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RPG » Ikari Fukushi (Character Bio)

JHWAB File 44-M-D-K-44

Name: Ikari Fukushi

Age: 44

Height: 1.82 mts

Weight: 78 kg

Alignment: Villain

Source of Powers: Gainen Medal


· Fukushi Ikari, 44 years old, born to Goro Fukushi and Kaede Fukushi in Tokyo Yamajima Metropolitan Hospital.

· Orphaned at age 6, unknown circumstances.

· Served in the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Force for 8 years

· Transferred to the JHWAB Military Branch as Junior Agent at age 26.

· Dishonorable Discharge at age 33 while serving as a Military Branch Black Ops.

· Freelance Hidden World Ops in Asia since age 35 up until the present.

· Affiliations with criminal families.

· Current Threat Level: Oni-2

A.K.A: “Tokyo no Shikkohito”

Prior Affiliations: Ryuugamine Yakuza, Garyuu Trading Company, Trinity Gate Group, Kago Development Laboratory

Current Occupation: Freelancer Assassin/Body Guard/Hidden World Consultant


· Advanced Martial Arts Training (Muay Thai, Boxing, Kenpo, Jujutsu and Aikido)

· Advanced Kenjutsu and Battoujutsu Training (Shin Ippon Ryu)

· Knowledge of the JHWAB inner workings

· Knowledge of Hidden World Creatures and Locations in Asia

Psychological Evaluation

When he entered the JHWAB, 44-M-D-K-44 tended to prefer solitude and isolation, not exactly a team player. With time the increasing amount of violent crimes he saw started to pressure him putting him slowly in the path to insanity.

On the last interviews he had before being discharged from the JHWAB, 44-M-D-K-44 questioned the usefulness of the organization and his own worth, using the logic that no matter how much he tried new crimes were committed every day, more gruesome than before.

He was discharged for events building up to this as he killed a culprit in cold blood and subsequently destroyed his corpse and banished his spirit using stolen charms from the Omnyo Division of the Military Branch.

He is a dangerous and deranged individual with knowledge of our operations, for that reason he is too dangerous to leave free but he has proven to be resourceful and cunning to avoid our operations until the present.

Most of his issues could be tracked back to the death of his parents, yet the mysterious circumstances around the event stop us from doing nothing apart from suppositions, as no record or evidence exist of the death of 44-M-D-K-44 parents.

Known Crimes

· 59 charges of Homicide

· 2405 charges of Assault

· 3 charges of Resisting Arrest

· 44 charges of Illegal Divulgation of Classified Information

· 108 charges of Sentient Hidden World Creatures Murder

· 1324 charges of Illegal Hidden World Oddities Hunting

· 1 Charge of Major Artifact Theft (See notes)


44-M-D-K-44 threat level skyrocketed five years ago from Kamaitachi-4 to Oni-2 after he stole the Gainen Medal of Hatred from Sakurajima. He entered the island without raising any alarms thanks to his knowledge of our procedures and asked Reiji Fukuma for training.

Somehow he got the trust of Reiji Fukuma and once his guard was down 44-M-D-K-44 stole one of the medals. His Known Crimes file had to be expanded from that moment onwards as his newfound powers allow him to destroy opponents with ease.

According to the case files of the Gainen Satsu Sentai back in the 70’s we have an idea about what powers 44-M-D-K-44 currently wields. Seemingly he hasn’t unlocked all of them yet, but the JHWAB is increasingly worried as he seems to be advancing.

1. (憎しみ炎) Flame of Hatred: Projects flame-like bursts of energy. In reality this energy is a physical manifestation of emotional turmoil, not only “burning” whoever is targeted by it but also affecting their psyche and clouding their judgment. Basically he shares negative emotions with others causing lapses of memory, frenzies and in people with weak hearts death.

2. (憎しみ剣) Sword of Hatred: A similar effect than the last but the energy takes the shape of bladed weapons, the user can pierce this insubstantial blades into the target “soul” and infect them with a Psychic Virus, causing headaches, altered state of mind and emotional unbalance.

3. (の装甲脳) Armored Mind: Whatever psychic effects the user can generate them also shield him from psychic intrusions, protecting him from Illusions, Telepathy or Mind Control.

4. (悪夢タッチ) Nightmare Touch: The same energy that manifest in other possible skills takes the shape of an armor that covers one of the hands of the user. Contact with the armored gauntlet will cause hallucinations to the targets, always about their greatest fears.

The rest of the skills remain under classified files by orders of the JHWAB council not to be opened except for individuals that will encounter 44-M-D-K-44. Still is highly recommend for any field Agent to avoid fighting with 44-M-D-K-44, instead the standing orders are to contact central HQ or the Kyoto HQ so the agents more capacitated to fight him are dispatched to the location.

The Gainen Medals are extremely powerful artifacts that summon the power of the Gainen* trapped inside. The powers the users wield tend to be dangerous and highly difficult to handle, but their two main weaknesses are:

1. Specialization: Gainen Medals tend to represent a single concept, thus they can be easily predicted and so avoidable. Knowing the Concept the Medal embodies is of utmost importance as not knowing can be a disaster.

2. Stamina: Gainen Medals tend to draw energy from the user to remain active; this energy is always linked to the concept, so a Gainen Medal of Flame will siphon heat from the user to work. Thus not many individual can handle the medals for long periods of time, as it requires strong bodies and a connection to the Medal Concept.

Final Words

44-M-D-K-44 is highly dangerous and must be considered a threat to any JHWAB Agent who encounters him. His capture or at least, the recuperation of the stolen artifact is of utmost importance. Yet the Medal itself may not be as dangerous as 44-M-D-K-44 in the long run as he knows how to hurt us and tends to divulge information about the Hidden World without any regard for the safety of the balance between both worlds. For that reason, more than the Gainen Medal he must be stopped.

*Gainen: (Creature) (TL: Oni 1-Kami 2) Interdimensional beings that embody concepts created by humanity. Tend to be mindless but there are cases of sentient individuals. During the 70’s the JHWAB had a special squad that dealt with this issue. From the original 10 members only 4 remain alive and only 1 is still active in the JHWAB. Currently under JHWAB employment exists the only documented case of a Human/Gainen Hybrid, Yami Kizuato, son of Yukiko Kizuato, one of the original squad members.

Since 1981 there have been no sightings of Gainen in Japan or the World.

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RPG » Alexander Stevenson Bio

@waybig1010101: It was in general. Bishonen is the term for the generic Good looking guy in anime.

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RPG » Alexander Stevenson Bio

@waybig1010101: Cool! Its really good having a character that isnt a superpowered bishonen!

I'm going to start "A Day to Remember" this week, so keep your eyes peeled when it appears!

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RPG » Alexander Stevenson Bio

@waybig1010101: I was saying that the series go from X1 to X6 or whatever progression (Like X1 X2 X4 X8 X16 X32) , but only in six steps, when he loads a new set of six bullets the effect starts from 1 again. That could work.

Another alternative could be something with this mechanic:

Bullets make regular damage but once they stay lodged inside the monster, then Alexander uses some kind of secondary feature to make the bullets explode/release power/cause damage/poison/gravity.

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RPG » Alexander Stevenson Bio

@waybig1010101: This is an interesting character. The Colt power seems a tad broken, you should make the cooldown period longer... or make it smaller.

If its a Colt I suppose it has six bullets. It could be X1-X2-X3-X4-X5-X6 and then you need to recharge. Or X1-X2-X4-X8-X16. I like the True Hitting power of attacking any objetive surpassing supernatural defenses, is fitting for a Monster Hunter

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RPG » Masako Hihashi, the Alpha Predator

We all know that humanity is atop the food chain, not for their natural gifts, but for its capacity to adapt to situations and more importantly thanks to tools.

Yet what if something appeared in our world that could adapt its body to the situation on the spot, forced acclimatization to any environment or challenge

What would that being become? A God? A Demon?... no, nothing so esoteric. Whoever can adapt faster and more efficiently will be atop the Food Chain.

An Alpha Predator, whose prey is everything that walks the Earth, swims in the Sea or soars the Sky. A creature with the ability to overcome humanity’s advantages without technological help.

One could argue that the Hidden World Denizens could fall into that category, but even the inhuman ones have values, or customs. The ones who don’t are just animals.

Just adapting to any circumstance isn’t enough to triumph in the race for evolution. One shouldn’t focus on only increasing their strength but they would need to purge their weaknesses.

What is the human weakness you may ask? Is the lack of natural weapons? Their relative weakness in comparison with fiercer predators? No, emotions are humanity’s weakness.

Animals may feel emotions, but not on the level humans do. Animals ruled by instinct that overcomes emotions are more efficient. Humans ruled by emotions or logic are not.

They spend their time thinking or feeling, that slows them down and in the grand scheme of things stopping to run is basically surrendering to the Predators.

A being that can adapt and isn’t tied by emotion or instinct seems the perfect fit to become the wolf among men.

Unluckily for us all we may have found him…

Name: Masako Hihashi

Alignment: Villain

Age: 26

Height: 1.81 mts (Variable)

Weight: 193 Kg (Variable)


Born and raised in Japan, son of a Japanese Diplomat and a Chinese politician, Masako suffered a rift the moment he was born, as only months after his birth, his father returned to China while his mother stayed in a local government position rather than continuing with her diplomatic career. The young Masako took his mother maiden surname, while his father surname is Lei. For his mixed blood he was continuously mocked and picked on the school, slowly making him bitter and angry at the world. Being alone and in constant attack he became cold and unforgiving, turning against anybody that dared to bother him. In only months he made the whole school afraid of him, even the teachers and staff couldn’t oppose him. Thus he reached to the conclusion that the only way to be happy is to rule over others, and to rule over others he needs to be feared and to be feared he needs to be powerful. Thus he will achieve true happiness through the suffering of others under his rule. His most common quote is “The weak are the food for the strong, is the law of nature” and according our exams and analysis his “goal” in life, as he describes it, is to be in the top of the food chain, quite literally.

His powers developed through and accident and activated after a traumatic experience he calls “My True Birth”. He fought against a new gang that tried to take the control of his “domains” he won the fight, but the almost dead delinquents launched a kamikaze attack and pushed him off the ledge in the school rooftop. He cracked his skull open and something snapped inside of him, the faint remains of human conscience or empathy was destroyed and his incredible powers of his own cellular composition awakened. While he was comatose all the people under his “rule” started to tell about his sins and that information reached his mother. When Masako returned home she confronted him and without any kind of delay, the merciless monster killed his own mother in cold blood and ate her flesh. This finished his awakening and slowly he gained control over his powers. He decided that to further advance in his road to “greatness” and decided that he had to cut all the ties that remained to his humanity. He killed everybody that met him before his transformation and then he went for the last one, his own father.

He travelled to Europe, where his progenitor was staying, honing his skills along the way. He destroyed the Chinese embassy in Britain but got caught in the escape and placed in the Black Stone Prison. The Mangetsu Organization (erased from everybody's memory) turned him into a weapon, under the codename Shingetsu. He was sent to a forgotten Japanese Naval Base on an artificial island in which he encountered the living Metal Benkeinium, that encased him in a cocoon. Dr. Kago bought him from a rogue JHWAB agent in charge of the clean up duty in the Naval Base and he woke up in Osaka, during the events of Osaka Ablaze

Masako’s goal is quite simple, becoming the one above all the others in biological terms. He wants to be on the top of the food chain, he wants to consume the meat of different people, and he wants to taste their fear and desperation. He won’t consider himself as a Cannibal as he doesn’t consider himself as part of humanity anymore. Apart from the hunger that pushes him forward he lacks personality traits after his psyche was burned out after being engulfed by Benkeinium in the mission to retrieve the Amaterasu Submarine.



Masako can consume any living being and gain its memories and skills. This covers regular skills, he can get piano performing skills if he consumes a pianist, but he won’t get super powers. People with strong personalities or mental powers maybe prove to give him a “Mental Indigestion” that he has to fight internally to avoid them from trying to take control of his body.

The “souls” or better said, the psyche of those he consumes tend to manifest from time to time through the Benkeinium patches on his body, truly horrifying visages of suffering trying to escape from the prison Masako became for them. The Alpha Predator can recall their appearance at will. Yet there is an unexpected side-effect of the Assimilation.

Masako gets personality traits of the people he consumes stuck “in his teeth” slowly permeating him with traits, ticks or mannerisms of the people he consumes. Creating the illusion of being them to whoever knew them, something that can be equals parts useful and bothersome, as people can be fooled by it.


Masako’s body is almost 90% mineral, as the Benkeinium Metal has fused with him; this living metal is harder than Titanium while it remains in a fluid state. Masako can change its shape, density and properties to adapt to multiple situations. Yet in the case of battling an enemy he can successfully adapt against just one of them, not all.

He can take traits of animals and magnify their utility as every part is composed by Organic Metal, enhancing its durability and avoiding reaching to their limit. Masako can also create simple weapons or even create multiple extremities or tendrils to help him fight. The patches on his body can extend to form armor plates.

The Benkeinium can conduct electricity; Masako can adapt to avoid getting electrocuted or magnetized. It doesn’t rust and is smooth to the touch. Sharpening his weapons is question of concentration rather than skill, as he can modify the structure of the metal on a molecular level altering its sharpness and properties.


Masako’s current body at its utmost potential can fluctuate between these values, yet he will never reach the top of the three, he can top 1, have one in between and the remaining one on its minimum setting. His reflexes are linked to his speed.

Strength 1-5-10 Ton

Durability Bullets-Tanks-Heavy Artillery

Speed- 2x Human- Sub Sound- 2x Sound

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RPG » New Vice Awards

@Justalittlegirl: We all brag from time to time XD

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RPG » Kuro-san's Bio

@SamJaz: It was kind of obvious, wasnt it?

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RPG » Kuro-san's Bio

Updated the bio, added the official look and some extras

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RPG » Capital Of The UnderWorld (RP)

@ownagepants: @SamJaz: -That is truly worrying information, thanks for the heads up, as I am neither a criminal or the government I don’t see any issues with them.- Kuro-san finished his drink and left pay enough for everybody. He then turned to Slayer. –May I request you to follow me, I think I’ll be late for my appointment.- And with that said he left to the streets, moving towards Aoki’s offices here, his home away from home when he need to de-compress from handling Osaka’s Underworld and planning the Fights in the Illegal Hidden World Coliseum he had hidden under the city.

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RPG » Capital Of The UnderWorld (RP)

@SamJaz: @ownagepants: @Lobos_Del_Rayo:

Kuro-san drank the lemonade and started his inquiries. –I haven’t been here in a long time and I was just curious about who are the people that suddenly gunned a café, if I recall correctly firearms are restricted here, so you can understand my surprise upon seeing a horde of gun wielding lunatics trying to attack. - The Former Emperor was using the tone of voice his alter-ego, Usso Namae, used before he erased that identity from the memories of the world. He sounded warm, calming and wise.

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RPG » Capital Of The UnderWorld (RP)

@ownagepants: @SamJaz:

As soon as he heard the first shot Kuro-san already reacted. With cold efficiency he crouched and kicked down the table so he could use it as cover. Bullets whistled over him and some even got blocked by the table as he drank his glass of lemonade, which he managed to save before improvising the cover. Without even sweating or getting agitated from the bullet storm he talked to Slayer. –Thanks for ordering one for me, could you take care of the men outside? We will be late to the meeting and I really want to get this over with.-

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RPG » Kuro-san's Bio

“You gave me your mud and I turned it into Gold.”

Charles Baudelaire

Born in an average household, studied in an average school, had an average life. Those things could be said of *****; he went to college and got a business degree, living a predictable and boring life as an office drone. But ***** didn’t want to live like that and found refugee in gambling, the only thing that seemed to make his heart race. Yet as much as he liked it, he was unlucky and soon he was broke and indebted. ***** got cornered by the loan sharks, members of a Yakuza Clan, the Tsubasa Family, one of the strongest in Tokyo. They could have killed him on the spot, but the enforcer sent to get him had a moment of mercy upon seeing the void inside *****’s eyes and asked what he did for a living, he replied that he worked on an accounting firm. Instead of an unhealthy dose of lead on his gut he was offered a job, serving as the assistant to the aging Clan Accountant, Gorobei and possibly his replacement.

***** didn’t doubt, he wanted to stay alive and he took the opportunity. For 5 years he worked, gaining their trust and becoming one more of the Clan, for him this was one of the happiest periods of his life, feeling to be part of something. With time he was introduced to the shadiest parts of their activities and the average accountant turned into a full blown Yakuza, even to the point he carried a gun and knew well how to use it. He grew in influence and power in the Clan, as his combination of smarts and skill, something he didn’t knew he had, allowed him to climb the criminal ladder. His loyalty and contributions were rewarded as he started serving as the Clan head personal aide and bodyguard. In this position ***** met the love of his life, Nadeshiko Tsubasa.

“All beauties, like all possible phenomena, have something of the eternal and something of the ephemeral— of the absolute and the particular.”

Charles Baudelaire

***** and Nadeshiko’s romance started with stealthy stares, casual touches and gentle words. They couldn’t admit to their feelings, ***** was too loyal to the Tsubasa Okashira, while Nadeshiko wasn’t allowed to choose were to deposit her feelings. They kept it on the down low, never surpassing the unbreakable limit, the barrier of a hair width of space between their lips. But soon a false step exposed them. The Okashira was the last to find out, but surprisingly for the young lovers, he approved their union, considering ***** to be a proper choice, not only as his daughter’s husband but as the next in line for the Clan. Great joy filled both lovers’ hearts and almost all the other members of the Clan, all but one. The Enforcer that allowed ***** to leave felt as if the object of his mercy had betrayed him, since before the soon to be leader appeared he was the next in line. He felt like he had to do something about this “injustice” against him.

The marriage was celebrated with the utmost majesty and happiness, with the bride wrapped in white and ***** in black, with a suit presented to him by the Okashira himself. The pair couldn’t be happier, but they didn’t notice the extra guest. The Enforcer brought him into the party as a bodyguard. The happy occasion was died in red, just as the white kimono of the bride, whoever was the killer he destroyed the whole clan, against his instructions, like an unchained beast he lashed out against everybody in the celebration, dismembering them, splattering their guts all over the place. ***** fought, the Yakuza fought, even his wife took a gun and shoot the killer, but to no avail. The Assassin killed them all and escaped into the night, but he didn’t check his work and as his black silhouette vanished in the shadows after jumping the walls of the Clan House, ***** emerged from the bodies, covered in blood, black and eerie under the moonlight.

He dragged his wounded body until he found her wife, drenched in her own blood. Bitter tears rolled down his eyes as he lamented her death. When he couldn’t cry anymore and his throat was coarse from screaming he stood up and left, wandering the streets of Tokyo in direction to the outskirts, without any emotion except for sadness in his eyes, leaving a trail of blood behind him as he left, trying to put as much distance as he could from the place. He kept walking all night, the next day and the next night, avoided by whoever saw him. He walked until his legs couldn’t support him anymore and his feet were bleeding from the effort, ***** collapsed into a gutter besides an old rural road and all turned into darkness, finally sleeping for the first time in almost a week.

“Everything, alas, is an abyss, — actions, desires, dreams,


Charles Baudelaire

***** finally woke up in a monastery, a temple deep in the mountains of the north. He had no recollection of his trip, but he could remember without fail every detail of the Tsubasa Massacre, as it would be called with time. The monks tried to mend his broken heart and soul, but nothing worked, he was an empty shell of what once was a man, too submerged in grief, sadness, pain and sorrow to even eat by his own hand. As time went by the monks only worried more, and asked their leader what to do. The Sage of the Temple, the Head Monk Saisei offered them an option to save *****’s soul, or at least repair it enough. Hidden behind the temple existed a cave, were only the monks considered the wisest and the most enlightened were allowed to meditate, as the cave had dangers impossible to handle for the untrained mind. Still it was the only chance to force healing upon him, so they took the chance.

They took him into the cave and left him alone, hoping for the best and praying for his enlightenment. For 3 days and 3 nights not a sound came out from the cave, but when the sun of the 4 day broke a powerful scream, that could freeze the blood of the bravest man came out the cave, a lamentation as no other, like never in the world. The screams lasted for the all the day until the sun vanished in the horizon. The monks guarding the entrance heard the steps echoing in the cave and saw the man walking out. He wasn’t the same and he would never been, he had looked at the abyss and he embraced it. Their plan worked, he was able to dispel the pain and sorrow, but they took everything else, he opened the tap and never closed it, letting all his emotions leave just as his pain. His eyes were black and so were his heart and soul.

They asked what happened, but his response was a stern face, with an unchanging expression, as if his face lacked any emotion and even sucked others. They couldn’t stand to see what he had become and he didn’t care, but still for some reason he thought that not leaving traces here was for the best and set the monastery ablaze, and stood in the entrance watching and killing anybody who managed to escape the blazing inferno he created. He felt nothing as he did, he only considered necessary to avoid being followed, he didn’t want anybody to follow him. He was free from the chains of morality, empathy and emotion, the cave turned him into a cold, emotionless being, maybe not even fit to be classified as a human anymore.

“Do not look for my heart anymore; the beasts have eaten it.”

Charles Baudelaire

***** was reborn on his 30 birthday and for the next 10 years he started building an empire, etching his way into business, politics and the criminal underworld itself, gathering information and extending a network of informants across Japan. During this period he found out about the existence of the Hidden World, easily identifying the culprit of the Tsubasa Massacre as one of its members. During this time he also created the façade of Usso Namae, a wealthy businessman that hoped some day to enter into politics. During this time he found out about several mysteries, occult relics and demons, this information started to turn into a plan on his head. He would bring Nadeshiko back to life, no matter the cost. But love wasn’t in his mind anymore; maybe a ghost pain of his feelings remained, as when somebody feels pain in the place where a severed limb should be.

“I am a cemetery loathed by the moon.”

Charles Baudelaire

With economical power and contacts he created Mangetsu a criminal organization bent on taking Japan’s Criminal Underworld’s and he managed to do so, conquering Tokyo at last, even through a minor mystical crisis that included Tengu and Yakuza. ***** finally gathered all the necessary when he managed to get his hands on a individual that jumped dimensions and using the energies from his body he opened a portal to one of the Six Realms of Buddhism, were according to a Prophet, was his wife. Something else came out instead of her soul, a Herald that warned him about an incoming doom that could end the Earth as we know it. He asked what was in for him, if he was asked to protect the Earth, as he had no stakes in this matter. The Herald promised him to find his wife soul and give it back to him. ***** accepted the mission asked to him and decided that it would be for the best to accomplish it from the Shadows. For that purpose he shattered his own empire and with the use of the Gainen Medal of Memory erased himself from the World, nobody, not even the most powerful beings could find him, thanks to the Conceptual Memory Control he could wield.

“The finest trick of the devil is to convince you that he does not exist”

Charles Baudelaire

Free from being known, ***** took the time to make an elite group of soldiers to help him complete his new goal and even if he had to deal with treason from some of his most loyal subordinates, a treason that ended up being the Incident in Ryugu-jo, he is strongest than ever. Now he is ready to complete the task asked by the Herald, so he can regain the soul of his wife and maybe, perhaps, his own.

Powers and Abilities

Physically Kuro-san is a man in his mid 50’s that regularly exercises and tries to be in good shape

Master Businessman, Diplomat, Strategist and Mediator

Advanced Knowledge in several fields, such as, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Weapon Development, Electronics and Engineering

Proficient with most conventional weaponry and vehicles

Intelligence Network:

Information is currency; Kuro-san knows this and knows it well, so he keeps a large network of informants in Japan and in the whole world, usually getting information from FABLE, MI13 and the JHWAB with only hours of difference.

Gainen Medal of Memory:

Kuro-san posses the Gainen Medal of Memory, allowing him to wipe, alter or control the memories of whoever sees him in person. Depending on the target the effects can change, as strong minds can withstand this more than weaker ones. This medal counts with a passive skill “Akuma Tokumei” (Devil’s Anonymity) allowing him to automatically vanish from a person memories the moment they stop seeing him. This power only works on person, recordings of Kuro-san can be remembered, like for example Hitomi Nakamura and Hal Hastewell have.

The medal counts with other skills, but at its core is a Conceptual Mental Attack, capable of affecting the strongest minds, at least on a superficial level.

Underlings, Henchmen and Allies

The Numbers


Sakka Jakuuma

Nationality: Japanese

Age: 16

Powers: Prodigy of Creation

First Appearance: A Night at the Castle


The Herald

Nationality: ?

Age: ?

Powers: Teletransportation?

First Appearance: Raid of Ryugu-jo


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RPG » Phantom's Tomb Raid [OOC]

@Fehafare: Yeah! I liked Amal's powers

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RPG » The Numbers Bio

Added the Fifth Beast, Scarlet Flash, I left his powers in a bit of a mystery but I left clues.

I also added a new Title Card

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RPG » Phantom's Tomb Raid [OOC]

@Sonata: @SamJaz: I imagine it more like this... or this

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RPG » Hitomi's Hairy Situation [RP]

@SamJaz: @Fehafare:

-Dude, are you thinking the same as I’m thinking?- Jack Goldhound spoke as he looked over the street, he saw Hal starting his rush from afar with binoculars. Tobia Doberman was polishing his weapon, or better said allowing the IA mounted into it to do it. –My nigah, I always know what you are thinking…- Both turned to get face to face and talked at the same time. –I fucking hate this country! - For a moment they were in silence and then they started laughing. Once they stopped they decided to move out, jumping from rooftop to rooftop with expert movements, without any wasted motions. Both were experts in the field of mercenary work and were world class soldiers of fortune.

Almost a day before these events started to unfold, the Western Dogs found out about this job, they weren’t hired for it, but it pissed them off to no end that others were hired to do it instead of them. They left Death Vegas in a rush and landed in London hours ago, prepared to take over the job and keep their reputation. Or what they considered a reputation, as the best damn guns-for hire in the market, truthfully they did have a reputation, but as walking disaster areas, capable of decimating cities out of collateral damage, and know they were loose on London, I weep for the cultural treasures of architecture that will be lost today if those two really get geared up.

It was surprising how they could handle the weight of their weapons without troubles, being accustomed to them was the trick and controlling their balance, a step in the wrong direction or place and they could end up on the floor. Jack and Tobia were friends since their youngest years and knew what the other thought and planned almost by instinct, even if they weren’t monsters as other Cardinals or any of the Beasts, they were deadly when they were together, alone they are dangerous, but together they are a post apocalyptic wasteland waiting to happen. They were getting riled up, as Hal would prove to be the perfect practice if they wanted to fight the 5 Beast, Scarlet Flash.

-Let’s go broh! We’re going to fill that piggy full of lead!- Jack shouted as he clenched his fist, while Tobia also cheered and the robot implanted on his weapon raised both arms with metal horns in each hand. –Let’s do this shit! To the fucking EXTREME.- The owner of Sophie’s Choice is Lead decided to give some opening shots, and as his comrade and best friend kept going forward, he stood in his place and firmly planted himself against a wall, aiming his massive cannon towards Hal, but he didn’t commit the mistake of a rookie, to shoot were Hal was, but he shoot were the Chubby Speedster would be. –EAT LEAD PIGGIE!- A hail of artillery bullets came out of his Arm Cannon, targeting in front of Hal, trying to make the Speedster turn around to run towards the opposite direction, were Jack would be waiting ready to roast him.


Meanwhile in the other side of the city Gen Shishioh and William “Upper Gent” Kasperson (Ranked 72 in the SBF) were locked in a clinch, rushing through walls, furniture and even some people, until they stopped when they hit a steel beam. Their locked confrontation with a grapple had taken them into an abandoned storage building. –Fuck ya British fucker! Stop calling me a fuckin’ child and fight me seriously! I ain’t pullin’ my punches anymore- Gen was increasingly pissed as the British Gentleman Boxer only focused on defense, ignoring clear openings the Hot-Blooded Boxer left on purpose, trying to force William into a turning in a clear target for his counters, but the Refined Boxer saw through that ruse and only focused on defense, hoping to tire out Gen, unluckily for him that strategy wasn’t very viable, especially after the Boxer received training from Reiji Fukuma that shot his durability and stamina to new heights. –Don’t mess with me child, bugger off and stop bothering, you interrupted me drinking a bloody beer with my mates, I will humillate you first and then I may start thinking about knocking you down to stop your pitiful suffering.- Gen only got even angrier and his Fighting Spirit swirled around him like a raging fire. –No more fancy words ya fucktard, I’m will cut yer head clean off with my bare hands.-

The Former Delinquent rushed forward and threw a combination easily parried, avoided and blocked by William. –You should stop barking and start biting child.- He talked with superiority and refinement, he could not believe that one of the lowest ranked fighters tried to pick a fight with him, it was utterly ridiculous and stupid. Truth to be told he was starting to feel a bit of despair, as Gen didn’t let go and kept attacking with the same intensity than when they started, almost two hours ago, while him started to feel his arms and fists numb, after blocking so many attacks. They battle raged on, as in the other side of town was just starting.

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Updated the Bio

@SamJaz: Make a Description alike the ones in the bio for Slayer

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The NUMBERS will join the fray.

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  • Names and Order of all Active Members
  • Cardinals Shatter and Western Dogs bios

I will add the others as they start appearing. There are two vacant slots, one in each team, if anybody wants to join the Numbers.

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