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Hello everybody and welcome to the sixth Sket Dance weekly article! It is usually Takashichea who writes up these weekly articles, but he let me take a shot at it this week. Thanks again Takashichea!

So without further ado, I present to you KuroNekoXIII's first attempt at a Weekly Report: Sket Dance Ep 28 - Shinba Michiru's Elegant Cooking.


Shinba Michiru's Elegant Cooking
Shinba Michiru's Elegant Cooking
Zero Motivation
Zero Motivation

Lights! Camera! Action!

In this episode, Kamei's Broadcasting Club is organizing its debut lunch hour talk show, and their first guest is student council member Shinba Michiru. The purpose of the talk show was to broadcast Michiru's cooking talents to the school, with Agata and Daisy as his assistants. However, things start to get out of hand when Agata's unmotivated and flippant mood gets the best of him. Not only that, but Daisey is also in a worse-than-usual mood. How will the charismatic Shinba Michiru maintain his "princely" and "calm" facade with his assistants' lack of cooperation?


Kamei Lunchtime Show Opening
Kamei Lunchtime Show Opening
Kamei High School acquired a TV-set for every classroom which provides intra-school broadcasts during lunch break. These broadcasts are run by the Broadcasting Club.
MoimoiOne of Daisey-chan's plushie toys, called "Moimoi". She referred to it as being her favourite plushie toy, however, it's arm was ripped off.


The Good

Pull it together.. Agata! Daisey!
Pull it together.. Agata! Daisey!

We learned a bit more about the student council and their characteristics. Each of their unique personalities brings out the other, which made the episode very enjoyable.

Yup. He's the smart one of the bunch.
Yup. He's the smart one of the bunch.

We get a better sense of Switch's popularity with Kamei's student body when it comes to technology; which usually leaves Bossun and Himeko feeling jealous.

When all else fails, bring out the afros!
When all else fails, bring out the afros!

Humor; just plain humor. The humor in this episode is one of the best in the entire series. I won't go into details since you'd get a better sense watching the episode than reading what's written here.

The Bad

I couldn't really find any bad points about this episode. Overall, I think it was very well done. The only points that I think could've made the episode better were:

  • The Sket Dan club wasn't officially broadcasted on the school TV
  • it would've been interesting to see a glimpse of the next episode of "Kamei Lunchtime Show" where they feature Chuu-san and his explosives.

Sket Dance Character Fun Facts

These are just a bunch of interesting facts revealed about some of the characters featured during this episode (be warned that these may contain minuscule spoilers from this episode....but not crazy major ones that would ruin the entire series).

Urusai Fuwafuwa Atama!
Urusai Fuwafuwa Atama!

1) Daisey-chan's Abbreviation Dictionary Update

a) UFA - Urasai Fuwafuwa Atama (Shut-up, Airhead)

b) SFA - Shine Furafure Atama (Die, Airhead )

2) Michiru Shinba cannot tolerate alcohol whatsoever, and due to his intolerance, his personality can be changed drastically.

From Beauty.......
From Beauty.......
.........to the Beast
.........to the Beast
Poor Daisey T_T
Poor Daisey T_T

3) Daisey really loves her plushies...to the extent that she'd cry over their loss. (I actually found it kinda cute when she began to cry. It made me feel sorry for the girl).

4) Agata and Shinba seem to have been close friends since middle school

Yagi-chan the perfect news reporter
Yagi-chan the perfect news reporter

5) Kaoru Yagi, who is one of the members of the Broadcasting Club, can maintain an expersionless face, no matter what the circumstances.


Do you think you're a pro? Maybe the best Sket Dance fan out there? Try these out!

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That's a wrap! I hope you enjoyed this weekly report as much as I did writing it, and thanks for taking the time to read it. Its nice to get readers to check out our works; it really makes us feel confident and drives us to write up more articles.

I'd also like to give a shout out to my teammates in Team W.I.K.I Nation, they're an awesome bunch and I'm proud to be one of them :)

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Have you ever obsessed over an anime episode? I mean, the type of obsession when you watch the episode over and over and over again without getting sick of it? Heck, Japanese might not even be a language you speak, yet you can understand what the characters are saying without even reading the subs 'cause you watched it so much. You might even reach the point when you actually memorized the script .... in Japanese!

What I'm getting at here is that I go through these "episode obsessions" all the time. Really. You wouldn't believe how many episodes out there I have memorized inside out. So this edition of "Why I Can't Stop Replaying This Episode", I'll actually be referring to my current obsession - Part 1 of Sket Dance Episode 19: 100 Hairstyles and Panic in the Clubroom.

So I decided that rather than just watching it, I'd explain why it's the type of episode that wouldn't bore you. That being said, if you haven't watched the episode, watch out because this blog might spoil what happens during that episode.

The Horrors That Accompany Messing Up Someone's Hair

The only difference between this episode and "real-life" is that if you actually mess up someone's hair while cutting it, there isn't any "Tocolotion 10" that would regrow the hair and return everything back to normal. I speak from experience.

I'm the eldest of two brothers and a sister. I'm a pretty weird older sibling, and I can come up with really weird ideas. This summer, one of those ideas were to cut my youngest brother's hair. I'd like to let you know I have ZERO hair cutting experience. I got his consent first, of course, and I got started.

Half-way through, I noticed that the head I was using on our electric razor wasn't making a difference with his hair. It looked the same to me; so I decided to get rid of the head and use the razor by itself. Big mistake. Let's just say, his head looked something like this; but without the arrow:

How my brother kinda looked half-bald.
How my brother kinda looked half-bald.

I freaked out...but I secretly enjoyed it since I wondered how he would look like as a bald kid. But as I said before, there is no turning back when you mess up someone's hair, so we were stuck shaving it all off. My other brother, who was watching the entire time, made my little bald guinea pig brother feel better, telling him that it looked good. It actually did, and I was happy that I did shave it. The only problem is that he doesn't want me to ever cut his hair again. He doesn't even want me remotely near him while holding a razor. I think I might even be the reason why he now wants to grow a fro. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

I watched this episode after cutting....I mean shaving....my brother's head; and I totally know how Himeko felt. That "Ohhhh crap. I'm in deep *bleep* now" feeling; it ain't a good feeling, trust me. I also happened to run into a bald spot while shaving his head; I thought I was the one who made it, but it turns out he already had it (it was very small though....barely noticeable; but when you're cutting someone's hair, every little mistake pops out like a sore thumb). It reminded me of Himeko when she turned Bossun's head into a savannah, although my mistakes weren't as dramatic.

Voice Talents

First and foremost, I would like to applaud Hiroyuki Yoshino for doing an amazing job voicing Bossun, the main character of Sket Dance. For a voice actor to be able to actually sound like they are going through what the character is going through in the episode makes watching it even more enjoyable. Hiroyuki does just that; not only for this episode, but for all of the Sket Dance episodes. This episode is full of Bossun's "spazz" moments; from the very start when he utterly refuses Himeko's request to stand in the middle during their picture pose, to when he's furious with the outcome of his haircuts. Its very funny, and I can't get over watching it.

Himeko's voice is also very vibrant. Her being from Osaka just makes her voice even more enjoyable. I also believe Ryoko Shiraishi has done and is still doing an amazing job at voicing Himeko. Her ability to capture both Himeko's cool and short-tempered attitude, as well as her inner scaredy-cat is well-demonstrated during this episode.

Tomokazu Sugita has always been one of my favorite Japanese voice actors. He too has a dramatic and humorous voice, which makes him perfect for Switch's character.

Anime Reference - DBZ

I'm Bosu
I'm Bosu

Now one of the highlights of this episode was Bossun's "Goku" impersonation. Now I totally didn't see that one coming, which made it even funnier. All I saw was a dragonball with the Sket Dance logo on it, but my brain was still trying to figure out what was going on (yes....my brain doesn't process things that fast). Just when I began to realize that it was from the DBZ opening, all I see is Goku's head pop up, claiming to be "Bosu". And that was it. That was the punch line that made the humour possible. I couldn't get over it, and I still can't.


Well, I pretty much summed up the reasons why I love this episode and can't get over it. If you haven't already, I strongly suggest you watch it - you wont regret it. Hope you enjoyed this blog.

Thanks for reading!

-KuroNekoXIII (Neko)

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