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What's up Vicers! This is a super duper late Guilty Crown episode report. I apologize for being late guys, but life's been pretty busy for me as of late with finals and so on. Anyway, enough about me, let's get back to Guilty Crown mode! This week, I'll be reporting both episodes 7 and 8.


Epiosde 7 - Temptation: 輪舞 Rinbu

Shu finally gets back to school along with Inori, and with the help of the student council president, Arisa Kuhouin, the unpleasant remarks of the students regarding Shu's GHQ interrogation came to an end. Haruka,Shu's mother, finally comes back home and Shu is stuck trying to explain why Inori and a 'laundry-folding' robot is living with him.

The Undertakers also have a new mission for both Gai and Shu which involves a key asset in Undertaker's strategic advances. But what happens when a newly-appointed American GHQ colonel targets this key asset?

Episode 8 - Courtship Behavior: 夏日 Kajitsu

Shu is sent on another mission by Gai to Oshima. His mission is to find "the rock that started it all", which is situated in a secret base located in Oshima. To cover up the mission, Shu and the club members of the Contemporary Image and Video Research Club, which include Souta, Kanon, and Hare, are going on a free vacation to Oshima. Will Shu be able to complete the mission successfully along with the Undertakers, despite still feeling uneasy with using other people as tools?

New Characters

Introduced in episode 7, Arisa Kuhouin is the student council president of Tennozu First High School. She is also the granddaughter of the head of the Kuhouin Group.
Introduced in episode 7, Dan Eagleman is a newly-recruited American GHQ colonel. He is a former sportsman, and is known to have a very upbeat personality.



Episode 7:

Segai: Just wake me up when this is all over, 'kay Rowan?
Segai: Just wake me up when this is all over, 'kay Rowan?

What do you get when you group a bipolar mysophobic teen; an unmotivated creeper who is always on his cell phone; and a goody-goody two-shoes officer, all in one team commanded by an all-brawn-no-brain colonel? I'll tell you what: total WTH and LMAO moments.

We also learn some more about Rowan, Segai and Daryl's characters and personalities. This is a good shift since the series has been focusing a lot in introducing the Undertaker members.

Shu was actually working with Gai......WILLINGLY!

We learned more about Shu's mother's (Haruka Ouma) personality. Let's just say that she's got a whole different side to her, other than the formal doctor she is.

Episode 8:

Further strengthening of Shu and Gai's teamwork

We learn a little about Shu's father, who has not been mentioned throughout the entire series so far

We get a little vacation from Tokyo city and Roppongi and get to enjoy a little taste of summer and the beach with Shu, Inori, Hare, Souta, and Kanon.

Souta at Dawn
Souta at Dawn

We learn more about Souta, who hasn't had much screen-time for the past episodes.

Shu's character has gone through some evolution by the end of the episode, both in terms of his friendships and in terms of his "love" life.


Episode 7:

Shu and Haruka....a little too close perhaps?
Shu and Haruka....a little too close perhaps?

Is it just me, or are Haruka and Shu a little too touchy-feely? That was the only problem I had with this episode.

Episode 8:

So Tsugumi...why are you in a maid outfit again?
So Tsugumi...why are you in a maid outfit again?

I think the fanservice was a little too extensive when Hare was trying to impress Shu at the beach....maybe it's just me.

The part where Tsugumi was dressed in a maid costume and pushing Ayase around....I totally did not see the point of that scene.

Points of Interest


Episode 7:

  • Arisa says the same line as Gai in episode 6 at the end of the episode; "Eavesdropping? You sure have nice hobbies. [Sarcastic tone]"
  • Shu calls his mother by her first name without any honorifics
  • Doesn't Arisa look like Gai? Heck, she'd pass as his long-lost twin sister.
Mystery Pink-Haired Girl, Shu, and Haruka
Mystery Pink-Haired Girl, Shu, and Haruka
  • at the end of the episode, Haruka is seen looking at a picture of her, Shu when he was younger, along with the pink-haired girl appearing in Shu's flashbacks.
  • Ending twist has Inori walking, then running towards Shu. Could it be that she now wants to catch up and stay by his side?

Episode 8:

  • Shu doesn't know much about his father
  • Hare seems to see Inori as a love rival, and she has feelings for Shu
  • Ending twist has Inori walking alone, then joining Shu, Hare, Kanon, and Souta in a group photo. Maybe their relationship will soon become stronger and stronger.
"Oh the cloak? Yea..we borrowed it from Harry Potter the other day"
"Oh the cloak? Yea..we borrowed it from Harry Potter the other day"
  • The Undertakers have an invisible cloak which they can use to hide their appearance.


Thanks Vicers for reading this article! I'd like to wish the best of luck for my team mates Takashichea and Mohsinman99, along with all of my other team mates of W.I.K.I Nation on their upcoming exams. Good luck guys are girls, we're almost done! I'd also like to give a special welcome to lordbane666 who has recently been active on the Guilty Crown forums.

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That's it from me Vicers! See you later, and peace!

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