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Panty and Stocking are two fallen angels that work killing ghosts to obtain heaven's coins and to return heaven. These two live in a church of the priest Gatherbelt, in Daten City, and have a strange " dog" named Chuck. Also there a geek boy that is in love with Panty, and two demons how fight against the angels . 


   Comedy | Action | Ecchi


Sex-crazed and badass, Panty is an angel sent from Heaven to fight Ghosts on Earth. She uses her panties as a gun to attack. Although she is technically an angel, Panty is an extreme nymphomaniac, quite selfish, an exhibitionist and prone to acts of violence. Her weapon of choice are a pair of panties which transform into a pistol when she removes them.
Stocking is an angel sent from heaven to battle ghosts. Stocking has a very nonchalant attitude towards things and an immense sweet tooth. Her weapon of choice is a katana made from stockings, although they look more like knee high socks, which she removes before going into battle. 

Garterbelt's serves as the handler for Panty and Stocking and looks after their general well-being.
Chuck is the hyperactive pet of Panty and Stocking. 
Briefs is a nerdy young man who attends Daten City High. He carries a PKE meter on his back and is obsessed with the occult.

Why i must see this anime?

  1. Don't be fooled about the grafic XD Panty & Stocking has a great animation.
  2. It's really funny.
  3. Has a lot of dark humor
  4. Bad language
  5. Sexual references
  6. Has parodies (Sex and the City, Night of the Living Dead, Transformers...)
  7. It's some times non-sense XD
  8. Has some nice and funny action sequences
  9. You don't believe, i know, but this show has a lot of fanservice. Yes, fanservice  XD
  10. All characters are funny 








  A musical video of Panty & Stocking [Episode 10]  =D
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