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Hello fellow Vicers! Welcome to this not-really-a-weekly-report report article on and older Sket Dance episode - epsiode 9: Enta Will Do It! My team mate, Takashichea, was the one who suggested the idea of me writing a report on this episode, since it is one of the notably funny episodes. Personally, I'm glad to write this report, since I've been writing Weekly Reports for the Guilty Crown series, and its a pretty action-packed, and serious anime compared to Sket Dance. So this 'll be a sorta breather type report.

Now let's get this show on the road!


**Beware of mild episode spoilers**

Enta Hinohara, a manga artist, came over to Kaimei High School to interview the students in order to gain inspiration for a potential manga series. Bossun is overly thrilled by the idea that a mangaka is interviewing him, and is desperate to make a good impression. His goal is to become a model for the main character that Enta is working on, and that in turn would make him popular. But everything goes down the drain when Enta describes Bossun as way too "boring" and "plain".

How will Bossun get Enta's attention? And why did Chuu-san's cola turn Bossun into a kid? Watch the episode to find out!



During the Enta's quest to find interesting character inspirations, we get a summary of how unique the characters of Sket Dance are, notably Bossun, Switch and Hime, all of which have vibrant characteristics, behaviours, personalities and habits.

We are introduced to Bossun's complex of trying to prove to others that he is worthy of being the main character. It'd pretty funny how hard he tries, then gets shut down.

We also learn that Hime has strong motherly instincts, and is very doting when it comes to children. It's even funnier since Bossun rejects her doting and obsessive attitude and snaps every time she goes overboard. Switch is also amused by Bossun getting ticked off, and he goes along with Hime.

Hime&squot;s dose of "Li&squot;l Bossun Cuteness"
Hime's dose of "Li'l Bossun Cuteness"
There is no escape from Hime
There is no escape from Hime
Hime dying to dress up Bossun
Hime dying to dress up Bossun
Picture! Picture!
Picture! Picture!
Sket Family- Moustache Dad, Doting Mom, and Angry Child + Pelocan Doll
Sket Family- Moustache Dad, Doting Mom, and Angry Child + Pelocan Doll

The addition of many dramatic scenes that were obviously included for humorous purposes make the episode funny as well.


I actually didn't find anything bad during this episode, it was all very good in my opinion :D


The mangaka in this episode had a VERY similar name to the actual mangaka who made Sket Dance. The actual mangaka has the name of Kenta Shinohara, whereas the mangaka in the anime had the first letters of the first and surname taken off, giving him the name Enta Hinohara

Anime References

There was a Dragonball Z reference in this episode when Enta was asking for Bossun's abilities. These references were:

1. Charging up Ki

2. Kamehameha


Aaaand that's a wrap folks! I'd love to continue writing, but then that'll just end up with me writing an entire essay on the episode. Hope you enjoyed this "not-really-a-weekly-report" report, and hope to see around my other reports and the reports of all the other amazing reporters and bloggers here on the Vice.

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See you later, and peace!

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