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just started a new show. Noein The other self. solid first episode
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    just finished watching Virus Buster Serge and let me tell you i regret it. It is hands down one of the worst animes i have seen for a while. What makes it worse is that it seemed to have all the right elements for a good show, alien invasion, shady corporations, political intrigue, battles with mech-suits, etc.  The problem with the show is two-fold , first the plot is a mess; and second characters just are not that interesting so that when the story has its moments you are still bored stupid.  take Raven, for example, the leader of the team in the series. He is portrayed to be similiar to Gendo Ikari from Evangelion in that he leads the good guys but he is manipulating everything behind the scenes to achieve his own goals. But whereas Gendo was interesting to watch Raven does not even come close, his dialogue is just so flat and the writing so bad that you don't care. The same argument can be made for most of the main cast, they are nothing original and are similar to other characters you would have come across before, but they just lack a personality.

Avoid this show at all costs
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