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Hello Vicers, and welcome to the fourth edition of KuroNekoXIII's Guilty Crown Weekly Reports. Takashichea has recently began editing the Guilty Crown wiki pages alongside me; thanks for the help Taka!

If any of you guys and girls are fans of Guilty Crown, and want to make contributions to the Guilty Crown wiki pages by joining both Takashichea and I, just send me a PM (don't worry, I won't bite :P) . We'll be glad to hear from you and get your help with the wiki pages.

Now that we're finished with the announcements, let's get this show on the road!


The fourth episode continues where the story left off, with Shu being taken away by GHQ officials. While being held prisoner, Shu starts learning more about Funeral Parlor, a.k.a Undertaker and their plans from GHQ Major Segai. Shu becomes even more indecisive about whose side he should be on than he was earlier; and the fact that Gai refuses to answer any of his questions makes matters even more confusing for him.

While Shu's lost in his own sea of thoughts, Undertaker is already on its way to rescue a known murderer that is also held prisoner by GHQ. Seeing that rescuing him is not part of the plan, who should Shu put his faith and trust in?

New Characters

Jun Samukawa
Jun Samukawa
Yahiro Samukawa's younger brother. He is currently being treated under GHQ's care by Sephirah Genomics.
Kenji Kido
Kenji Kido
A prisoner confined by the GHQ, and is known as a mass murderer responsible for the "Sky Tree Bombing".



1. We managed to learn more about GHQ, from the perspective of a GHQ official, Major Seiga.

2. We are also given more insight on what the Apocalypse Virus is and it's effects on people.

3. More Undertaker action! We're able to see the strategic and combat abilities of Undertaker. They're not an easy bunch to deal with. I assure you.

Oh Inori, you're finally understanding the feeling of being alone
Oh Inori, you're finally understanding the feeling of being alone

4. We also learn more about Yahiro Samukawa's back story.

5. Inori is displaying a lot of character evolution in this episode. I won't go into too much detail, but let's just say that she's starting to act less like a "tool".


I actually didn't find any bad points in this episode.....I'm thinking really hard, but I can't find any.

Points of Interest

I think it's interesting to note that the seiyuu (voice actor) for Major Seiga is Nobutoshi Canna, the same seiyuu as Kabuto from Naruto. Both characters have that eerie and messed-up vibe to them.

Ending theme twist, with Shu initially walking by himself with a glum face, then Inori joins him, and leads him. Does this foreshadow something, perhaps?


Test time! Think you're a Guilty Crown expert by now? Prove it then, by answering the trivia questions linked on the following pages:

Shu Ouma

Inori Yuzuriha


Guilty Crown

Yahiro Samukawa


First I'd like to thank you readers for popping in and reading this report. It's nice to see you showing interest in the blog posts and reports, and it really pumps us bloggers and reports and drives us to write more. I'd also like to give a special thanks to Takashichea, MohsinMan99, and Superevil225 for always showing their support. It means a lot! :)

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See you later, and peace!

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