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Hello again Vicers, and welcome to the third edition of KuroNekoXIII's Guilty Crown Weekly Reports. I'm glad to see that Guilty Crown is finally starting to get more views here on the Vice, and that there are more and more Vicers that are slowly starting to participate in these reports. I really appreciate it guys and girls, and I hope to see and hear more of you in the Guilty Crown forums and wiki pages.

Now without further ado, I present to you Guilty Crown's Ep 3 Weekly Report - Void Sampling.


The third episode of Guilty Crown starts where it finished off in the second episode, with Inori joining Shu's class as his new classmate. Not only that, but she also moves into his apartment and now lives with him. Shu, who doesn't understand why Inori is with him every step he takes, receives an explanation from Gai Tsutsugami. Gai tells Shu that there was one witness that saw and identified Shu during the Undertaker's attack in Roppongi; and that witness happens to go to Shu's school.

It is now Inori and Shu's job to search through the student body for the witness, needing to extract the students' Voids to find out which one of them is the witness.

New Characters

Kanon Kusama
Kanon Kusama
Shu Ouma's classmate, and she is the student representative of class 2 - A.
Major Segai
Major Segai
Little is known about this character. All that was mentioned about him is that he will now be in charge of all Funeral Parlor - related matters, and that he is known for taking his job very seriously.



Shu's classroom and classmates
Shu's classroom and classmates
Photo of Shu and his Mother
Photo of Shu and his Mother

1. We finally get a break from the "running for out lives" , "guns and explosions" , and "fight fight fight" themes that have been predominate in the first two episodes of this series. Now we can sit back and watch more mundane anime themes that we can all relate too, and that would be "school-life" and "life as a teen".

2. We also learn a bit more about Shu's school social standing, as well as his family life. We are also further acquainted with Shu's classmates that were introduced during the first episode of Guilty Crown, Yahiro Samukawa, and Souta Tamadate.

Enjoy your music while you still can Souta
Enjoy your music while you still can Souta

3. Finally, we get a little more humor! I've been itching for humor in Guilty Crown to lighten the mood a little, and we finally get a little of that. The funny moments were mainly during the Void-searching process, and how some of the Voids were very random. Also, the voice actor for Souta Tamadate, Daisuke Sakaguchi, is known for taking roles of funny characters, and character-relief roles. Examples include Youhei Sunohara from Clannad, Shinpachi Shimura from Gintama,and Tadayasu Sawaki from Moyashimon. So that makes Souta's character, in particular, one of the more pleasant ones to see and watch.

4. We also learn a little more about Voids and their extraction.

5. It also seems that Shu and Inori have undergone small character evolution during this episode.


Pros and Cons of Living with a Girl
Pros and Cons of Living with a Girl

1. The only bad thing that I found during this episode was that it had the anime cliche where the main female protagonist ends up living with the main male protagonist. I think that pushed it a little.....Inori could've moved into the apartment next door, right?


This episode taught me to look between eyebrows when I want to avoid making eye contact, yet want to still look like I'm looking at the person. Its a pretty neat trick, and it'll come in handy since I do get a little nervous while having long eye-contact with someone not close to me.

During the ending theme, the last scene was of Shu bowing to the student representative, Kanon (the reason would be clear after watching the episode)

Recent Wiki Edits

I've been spending lots of time this past week on working on editing the Guilty Crown franchises, and their corresponding characters, concepts, and objects pages. If you want a better picture on the series and it's background, check out these wiki pages to get a better feel of the series. Note that they haven't been fully updated yet, but I think it'll give you a good heads up on the series' background.






And that's all from me folks! Hope you enjoyed this weekly report as much as I did writing it!

Hope to see you again next week!

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See you later, and peace!

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