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"The Martial Mauler"
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La Espada


Real Name: Unknown

Alias: Elephantine Enigma, Combat Goliath, Martial Arts Bull, Martial Arts Mammoth, La Espada, Espada, Martial Arts Mauler, The Mauler, Hoodaki Heavyweight

Height: 7'5"

Weight: 2,746 lbs

Age: Unknown

Reach: 88.5 in

Hair Color: Onyx

Eye Color: Denim Blue

Species: Human (Genetically Evolved)

Alignment: Morally Ambiguous

Birthplace: Unknown

Nationality: Unknown

Orientation: Heterosexual

Relationship Status: Single

Family: Unknown

Powers & Abilities

Physical Paradigm

An impeccably conditioned combatant boasting a myriad of physical gifts originating from a potent combination of immaculate genes and rigorous physical conditioning, Espada showcases a plethora of admirable physical capabilities. His greatest and perhaps primary physical attribute appears to be a preternatural ability to immerse himself in intense physical activity for an abnormally lengthy period of time prior to his body's eventual production of fatigue toxins, highlighting his overwhelming endurance and stamina. Additionally, gifted with an admirable harmoniously functioning muscular system (veiled by compiling layers of fat) enabling explosive bursts of blistering acceleration and speed, the Elephantine Enigma is famed for once covering 30 meters in a mere 1.9 seconds, and subsequently covering 100 meters in 4.2 seconds, an extraordinary feat, especially for one possessing a 7 foot 1 inch frame and weighing approximately 2,726 pounds.

Renown for his obsessive dedication to a rigorous fitness regimen designed to fully maximize his genetically possible physical potential, Espada focused on every element of fitness including muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, and flexibility while somehow retaining his Cyclopean girth for the addition of monstrous knockout power into his strikes. Among some of his most outrageous physical feats, the Elephantine Enigma has been rumored as being capable of supporting his entire frame on the edge of a bench, with only his shoulders coming into contact with it, all the while the rest of his body remained perfectly rigid and horizontal to the ground. In addition to one finger pushups and one-armed pull-ups, Espada is reportedly dexterous and skilled enough with his lightning-quick reflexes to supposedly cut through a raindrop while armed with his long-sword. Bordering the possible limits of human physical perfection, he holds a variety of undocumented powerlifting records e.g. performing a single handed deadlift of 1,275 lbs, a raw deadlift of 1,582 lbs, a raw squat of 1,679 lbs, and bench pressing 1,932 lbs. Boasting a balanced blend of strength, speed, endurance, and stamina, he fancies himself as the benchmark for the perfect combatant.

Exceptionally agile and nimble with dexterous equilibrium and physical balance, the Martial Arts Bull combines these attributes with his remarkable speed and mental rapidity, rendering himself a frustratingly difficult target for his opponents to connect with due to his seemingly effortless evasion and dodging of their attacks. Coupled with his admirable physical endurance, Espada is powerfully resistant to physical damage, capable of resuming battle despite sustaining gruesome injuries from which he can heal from with above-average capacity.

Genetically Ingrained Abilities

Though his genetic structure boasts an absence of the evolutionarily materialized X-Gene found in the apparent Homo Superior, Espada possesses a diverse set of genetically exclusive abilities further fortifying his lethality in the battlefield. The Combat Goliath harbors the following power-set:

  • Procedural Memory: Due to an evolutionarily superior version of the adrenal steroid hormone cortisol genetically unique to his organism, in addition to a variety of other genetic differences, Espada's procedural memory is remarkably escalated, bettering the integrated procedures in both cognitive and motor skills, imparting within his person an unorthodox form of Eidetic Memory linked to a fundamental form of procedural memory e.g. muscle memory. In addition to enabling the recollection of images, objects or sounds in memory with unparalleled precision without requiring techniques to aggrandize information retention, the Combat Goliath's photographic memory awards him what has been popularly termed 'photographic reflexes'. Photographic reflexes being the ability to masterfully replicate ocularly perceived physical movement adjoined to his ability to absorb an indefinite quantity of information instantaneously. This ability has allowed him to memorize and master a boundless quantity of the globe's fighting systems and martial arts in mere minutes.
  • Muscle Synergies: This is the copulation of bodily movements stemming from the kinematic and kinetic parameters that birth intended physical actions which are achieved when sequentially functioning components of the same movement, or the movement of several body parts or limbs are coupled in a precisely timed, smooth, and harmonious manner in relation to the intended goal. Fundamentally it requires the implementation of proprioceptive information illustrating the positional necessities and movement of the musculoskeletal system in conjunction with the neural processes of the brain and spinal cord which incite and regulate motor commands. Espada's extremely developed motor coordination is due to muscle synergies which function as a neural strategy of simplifying the control of multiple degrees of freedom. A functional muscle synergy is detailed as a pattern of co-activation of muscles regulated by a solitary, neutral command signal. One synergy can activate multiple muscles, and one muscle can constitute multiple muscle synergies. A modest amount of muscle synergies are combined at differing proportions to form a very efficient continuum of muscle activation pattern for smooth motor control. By working together at this uniquely impeccable efficiency, these synergies grant him a ridiculous degree of balance control, equilibrium and control over his movements, rendering him a peerless acrobatic and further fortifying his preternatural athleticism.
  • Sonar Hearing: The Mauler's solitary, uncanny form of sensory perception, this is an ability that enables his reliance on sound propagation to navigate and detect objects within his vicinity. Harboring the ability to use both passive sonar and active sonar, Espada utilizes passive sonar to detect the sound waves emitted by that which is around him while using active sonar to emit pulses of sounds and listening for echoes. He makes use of his sonar hearing as a means of acoustic location as well measuring the echo properties of ambient targets. He makes further use of this form of perception to detect vulnerable points in his opponents as well as the weak points in physical structures, and perfectly perceive that which is around him without requiring his eyesight.
  • Muscular Advancement: Though possessing peak-human physical characteristics, Espada possesses a medically rare ability to replicate what may be declared 'superhuman' physical acts by actively engaging the highest percentage (100%) of the body's muscles through brain command. A genetically remarkable individual capable of the globe's highest neuro-engagement ability, Espada is capable of performing formidable physical feats such as smashing through concrete with his shins and forearms.
  • Cardiovascular Advancement: Due to a mutation in his body's erythropoietin receptor (EPOR) gene, he has primary familial and congenital polycthemia (PFCP) which causes an exponential increase in red blood cell mass and hemoglobin which results in an increase of approximately 50% in the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood, awarding the Elephantine Enigma abnormal endurance and remarkable stamina because of his highly developed cardiovascular faculties.
  • Biological Development: An abnormal and undocumented ability is Espada's genetically ingrained talent for influencing his autonomic nervous system and immune response, rendering him highly resistant to diseases and infections but primarily rendering him virtually impervious to extremely low temperatures, having facilely survived in -21C temperatures as well as surviving in 40C temperatures without requiring water during intensive physical activity. He is also able to exert control over the sympathetic nervous system and parasympathetic nervous system. A subsequent ability of his is the ability to use his bioelectricity to electrically speed up his neural synapses, granting him reflexes of undetermined rapidity, though sufficient to enable his evasion of high caliber gunfire.
  • Extracellular Matrix: A bodily unique response to sustained tissue damage, the Combat Goliath involuntarily produces a powdered, protein-based substance known as the 'extracellular matrix', the very same biological extract that assists in the repairing of damage in human fetuses. Upon sustaining damage, this substance is quickly administered to the damage tissue which is then broken down and reconstructed, allowing him to heal from wounds at a more accelerated pace than ordinary humans as well as enabling him to heal from wounds of greater severity such as a removed limb, in mere weeks.

Self-Taught Martial Arts

The Martial Arts Bull's catalog of self-founded combat principles and fighting systems:

Wolf's Fang

A technically sound combatant that primarily adheres to a personalized fighting style specifically catering to his physical gifts, Espada, in particular search for a fighting style that benefits combatants of long limbs and substantial height, developed his 'Wolf's Fang' fighting system. Potently combining his herculean grappling prowess and dexterous technicality, particularly his wrestling pedigree with an unorthodox brand of cerebral striking, Wolf's Fang's primary purpose is to violently grind opponents down at range when standing, subsequently facilitating eventual grappling with a fatigued and beaten foe.

Characterized by brutally attacking the opponent's body and legs for the purpose of beating them into impaired movement for less resistance when grappling commences, Wolf's Fang is potentially a preparatory stage for the the Martial Arts Bull inevitable transition into powerful wrestling and his eventual submission grappling with the intent of disabling the opponent's limbs. In particular, the lead leg of the opponent is attacked, rendering it a difficult task for an opponent to get within striking range of the Wolf of Wales. Boasting an ominous kicking tactic relying on the use of devastating low kicks and body kicks, Wolf's Fang makes excellent use of Espada's 85.5 inch reach advantage over most opponents by emphasizing thrust kicks to the body or lead knee, forcing an opponent to remain out of range. When facing a taller opponent, he utilizes his cleverness, and improvisation with his fighting knowledge instead of Wolf's Fang. Though predominantly a combatant reliant on his specialized Wolf's Fang fighting philosophy, he boasts a variety of self-developed fighting styles which are as follows:

  • Limb & Distance Emphasis: Making use of Espada's long limbs, Wolf's Fang places unmitigated importance into it, stressing that he rely on it to prevent opponents from getting into range. This tactic cleverly exploits the fact that most individuals are shorter than he is, and therefore opportunistically takes advantage of the secondary fact that in order to execute a proper swing, an opponent has to be within sufficient proximity to transfer their weight from their back foot to their front foot for a right handed hook or onto their front leg and then back again for a left hook. It emphasis on distance and Espada's long limbs put tactics into effect the moment opponents attempt to close in on him. By shooting a thrust kick to the lead knee (in order to hyperextend the knee by violently snapping it back) or the opponent's body, or even a kick to the head or lead leg, Espada renders the opponent incapable of putting even their lead foot down in his range, making it impossible to connect hooks on him.
  • High Stance: Because he is a tall fighter, he doesn't shoot for takedowns without initially wearing his opponent down or forcing them into an intended position. Due to his height, he suffers from a sort of telegraphed level change when standing tall, and so when fighting from a more upright, kick favoring stance, he shoots less for his opponents' hips or legs and instead implements his wrestling mostly out of clinches. As a result of Wolf's Fang's high, upright stance, Espada is better able to check for kicks, forcing an opponent's incoming shin to collide with harder portions of his leg, often resulting in a broken leg for the opponent. All the while he continually frustrates and annoys the opponent with oblique kicks targeting the lead knee and body.
  • Unorthodox Striking: Due to his reach advantage, Espada makes excellent use of his height with superb effectiveness while circling out whenever immersed in undesired positions. Relying on straight jabs to force opponents to maintain their distance while additionally making use of his oblique kicks targeting lower bodily regions, Wolf's Fang's striking is designed primarily to weaken and slow the opponent down. In the unlikely situation of an opponent getting within range, the Elephantine Enigma makes use of his long limbs, aware of the inability to execute punches with little distance, and so relies instead on the deadlier elbow strikes with monstrous knockout power. Spinning elbows, spinning back elbows etc. are implemented, the dangerous bone targeting the opponent's approximated face, often causing graphic lacerations and deep cuts while additionally boasting knockout power.
  • Clinch Fighting: As opposed to the inevitable semi-telegraphing caused by his height when shooting for takedowns, Wolf's Fang seeks to make use of clinch fighting as an appropriate alternative. Primarily used as an elementary tool that enables Espada to advance into dominant positions in ground fighting (for the use of ground strikes and submissions). Favoring double underhooks in clinch fighting for potential throws and trip takedowns, the emphasis on clinch fighting is cleverly combined with Espada's wrestling pedigree. This allows him to move behind his opponents during clinch fighting, seizing an advantageous position from which he can perform powerful suplexes. Wolf's Fang stresses that when locked in a clinch, it is fundamental that Espada keep his arms on the inside of his opponent's, enabling the pressing of his elbows together for a tighter grip while simultaneously relying on a cupping position for his hands. While Wolf's Fang's submissions are primarily showcased during ground fighting, the clinch does enable Espada to perform certain standing submissions such as the guillotine choke.

Werewolf's Fang

A far more aggressive version of the Wolf's Fang martial art, Werewolf's Fang is characterized relentless, unmitigated pace, making use of Espada's abnormal stamina and unwavering endurance. Whereas several of his self-taught fighting styles endorse a measured, methodical approach to search for exploitable openings, Werewolf's Fang encourages a very antagonistic approach, advertising a bulldozing style that stresses driving into the opponent without respite for the duration of the entire bout, forcing the opponent to either concede or be incapacitated.

With a sequential modus operandi relying on Espada's immaculate, well-rounded combat prowess, it is the tenacity, speed and undeterred intensity of the fighting style that renders it exceptionally difficult for opponents to endure. Combining Espada's penchant for peerless grappling (particularly wrestling), his stamina, his speed, and his striking (particularly dirty boxing/panantukan), Werewolf's Fang does not consciously attempt to veil most of his intentions with deception. In an almost invariable pattern, Espada will step in with a jab, move, then come in with a subsequent jab and a right hand prior to shooting for his opponent's hips.

  • Overhand and Shoot: Discarding the outdated philosophy of 'jab and shoot' due to the contradictory nature of both movements, Espada has instead devised his own 'overhand and shoot' methodology. His decision for doing so is to do away with the impracticality of 'jab and shoot'. A properly executed jab's purpose is to maintain establish and maintain distance, while a shot (takedown shot) is geared towards deeply approaching the opponent's hips for a takedown. Therefore, the 'jab and shoot' school of thought succeeds only in ensuring that the fighter must laboriously go through the longest possible distance to get to the opponent's hips. Replaced by 'overhand and shoot', this functions excellently as an overhand or any arcing right is exceptional as a gap closer. The overhand, being a shorter-ranged punch is more effective. It is accompanied by necessity with a dip forward and to the left, providing it's own head movement, allowing Espada to avoid being struck by a counter while bringing him closer to the opponent's hips for a shot.
  • Rear-Handed Punches & Secondary Overhand Uses:Continually stressing the importance of the overhand, Werewolf's Fang makes an incessant point of implementing the overhand as well as most rear-handed punches due to the irrefutable fact that they are incredibly powerful punches with monstrous hardness and explosive knockout power. This consequently serves as a double threat as well aside from it's thunderous power. This punch is designed to deceive an opponent as well. By convincing the opponent to respect his wrestling pedigree with relentless shoots and takedowns, Espada renders them vulnerable as the opponent attempts to defend his seeming go-to strategy by stuffing his supposed shots, causing their hands to leave their guard and rendering them exposed to a powerful overhand.
  • Aggression: An excessively aggressive fighting style, Werewolf's Fang serves a greater purpose than to simply smother the opponent with brutalizing domination. It is first and foremost geared towards flustering the opponent with overwhelming pressure and takedowns, forcing or rather coercing the opponent into attempting to counter every executed jab that Espada throws with a jab of their own, only these counter-jabs by the opponent would be thrown during retreats due to Espada's constant pressure. This is to account for the fact that while chasing the opponent, Espada renders himself open to attacks, however there is no power behind a jab from a retreating opponent due to absent body-weight transfer, thus he is struck by powerless punches. This is because a retreating jab is by nature, a setup punch, not a power punch. The rear foot is moving back and as a result, so is the body weight. Retreating jabs are designed to blind the opponent or lift the head with the hope of planting the rear foot, pushing off of it and catching the blinded opponent with a hard right hand. Werewolf's Fang's aggression is specifically designed to exploit the fact that an opponent's retreating jab is not a good counter on it's own, nor does it possess any power.
  • Anti-Technical Boxing: Though he exploits his opponent's inability to properly use the blinding jab/retreating jab due to his overwhelming aggression, Werewolf's Fang makes perfect use of the blinding jab to conceal a counter right hand. An exceptionally savvy boxer, Espada is a deceptive master at drawing superior boxers onto his right hand. The alpha anti-technician, the better the boxer an opponent is, the worse he can make them appear.
  • Ambient Control: An important though less aesthetic aspect of Werewolf's Fang is it's consistent emphasis on making use of one's environment. One particular tactic used by him was prowling towards the adversary, forcing them to backstep and approach a wall. Upon cornering the opponent at a desirable position, he proceeds to fake step with push kicks, forcing the opponent to circle only to the available space (usually the right), coercing them into circling precisely towards Espada's most enjoyed inside angle for thunderous head kicks. The control of his environment however, is greatest employed in conjunction with clinch grappling. Walls in particular are the prime focus for this tactic. Espada's modus operandi with this tactic is simple, pin the adversary to the wall and drag them to the ground. Technique rather than physical power is used for this. Typically, once the battle enters the clinch, the Elephantine Enigma is excellent at keeping it there. The desired takedown for this is one that misdirects the opponent, requiring only a subtle lift of the hips to force them to the ground. This is accomplished by entering range head-first, ensuring that his head makes contact with the adversary's upper body in order to press the opponent against the wall and standing tall, facilitating takedown opportunities all the while grinding away at the opponent's stamina. Once an opponent is pressed against the wall, even the subtlest threat of a takedown likely convinces them to attempt to defend against it by stuffing it, exposing the face to Espada's dirty clinch boxing all the while violently mixing in body shots as well.
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