So in order to prepare myself for the new adaptation of the Fate series by Ufotable, I have begun playing the visual novel of fate/stay night and I just have to say I have instantly fallen for Rin's character all over again. (Not in the romantic way)She had me laughing. I think I should go for the UBW route first.
7 hours, 56 minutes ago
LHWKnight replied to the topic FATE/ZERO VS ATTACK ON TITAN on the General Discussion board.
Fate/Zero over Attack on Titan, but only slightly, unlike most I find it hard to say one series is better than the other in a lot of cases.ex. I like Outlaw star just as much as I like Cowboy bepop or ghost in the shell.Or I like Tenchi muyo just as much as I like Dragon ball z or Fate/stay night.Sorry I'm rambling again.
7 hours, 57 minutes ago
LHWKnight replied to the topic The Ecchi Club on the Ecchi board.
@takashichea: Yes a pull would be for the best in this situation.
8 hours, 4 minutes ago
@takashichea: I need to rewatch season 1 because I can't seem to remember anything, besides the parts that had e laughing my head off.
9 hours, 2 minutes ago
Where did Marie-chan go and Naoto is my second favorite girl after Marie.
18 hours, 15 minutes ago
@takashichea:He should got to megamitensei.wikia
18 hours, 20 minutes ago
Shit has hit the fan and Bazett the enforcer has come to administer some discipline.Kirei probably sent her XDAlso that Butler was badass, why is it that every butler in anime have to be badass.Seriously sending Bazett was overkill and if she has the avenger card I am going to be so done XD.Irisveil is a real piece of work.God that animation was so good.
2 days, 9 hours ago
@takashichea: Okay Mime is tiny, but I didn't think she was that small lmao Lolita much xDEpisode 8 was truly amazing. Bulat's death, Tatsumi inheriting Incursio.Bulat was my favorite character and he went out like a man.anybody think of Gohan's death from the history of trunks, when Tatsumi finally broke down?
5 days, 15 hours ago
LHWKnight replied to the topic The Ecchi Club on the Ecchi board.
@takashichea: pretty good, but Sakurai has a lot more butty than in this picture lmao.pict
1 week, 2 days ago
Poor Shiro, he just can't seem to catch a brake lmao. It looks like is only salvation would be Kiritsugu returning home.I sometimes feel as if Irisviel does not completely acknowledge Shiro, Stella seems to think Shiro is trying to corrupt Illya, Kuro is coming on to him, and Illya takes her anger out on him everytime she sees Kuro in bed with him. Liz is the only one not ...
1 week, 2 days ago
@Marshal Victory: @AgentFakku: Okay it's one thing when you as the audience realize that this is a harem, but it's something entirely different when the MC confirms that this is indeed a harem lmao."Are you part of my harem?" XD Takayama deserves a gold medal for that one.Sakurai was upset to learn that Takayama wanted to be a driver instead of staying on the force with her and the others.When ...
2 weeks ago
Hey You! XD Marie is just way too cute.This episode focuses on Adachi's back story, through the eyes of YuI wonder if they are going to get to cover Marie's whole story in this.
2 weeks ago
@takashichea: @Bigheart711: Well the true route is in fact the Saber route and routes like UBW & HF are in the same boat as Kaleid, in the sense that they are different routes.You can say that Kaleid is what happens if Kiritsugu chose to take Illya and Iri away before they got involved in the holy grail wars, Making this his second route, much like how UBW and HF are ...
2 weeks, 1 day ago
Dammit that lady did die and Kanaki would do nothing put cover the daughters eyes and face as he watch on terrified.Touma then tries to challenge the old man that killed the woman with her rabbit mask on to hide her face, but of course she get beat by the psycho.Kanaki then finally dawns the mask.Overall this was a good episode.
2 weeks, 1 day ago
@takashichea: I understand were you're coming from and you are welcome.
2 weeks, 1 day ago
@takashichea: In the original series, Illya was born eight years before the end of holy grail wars and so she is a year or so older than Shiro who was 17 ten years later at the start of stay/night
2 weeks, 1 day ago
So I guess it is safe to call this the Illya and kuro Illya route. still wish she was still 18 like in the original seriesIrisviel is back and is scary as hell, both behind the wheel and when it comes to punishment time.Kuro is the vessel of the holy grail and her actions are understandable.she finally had the breakdown that I had been anticipating for the last week and ...
2 weeks, 2 days ago
Episode 6 was intense, this is an episode. Sheele's death at the hands of that psycho chick and Tatsumi was seriously pissed.That little dog and the girl are both insane, how the hell do you kill that thing.Exdeath is back in the capital now, night-raid is in for a fight.
2 weeks, 5 days ago
Two-face ripoff XD.The violence in this episode was pretty cool and we got a lot of reveals.They built the tension well in this episode.That professor guy has a mental ability that reminds me of Charles.
3 weeks ago
Wait so the girl with the thing covering her eye was that person he shared a room with. Should have saw that coming.
3 weeks ago
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