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This is my first post on the blog , and i'm not from the EUA or from another country that speak english, so....lets start with this before i give up
This is my opnion, so don't go crazy sayng that you hate me or the anime



 The histori beggins when Souichi Negishi, a shy young man, goes to Tokyo for college and wished to become a musician of  swedish pop music (WTF?). However, for some reason he became " Johannes Krauser II ", the vocalist of the death metal band Detroit Metal City. Now he have to live in two diferent worlds, one calm life with he friends and another life with high sonds, crazy fãs, musics about murder and rape, etc. But what happens when these two worlds clash and the alterego Krauser assumes the control?


  Music | Comedy

Why i must see this anime?

  1. It's a really funny and some times non-sense comedy, full of dark humor and parodies of musical styles.
  2. It's about music, but not like a central theme. So if you dont like metal/death metal give a chance to this show.
  3. When Negishi changes his personality to Krauzer its impossible to not laugh
  4. All characters are funny.



So,  what did you think of the post? I'm going to continue posting it on my blog, but i like to have some opnions ^^

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