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Hello Vicers! I haven't created a blog post since 2011, so I'll start off by wishing ya'll a happy new year :) This episode was jam-packed with loads of info and action, so sit tight and get ready for the fun to get started :)

Before I start, please note that this is NOT the last episode of Guilty Crown. Lots of people are thinking that since the original run for the anime was only going to be 11 episodes, but they have extended the series to span the anime winter season as well. So it ain't the end yet guys and gals!

Now without any further ado, I present to you Guilty Crown Episode 12 - The Lost Christmas

Plot Synopsis

The Lost Christmas: - 再誕 Saitan

Inori has been abducted by a mysterious ally of Keido Shuichirou, and also possesses The King's Power. Their planning on undergoing a secret ritual to recreate the events of The Lost Christmas, and the spread of The Apocalypse Virus. In order for Shu to save Inori, he must retrieve his lost memories of the events that occurred on December 24th, 2029. Light will finally be shed on Shu's past, his relationship with the mysterious pink-haired girl, and how his child self was once acquainted with Gai.


Beware of Spoilers after this point!!!


We learn a lot about Shu and Gai's past, and what their relationship is with the pink-haired girl.

We also learn a bit about Gai and Shu's past characteristics and personalities.

Shu and Gai - Best Friends
Shu and Gai - Best Friends


Taboo alert!!!
Taboo alert!!!

The plot was too rushed!!! There was just too much info spewed out. They should've split this episode into at least two episodes: one dedicated to Shu and Gai's childhood; and the second to when Shu saves Inori and Gai saves Mana. I wont get into too many details, I'll leave that for the "Open Floor Session" below.

INCEST!!!!! I was very disturbed by the whole older-sister-kissing-younger-brother thing. I've read on the web that there could be a chance that she was adopted. We'll see......

So one of the symptoms of the Apocalypse Virus is turning you into a pedophile......?
So one of the symptoms of the Apocalypse Virus is turning you into a pedophile......?

Another part that I found quite disturbing was when Mana (pink-haired girl) seemed to have practically sexually assaulted young Gai...they dont really show it but the fact that the kid was tied up and partially stripped down by Mana kinda explains a lot.....

Points of Interest

Mana Ouma
Mana Ouma

The pink-haired girl is revealed to be Shu Ouma's older sister, and her name is Mana Ouma

Mana Ouma was the first to touch "the rock that started it all", and thus, was the first to be diagnosed with the Apocalypse Virus

Gai points out that Haruka Ouma is Shu's "new" mother. Perhaps she is not his biological mother, and that's why Shu calls her by her first name

Child Gai points out to Mana that the Apocalypse Virus drives people insane

Gai's Void is a gun that functions both as a gun and it draws out people's Voids

Open Floor Session

Alright, I have a couple of questions for you below that I'd like to hear your opinions on (You don't have to answer them all....answer the ones you feel like :D). I'll put in my results in a spoiler alert so you guys wont be influenced by my opinion.

  • How did you find the speed of this episode? (i.e. too rushed? Too slow? Just right?...etc)
Like I mentioned above, this episode was TOO RUSHED!!!! Heck, they crammed three character origin stories in one episode: Shu, Gai, and Mana. And not only that, but there was also them explaining the whole "Lost Christmas" event, and the entire wedding thing between Keido and Inori. If I were producing this episode, I would've split this episode to at least two.
  • How did you take in Gai's death? (i.e. very moved; saw it coming; etc....).

My initial reaction to Gai's death can be summed up in three letters: WTH? I didn't like how Gai's death was played out. First off, by the fact that he "came back" by the cancer crystals, then dies right after made the impact of his death less dramatic. I honestly think that Gai's character deserved much more than that. Also, I think there should've been more depth to his origin story, so that it would increase our empathy and thus our sympathy after he dies.

I hope they do include some more on his origin. I guess by getting Gai out of the way, Shu would be able to grow to fill in for his shoes. We'll have to wait and see.

  • What was your impression on Mana? Was she how you thought she'd be?
When I first learned that she's Shu's sister I was like "Woooaah ! What??!" I didnt see that coming. As for character, her initial personality in the episode was what I thought she'd be like, but when she started getting all psycho on us, I was baffled.
  • What are your unanswered questions?

(I wont post mine yet....I'll fill this in with your questions first)


Thanks for checking out this report guys and girls! I'd like to give a special thank you to Takashichea who did an awesome job around the Guilty Crown wiki pages. Thanks a bunch partner, and I owe you one!

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That's it from me Vicers! See you later, and peace!

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