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The Dos and Don’ts of RPG from Lady Nightmare


First and foremost the objective should be to create a good story. It is not about whose character is the biggest and baddest. It is not about how many wins you have on your belt. If it gets to the point where it’s you and them thinking of impossible ways to defeat one another, the whole thing just becomes laughable... All in all you should enjoy the writing experience. You be proud to lose every once and while. Losing ensures you learn from the experience. That you grow as a writer and a Rpger.


You cannot be all powerful or damn there close to it. It literally murders all the fun in Rping. {For me anyway} You should have exploitable weakness; a person with no real weakness is a gigantic God Mod point blank. It also makes no sense to have a laundry list of powers. To just keep adding and adding and adding and adding powers and abilities is just too much, like come on why? Why do you need all that crap? You should have your main thing. If you’re a fighter be a fighter, have abilities that apply to fighting and your little extras here and there. If you go off and now you’re a scientist, now you’re a magician, no you’re a god then you end up with I’m a fighter scientist magician god that conquers all. Yeah no… 

 To be continued...

Side Note

I have been rpging for almost two years and never have seen so much decimating of the art until now. I have never rped on animevice and its been for a reason. Most don't know enough about to RP and thats not their fault. I presume most of yall don't know how to properly Rp but you all do nothing to try to learn. 

P.s. Sry for being so harsh it just been irritating be for about 7 months now.

P.s.s.  Does not apply to everyone
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I think things like Lolicon and things alike perpetuates things like sexual abuse and assault on young. Here's why I think that...again this is just opinion. A person who enjoys things of this nature and commits a sexual crime against a child in his/her case things like this would be used against him if found in their possession. So, what if a person that has enough self constrain not to commit those crimes and shares the same ideas as the committed ? How different is that person from the accused? Who's to say that one day that won't fall astray? However, banning this like Lolicon wouldn't stop the people from enjoying things like it. Its not like the children of the age are attending these events. {I'm assuming that} In conclusion, people would like to think banning Lolicon would help prevent sexual crimes against children but I highly doubt it.
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I was thinking of putting together a cosplay next year and i wanted to find a female character close to my skin tone to cosplay . Do any you know any or have any good pics of brownish cosplays?  I know of one  Yoruichi Shihouin.
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