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just finished wiki editing for one of my favorite manga series that wasn't on the site. Im so glad they got approved. first official project!
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1. Lucy Heartfilia

I really like Lucy as an anime character. She is a lot like me in some ways and i just really love her personality. She is also not extremely gorgeous and is just a typical teenage girl, which i like. I also like the fact that she can be humorous at times and i really love her growing relationships with Happy and Natsu in the series. I would say she is going to be one of my favorites once i finish the seies. I also like how she fights back and has a strong heart and is willing to go out of her comfort zone to help someone or defeat a monster. She also never abandons her friends.

2. Nagisa Furukawa

Nagisa is one of my favorite anime characters because of her pure heart and love to help others. She is so sweet and can always find the good in a situation even if its bad. Her and Tomoya make the cutest couple!

3. Natsu Dragneel

I love his character and his humorous yet determined personality. His look also is very unique and he is attractive. He never gives up and always tries his best in a fight, He is a good friend to Lucy and his relationship with Happy is my favorite! His overall character is very unique and i love him. I also really like his powers and his back story because i really like dragons.

4. Happy

Happy is so hilarious and one of my favorite characters that i can count on to make me laugh, always! He is so cute with his voice and looks and how he always has something funny to say about everything. His relationship with Natsu, and now Lucy is very strong and well put together to form an overall good friendship.

5. Asuna

I love Asuna not just because she is beautiful but also because she is strong and not a weakling in the show. She can fight just as good or even better then most of the guys in the anime and that is awesome! I also really like how much love and dedication she shows towards Kirito and what a good companion she is for him. She always has his back and her love for him is very strong. She is also such a good person and so bright.

6. Yui

Yui is such a cute character and i love her so much! She shows so muvh love towards Kirito and Asuna calling them Mama and Papa and she is always there to help them throughout their journey.

7. Kirito

Kirito is seriously one of my favorite anime guys. He is tempted with so much in the anime, with girls throwing themselves at him and yet he stays strong and always does whats right. He is one that never disappoints. He is also so strong and is always helping other people. The love that he shows for Asuna is true love and he is so dedicated and in love with her that he will literally do anything for her. Another thing that i like about him is that he never gives up and always fights his hardest no matter how risky the fight is. I love how much respect he shows for women in the anime too.

8. Tohru Honda

The very first anime i watched was Fruits Basket and i have always loved Tohru's character. She is always so sweet and willing to help others. She always thinks of others before herself and never loses her temper. She is good in the kitchen and also really good at keeping people from fighting. She will always be a great role model for me in my life as she teaches me and many others, to never give up and always do your best.

9. Kyo Sohma

Even though he tends to lose his temper a lot, deep down he is a really nice person. For all the little things he does for Tohru are so sweet and even though he can be a jerk most of the time, that kind of personality fits his character and i think he is super attractive.

10. Yuki Sohma

I really like how his character is personality wise and how unique it is. His voice is very calming and he is really sweet and respectful to Tohru. but i am still a Kyo fan and like him a lot better.

11. Shigure Sohma

He is so funny!! I love his character and how he always seems to lighten the mood whenever he is around.

12. Tomoya Okazaki

I love Tomoya and his tragic back story. Even though he went through so much, he is still so respectful to Nagisa and he is amazing. He is a great friend too and always there for them. And he is attractive.

13. Ushio Okazaki

She is so cute!! And she takes after her mom in personality and looks. I love her character and how she is so determined.

14. Ryuuji Takasu

I really like him because he is a great cook and takes good care of himself. And he is a really great person though many people overlook that due to the way his eyes look. But once someone gets to know him he is extremely nice.

15. Yuri Nakamura

This series is great because Yuri is one of the main characters. Her back story is so tragic yet she still is such a strong leader and never shows weakness to her group. She is also very smart and pretty.

16. Yuzuru Otonashi

He is such an amazing character in the anime and i love him!! He is so sweet and always wants to help others in both worlds. He showed so much love for his little sister and is really respectful to all the girls. He is also attractive.

17. Naruto Uzumaki

I really like how funny he is and how he is a loner and a trouble maker and he is still a hard working student.

18. Thor Klein

I really like his determination and what a great leader he is. I also think he is super attractive when he gets older. I don't like him as much when he is younger though but he isn't that bad. and i also think that his personality is very calm when he gets older and he seems really wise.

19. Third

He is really attractive and loyal. And always has been there for Thor. He is also very smooth with how he does things and i like his hair and he is funny and really skilled with a sword.

20. Tiz

I really liked Tiz when she was younger but when she got older her short hair really bugged me and how pushy she was with Thor. But what i did like about her was how loyal she was to Thor even though she knew he didn't like her like that.

21. Klein

I like him because he is really dedicated and a good friend to Kirito all the way to the end. I also like his hair and is is funny.

22. Lisbeth

I really like her character and was sad for her when she found out about Asuna and Kirito. She is really good at what she does, making weapons and she is also very sweet and always smiling. I also like her pink hair.

23. Edward Elric

I love Edward and how determined he is and how is willing to fight or his family. He is also really attractive and i love his voice.

24. Riza Hawkeye

She is an awesome character and i love how brave she is. I also like her relationship with Mustang.

25. Roy Mustang

I really like him and like how he is always helping Ed and Al and how is not afraid to fight.

26. Winry Rockbell

She is really awesome and it is cool how she can build automail and she is really sweet.

27. Van Hohenheim

I really like him and even though he left ed and al when they were young he had a good excuse and he has good intentions at heart and was never evil. He was also a good dad too.

28. Alphonse Elric

Al is one of those characters that is hard or impossible to hate. He just has this sense to him that you can tell he has a kind spirit and just wants to do his best and help Ed.

29. Elie

I like her because she is tough and also funny and is an interesting character.

30. Haru Glory

I think he is an awesome character and really attractive. I love how he is so respectful towards his sister and never forgets what she teaches him.

31. Zero Kiryuu

I think that he is so attractive and i love how he looks out for Yuuki! He is also very brave and mysterious.

32. Yuuki Cross

I really like her and her back story in this anime. I like what a strong person she is, fighting against the vampires to keep the normal students safe.

33. Belldandy

I love her because she is so sweet and pure and innocent. I also like how she is so dedicated to Keiichi and she really loves him.

34. Noriko Tachiki

She is such an amazingly sweet character! There is nothing i dislike about her. :

35. Minori Kushieda

I love her personality and how active she is with having jobs and joining clubs and she reminds me a lot of myself.

36. Taiga Aisaka

I like her tough personality but small size. I also like how she will always stick up for herself.

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