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So my last post, I mentioned I was planning two cosplays for Sugoi Con in October. I didn't reveal the second because I was waiting on accessory to arrive that would make the outfit more complete and obvious.  The accessory came in yesterday, and I went to the mall today to purchase one more accessory.

 So now I present (coincidentally on the same day as the newest episode of K-ON! is released) : Mio Akiyama from K-ON!
Please don't say you are lazy...
Please don't say you are lazy...

Poofy Black Lace Skirt
Poofy Black Lace Skirt
This is a "Found Item Coslay" as almost everything is already made. The skirt I bought last year at Halloween for a Gothic Lolita outfit from my favorite local consignment type shop called Queen of Rags. It  was mighty expensive ($50) but well worth it for the large amount of tulle, lace, fabric and work that went into making it.This skirt is like five pounds and like twenty layers (exaggerating here, but you guys get the point). Plus it can be reused for a variety of cosplays or Gothic Lolita outfits.

The top I've had for a very long time, still debating whether I'm going to use it or make another.  The arm warmers I bought off ebay for $8.99 and the tights from Hot Topic for $8. The shoes I bought earlier this year from the shoe store I work at to wear to a conference. They cost about $12-15 with my discount.

Tights, shoes, and arm warmers
Tights, shoes, and arm warmers
Things still left to obtain or make:
  • Long, dark brown wig with bangs
  •   Mini top hat with red ribbon
  • Rose/flower bouqet
  • Cane
  • Black sash
  • Add some extra elastic in the back to make the skirt tighter so it won't slide down.

Obviously not going to carry around the rock band guitar. I would trip over the cord constantly. Then I would get tired of holding it and hand it off to Baku to carry around or take back to the hotel room. Plus it's not a lefty guitar. :p So that's all for now. I'll keep updating with more pictures as I get all the stuff together.

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