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Dude eww, i just drank my #tea and it turned out there was a #bug in it. :X #wannathrowup
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Im really boggled about what Anime to watch next, i heard that maid sama show is stupid but fun to watch so i might watch that. 
I mess being overwhelmed with good Anime releases left and right.
it would have sucked badly if Ryuk actually looked like this, this was the first concept for him:



Like the "human-looking Ryuk" you mentioned before?

Obata: Yes. But in Death Note, shinigami are only minor characters watching from the sidelines, so it was better for them to not be human-looking or good-looking. And I never would've gone in that direction myself, so I believe the results turned out for the best. (Source)

 Looks like Beyond Birthday and Mello got together and gave birth to that. scary. i can already imagine the Yaoi fan girls shitting bricks everytime someone gets that thing together with Light or L.

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