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KuroNekoXIII Top 5 Anime of 2011


In response to sickVisionz's Cast Your Vote in the Official Anime Vice Best Anime of 2011 List thread, I've compiled my top five anime here on this list that have aired during 2011.

1. Sket Dance

Sket Dance get's my number 1 vote this year. It's mix of humor, drama, school life, and the troubles of life makes it a very enjoyable anime.

2. anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

Anohana is tied for 1st vote for me. It's a short and deep anime. It really makes you think about the significance of life, and how to cope with the loss of someone dear to you.

3. Guilty Crown

GC comes 2nd. It's an amazing anime, teaching it's viewers to stand up for what they care about, and try their best to protect those dear to them. The series' art and music is also very well done. GC isn't my first vote since I found it's fan service a little too much.

4. You and Me

Laid back, fun anime to enjoy and get some laughs out of. Kimi to Boku gets my third vote.

5. Beelzebub

Beelzebub is a hilarious and totally random anime. Epic in it's own special way. Definitely one of my top five.

6. Anime Vice Yearly Best Of
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