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Hello Vicers! It's been a while since I blogged here since I've been caught up with life. Anyways, now that the Guilty Crown series has come to an end, I've been scouting around for new anime to follow and keep the community updated with, and this was my pick! Straying away from the sci-fi of Guilty Crown, I think this series will give my brain a little rest from trying to understand what's going on.

Well, without further ado, I present to you a brief look into "Kuroko no Basuke" (Kuroko's Basketball).

Series' Plot

Teikō Middle School's basketball team was well-known throughout Japan as the best basketball team with a prime three-perfect-seasons-in-a-row record. The regular players of the team became known as the Generation of Miracles. Once graduated, these five prodigies separated and each attended high schools with excellent basketball teams.

However, unknown to many, there was a sixth member of the Generation of Miracles, known as "the phantom sixth player". This phantom player has now joined Seirin High, which is a new high school with a strong fairly new and unknown team. Tetsuya Kuroko, who is the sixth member of the Generation of Miracles, alongside Taiga Kagami, a talented basketball player who spent most of his middle school years abroad in America, are now aiming to bring Seirin's basketball team to the top of Japan by taking down the former Generation of Miracles one by one.

KuroNekoXIII's Impression

To be honest, I'm pretty psyched for this series. Its been a while since I watched a sports anime, and since basketball is one of my favorite sports and since I do play it (not recently though....school took over my life), I find this anime very interesting. The animation is also very well done, which is something I look for in an anime. The art is very "shonen-y" (if that's even an adjective lol), which I dont mind.

Anyways, from the looks of it, I was impressed by the first couple of episodes, so I'd say this is a good anime, and I urge ya'll to give it a try. Here's the opening theme for those who want to get a feel for the anime:

Cool Things To Note

(beware of minuscule spoilers of the first episode)

Taiga Kagami and Tetsuya Kuroko (respectively)
Taiga Kagami and Tetsuya Kuroko (respectively)

Tetsuya Kuroko tells Taiga Kagami:

I am a supporting actor, a shadow. But a shadow will become darker if the light is stronger and it will make the white of the light stand out. As the shadow of the main actor, I will make you, the light, the number one in Japan.

Now be honest people....how many of you guys got a sudden "Kingdom Hearts" flashback right there? I though it would be interesting to share that the kanji 黒 (Kuro) in Kuroko's name means black, which pushes the idea of him being a "shadow".


Alright, that's all from me folks. This wasn't really an "Episode 1 report"...it was more of a "Let's take a look at this series" report. Hope I managed to convey the anime in an understandable way. I'll most-likely continue to follow up on this anime and have more formal reports in the future, and hopefully I get responses from the community about the series.

I'm currently working on the wiki pages for Kuroko no Basuke, if anyone out there is interested in giving me a hand, please dont hesitate to PM me.

So that's all from me folks, and see you all later!

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