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just finished wiki editing for one of my favorite manga series that wasn't on the site. Im so glad they got approved. first official project!
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Anime's That I Have Finished Watching
1. Clannad

Loved this anime and will always be one of my favorites! Dislikes: A lot of swearing Likes: Good touching story line and the character relationships are strong. Tear jerker

2. Suzuka

Likes: Good Main characters and i guess it is a good love story, But i really liked it just because of Yamato. Dislikes: Unnecessary nude girls and sexual scenes that were awkward and should not have been put in.

3. Fruits Basket

Likes:god solid characters, good love story and interesting storyline Dislikes: too much swearing and the gay atmosphere of some of the characters is very awkward.

4. Sword Art Online

One of the best animes by far! Likes:Amazing story line and really interesting characters. Dislikes: The occasional naked lady was awkward

5. Oh My Goddess!
6. Ouran High School Host Club
7. Clannad After Story
8. Murder Princess
9. Angel Beats!

I really like how deep the story gets with all of their individual backrounds and all of the characters are great!

10. Jyu Oh Sei

I really like this one, especially when they get older.

11. Fullmetal Alchemist

I really liked this anime and the depth and seriousness of the story and yet they still have room for humor.

12. Toradora

Loved it!! there was some intense swearing and some suggestive scenes but it was still great. :)

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