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Yo whaddup Vicers! Man its been a while since I've whipped up a weekly report. I apologize for keeping you guys waiting, and I apologize to my teammates who had to deal with my frequent absences - which will probably get worse until the school term starts up again.

Anyways, its back to Guilty Crown mode! So much drama and action happens during this episode as we approach the series finale. Hope you enjoy this report, and don't forget to add your thoughts and comments!


Funeral Parlor (Undertaker) and the U.N. both close in on Ward 24 to bring a halt to Gai's actions. Shu, alongside his allies pursue their main goal to save Inori and to stop Gai, Yuu and Keido from resurrecting Mana and recreating the Lost Christmas event. During the infiltration, Shu encounters Yuu, who offers Shu the forbidden apple anf hence become Mana's mate.

Will Shu accept Yuu's offer? And will Shu manage to save Inori before she is completely possessed by Mana?



Some loose ends are starting to get tied together, although I admit there are still big question marks being drawn.

Shu has shown a lot of growth compared to the person and character he was before. He is still himself, but he has become braver and doesn't hesitate before taking an action (which was something he did a lot at the start of the series)

We finally learn more about the Yuu character and what he really is.


Gai saving Inori
Gai saving Inori

They should have had an origin story for Inori. All we got was a screencap of Gai saving her from a lab and that's all..

Yuu also deserved more screen-time and a stronger origin story.

Overall, the pacing of the anime was a little too fast, and the ideas weren't as organized as they should be for viewers to be able to follow along.

Points of Interest

  • Could Ayase be interested in Shu? I kinda got that vibe from this episode. Also, this was the first time she asked for help getting on to her Endlave
  • I found it cute that both Shu and Inori said the same thing when asked why they loved one another.
  • Another point of interest was when Inori began singing Euterpe when she slowly began to turn into Mana. If you read through the lyrics of that song, its basically about Inori talking to a wildflower. Interestingly, when Inori is covered with crystals and her tear manages to escape and it bloomed into a flower, I re-read the lyrics of the Euterpe song, and noticed that the flower in the song is most-likely a symbol representing Inori.

Euterpe - EGOIST

Original / Romaji Lyrics

English Translation

Saita no no hana yo
Aa douka oshiete okure
Hito wa naze kizutsukeatte
Arasou no deshou
Oh, field flower that has bloomed,
Ah, somehow, please tell me:
Why is it that people hurt each other
And fight?
Rin to saku hana yo
Soko kara nani ga mieru
Hito wa naze yurushiau koto
Dekinai no deshou
Oh, flower that blooms with the asphalt,
What can you see from there?
Why is it that people
Cannot forgive each other?
Ame ga sugite natsu wa
Ao wo utsushita
Hitotsu ni natte
Chiisaku yureta
Watashi no mae de
Nani mo iwazu ni
In the summer, the rain passed
And the blue reflected,
Small, it rippled
In front of me,
Without saying a thing.
Karete yuku tomo ni
Omae wa nani wo omou
Kotoba wo motanu sono ha de
Nanto ai wo tsutaeru
What do you think
When your friends wilt?
With those leaves that do not carry words,
How do you convey your love?
Natsu no hi wa kagette
Kaze ga nabiita
Futatsu kasanatte
Ikita akashi wo
Watashi wa utaou
Na mo naki mono no tame
The summer sun is clouded
And the wind fluttered.
I shall sing
The proof that life once existed
For those who do not have a name.


Thanks a bunch for checking out this report! Please share your thoughts and ideas about the series thus far! Also, I strongly recommend that you gus check out the Guilty Crown threads listed below, alongside the other community blogs listed below. Show your support by checking out your community members' work!

A special thanks goes out to Taka for his amazing work on the Guilty Crown wiki pages...heck, I think he's even done more GC work than I have! Also another special thanks goes out to ColorBrandon and Wraith for keeping the GC threads alive, and being an active member on the GC team by sharing his thoughts and ideas on the series.

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That's it from me Vicers! See you later, and peace!

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Hello Vicers! It's been a while since I blogged here since I've been caught up with life. Anyways, now that the Guilty Crown series has come to an end, I've been scouting around for new anime to follow and keep the community updated with, and this was my pick! Straying away from the sci-fi of Guilty Crown, I think this series will give my brain a little rest from trying to understand what's going on.

Well, without further ado, I present to you a brief look into "Kuroko no Basuke" (Kuroko's Basketball).

Series' Plot

Teikō Middle School's basketball team was well-known throughout Japan as the best basketball team with a prime three-perfect-seasons-in-a-row record. The regular players of the team became known as the Generation of Miracles. Once graduated, these five prodigies separated and each attended high schools with excellent basketball teams.

However, unknown to many, there was a sixth member of the Generation of Miracles, known as "the phantom sixth player". This phantom player has now joined Seirin High, which is a new high school with a strong fairly new and unknown team. Tetsuya Kuroko, who is the sixth member of the Generation of Miracles, alongside Taiga Kagami, a talented basketball player who spent most of his middle school years abroad in America, are now aiming to bring Seirin's basketball team to the top of Japan by taking down the former Generation of Miracles one by one.

KuroNekoXIII's Impression

To be honest, I'm pretty psyched for this series. Its been a while since I watched a sports anime, and since basketball is one of my favorite sports and since I do play it (not recently though....school took over my life), I find this anime very interesting. The animation is also very well done, which is something I look for in an anime. The art is very "shonen-y" (if that's even an adjective lol), which I dont mind.

Anyways, from the looks of it, I was impressed by the first couple of episodes, so I'd say this is a good anime, and I urge ya'll to give it a try. Here's the opening theme for those who want to get a feel for the anime:

Cool Things To Note

(beware of minuscule spoilers of the first episode)

Taiga Kagami and Tetsuya Kuroko (respectively)
Taiga Kagami and Tetsuya Kuroko (respectively)

Tetsuya Kuroko tells Taiga Kagami:

I am a supporting actor, a shadow. But a shadow will become darker if the light is stronger and it will make the white of the light stand out. As the shadow of the main actor, I will make you, the light, the number one in Japan.

Now be honest people....how many of you guys got a sudden "Kingdom Hearts" flashback right there? I though it would be interesting to share that the kanji 黒 (Kuro) in Kuroko's name means black, which pushes the idea of him being a "shadow".


Alright, that's all from me folks. This wasn't really an "Episode 1 report"...it was more of a "Let's take a look at this series" report. Hope I managed to convey the anime in an understandable way. I'll most-likely continue to follow up on this anime and have more formal reports in the future, and hopefully I get responses from the community about the series.

I'm currently working on the wiki pages for Kuroko no Basuke, if anyone out there is interested in giving me a hand, please dont hesitate to PM me.

So that's all from me folks, and see you all later!

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Hello Vicers! It's been two weeks since I've created a weekly blog on Guilty Crown, and I apologize for the delay. My current team member for the Vice's Guilty Crown wiki team is Takashichea. If you'd like to join the team, please don't hesitate to send me a PM - we're still recruiting :D

This is a special report that will cover material from the first two episodes of the second season of Guilty Crown. Things are starting to spice up, and Guilty Crown is starting to get serious and mature.

So without further ado, I present to you Guilty Crown's episode 13 and 14 joint report!

Plot Summary

Episode 13 - Isolation: 学園 Gakuen

Two weeks have passed since Mana has been sealed away. Shu and Inori along with Ayase and Tsugumi have been cut off from their families after the GHQ has blockaded the entire area that was affected by the potential Lost Christmas event that occurred during the prior two weeks. The student of Tennozu First High Schoolthat were isolated in the blockaded area, known as Loop 7, have naturally gathered in the school to seek refuge. When well the GHQ finally allow those in Loop 7 to be released? And what will Arisa Kuhouin plan in order to calm down the anxious students?

Episode 14 - Disturbance: Election - 攪乱 (Kakuran)

Arisa Kuhouin is slowly losing control over the Tennozu First High School student body, who are all currently in a state of turmoil. Rumors about the horrendous methods that the GHQ is dealing with those quarantined in Loop 7 are starting to float around, putting the students in an even more panicked state. How long will Arisa manage to contain the school's frenzy? Will the school get even more divided now that another rumor that says handing over the Undertaker members will give them safe passage out of the quarantined zone?


Episode 13


I liked how this episode shifted its focus from Shu and Inori and focused more on the supporting cast, such as Daryl, Tsugumi, and Ayase.


I didn't like the transition between episode 12 and 13....episode 13 felt like it was taking a step back in terms of content and depth. Episode 12 was very "end-of-the-world-ish" whereas episode 13 was somewhat laid back, with the school festival going on and all.

Episode 14


This episode was well-played out, and the reactions of the trapped students was very realistic in terms of what would really happen if students were put into a situation like theirs.

Again, there was less focus on Shu and Inori, and more focus on the supporting cast

Overall, I think this episode is the first step to Guilty Crown's maturation and depth; now that things are starting to get pretty serious.


I couldn't think of anything bad for this episode, I think it was very well-done.

Points of Interest

Woohoo! New opening theme called "The Everlasting Guilty Crown" by Egoist. The animation is awesome! Also, have you noticed how bada$$ Shu looks like throughout the opening? He resembles Gai a lot, hopefully that'll be the new Shu by the end of the series.

Episode 13

Ayase's Void are metallic legs that allow her to run, glide, and fly

Episode 14

Tsugumi's Void is a device that allows her to make realistic and live dolls.

According to rumours, Funeral Parlour members have a tattoo on their backs; however, when Ayase's shirt was pulled up, no tattoo was seen. If we recall from episode 10, the back of Inori's neck right underneath her parting hair there is a tattoo (looks like the shape of a flying bird). Is she the only one who has that, or do the other members have it in different places?

New ending theme!!!! The song is by Supercell and is called Kokuhaku.

KuroNekoXIII's Random Ramble

I'm starting to like the direction the anime is going on now, its starting to feel like it has matured compared to last season. The whole situation with the students being isolated due to an "illness" reminds me of Jose Saramago's novel Blindness. It's an amazing post-apocalyptic novel which basically is about people being infected by an unknown blindness, and the government quarantines them. The current setting in the anime resembles the novel since the students are all quarantined in "Loop 7" and the school. I see potential growth in all the characters now, seeing that they are put in such intense circumstances.

We'll see how it goes :)


Thanks for reading the report and I hope you liked it! Please feel free to comment and leave your opinion; your feedback means a lot to us and gives us a heads up on how to make these reports better and better. Also, if you have the time, I encourage you to hit the wiki-pages and make any edits that you can. Any little contribution would be amazing for the Vice community! :D

I'd also like to wish the best of luck to all my team mates and all the wiki-editors out there with their wiki-work, school, work, and life.

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Hello Vicers! I haven't created a blog post since 2011, so I'll start off by wishing ya'll a happy new year :) This episode was jam-packed with loads of info and action, so sit tight and get ready for the fun to get started :)

Before I start, please note that this is NOT the last episode of Guilty Crown. Lots of people are thinking that since the original run for the anime was only going to be 11 episodes, but they have extended the series to span the anime winter season as well. So it ain't the end yet guys and gals!

Now without any further ado, I present to you Guilty Crown Episode 12 - The Lost Christmas

Plot Synopsis

The Lost Christmas: - 再誕 Saitan

Inori has been abducted by a mysterious ally of Keido Shuichirou, and also possesses The King's Power. Their planning on undergoing a secret ritual to recreate the events of The Lost Christmas, and the spread of The Apocalypse Virus. In order for Shu to save Inori, he must retrieve his lost memories of the events that occurred on December 24th, 2029. Light will finally be shed on Shu's past, his relationship with the mysterious pink-haired girl, and how his child self was once acquainted with Gai.


Beware of Spoilers after this point!!!


We learn a lot about Shu and Gai's past, and what their relationship is with the pink-haired girl.

We also learn a bit about Gai and Shu's past characteristics and personalities.

Shu and Gai - Best Friends
Shu and Gai - Best Friends


Taboo alert!!!
Taboo alert!!!

The plot was too rushed!!! There was just too much info spewed out. They should've split this episode into at least two episodes: one dedicated to Shu and Gai's childhood; and the second to when Shu saves Inori and Gai saves Mana. I wont get into too many details, I'll leave that for the "Open Floor Session" below.

INCEST!!!!! I was very disturbed by the whole older-sister-kissing-younger-brother thing. I've read on the web that there could be a chance that she was adopted. We'll see......

So one of the symptoms of the Apocalypse Virus is turning you into a pedophile......?
So one of the symptoms of the Apocalypse Virus is turning you into a pedophile......?

Another part that I found quite disturbing was when Mana (pink-haired girl) seemed to have practically sexually assaulted young Gai...they dont really show it but the fact that the kid was tied up and partially stripped down by Mana kinda explains a lot.....

Points of Interest

Mana Ouma
Mana Ouma

The pink-haired girl is revealed to be Shu Ouma's older sister, and her name is Mana Ouma

Mana Ouma was the first to touch "the rock that started it all", and thus, was the first to be diagnosed with the Apocalypse Virus

Gai points out that Haruka Ouma is Shu's "new" mother. Perhaps she is not his biological mother, and that's why Shu calls her by her first name

Child Gai points out to Mana that the Apocalypse Virus drives people insane

Gai's Void is a gun that functions both as a gun and it draws out people's Voids

Open Floor Session

Alright, I have a couple of questions for you below that I'd like to hear your opinions on (You don't have to answer them all....answer the ones you feel like :D). I'll put in my results in a spoiler alert so you guys wont be influenced by my opinion.

  • How did you find the speed of this episode? (i.e. too rushed? Too slow? Just right?...etc)
Like I mentioned above, this episode was TOO RUSHED!!!! Heck, they crammed three character origin stories in one episode: Shu, Gai, and Mana. And not only that, but there was also them explaining the whole "Lost Christmas" event, and the entire wedding thing between Keido and Inori. If I were producing this episode, I would've split this episode to at least two.
  • How did you take in Gai's death? (i.e. very moved; saw it coming; etc....).

My initial reaction to Gai's death can be summed up in three letters: WTH? I didn't like how Gai's death was played out. First off, by the fact that he "came back" by the cancer crystals, then dies right after made the impact of his death less dramatic. I honestly think that Gai's character deserved much more than that. Also, I think there should've been more depth to his origin story, so that it would increase our empathy and thus our sympathy after he dies.

I hope they do include some more on his origin. I guess by getting Gai out of the way, Shu would be able to grow to fill in for his shoes. We'll have to wait and see.

  • What was your impression on Mana? Was she how you thought she'd be?
When I first learned that she's Shu's sister I was like "Woooaah ! What??!" I didnt see that coming. As for character, her initial personality in the episode was what I thought she'd be like, but when she started getting all psycho on us, I was baffled.
  • What are your unanswered questions?

(I wont post mine yet....I'll fill this in with your questions first)


Thanks for checking out this report guys and girls! I'd like to give a special thank you to Takashichea who did an awesome job around the Guilty Crown wiki pages. Thanks a bunch partner, and I owe you one!

Please check out other works done by Vicers this week!

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That's it from me Vicers! See you later, and peace!

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Hello Vice! First I`d like to wish you all happy holidays. Welcome to this week`s joint Guilty Crown report, which will encompass both episodes 10 and 11. Lots of plot developments occurred during these two action-packed episodes, and now it`s time for you to share your thoughts on the series`progress. Now without further ado, I present you with this week`s GC report.


Episode 10 - Retraction: 縮退 Shukutai

After the horrendous events that took place during his battle with Jun, Shu is currently traumatized by his surroundings. Bombarded by flashbacks, Shu reaches his limits and decides to quit Undertaker, and begins to avoid those around him. In the meantime, Gai and the rest of the Undertakers are engaged in a mission to retrieve "the rock that started it all". Will the Undertaker's be able to complete the mission without The King's Power on their side? And what exactly does GHQ's Major Segaihave under his sleeve?

Episode 11 - Resonance: 共鳴 Kyōmei

GHQ's in a sea of blood, and Tokyo city is resonating with an eerie song bringing chaos to the Japanese people. The Apocalypse Virus is spreading in a cancerous rate, instantly crystallizing all of it's victims. Shu is finally starting to see the consequences of his lack of action; will he finally realize the truth of friendship and pull his act together?



Episode 10:

Inori`s feelings towards Shu are finally exposed during this episode! Interestingly, Gai doesn`t seem very pleased with her realization.

We learn more about Hare and her relationship with Shu.

Episode 11:

Shu finally learns what it means to have friends and to trust them

Shu, who has always compared himself to Gsi, realizes that he should do things his own way,


Episode 10:

One thing I HATED about this episode was when Shu started hitting on Hare when he was being all emo. If any of you readers watched Code Geass R2, there is a point in the series where Lelouch (the main character) is depressed, and wants to be comforted by one of the female characters. Here is the link of that Code Geass clip if you are interested in comparing it to this Guilty Crown episode.(no major plot spoilers are presented in the clip) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TdAdMMwxRSY

Episode 11:

I don`t think there was anything bad during the 11th episode, other than the fact that it ended with such a BIG cliffhanger, which ticked me off.

Points of Interest

Episode 10:

While Gai and the head of the Kuhouin group were conversing, on Kuhouin`s desk, there is a volume of all the information on Gai which his group investigated. There is a photo that sticks out from the volume, which seems to be the other half of the photo seen at the end of episode 7:

Ending twist: Shu and Inori are seen walking away from one another, which fits the events that happened during the episode

Episode 11:

The mystery pink-haired girl seems to be called "Mana". She also seems to be trapped in a pink crystal.

Hare's Void is demonstrated during this episode. Her Void are bandages that heal

Mystery Wielder of "The King&squot;s Power"
Mystery Wielder of "The King's Power"

Another character with "The King's Power" appears at the end of the episode.

Ending Twist: This time it doesn't include Inori, but concept arts of "Mana" ; one in a school uniform and another of her holding out a gift.


I`d like to give you my thanks for checking out this report. Please note that I won`t be here for the next two weeks (I`m leaving tomorrow which is the 24th), so if you posted your comments onto this report and haven`t received a reply, its not that I`m ignoring you, but its because I have no internet access. Takashichea has kindly offered to take over my weekly report duty during my absence. Thanks again Taka! I owe ya one!

For those who are interested in joining my partner Taka and I with out Guilty Crown wiki edits, please don't hesitate to PM me, we could use as much man and woman power as we can get! Thank you!

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That's it from me Vicers! See you later, and peace!

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