.

Super Agility and Reflexes: Though training Crow has superhuman cat like agility being able to twist in turn in mid air after being launch by an opponent attack so that he can land on his feet. His agility along with his electrical powers allows Crow to dodge some of the fastest attacks this has become so natural to Crow that his body sometimes does it automatically without him really thinking about it acting in a manner similar to a sub conscious defense when being attacked by multiple opponents at once. Also because of his body is constantly surging with electricity his nervous system and reflexes are near super human levels he can easily react to things that occur at mach 1 and with the use of Overcharged this is increased to mach 5 and beyond the stronger he charges his body this increases.

Super Speed: Crow is naturally fast but with the help of his control of his electrons he can make the electrical signals that his brain sends throughout his body he can send though signals directly where they are suppose to go making his reaction time and movement speed near instant. This along with his agility allows him to easily dodge some of the fastest attacks. The gunslinger is capable of super charging his legs with electricity to increase his speed even more than his normal level at his normal speed Crow could move just below 200mph but using his electricity he could increase his speed to the point where it seems he teleports from place to place, but in reality he is just moving to his destination really fast and with the use of Overcharged he can increase that mach 3. The disadvantage to moving at these higher speeds where he nearly teleporting is that enemies can easily tell where he is going to appear by noticing the static electricity building in the area he will appear. Similar to his reflexes the stronger he uses Overcharged the faster and faster he will be able to move.

Weapon Master: Over the years Crow has train with all sorts of weapons and different fighting styles mixing and matching over the years and those he now carries a few extra weapons with him along with his signature guns. Crow can use a variety of weapons if the situation calls for it; he is skilled with bladed weapons like swords and knives but dislikes because they directly contradict his preference with guns, he is a expert when it comes to using fire arms capable of using any gun from shotguns to sniper rifles effortlessly, he also likes to use explosive weapons like grenades often using them when the time doesn't call for it or the cliché over kill, along with these Crow also uses a few "tool" items like steel wire, needles, shuriken, and kunai. Despite Crow having skill with almost all weapons of all types then is one weapon Crow never uses no matter what the circumstance and that is a scythe this spans back to when he was a child training with his grandfather at first Crow wanted to copy his grandfather who he idolize and use a scythe as well but he soon came to realize that a scythe is not meant for him he felt awkward wielding it and couldn't blend his movements into the weapon instead of the weapon being a part of him it felt like a foreign object or a Crow referred to it a sickness like insanity this dislike for the weapon has never died away. Crow usually combines his electrical abilities with weapons for varying effects sometimes its as simple as just creating electrical energy around a sword or magnifying some shuriken he also been known to use more complex combination for example one of his favorites is throwing some needles into a opponent a thin metal wire is wrapped around needles he then conducts electricity though the metal wires and needles and creates a make shift taser.

Super Strength: Crow is as physically strong as a trained person could be able to lift up a maximum of 150lbs effortlessly but as the weight increases he struggles more and more. His punches and kicks are quite strong as well, a kick delivered from Crow at full force to the chest is enough breaks almost every rib and incapacitate an opponent but that is as far as he strength only gets him without his powers enhancing his strength. With the use of his powers his can super charge his muscles with electricity to further enhance his strength, with his powers his kicks and punches become incredibly more powerful an electrically enhanced kick can shatter concrete and armor that is resistant against grenades and when using Overcharged Crow can kick hard enough to dent some strong metals. The downside to this is because his body is still human he is damaging it so that even though a kick may break stones he is injuring his foot as well fracturing it or if kicking something even stronger possible breaking it. Crow can also electrically charged his body so that he is capable of lifting heavier objects, with the assistance of his powers Crow can lift up 1 ton this is not a maximum because he can easily increase the charge in his body to lift the weight of heavy objects and with Overcharged this is also increase so that it becomes effortless to lift 2 tons. Similar to increasing his striking strength the downside to this is his body is still human so as he lifts heavier and heavier objects he is straining his body internal tearing muscles and pulls ligaments.

Durablity: Despite his powers and the ability to increase his speed and strength Crow is still a human he is only as durable as a person who is physically fit and trained can withstand in fact the only thing he is truly immune to is electrical attacks because of his abilities. Crow can be sliced; shot, bruised etc. by normal weapons just like a person can be he can withstand punches from superhumanly strong people, fall from heights, or be thrown in objects all to a certain degree. A punch that would break weak steel and strong stone can be taken/block with only sustaining a minimal of damage but something that would destroy cities would annihilate him similarly falling from a two story building is survivable for the gunslinger but falling from the empire state building not so much. Crow can get back up from attacks that are more then he can withstand, again to a degree, covered in injuries but this is not a feat of superhuman durability but rather a feat of superhuman will, Crow has a strong will and will keep fighting if he knows that he can but he is realizes that he is outmatched he will sometimes "play dead" or just walk away.

Caius Sense: When Crow and Caius first encountered each other Caius placed a minor mental influence on the gunslinger that was originally meant to mess with the cowboy but thinking him improper thoughts about the 12 year old boy. Some time after that Crow is sucked into Caius’s world being inside the boy’s mind caused the influence to evolve into a stronger connection between the individuals’ minds. Now Crow has a strange mental connection to Caius that also the two a slight gateway into the other’s mind, Crow can sense when Caius is near, when ever Caius is in danger Crow can sense it, he occasionally can see what Caius sees in the form of a vision, he can easily communicate telepathically with Caius and it is believed that this is a private line so only Caius and Crow can access it. Crow worries that the more he communicates with Caius though this private mental line the stronger the connection will become allowing him even more access to Caius mind but still he will use it when he needs to believing that Caius is trustworthy and won’t abuse this connection. The most disturbing part of this connection (at least for Crow) is that at certain times depending on the circumstances Crow will feel certain emotions of Caius depending on how intensely Caius is feeling them. This is usually in the case of extreme lustful emotions especially when they are felt towards the gunslinger himself. Unbeknownst to the gun toting hero if Caius ever wished he could use this connection to control Crow easier if the situation ever calls for it or if Caius wants to; it is theorize that because of the privacy of this connection that only Caius (releasing control) or Crow (fighting back against the control) can break it but stronger powers may be able to break the connection this has yet to be seen. There seems to be a relationship between distances and strength of the connection the farther the two are separate the less powerful the ability and if the two are separate by a dimension then the connection weakens to the point it disappears. Crow has deemed this ability Caius Sense and it wary of strengthening it or building upon it because he rather not have Caius have access to his most private secrets.

Engineering: Crow has begun to realize that even though his abilities and strengths are valuable he needs a little more and therefore he begun to teach himself some engineering skills so he can build some of his own equipment and weapons. He has some experience in this field because he often is working on his bike Silver as well as working on his indestructible revolver, Quicksilver. Once of his first projects Crow has decided he is going to fix and upgrade Western Fairy's dual rifle combo Fairy Pair he has drawn a base design for the new weapon calling it Fairy Pair Revolution he is also working on trying to make a unique version of Fairy Star and Fairy Dust bullets calling them Storm Cloud bullet.

Fighting Style: Because of his skills with guns and his gunslinger abilities Crow really doesn't need to fight hand to hand but that doesn't stop the cowboy from getting into some fist fights every now and again or fighting an opponent head on. Because a gunslinger needs his hand more than anything, to pull the trigger, if Crow were to throw a punch and break his hand he would be at a severe disadvantage so he trained himself to use a fighting style uses his feet and legs to deliver powerful kick combos as well as his elbows in combos as well so that he doesn't need to rely on throwing punches or at least not throw as many punches as he would using a fighting style similar to boxing. While fighting Crow also seems to move on his toes a lot and is always moving in a large circle around his opponent(s) this is so he able to quickly counter or dodge attacks. With the use of his Relampago ability Crow can is even more deadly he often charges his feet and sometimes hands with electricity so that when he lands a successful blow, whether it be blocked or not, it will paralyze an opponent for a fraction of a second this is sometimes enough to land a finishing blow or just land more and more hits each paralyze his opponent. Crow uses his speed to often attack before an opponent can even react. Crow has developed 3 unique signature moves that he will use on opponents;

  • Hyper Velocity Impact Headbutt: Crow takes advantage of his "hard" head using these move. Crow will grab the opponent holding them close to him then bring his head back he then thrust his head forward using Relampago to accelerated his head. Usually because of the close range nature of this attack a headbutt wouldn't do much but because of the acceleration of his head via the use of his electrical he increases the impact and force of this attack. The headbutt is strong enough to crack a normal man skull and render most people unconscious the attack also has some blow back on the gunslinger it often splits his own head open and leaves him dizzy and dazed after using it but because of his "thick" skull he doesn't suffer anything to severe. He often jokes after using this attack that it was all about using his head for once.
  • Monkey King Toss: Crow runs at his opponent as fast as he can then before he collides into them he jumps up and flips over them in mid air he will grab them either by their head or shoulders. Crow then lands on his feet behind the opponent still holding them; using his own momentum he throws the opponent over his head usually at more foes or a wall turning the victim in a human projectile. This is usually often to beat a normal person and if he throws the person at a group he can often knock out 3 in a group of 5.
  • Gorilla King Toss: A variation on the Monkey King Toss but instead of using his momentum to propel the person forward the Rail-gun uses his momentum to propel the person downward the force is so great it often smashes a person head into the ground burying them up to their neck. It usually results in a instant KO.


This is Crow main ability, this is a unique ability that few are born with in Crow family and even fewer can utilize, it gives Crow the ability to control the electrons in and around his body allowing him to generate and manipulate electricity allowing him to generate electromagnetic fields and lighting. Crow trained with his grandfather (who also posses this power) for most of his young developing and improving his skills with this ability, he has develop a number of unique attacks and even incorporated this ability with his gunslingers talents and his guns. Because the cowboy's powers are capable by controlling electrons, Crow literally has an infinite supply of power to draw on but this does now mean Crow has an infinite amount of stamina he can last as long as someone who trained like he did can last so if he is tired he won't be able to draw on his powers as much as he could when he started at full strength also his concentration plays into this if he is being mentally effected in some way he won't be able to use his powers to the same degree as before. Because Crow body acts like a conductor for his powers he has one main weakness is water especially distilled water or rain because there is no conductive material in them, if Crow is wet no matter if he is soaked and dripping or just moist he loses his powers until he becomes dry again if just a part of him is wet he can't use his powers in that part but he can use his powers where he is dry but despite this he won’t them because it risk him being badly shocked or worst electrocuted and killed. This also goes for Crow's weapons and equipment if his guns are wet than he won't be able to use his powers with them, to dry himself off Crow will attack take a attack head on letting the heat dry him or if he is with his partner/girlfriend he will have her use her Heat based powers to dry himself. But as long as their is some sort of conductive material in the water Crow is not affected by it because he can conductive his powers though that especially if that water contains salt it will not dampen Crow powers but multiplies them by the amount of salt in the water so if Crow is ever thrown into a ocean or salt water source he becomes extremely dangerous. These are a few minor attacks he has developed over the years:

La Hoja (The Blade): (Crow has upgraded and refine this ability though his training) Crow coasts his hand with electrical energy that allows his use his hand like a blade using the "hardening" properties of his lightning. He can easily slice and pierce though steel with the lightning blades. Also not only do the blades cut but because they are still electricity they will shock and electrocute Crow's opponent. In a interesting note it is not actually his hands that are capable of slicing apart metal but the electrical energy instead. The Last Gunslinger can also use this power on both hands for a technique he calls La Hoja: Doble.

La Hoja: Lanza (Spear): (Though his training Crow has refinded this ability as well as La Hoja) Originally being a modification and extension of La Hoja now this is a stand alone ability. The first form was a very jagged and crude looking spear made of electricity now the spear is more refined and compressed actually looking like a spear or very long blade. Also unlike the previous form Crow can use this form freely instead of using La Hoja first allowing him to maintain his distance and still attack his opponent making this a more versatile ability. Also the lightning lance is capable of slicing though steel similar to La Hoja. The distance of the attack has also been increase originally only going up to 10 meters it is now capable of going 5 times that up to 50 mts but Crow claims that he can extend the spear as far as he wants. Once Crow impales a person with the spear he can not manipulate the electricity so that several more blades are form doing more damage then he can send a surge of electricity though the spear to explode at the end. The Gunslinger has upgraded this ability so he can have more of an element of surprise in battle.

Fluya (To Flow): Crow is immune to almost all lightning/electrical attacks because he is able to control the electrons in the attack and channel and redirect though his body and either fire it back at the opponent or harmlessly discharge though the ground. The only lightning Crow can not redirect is divine, lightning that comes from god, and cosmic lightning

Lago (Lake): Crow places his hand on the ground releasing a massive eletrical current thant spreads out around him and shocks the enemy or enemies. Crow use this attack two ways by one either creating a we like area around him made of six electrical currents or he can create a single stream that he can control to attack the opponent even if they move.

Agujas (Needles): Crow creates a bunch of needles made of electricity and fires them in a spread shot at multiple opponents each needle can shock, and paralyze people for 1 second as well as pierce like regular needles.

Escudo (Shield): Using his powers Crow creates an electromagnetic shield form his hand(s) that is about 4 feet all around, 8 feet if using both hands, the shield uses the opposite charges of incoming metal projectiles to repel them away from him as a defense. The downside to this is that it only repels metal objects so it works great against bullets, swords, knives etc. but not so much against energy beams, any elemental attack (expect lightning because he is immune) and people. Crow also has a larger and stronger version of this that creates a 14 feet Omni directional sphere around him that acts similar to the smaller version where it pushes all metal away from him but this difference is the increase in power allows it to repel even the smallest amount of metal found in or on humans but it is still useless against elemental attacks, energy attacks, etc.

Asir (To Grasp): Using an electromagnetic field that he generates 7 feet Omni directionally, the gunslinger can control all magnetic metals. He can levitate enemies’ weapons and debris alike then throw all of this at people, grab objects and weapons he couldn’t reach normally, steal enemy weapons and either use them for himself or make them unusable by bending things like swords to weird shapes or completely dismantling guns.

Araña (Spider): With the use of static electricity the gunslinger gains a spider like ability (hence the name) to stick to walls and ceilings so that he can stand upside down or run up a building vertically. This ability also provides him with a good way to stabilize him while using stronger attacks that would push him back.

Tocar (To Touch): Though direct contact or conductive material Crow can send a electrical jolt to the enemy to paralyze, knock unconscious, or kill (depending on the amount of electricity used) an enemy. Because of his experience and strength with lightning powers can use this attack though several meters even it the conductive material is dirt with a good conductive material for example metal wire, which he often uses, he can extend his reach 150m and even though a weak conductor like rubber he can extend it 99m, of course with better and or worst material the reach increase and decreases. Crow can send the electricity out in a single line or electrocute the whole area depending on how many people he is dealing with.

Railgun: This is Crow most used ability that combines both his Re lampago power and his Gunslinger skill and uses his custom revolver Quicksilver. Crow manipulates electrons and electrical currents within the gun creating a powerful electromagnetic within the gun itself, this creates a railgun like effect. The bullet is pushed out of the gun by the forces that are pushing outwards and downward on the bullet so that when the bullet is shoot out of the barrel it has a greater velocity then a normal bullet would or could ever achieved. Because of it's higher velocities it is affective less by bullet drop and wind drift allowing it to be more accurate and travel further than a normal bullet will, the .45 caliber bullets that Crow uses in Quicksilver reaches a velocity of 11,500 ft/s (Mach 10 at sea level) and can travel 100 miles. Because of the speed and power of the bullet this attack is meant penetrative power, able to pierce though concrete, titanium, incredibly durable metals with ease only few things can stop it, also because the bullet is fired along a lightning bolt with it hits the enemy they will be severely shocked if not electrocute to death. The bullets Crow fire using railgun are unique because they contain no gunpowder what so ever they are just a metal bullet this is because the gunpowder would explode within the gun and negate the attack. Despite the positives to this attack there are some disadvantages the majors one are that Crow can only use this ability with Quicksilver, because the gun is made from the godly metal orichaculum, if he were to try to use this with another common firearm that gun would simply melt and destroyed beyond repair so he can not use it with Black Strom either. Another disadvantage to this is that using Railgun creates an intense amount of heat well over thousands of degrees and even though the orchicalum that makes up the gun can with stand the heat and force that is put on it without being damaged the gunslinger can only use Railgun 6 times a day (6 bullets 6 shots) because the gun would be destroyed from being put though the stress repeatedly meaning he must wait at least 5 minutes before he starts to use it again. The final disadvantage is that Crow must charged up the attack to create the electromagnetic forces needed to propel the bullet outwards he must be in contact with the gun to charge it and it takes about 1 minute to charge if he loses contact with the gun then he loses the charge as well and must start over he can charge it longer for added power and speed but the increases is very small. Even though only Quicksilver can use this attack this does not mean he cant use it without the gun, if he ever is separated from his revolver Crow can use his hand to fire Railgun he holds the bullet between his thumb, index, and middle finger of his right hand and charges his fingers like he does with the gun, this also takes 1 minute, and fires the bullet that way even though this is a nifty trick when he is in a bind it is ill advised because the heat generated would burn his right hand all the way up to his elbow covering it with second degree burns and 3 degree burns along his fingers. In a unique twist Quicksilver is the only gun that can use this attack but at the same time it seems the attack was meant to be use by Quicksilver because it represents the purpose for the revolver to be fast and accurate.

oble Rail-gun: After many weeks of training, constant trial and errors, plenty of painful mistakes Crow developed a stronger version of his signature technique, Rail-gun, unfortunately because of the damage it does to his prized revolver Quicksilver he has rarely use it until he can find away to prevent the destruction of his gun.

Lobo de los Cielos (Wolf of the Skies): One of Crow's most powerful attacks but he can only use it under certain weather conditions, Crow uses his control of electrons to affect in the electrons in the clouds he creates a lightning bolt and summons it down to earth the lightning takes the form of a giant wolf made of lightning. Crow can almost control the wolf and guide it to his opponent bringing down upon them; this attack electrocutes enemies to death, destroy entire buildings, and shut down electrical devices all around him. Interestingly once this attack strike and dissipates the air in then filled with electrons that can power all of Crow other abilities. Crow's control of this attack varies from time to time sometimes he has good control over it other though he barely has any control this all depends on a number of variables from outside sources, to Crow condition at the time (both physically and mentally), his stamina, and finally the heat the colder the temperature the harder it is for him to control.

Gunslinger Skills:

Accuracy: Combine with his superhuman sight and his training as a Gunslinger Crow accuracy is prefect especially when it comes to using pistols or guns, he is skilled enough that he can shoot both hands even though his right is his dominant hand. Crow is capable of firing accurately even under the craziest of circumstances; in mid air, dodging, running , flipping, twisting, and any other crazy acrobatic movements there are under the sun. Crow can shoot a moving can in the same spot with multiple bullets while he was "rusty" (he was only off with two bullet by half an inch). Crow is capable of hitting his target even after shooting though a crowd of people; his most skillful trick though is shooting enemies’ bullet out of the air with his own bullets. Crow takes pride in both his superior eye sight and accuracy becoming slightly annoyed and upset when he miss a target during practice becoming terrified that his skills are regressing. Crow skill is not just limited to using guns he is also skilled with throwing knives, needles, and shurkien throwing them accurately but not as accurate as he is with a gun this is probably because of the size of the weapon the smaller the object the throwing the more accurate he becomes once using pebbles to change the trajectory of a bullet in mid air.

Trajectory Reading: Crow can read the trajectory, speed, etc. of any bullet fired from any gun allowing him to easily dodge doing this has basically become almost like breathing for Crow he does this subconsciously. The only time he has shown to but a conscious effort into this is when multiple automatic weapons are involved but even then it second nature to him.

Overcharged: This is a unique ability to Crow that he developed as part of his Gunslinger training after he past the test it combines both his gunslinger skills and his Relampago powers. Crow super charges his entire body with electricity to increase his reflexes and movement even beyond their normally superhuman speed. The ability increases his focus so that the can see things moving at velocities that his normally superhuman vision wouldn't be able to see so it seems that things are moving slowly to him. It also helps his accuracy when moving because normally moving so fast would make his vision blurry Overcharged allows him to focus while moving so fast and be more accurate while firing. Unfortunately this attack is not without it's kinks and downsides the long term effects are severe muscle strain and over sensitive nerves but additionally it is believed an extreme over use of this ability will cause sever brain damage from exposing the more sensitive parts to so much electricy. The immediate side effects of using this ability are disorientation, and his body needs to readjust to their normal reaction time so it leaves a 30 second window where his movement are slower than normal and a brief period, 10 seconds, of dimmed vision. Crow controls the time and strength he charges his body with electricity but he has purposely limit himself to 5 minutes length and 10 minutes before he uses it again to prevent all the negative side effects or at least keep them to a minimal. Enemies can tell when he is using Overcharged because electricity will begin to arc off his body and his eyes are glowing cobalt blue.

Hyper Overcharged:

"The Trick": Known over the years by different names; "The five finger special", "Sanchez's dirty secret", "Reloader", etc. is a special trick that allows Crow to reload his guns in a fraction of a second so that it almost seems like he can keep firing and never runs out of ammo even people who can read high speed movements can't even tell is reloading his guns.

Quick Draw: Another simple technique it teaches Gunslingers to draw their weapon (usually a gun) and fire a single shot as fast as they can. Crow fastest draw less than a fraction of a second Crow has improved upon this under his own training so that he can fire multiples shots in the Quick Draw and even with multiple shots he is able to fire in under a second. This along with his other abilities makes Crow not only the fastest gun in possible the world but a deadly opponent in a showdown or gunfight and a cinch to win any quick draw contest. But despite this Crow refuses to take part in any kind of contest like this unless being force to or under certain condition feeling that he has a unfair advantage often saying "A guy in spandex who sprays sticky goo on people once said with great power comes great responsibility".

Reflect Shot: A trick shot that few has truly mastered let alone understand Crow figure out the idea of this attack and how to utilize after an incident involving his sister and a soccer ball. Crow fires his gun at first what appears to be randomly but he is actually shooting at object around him so that the bullet bouncing off them and possible other objects in the vicinity so that they hit the target at different angels making this a near impossible shot to block. Crow usually utilizes this shot with the aid of his special "Bouncer" Bullets.

Weapons and Items

Quicksilver: This is the gun Crow uses with his right hand it is contain in the right holster around his waist. This gun is specially made out of the strongest metal known in the world, Orichalcum which is second only to Trion, making it indestructible capable of withstanding bullets, swords, fists, lasers, etc. and still fire properly the gun can withstand temperatures over 10000 degrees above and below zero. It appears to be a cross between an ornate revolver and desert eagle the gun has a white handle, most of the barrel is silver with a few bit of gold detail and a red lantern, which was made for him after taking the gunslinger test by his childhood friend Abby, attached to the handle. This gun is meant for quick firing and precision. The gun sports a 6 round chamber like a normal revolver allowing Crow to use "The Trick" on it pretty easily it fires .45 caliber bullets as well as Crow's custom bullets. This is the gun Crow can be seen using most of the time because of its significant emotional value to him it is actually the gun Crow's grandfather had made for him for his gunslinger test when he was 14 and since then Crow has kept it over since only upgrading or fixing it when the time came for it. This gun is one of Crow prized possessions along with his cowboy hat and the gift from Toni and therefore anyone who would dare ruin this weapon or take it often suffers the wrath of the gunslinger. Orcichalcum is said to be the metal that the Greek Gods weapons were made of and therefore the gun may have some sort of holy or divine powers but this has yet to be shown.

Silver: This is Crow main mode of transportation he custom build Harley Davidson named after the iconic horse of the hero known as the Lone Ranger of the television show of the same named that Crow always and still loves. (Because I'm not a motorcycle expert I'm not going to try and go into the technical aspects likes engines and all that.) The entire bike is colored silver and chrome expect for a gold writing on the side of the gas tank that reads "Hi-Ho!" the bike sports the VRod design and has a Revolution engine capable of going 200mph, The bike is made of an incredible strong metal allow to withstand most explosive, extremely high temperatures, strikes, etc. It also contains a custom build holster on the bike it self to contain his revolvers and some saddle bags to hold his other equipment and weapons. Crow cares for his motorcycle deeply and when not working or busy he will sometimes be found working on the bike tinkering with it. Crow has modify his prized bike as of Runway giving a few secret tricks that he has not reveled. His recent training and studying of engineering has assisted him to upgrade his bike.

Crow's Cowboy Hat: Even though this is not a weapon, piece of equipment or anything similar Crow's hat is an important part of his arsenal and possibly the one that holds the most sentimental value to him. The hat is a brown color and looks worn and beat because it been around so long there is a grayish silver band around the top that has long lost its luster but surprising there is no rips or holes in the hat because anytime one form Crow is quick to mend the hat whether he does it himself or have someone else do it this becomes a top priority. The hat originally belonged to Crow's grandfather, and it is believe that it was past down from generation to generation, his grandfather gave him the hat one day after training when Crow was feeling down because he was progressing the way he wanted after a lecture about the meaning of heroes his grandfather told him that the hat had helped him when he needed and now it was time Crow needed it. Since then Crow has worn the hat with pride rarely taking it off expect when sleeping (using it to cover his eyes from the sun) in respect or incase he is worried something will happen to it. Despite the hat not having any powers of any kind it increases Crow mental resistance under some circumstances when ever Crow looks at it he is reminded of his grandfather and the words he left him that the hat will help when needed and in some extreme cases Crow has resisted the strongest mental control and influences completely. It is believed because the hat was worn by some many people with incredible powers the hat has collected some of their strength and imbedded into its powers by this reasoning the hat which has been worn by generations of Gunslingers, Legends, Icons, etc. has power that dwarfs gods.

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