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List of series I am editing, or want to edit

This is just a list of a bunch of series I'm currently wiki-editing, and ones of series I want to edit.

Since I'm a pretty forgetful person, I thought that it'd be smart that I make a list since I'll probably forget if I dont :P

1. Dantalian no Shoka

Just finished the series, so it's still fresh in my head. I began adding the episodes of the anime and will start adding characters soon. Once that's set, I can start working on editing individual episode pages.

2. Guilty Crown

Looks like a very interesting series. I think I'll pursue editing it ^^

3. Kuroko's Basketball

Began watching this series for the spring of 2012. I think I'll take up wiki-editing for this anime while I continue wrapping up Guilty Crown.

4. Daily Lives of High School Boys

Hilarious series of short episodes that tell stories of typical high school boys.

5. You and Me

Began watching this this fall. It's a pretty slow anime and I bet not a lot of people would get into it. But I like how its slow and laid back.

6. Sket Dance

I try my best to help out with wiki-edits for Sket Dance. Currently Team W.I.K.I has a pretty good grasp at it, and I wanna keep it that way :)

7. Ramen Fighter Miki

Already began working on editing this series. It's a really funny anime, and pretty random...which is what makes it very enjoyable.

8. Ginban Kaleidoscope

I watched this anime this summer, and really enjoyed it. It's a shame that there werent any edits made regarding it's franchise, so I wanna take up that initiative.

9. The Melancholy of Haruhi-chan Suzumiya

A super funny mini-series which served as my stress-reliever for my final year in high school. Since the episodes are super short (roughly 5 mins), it'll be very easy to edit this series.

10. 07-Ghost

Currently watching this anime and I'm enjoying it so far. I'd like to start adding plot summaries of the episodes once I get the chance to :D

11. S.A

An anime I watched 2 years back I believe. I remember it being really funny, so I think I may re-watch it and edit as I go :)

12. Tsuritama
13. Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Is currently watching this series and really enjoying it.

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