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Well, I decided that I'm gonna take the charge of the weekly review of Fate/Zero.

The first episode was indeed impresive, Ufotable never dissapoints us with its productions like for example Mobile Gundam Suit SEED and Kara no kyoukai.

Also a chapter of 47 minutes? the serie is gonna be 25 episodes long, so what do you think? is this 47 episode only a large episode of introduction?, or its indeed a signal that means that all episodes will be long ones?

At last I would like to say, that I liked the six new (old in really) masters, all of them had different motivations, and all personalities were different too. I picture Emiya being less talkative. And the six new servants only showed in a gloomy way except Gilgamesh and Saber we all know why this of course, also what about the seventh master and his servant?

To finalize my review of this week I wanted to leave to you the opening, but it was deleted for copyright issues I believe, however the theme song was Oath performed by LiSA.

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