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Hey everyone! It's Lawliet, I've never blogged on this site yet, so I though I should make one. 
By the way, this blog has nothing to do with anime.

Today I bought "Batman: The Killing Joke", and what do I think about it?............IT WAS ONE OF THE BEST COMICS I HAVE EVER READ!!! It was simply amazing. I'm a huge Batman fan by the way and my favorite villain in any comic is The Joker, so you can imagine how I though this comic was so awesome. If you have not read The Killing Joke, read it now or I shall come to your house in the middle of the night with a chainsaw and kill you. (That's right, I know where you live!) Here's a picture from Killing Joke. If that did not just make want to read this comic something is wrong with you.

See ya later!

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