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So Megahouse is probably the most popular creators and distributors of One Piece collectible figures, and maybe half a year ago they started releasing the Strawhat's as they appear in the New World. Being a massive fan of the One Piece (it is my favorite anime) I decided to shell out the money and buy all the figures. Up until this point only five of the crew members have been released. I'll add the others as I get them. (Chopper will be up shortly). Hope you guys enjoy the reviews.

Monkey D. Luffy:

Roronoa Zoro:



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Honestly, it sorta broke my heart to see him go and actually attempt to kill Sakura. Not only that, but attempt to do it behind her back. I mean he tried to kill Naruto back during their first encounter, but was obviously stopped, and back then I thought nothing of it, but him trying to get Sakura in the back killed. I mean his character has reached a place that seems to have no point of return. 
My original feeling was that there would be another time skip in which Naruto had become Hokage, and Sasuke had formed his own village and thus had become the Kage of that village (maybe Sound?), and the two would clash, leading to a battle where maybe both of them die, but preferably not. If they did die, I would hope for one of the last frames to be Sakura holding a child with blond hair.
Another thing that bugged me, was when Sakura said I love you Naruto, my mind was blown, because the scene was playing out exactly how I wanted it too. Finally Sakura had realized how much Naruto cared, and she returned that affection. But of course all that went to hell as well. I don't know about you guys, but I'm one of those people who wants Naruto to get with Sakura, way more then with Hinata. Hinata is nice and all, but I thought it was all leading in that direction. Let's hope it does.
End rant.
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