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Hi People of Vice:D.

I was thinking about ways we can help, I am starting work on a thread called FAQ - Submissions, So anybody with a subs question or just general questions in general:D can be answered and maybe break up some confusion and then I got to thinking, what do Vicers thats you guys, want from your mods, Is there anything we can do to make it an vice a easier place to hang, Like an easy site rules. Perhaps prize now and again for the best subbed page voted for by you guys ( I have a few Manags/Anime I could get rid of), What can we do to have you more involved in Vice and what in return can we do to keep the great standard we have going on vice?

So this is me asking you guys, I hope to have the thread for subbing up in a few days, but if anyone has ideas for it let me know.

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