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Hello Vicers! First I’d like to apologize for the delay in posting up my weekly report. I usually have them up late night Saturdays or early Sundays, but this weekend was pretty busy for me (catching up with friends, doing homework, and cleaning my room – which has reached the messiest it has ever been in its entire lifetime).

Now that we got that out of the way, its time to get back to Guilty Crown mode! Welcome to the fifth edition of KuroNekoXIII's Guilty Crown Weekly Reports, with episode 5 being our topic. Have fun!


The fifth episode continues where the story left off, with Shu accompanying Gai, Inori and Kenji to Undertaker's base. There,Gai introduces a new mission that Undertaker will be executing, and he formally introduces Shu to the members. In order for Shu to officially join the team, he needs to train and win against Ayase and her Endlave in a mock battle.

How will Shu survive Undertaker's intense training? And will he be able to concentrate after the unexpected turn of events between him and Inori?



1. Funeral Parlor (i.e Undertaker) character palooza! We get to learn more about the different members of Undertaker and their strengths.

Shu is not Impressed >:(
Shu is not Impressed >:(

2. Humor! It was funny seeing the Undertaker members pick on Shu, since he's a newbie and all.

3. We see an entire new side to Ayase. The blush-when-sees-Gai Ayase that we’ve been seeing for the past episodes was just a small part of her wide array of character and personality.

4. A small glimpse of Inori’s backstory was revealed (really minuscule though).

5. A development in Shu’s character by the end of the episode.


1. There were tiny instances with fanservice which I didn’t really mind since it somewhat had to do with the flow of the episode, but the one scene that I didn’t really see the point of was Ayase in her nightgown.

2. I was looking forward to learning more about Kenji Kido’s character but not much was revealed other than his appearance.

3.The concept/term “Leukocytes” was brought up, but wasn’t really explained so it leaves the viewers wondering what it is. Seeing that this term is the title of the next episode, I bet more will be explained when it airs.

Points of Interest

*Beware of mild episode spoilers!*

1. I’m not sure if any of you noticed, but doesn’t Gai’s cross look like the cross that has been appearing in Shu’s flashbacks?

2. Gai says that Inori is looking more and more like “that girl” every day; but he doesn’t say who. Could it be that pink-haired girl in Shu’s flashbacks?

3. Arugo’s Void is drawn in this episode.

End sequence:

4. The end sequence definitely sums up Shu and Inori's relationship by the end of this episode. Not only that, but it also shows the viewers Shu's indecisive nature.


Don't jump into conclusions without thinking things really through; it'll just make you look really dumb otherwise. In the words of my senior co-worker(excuse the language) : “Never assume anything. You’ll make an 'ass' out of 'u' and 'me'” .


Thanks a bunch for reading my report, and I apologize in advance for it being late. Also, I'd like to thank my team mate, Takashichea for contributing to the Guilty Crown wiki pages and doing an amazing job with them (notably episodes 3 and 4, among much others). Great job Taka and I appreciate your work!! :D

If any of you guys and girls are fans of Guilty Crown, and want to make contributions to the Guilty Crown wiki pages by joining both Takashichea and I, just send me a PM . We'll be glad to hear from you and get your help with the wiki pages. If you're interested in checking out our work so far, check out our Team Guilty Crown Vitae list.

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That's it from me Vicers! See you later, and peace!

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