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I'm a big CLAMP fan; I've loved the group ever since Card Captor Sakura and Magic Knight Rayearth--two of my major gateway animes. They're like THE manga/anime super group. I really got interested in reading more of their work after seeing all the different characters in Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles. I've decided this summer I'm going to attempt sample at least the first volume of every CLAMP manga--and there's a TON! Several are out of print, so I may have to rely on the net. I have been having good luck with used bookstores. I know there are some are very short series and others are one shots. I've found the first two volumes of both Legal Drug and CLAMP School Detectives. I've been able to find lots of copies for sale on My main goal is to broaden my knowledge of CLAMP's work, and check out the less mainstream stuff they've done that wasn't made into an anime. So far I've read: Legal Drug vol 1; CLOVER - complete series; Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles sporadic volumes, but I religiously and consistently read the volumes spanning from Acid Tokyo to the End, --shamefully that's all I've READ. I have all the MKR manga and watched the series, but have never sat down to read them. I've got to start reading XXXHolic, I know. Again watched the series and loved it. It's still going which will be interesting since Tsubasa (the manga it crosses over with) is finished.  CLAMP lovers, where should I start? What are your favorite series? What's the prettiest series? Which has the best story?
Note: I am not just shamefully making this sporadic blog post as a way of fulfilling a quest. ;)
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