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 Ghost In The Shell Gets some momentum
 Ghost In The Shell Gets some momentum

Well with Comics bursting onto our screens at an alarming rate and the world of American movies looking for a new source to pull from, it seems that leap over the pond is not as far as they thought! So far we have had disappointments and I made a blog about my fears for our fav animes getting taken advantage for in the future. Well here we are at the start of the new year and with new year comes new news on the horizon for live action animes.

Laeta Kalogridis has just submitted the script for Ghost In The Shell and it has also been reported that Alex Tse (watchman) has finished of his script for Wanner Brothers adaption of Ninja Scroll so we may see even more news on that coming across the waves sometime soon. Now there is even news that Vampire Hunter D is getting worked on for a live action adaption as well and the man behind it is Hideyuki Kikuchi himself!

But the sad news is that we will most likely have to wait another year before we see Anime Live Action flood are screens, in fact if you’re an anime fan get ready for 2011 it’s going to be wild, Why I hear you ask, well after digging and hunting and looking, I came across dates for a few of the films and lets just have a little look what 2011 has to offer shall we. 

2011 the year of Anime

Angel : Still has a date in 2011 but rumors around say this may be on hold until James Cameron finish’s work on Avatar 2

Cowboy Bebop: Are we holding out hope that it’s going to keep that awesome feel from the series, I know I am

Voltron: With the transformers movie hitting hard and fast (3 movie already on it’s way) of course we should expect more from this but as of yet looks like it may only be a Japanese release!

Ghost In The Shell: Well what can be said about this, if it’s done right awesome if not …..

Dragonball 2 : Reborn: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo wait…. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

 Full Metal Panic: Yet again I don’t have much detail as of yet but yep it’s got a green light for live action in 2011 as well.

  Bubblegum Crisis : again I don’t have much detail as of yet but yep it’s got a green light for live action in 2011 as well.

And of course Akira still set for the silver screen in 2013.

But even with all this seemingly great news lets look at a track run from American Live Action Animes:   Speed Racer 0_o, Dragon Ball Evo  -_-, Astro boy it was a shame that this sucked! Blood The last Vampire Sucked so much. So do we have high hopes for the future I have to right!

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 JLA VS Avenger = $$$
 JLA VS Avenger = $$$

This may sound strange, but I was thinking (dangerous I know). But over in comic land we have cross over’s all the time, JLA and Avengers, Ultimate Powers, Dream Wars and the list continues. But this is easy to do because a large group of comic heroes is based in one universe and that both universes are close enough to reflect well off each other. So is there a place in Manga for this to happen more then it does, would we like to see a One Piece and Naruto cross over, or even a Lupin and Cowboy bebop, is there a market for something like this in the Manga community or is it just a pipe dream. It can also be a big money winner for the companies and often may cause the fans to be up in arms but they will always buy it so why not ?

It would allow for interesting stories, but I like how everything that happens in Manga (not anime) is canon and follows the story, this is a problem in comic world for the fans at least, im sure we have all met a storm or Hulk fan boy who has shown us a scan of Hulk punching out superman or storm almost killing (insert unimportant name here). But would this really happen in Manga, I could see it happening on a smaller level but not with the bigger characters   I don’t know why I just don’t think it would happen. We have even seen comics make the leap into the Manga world with the X-men misfits and Batman Death Mask and Childern Of Dreams,  so what if Bleach went DC on us . 

 Joker Invades Bleach 0_o
 Joker Invades Bleach 0_o

As much as I would like to see this happen if only it was once and just something for fun, I don’t ever see the companies working on something like this, the diversity between Manga universe are sometimes tiny and other times huge so I guess im just typing out loud.

Anyway if they ever did do a cross over what would you like to see, what would the story be and how would you do it?

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Well im not going to go into to much detail as I am sure most of you are going to read this. But this issue was a let down for me, I honestly thought the battle between Kakashi and Sasuke was going to be the stuff of legends but sadly it did not even get to a level I would be happy to call a battle, it was more like a spat. That a side it was a more touching issue and we get to see a certain females true colours and the ending just sparks more questions as we wait until next week for the answers. All in all this was not a great read and im off to go back to One Piece for greatness. Sadly it just seems a little weak all round and a little rushed to get to the end result, it was a shame to see this issue come off the back of the last one, but maybe the next one will draw my attention.

If you want some spoilers then click the link below if not, then go read the issue.

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Kick Ass 
Kick Ass 
Super Hero (No he is a real one...even thought of the Name himself) 
Super Hero (No he is a real one...even thought of the Name himself) 
  Well with Kickass mania waiting mean to hit the screens, I wondered how many “Real” super heroes working in the world today. “I   mean why has no one tried to do it?” obviously there is a danger to the job, like getting your ass kicked, falling from tall buildings with a single bounce and of course a good tailor! But no it’s true they are out there and yes they are registered!!!! so put that in your pipe and smoke it tony stark. That’s right if you have the willingness and skill to protect the streets don’t think you are by yourself oh no you have numerous….um people to call on, such as Superhero who takes his fight to the scum of Florida.  Superhero is a real-life superhero independently sanctioned by the Clearwater Police Department, does missions to help them out, roadside assistance for people, and in addition to the many charity missions he has done before, he has rescued lives of people who were in car accidents. Or let not forget about people in the Uk who do we have protecting the streets against the evil…. (seriously we need to make a Super villains team).   


Black Arrow Hero Of The UK 
Black Arrow Hero Of The UK 

 But anyway not to worry every one we have we have Black Arrow (no relation). She serves justice to those who deserve it. I give advice and guidance. But I am not just here for the people, I am here for the animals and the environment, for they are part of this world. Best thing about it and yes im going to include the link to the page, is that these guys may dress up and to some seem comical, but they actually do help. Not so much with the busting skulls and kicking ass side of things, there is one woman who makes sure drunk woman are not taking advantage of. Another  like a “hero” called I'm Geist, a real person doing something out of the ordinary and somewhat unorthodox to attempt to make my city of Rochester, Minnesota a better, kinder and safer place. My personal cause is the Forgotten, those overlooked by mainstream society. If there is a crisis situation, I have training and equipment to aid myself and others. My equipment and methods are completely legal. I'm prepared to make Citizen's Arrests if necessary. But he in fact helps the homeless leaving them food and blankets to keep the warm. I mean they might not be swinging from web to web, flying in the sky, but they are helping where they can.


But Maybe we are looking at the Heroes of the future! 
But Maybe we are looking at the Heroes of the future! 

I may not have painted them in the best picture because I do find some of there costumes (Well you will see) but these are people trying to do that little to help out, no matter how insane they may look, it’s only fair to give them a little clap if you see them running by, just for having the b@lls to live the dream that we all know is insane, but it’s still a fight that needs to be fought. But check them out maybe you have a hero in your neighbourhood, don’t look to the sky, look to the streets they are out there:   Superhero Registry  




 So I say make them work for it, lets see if we can start an community of evil, I mean we will have to break some laws and also dress up in costume 0_o na lets just leave it to the semi pro's , the world seems to have enough problems without us XD.

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Well as some of you know we have sisters sites that are also made by whiskey media, so I decide that I would make a quick run down of each site so any new users will be aware of their presence. So lets start with the one site that started it all off.  





Has now been around for a little over three years and was the brain child of    G-Man , Red L.A.M.P and Captain Cascader the site soon became one of the top comic book encyclopedia source for comics on the web. But the site was more then that and now has interviews with the likes of Stan lee under their belt, over the last year comic vine has popped up more articles and news about comics then another site I know, there is not a day that goes by where Babs or G-man have not brought something new to the table. Comicvine is more of a large community then just an encyclopedia for comics. Later it also produced a large RPG community and a very large battle forum both of which are highly popular between the users on that site. In general comicvine is much as it sound, the perfect home for comic users, sometimes it is a bit unfriendly towards anime users but this is mainly due to the massive divide between the two groups and the makers of comic vine soon came up with a home for all the anime fans that found there way to Comicvine but im getting a head of myself. 



Giant Bomb: 

The little sister to comicvine, it has been going for about two years where comicvine focused on comics this site focused on Gamers. Once again Giantbomb is an encyclopedia site but purely just for computer games. If you have an Xbox, PS3 or even a wii this is the site for you, the hottest news and reviews for games is up almost every week. This site is very focused on games and helping in anyway they can with your gamer needs, Looking to start a clan for cod then this is the place to head, they have users who rank for noobs to gods and you can link your achievements accounts to your Giantbomb user name to show off and find out how rare some of the achievements you have actually are. Unlike its other two sister sites giant bomb does not have an RPG community or a battle forum and for good reason they don’t need it, the forums speak for themselves. This is a must for any gamer looking for information on any game. Sadly as I don’t spend much time over on the site I can’t tell you what staff members are really active over there but wait till the end of the blog to read over the THINGS YOU MUST DO WHEN GOING ONTO A NEW SITE.  





The youngest of the three sites at a mere one year old, But still just as fun as any of its bigger sisters. Animevice is a fun and more chilled out site then the two above, its forums don’t move as fast as the other two and this maybe because of its age, but you will soon get to know most of the regular users over there. Now almost every day you will meet an article by one of the Staff members gia or John_Martone each one is worth a read and is far as I know Animevice is the only site that gives a full update on what’s happening within the whiskey world once a week. The site has already started to pick up with more users then what comic vine started with and it wont be long before the younger sister is just as popular as its older ones. Now with that said Animevice is much like comicvine but for Anime fans and does everything comicvine does but for anime/manga based fans. Again Animevice is a encyclopedia site with a growing RPG community and a very lively battles section but it is still young and finding it’s feet but still one of the best Anime /   Manga sites around.  

Behind The Curtain


Now I have mentioned a few staff members in this blog but I don’t want you to forget the ones that work behind the scenes to make sure these sites keep running they way they do, so if you visit the sites just remember the pain staking coding that goes into these to make them the way they are. Also let’s not forget the Mods on each site who work for free to keep the site running smoothly from a users point of view.


Its actually very simple on the whiskey sites as a few of the mods on each site have made a thread on the forums that outline the rules of the site and things that may help you around the forums, It also list the Mods you can talk to if problems should arise on the site. My strongest suggestion is not to just jump on the forums if you are new but check out each of the links below on the rules for each site and say hi in their hi/good bye threads that are pinned at the top of the forums on each site.

AnimeVice FAQ thread : Guides, FAQs, & Your Mod Squad - The Compounded Thread

Comicvines FAQ Thread: Site Rules and FAQ's

Giantbomb Faq Thread: Site Rules & FAQs


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