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just finished wiki editing for one of my favorite manga series that wasn't on the site. Im so glad they got approved. first official project!
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Characters That Annoy Me
1. Takeyama

I absolutely hate this character!! if he wasn't in the anime, the show would be a lot better. Because all he says is call him a certain name and i think that is disrespectful and he is really stupid.

2. Karim

Her characer really annoys me because she acts like she can have every guy just because of her looks. I also don't like how she kinda stole Thor from Tiz in like 2 days when Tiz has known him forever. Also she is a cheater, kissing both Thor and Zagi and i just don't like her at all.

3. Zagi

I liked his character in the beginning of the anime but later on when he hit Karim i realized he was a bad guy. But i kinda started to feel sorry for him in the end.

4. Kuradeel

He has just always bugged me and never seemed like i could trust him. In the end he was crazy and i was glad he died.

5. Gluttony

He is just really annoying in how he just eats everything and his look is creepy and ugly.

6. Sloth

She is trying to imitate a great person when she is evil and plays with ed and al's emotions.

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