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Gintama is a anime about a grup named Yorozuia and a lot of outher things XD I say that its a random funny show =P But some times the shape change and gintama transformes in a anime about samurais and swift comedy for drama.


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A former samurai who fought the Amanto, he fought the invaders till he realized here was no point. Leading him to be a freelancer later on it life.  In the samurai era he was know as "White Demon".

One of the trio of "Yorozuia", he is the straight man of the group. Also he is the brother of Shimura and a son of a samurai.


Being born of the Yato clan, a clan that has built a reputation of being the strongest fighters, she is pale complected and carries around her umbrella to protect herself from sunlight. Her umbrella is also a shield and machine gun. She is one of the three that make up Yorozuia.

Why i must see this anime?

  1. Its realy funny XD
  2. If you like shounen, than you should like this anime becouse of the action and the parodies about outher shounens
  3. Dark humor
  4. Some times non-sense comedy
  5. Great action
  6. The voice actors give a show
  7. All characters are funny. Yes, all the 54748645644645446 chars lol






  No bonus video this time becouse i dont have finished this show yet, and dont want to be spoiled looking for AMVs ^^"

5 Things that you must know about Gintama

  1. Dont annoy the Shinpachi
  2. Dont tread on ladybug
  3. Not underestimate the shit that Shinsegume can make
  4. Mayonnaise is nutritious
  5. Otose is stronger than a whole universe
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