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Yo! What's up AV? How's life? How's the fall anime season treating you so far?

Now, my main question for you is....have you tried watching Guilty Crown yet? If you answer was no, well I shake my head with disappointment *starts shaking his head as he types this sentence*. If you have checked out the anime, then GREAT! *leaps for joy and bumps his head on the ceiling* .

Now I'd like you to join me here on this thread as we explore the second episode of this series. For those who haven't watched it yet, fear not! Visit last week's weekly report and the "Guilty Crown" franchise page to get a glimpse of the anime. Feel free to comment on anything that comes to your mind (Guilty Crown - related that is :D).

I'd now like to give you a warm welcome to the second edition of my Guilty Crown Weekly Report - Ep 2: Survival of the Fittest. Enjoy!


King's Power (1st episode)
King's Power (1st episode)
Boom..EXPLOSION! How do you like me now?
Boom..EXPLOSION! How do you like me now?

During the second episode of Guilty Crown, titled "Survival of the Fittest", the story continues from where it left off in the first episode. Shu Ouma , has accidentally acquired a mysterious power from a synethesized genome known as the "Void Genome" . This genome is one of three special genomes which grants it's user phenomenal power. The specific power associated with the Void Genome is called "The King's Power ".

Now with this newly acquired power, what will Shu do? He isn't the same boy he was before. He now has the power to make a difference, and cannot remain as a silent by-stander any longer. Will Shu rebel against GHQ and their inhuman methods towards the Japanese? Will he join "Undertaker", the resistance group against the GHQ?

Neko's Science Corner

Ok, so there are a bunch of terminology introduced during this episode which are based off of biology and genetics. Since I, Neko, am somewhat of a science geek (I am a post-secondary science student), I'll share some of my knowledge with you. Hope it'll clear up the settings for you if science isn't one of your strong subjects.

1. Genome

The genome is the set of all genetic material of an organism.

2. Introns

A nucleotide within a DNA or/and primary RNA transcript* strand that doesn't code for anything. It's still a big mystery why they exist, and there are lots of theories out there. In order for the RNA strand to get modified and leave the nucleus, introns need to be spliced (cut) off of the strand, and the coding nucleotides join together.

*Primary RNA transcript is the first copy of the DNA that is later modified, then leaving the nucleus to act as blueprints for many of the cell's functions. protein synthesis, etc.

3. Survival of the Fittest:

A concept that came to be as a reflection from Charles Darwin's Origin of Species research book. It was first used by a man named Herbert Spencer. The concept is just as the phrase states, those who are the fittest, i.e the strongest, survive in a given environment, while the weak individuals are selected out and perish.

So what Guilty Crown does is that it uses the basics of these terminologies, and expands on it with fictional technologies and ideas. I wont spoil anything, but if you get what these terms are, you'll fully understand the merit of the anime.



New OPENING!!!! Wooohoooo! I loved the opening, and will continue loving it. Supercell is the band singing the opening song, with Inori having Supercell's vocalist's singing voice.

Void Genome
Void Genome
Sephirah Genomics
Sephirah Genomics

Lots of explanations occurred during this episode, which made the anime's settings much clearer. Many concepts were introduced, such as Sephirah Genomics, The King's Power, and Void Genome

We were also introduced to all of the members of the resistance group "Undertaker" and their motives. *Side note* The word "undertaker" means the person that takes care of dead bodies, i.e. preparing for their funerals, etc.


Another good point was that there was a calmer version of "Euterpe" by fictional band, EGOIST, sung by Inori at the end of the episode.


  • Fanservice. That was the major let down of this episode in my opinion. There wasn't a lot, but there were some parts that weren't necessary (focus on girl's butts and chests).
  • We didn't much character history from any of the cast members. I guess I'm hoping for too much so far since we are only two episodes into the series. I guess character histories will be saved for later.


Alrighty guys, that's it for this week's report. I could honestly go on and on, but I'm starting to get sleepy, and I feel that if I let myself blab, I'll go out of control. Thanks a bunch for reading my blog, I really appreciate it! And if you have watched the the series so far, please do not hesitate to post your opinions about it.

I'd also like to remind you that there are many other articles, blogs, guides, and reports that are being created by many Vicers, Be sure to check them out and show them your support! It really gives the people writing them a boost of confidence that drives them to write even more amazing stuff.

Here's just a sample of some amazing works this week:

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That's all folks! Thanks again for reading, and hope to see you next week!

Peace out!

- KuroNekoXIII (KuroNeko, Neko. Call me whichever you want :D )

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