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There is a saying: yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the "present."
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Favorite Anime Guys
Anime guys i think are cute!
1. Yami Yugi

He is soooo cute!

2. Dartz

He is so handsome, when he becomes his true self

3. Seto Kaiba

Even though he is cruel at times, he is so handsome

4. Dark Magician

Even though he is a card, he is cute!

5. Katsuya Jonouchi

Although at times he is clueless, he is loyal to friends

6. Malik Ishtar

He is cooler and cuter when he is his true self

7. Edgar J. C. Ashenbert

Jeez, this guy is kinda mean, But he is just so handsome

8. Raven

He is handsome in his own way, and is loyal to the Earl

9. Ryuuki Shi

He is so cute, and is a good ruler. He loves his exiled brother

10. Seiran Shi

He is just so handsome. He is loyal to his family, and friends

11. Naoki Irie

He is a perfectionist, but he is so cute!

12. Kamogari Keita

He is cute, and needs to get a reality check

13. Takumi Usui

Dang it this guy is cute!

14. Fakir

He is definitely cute! I love that he is a writer, and is protective of those he cares about

15. Mytho

He is definitely handsome prince!

16. Ren Tsuruga
17. Sho Fuwa
18. Naruto Uzumaki

He is someone more guys should be!

19. Sasuke Uchiha

Man he's handsome! He needs to be a little nicer, though

20. Neji Hyuga

Dang it! He is kinda cold at first, but he's soooo handsome

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