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Hello Vice! First I`d like to wish you all happy holidays. Welcome to this week`s joint Guilty Crown report, which will encompass both episodes 10 and 11. Lots of plot developments occurred during these two action-packed episodes, and now it`s time for you to share your thoughts on the series`progress. Now without further ado, I present you with this week`s GC report.


Episode 10 - Retraction: 縮退 Shukutai

After the horrendous events that took place during his battle with Jun, Shu is currently traumatized by his surroundings. Bombarded by flashbacks, Shu reaches his limits and decides to quit Undertaker, and begins to avoid those around him. In the meantime, Gai and the rest of the Undertakers are engaged in a mission to retrieve "the rock that started it all". Will the Undertaker's be able to complete the mission without The King's Power on their side? And what exactly does GHQ's Major Segaihave under his sleeve?

Episode 11 - Resonance: 共鳴 Kyōmei

GHQ's in a sea of blood, and Tokyo city is resonating with an eerie song bringing chaos to the Japanese people. The Apocalypse Virus is spreading in a cancerous rate, instantly crystallizing all of it's victims. Shu is finally starting to see the consequences of his lack of action; will he finally realize the truth of friendship and pull his act together?



Episode 10:

Inori`s feelings towards Shu are finally exposed during this episode! Interestingly, Gai doesn`t seem very pleased with her realization.

We learn more about Hare and her relationship with Shu.

Episode 11:

Shu finally learns what it means to have friends and to trust them

Shu, who has always compared himself to Gsi, realizes that he should do things his own way,


Episode 10:

One thing I HATED about this episode was when Shu started hitting on Hare when he was being all emo. If any of you readers watched Code Geass R2, there is a point in the series where Lelouch (the main character) is depressed, and wants to be comforted by one of the female characters. Here is the link of that Code Geass clip if you are interested in comparing it to this Guilty Crown episode.(no major plot spoilers are presented in the clip) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TdAdMMwxRSY

Episode 11:

I don`t think there was anything bad during the 11th episode, other than the fact that it ended with such a BIG cliffhanger, which ticked me off.

Points of Interest

Episode 10:

While Gai and the head of the Kuhouin group were conversing, on Kuhouin`s desk, there is a volume of all the information on Gai which his group investigated. There is a photo that sticks out from the volume, which seems to be the other half of the photo seen at the end of episode 7:

Ending twist: Shu and Inori are seen walking away from one another, which fits the events that happened during the episode

Episode 11:

The mystery pink-haired girl seems to be called "Mana". She also seems to be trapped in a pink crystal.

Hare's Void is demonstrated during this episode. Her Void are bandages that heal

Mystery Wielder of "The King&squot;s Power"
Mystery Wielder of "The King's Power"

Another character with "The King's Power" appears at the end of the episode.

Ending Twist: This time it doesn't include Inori, but concept arts of "Mana" ; one in a school uniform and another of her holding out a gift.


I`d like to give you my thanks for checking out this report. Please note that I won`t be here for the next two weeks (I`m leaving tomorrow which is the 24th), so if you posted your comments onto this report and haven`t received a reply, its not that I`m ignoring you, but its because I have no internet access. Takashichea has kindly offered to take over my weekly report duty during my absence. Thanks again Taka! I owe ya one!

For those who are interested in joining my partner Taka and I with out Guilty Crown wiki edits, please don't hesitate to PM me, we could use as much man and woman power as we can get! Thank you!

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That's it from me Vicers! See you later, and peace!

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