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just started a new show. Noein The other self. solid first episode
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going to my first convention this weekend. 

Nom-Com Irelands newest anime convention. Going to take loads of pictures and post them up. 
 really looking forward to it
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i know this topic has been done to death but i just wanted to get some opinions on this. Growing up in Ireland I had very little exposure to subtitled movies and tv shows and my exposure to anime was very limited until after 2000. Because of this when I started really getting into anime I only watched dubs as subtitles just felt so alien to me. now some fansubs i did watch (i dont anymore btw, i reformed) but mostly what i bought or downloaded was dubs. i always heard about the majority of dubs being poor but i stuck with them cos i felt watching a sub i was less involved in a show; constantly having to read the subs at the bottom meant i could not follow the action as closely or appreciate the animation as much. but Lately dubs are really starting to get on my nerves for one specific reason. That being i am getting really sick of the same voice actors being used over and over again in  the english dubs.  Now i am not saying that all the dub actors are bad, some are terrible, but most of them dont seem to change their voice at all when doing a new character. 2 perfect examples i have come across in the last month will highlight this. Alucard from hellsing and terriermon from Digimon are two of my fave characters and the voices of Crispin Freeman and Mona Marshall are synonymous with those characters in my head. i just finished watching otogo zoshi and mona did a voice and everytime the character spoke all i heard was terriormon and the same thing happened today when i started a new show and Crispin freeman and Melissa Fahn (Rika from digimon tamers, another fave) were doing voices and that just gets on my nerves because they just sound too similar to their other characters . Some voice actors do seem to be capable of making each character unique, Johnny Yong Bosch being the one that springs to mind. From Kaneda in Akira to Vash the Stampede i know its the same actor but each character voice still sounds different enough IMO.
 I have to imagine there is a ton of talented voice actors out there , why don't the companies who are in charge of the dubs hire someone else for a change. maybe i have just been unlucky with the shows i have watched lately but i am just finding the same voice actors over and over again . i mean in the show i started watching, Noein, i cannot get interested in this character cos when he speaks all i hear is alucard. 
. From what i have read i understand this is not a problem you get with subs and its making me want to switch and get over my resistance to watching only subs.  
is it the fault of the actors who are just lazy or just don't have the range to voice different characters or are the companies to blame for not getting new actors in when doing a Dub?
  Am i overreacting here or does this get on anybody elses nerves ?
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Speed Racer was miles better than at least half of the films i saw last year
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ok so we have all been there. you hear about a series, you check it out and it sounds good and you watch it. Only to find out its horrible and you end up being bored stupid. That happened to me when i watched Virus Buster Serge.
But every now and then the opposite happens, you watch an anime that you never heard about, and on paper it sounds like it will be terrible to mediocre at best and it turns out to be really enjoyable. this is what i experienced with Heat Guy J, now you probably never heard of it, cos i never did and only have the series as part of a fortnightly anime dvd collection thats ongoing in uk/ireland at the moment. I highly reccomend this Anime to everyone here, i wont go into too much detail here as im going to do a wiki, episode guide and review but basically its billed as a 'buddy-cop' show which is such a cliche and when you see its a human paired with an android you think its not the most original idea. But the difference here is that the characters are really well designed and the two main characters work really well together and share some good exchanges. The animation is solid the whole way throughout but the star of this show is really the story. it starts out as a mafia/crime based story and that whole mafia angle does not show up in anime much but not only is the story good by anime standards but this plot would hold up anywhere.

anyway ill say no more and leave the details to the wiki but i highly suggest you go to youtube and check this show out. if you watch the first 4 eps and have no desire to watch number 5 i will be shocked
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    just finished watching Virus Buster Serge and let me tell you i regret it. It is hands down one of the worst animes i have seen for a while. What makes it worse is that it seemed to have all the right elements for a good show, alien invasion, shady corporations, political intrigue, battles with mech-suits, etc.  The problem with the show is two-fold , first the plot is a mess; and second characters just are not that interesting so that when the story has its moments you are still bored stupid.  take Raven, for example, the leader of the team in the series. He is portrayed to be similiar to Gendo Ikari from Evangelion in that he leads the good guys but he is manipulating everything behind the scenes to achieve his own goals. But whereas Gendo was interesting to watch Raven does not even come close, his dialogue is just so flat and the writing so bad that you don't care. The same argument can be made for most of the main cast, they are nothing original and are similar to other characters you would have come across before, but they just lack a personality.

Avoid this show at all costs
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