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Most epic anime characters ever.
1. Bang Shishigami

Plain and simple, this guy is just too epic for words. Comic releif my a$$! This guy is god teir in the anime universe, no GOD is Bang teir! Go get miss Litchi Bang, you can do it! In the words of Justice: Ooooooooshaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

2. Marshall D. Teach

I bet no one would have suspected he would be the strongest man in OnePiece huh? This guy can control the darkness allowing him to make blackholes. Not only that but he can make earthquakes to any degree (Potential planet buster maybe?)

3. Sajin Komamura

This guy does not get nearly enough screen time for how awesome he is. Komamura is the most unique character in Bleach, that's for sure, I think he is stronger than Kenpachi Zaraki since one swing with his bankai sword destroyed an entire city block, and that was pure strength. Sajin Komamura has it all, looks,honor,diligence,power. All he lacks now is a decent fanbase and his own movie.

4. Serena Tsukino

The first anime I ever watched was Sailor Moon (Yeah I don't care if it's a girly show) ever since then I have been hooked on her. Personally I think Sailor Moon needs as amny adaptations as Dragonball Z.

5. Ran Kotobuki

One of the best anime characters next to Sailor Moon, Ran is awesome simply because of her pep talks she gives to idiots.

6. Kenshiro

I only recently got into fist Of The North Star but it is a addicting anime. The main character is one that is easy to like and be inspired by. Kenshiro is the manliest anime character around! (Not as manly as Bang of course.)

7. Bunshichi Tanba

Arrogant,bada$$,skilled what more can you ask for in a main character? Bunshichi is a jerk that's for sure, but he can sure back it up. The guy is a very underated and unknown charcter in the anime community, along with the manga he came from: Garouden. I still like Fujimaki Jyuzo more though.

8. Tenchi Masaki

Another one of my first animes, Tenchi is not only the strongest anime character ever but also the luckiest.

9. Gene Starwind

Ahh, nostalgia, I remember watching this guy kick butt and week day nights.

10. Yusuke Urameshi

"Get out here Hieh, I'm gonna kick your a$$" best quote ever in a Adult Swim promo, I do miss the old year of 2004.

11. Spike Spiegel

One of the best anime characters to one of the best animes.

12. Lupin III

A ladies man!

13. Conan Edogawa

I miss this show.

14. Naru Narusegawa

I love Love Hina and this character, nuff said.

15. Hakufu Sonsaku

No idea who she is but I like her.

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