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From the age of five Julius and Mary McCoy knew their son was different. With an incomparable linguistic ability and immense resistance to injury only the surface of a deep reservoir of immaculate of uncanny superhuman ability, Marcus McCoy was the prodigal son of the Philadelphia family. Though bright, and powerful, the boy was raised no different from any other child. Instilled with a strong sense of morality and justice Marcus grew up to be a humble teenager.

His charismatic attitude and natural charm afforded him many friends, some of which at times abused his kindred spirit. Through the strife he continued through his high school years with a B average, uninterested in the inescapable attention associated with the perfect scores he was capable of achieving.

Sports captured his attention early, but the fear of revealing his incredible powers coupled with the doubt of actual competition drew him to more intellectual extracurricular activities. An avid debater, he was awarded many prizes for his efforts with the help of what would be a long time friend in Louis Crucey.

Now we enter the year 2013. Marcus is now a freshman at Lehman College. He has rented out a small studio apartment in the confines of the Big Apple. Four months within the lively borough of Manhattan had altered Marcus drastically. The once mild mannered kid from Newark was now an arrogant lothario, quite comfortable flaunting his illusive strength and strikingly quick wit.

With a wily group of rambunctious college youth Marcus, now using the moniker "Light" took off with entourage on an extensive road trip to Miami. For hours the team rolled on, christening the opening moments with alcohol and cigarettes, none of which McCoy partook in.

Far into route one, the foolish driver had finally reached his breaking point. His head sunk to the right as he lost consciousness and with it went the wheel. The tires screeched as the 2 ton Escalade swerved into the lane divider at just under 100 mph.

The disaster played in slow motion within the confines of McCoy's super human mind and yet he remained motionless. With all his power, in this moment, fear seized him by the throat. Befuddled by the sudden danger he simply watched, unharmed as the vehicle crushed and carved his comrades into bloody pools of flesh.

When the car finished its final roll Marcus was gone. For what would be the second time in his life he actually flew through the sky. Yet, in this liberty he found no solace. Haunted by the horror that scarred his soul Marcus decided to start a campaign against suffering. Uphold the moral values he was raised upon and embrace his power for the good of mankind.


Name: Marcus McCoy

Alias: Light

Identity: Secret

Age: 19

Height 5'10"

Weight: 211 lbs.

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Hazel

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Personality: Marcus McCoy is a mild mannered introvert, consistent in his habits. With such a quiet posture one could miss him in a quick glance around the room. Those that take the time to talk to him will be surprised by his insight and charisma.

Light can be described as egotistical, boastful, and arrogant. Overly confident in his abilities he has a tendency to be a bit combative in conversation and is quick to dismiss someone who he believes can't keep up either mentally or physically.

Strength: His confidence can proved undying, resulting in a version of fuel that can keep him going in the toughest battles.

Weakness: Conflicts with keeping up the act of being a cocky superhero and his ethics often divert his attention and disrupt his judgement, effectually slowing down his reaction time.


Super human strength with no known limit. Light has picked up cars with his feet, and launched footballs into the sun.

Super speed capable of out running a jet and making a cross country trip in mere seconds

So far, no material has been able to pierce his skin. Yet he has never exposed himself to anything beyond a steel knife.

Gravity has no physical effect on Light, granting him the ability of flight. Coupled with his durability and natural speed Light can travel through the far reaches of space at superluminal speeds.

His super strength extends to his organs allowing him to expel and contain incredible amounts of air.

Each of his senses operate on a level far beyond a human being, allowing him to see in macroscopic, microscopic, telescopic, and x-ray forms of vision.

Through the harnessing of the extreme amounts of energy providing Light with his power, he can project it in the form of a ray of super heated light from his eyes, capable of burning with the intensity of the a star

Light Stats
Date Joined: Dec. 7, 2008
Gender: Male
Alignment: Good
Points: 314 Points
Ranked: Ranked #620 of 43,740
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