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RPG » Going for the Kill RP (Closed)


-Ararararara girly! So you didn’t run off. - Toshi-no-Hakaisha smiled smugly as with a simple gesture she stopped Kyojinshi from leveling a building. –Thanks for bein’ so thoughtful for my humble *laughs softly* self… I think I should tell you why you are goin’ to die, but what would be the fun with that? If you manage to hit me once I’ll tell you.-

She turned for a second and smiled at her spectral companion. –Don’t get in the way love, mommy will deal with this alone until I tell you…- With those words the massive phantom vanished into thin air and Blue Oni landed from her floating seat of fire.

The moment that happened, the first time she stepped on the ground since appeared in front of Hitomi, the ground cracked under unseen weight, as if her small yet worked frame carried much more than what appeared. A blast of hellfire surrounded her, more theatrical than damaging and it quickly expanded until it vanished.

Toshi-no-Hakaisha gestured Hitomi to attack. –C’mon girly, let’s see what the warriors of this time are made off…-


-DAMNIT! - Norio didn’t curse, it wasn’t his style, but this time around he only could do that. When Akane used G3 to transfer her mind to a device he couldn’t contact her, and he had really bad news. Toshi-no-Hakaisha wasn’t the only problem, as this fight happened somebody was trying to release the Tengu Lord Arashi from the prison they kept him in after the mess in Shinjuku.

And not only that, many attacks in different locations were dividing the agents of the military branch. This wasn’t a coincidence; this was an organized strike with knowledge about the JHWAB operations. Something was really wrong.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Are you sure our orders were to stay away? They will destroy the pier if they keep fighting. – Joaquim Dos Santos, member of the Brazilian DMO (Departamento Mundo Oculto) talked to his partner Tonino, a veteran member of the Department. –Tudo bem…Tudo bem… We don’t even bother in looking at them Joaquim, just carry on with your work. - Tonino was payed off to look the other way and his partner was being a pain in the ass.


Guren didn’t even bother to reply at Hal, he knew he made a mistake when he used his Zero Friction Slash so carelessly, it wasn’t a perfected technique yet, but he could use effectively to chop up Hal. Still he could feel a bit of respect for the obese speedster keen observation skills. That was enough reason to grant Hastewell a quick and painless death.

-Nor your voice or your visage reach the world I stride, now die Hastewell, as it was ordered by my Lord.- Guren started using the Zero Friction Slash in a continuous chain around the pier, not even touching the ground, for the 5 Beast not even the shackles of gravity could stop him.

A cage of red streams of light surrounded Hal as Guren sped up to the point there were no streams, but a dome of red energy. The 5 Beast started attacking, he might reduce his speed for a split second when he exited the Zero Friction Path, but the momentum was more than enough to shatter any land vehicle or even flying vehicle speed.

Nothing faster than Guren under the Heavens.

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RPG » Going for the Kill RP (Closed)


-I’ll confirm it with my superiors Ms. Nakamura, but if everything moves according to protocol the nearest Agents of the Military Branch will arrive to provide back up until high ranking Military Branch officers can take the situation. - Akane made a small pause doing mental calculations while she remembered the manual –We need to keep her contained for 5 more minutes, I have read her file and I think there is only one weakness…-

The young Kunoichi hoped not to sound stupid when saying this. –I think we could at least stun her if we manage to place something hot in her mouth. Do you have anything like that? - She reached this conclusion thanks to the repetition of the word Nekojita (Cat Tongue) a term that describes people with high sensitivity to hot food. It wasn’t much, but if ancient scrolls about Toshi-no-Hakaisha kept mentioning it was because of something.

As Akane Kikkawa informed Hitomi, Blue Oni scanned the area with her azure eyes. Kyojinshi floated behind her with his incorporeal arms crossed. The whole street was filled with craters after the Titan rampage. –Arararara….Where could the girly go? - She looked around using her hand to block the lights from the streets. –Maybe Kyo-chan scared her back to her folks… It’s a shame, I could’ve used the exercise.-

-Now I’ll have to destroy this whole city…it might take a while, this place is way bigger than the ones from my time, I must admit humans are pretty handy with their hands… -She looked around and pointed at a nearby 6 stories housing complex. -Let’s see if they got better in making the buildings able to take more damage than before. - The Purple Titan lifted his hand preparing to swing against the structure.

-Kyo-chan, be a good boy and destroy that for me. - With that said the giant knuckles of the Titan moved towards the building.


-How are they holding DGT? Are they still fighting? - Kuro-san asked with the same monotone voice as always. The young Hacker was surprised by Kuro-san’s current hands on approach, either something important was happening or something wrong happened to the previous liaison with him, Tsukimori-san, who usually directed this kind of missions.

-Yes, both Beasts engaged their targets and the other variables are playing out just as you told they would. But in all due respect, why do you spend so many resources in two individuals so small and non-important in the grand scheme of things?- The Prodigy Hacker couldn’t find a logic reason for this operation, as usually they tried to be more stealthy.

-This is not about what they accomplish, but what they are doing… still I sent them because I know they are capable of succeeding, but either way I win. - Kuro-san explained without changing his tone, he seemed more like a cold machine than a human being when he spoke.- That’s the secret of strategy, you never plan to win the battle, you always plan to win the war.-

-So, you sent two of your most powerful subordinates to kill to non-important individuals just to serve as a distraction. I know both of them know about stuff they shouldn’t, but isn’t Scarlet and Blue too excessive for this, and in the impossible chance they lose, won’t they only make them suspicious, especially if both of them survive… They could connect the dots and they would start talking…- DGT reasoned about Kuro-san strategy.

The Former Emperor smiled, not a show of happiness or joy, but a mechanic smile lacking any emotion, just to signal DGT error. –Maybe I want them to know; sooner or later there won’t be any shadows to hide in, better to step to the light on my terms than theirs, still the odds of both Beasts losing are extremely low. - Kuro-san walked to a monitor and without looking loaded images from Brazil.

-Either way I’ll get something to help our ultimate goal DGT, with this the future will open to us as the legs of a cheap whore. - Kuro-san smiled, once again creepily lacking emotions as he left the monitor room. DGT was left alone thinking about what Kuro-san told him… He was smart enough to sense something was off; he couldn’t shake that feeling, deep inside of him…


As Hal started speaking Guren repeated the process, this time without being already running. The result was an almost instantaneous movement, at least for untrained eyes, that placed him behind the Obese Speedster from where he launched a blur of motion, once again just for the untrained eye, Hal would surely see the kick to his rear end coming, incredibly fast, but he would see it.

-Where I go your words can’t follow.- He spoke coldly as he kicked, but if Hal was perceptive enough he would notice a scratch on Guren’s arm, a scratch that wasn’t there and a piece of clothing hanging from one of the pier lampposts…

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RPG » Going for the Kill RP (Closed)


Hitomi would be surprised to find an issue with her logically sound strategy. The moment the Minotaur mittens started taking shape the flesh of the Titan turned into smoke once again, and dispersed, the same happened to its feet and the rest of its body.

In a split second the monster regained solidity and launched a strike with both hands joined into a hammer of knuckles, falling with dangerous speed over Hitomi. If the first attack failed a follow up of punches would keep showering the street, even if the dust clouds obscured the Kyojinshi’s view.

-Arararara… don’t run with those scissors girly, you’ll end up hurtin’ yourself.- Toshi-no-Hakaisha, also known as Blue Oni, smiled smugly. –You ain’t right about the summonin’ girly… Be careful next time, doing rash judgments tends to be the number one reason you heroic types end up dyin’ while fightin’.-

She stretched her arms lazily and resumed talking – I just got up from a long nap, so I ask you if you could be a bit more interestin’, or I’ll end up sleepin’ again, do you understand girly?-


-I’m sending the file directly to your phone Akane-chan. - Norio patched the information through the Mahokeiro. To all purpose and uses it was a private internet used by the JHWAB, but what’s peculiar of this communication link is that is powered by Magic. It was designed by a contact of the JHWAB and even if the budget for half a year was spent on its construction it worked wonders to protect information from prying eyes.

-File received Boss. - Akane started reviewing the information swiftly, hoping to find something useful.

Toshi-no-Hakaisha <Destroyer of Cities> (Dossier by Waizu Kamitoryo)

Threat Level Oni-5 (4)

Legendary Oni Warrior from early Muromachi Era, her exact origin is unknown, yet several old documents and oral tradition from the Ainu tribes indicate she may have been around Hokkaido in pre Muromachi times.

During the early Muromachi Era she appeared in Kansai and gained her nickname by demolishing many cities. Mundane History tells that the cities were lost after an Earthquake and its aftershocks, but we know better.

Apart from her incredible physical and mystical powers, thanks to her race natural domain over fire and shadows, Toshi-no-Hakaisha has a mysterious power. She can bring to this world a creature of some sort, of gigantic proportions and purple skin she calls Kyojinshi.

Kyojinshi is a monster of unknown origin that phases into this world at will, meaning it can turn intangible without any warning. It’s extremely hard to damage, thanks to its thick skin and according to ancient reports not even cannon fire managed to wound him.

Toshi-no-Hakaisha also carries clothing fashioned from the skin of a Rakhasa, an Indian Oddity, and it’s resilient to most types of magic, except from divine sources. Her sword was carved from the tusk of Tianlan se Long, a dragon from the continent.

She was trapped during her first contact with Kansai, a group of Omnyo users created a seal called “Shihyakumon” that in theory would trap her inside a mountain for a thousand years. The seal and its secrets were lost during the Yasumori Sengoku.

What we now from the ritual is that in theory her powers were weakened, so we could expect that upon her release, if that ever happens, she would slowly regain her powers, or maybe she could die during her imprisonment.

Not many scrolls remain intact from those times, most of them lost during the Shogunate period, as many Hidden World Libraries also contained western books, thus the isolationist policies and anti-Christian tendencies tended to eliminate all the books inside without checking.

What we could muster only generates more doubts. Fragments refer to her eyes as a gateway of some sort and in the border of a scroll, in an “informal” note the word “Nekojita”, has appeared several times. What we do know is that she is dangerous and must be contained if encountered.



-So we are basically screwed? - Akane voice reflected her fear. –This is the first time I’ve ever heard of an Oni-5 creature on Tokyo, not even the Kaze ni Nare situation reached this extremes. What do we do Roshi-dono?-

-You need to inform whoever is fighting her about the dossier, we can skip regulations here, is an emergency and I’m sure Ms. Nakamura doesn’t have time to sign the permits.- Norio voice turned even more serious. –You know what to do Akane-kun, do your trick.-

-I hate it when you call it like that. - She whispered as she cut the commlink and started concentrating. The Kikkawa family was one of 5 Shinobi clans working for the JHWAB, they specialty is infiltration and information gathering, but not through conventional means.

During WWII when the Imperial Government formed the Senden-cho to fight for them, the Kikkawa clan was handpicked to learn a new “trick”. Formerly they molded their Ki to enhance the generation of electrical energy in their bodies, zapping people with bio-electricity for kills or knock outs.

They were trained to perceive electricity and then to perceive other energy emission, this focusing on any communication. They managed to pick up radio signals and after the war was over the clan decided to focus on enhancing this skills.

This technique was called “Gijutsu Geigeki Gino” or as they currently abbreviate it G3. They can read, send and receive digital based information and store it. Ki Manipulation of Information, the perfect weapon for an Intelligence Operative.

Using her skills she tapped into the communications network, accessing Hitomi’s phone. It was hard, as it had enhancements that made it difficult to navigate in. Basically Akane was using something akin to Astral Projection to introduce herself to the device.

Without the need of having Hitomi pick up the phone she started talking. –Ms Nakamura, don’t be alarmed, my name is Akane Kikkawa, and I’m a member of the JHWAB Intelligence, branch, I’m here to assists you as I can to keep the enemy in front of you contained until help arrives.- Hopefully the Seamstress wouldn’t be too alarmed by this.


Hal ran forward, rushing towards the pier. Guren was not pleased by Hal’s reply, he knew the fellow speedster was wrong, and he would prove that to him, as for Guren, cutting was accelerating.

The 5 Beast rushed behind Hal leaving a trail of crimson light and golden sparks. As he moved forward his blade touched the floor releasing the golden sparks that joined the stream of scarlet light left by his scarf.

In the blink of an eye he was moving at the same speed as Hal. The world around them seemed to be standing still. –Hastewell, you don’t see the truth. - He spoke while running side by side with Hal. –I don’t lose speed by cutting…- He slashed the air in front of him. –I gain it.-

A sonic boom happened besides Hal as Guren turned into a blur of red light. His blade was sharpened by speed, adding his vertiginous movement and strength to the slash he managed to laugh in the face of physics and for a short period of time he created a pathway.

>>>>ZERO MASASTU GIRI>>>> (Zero Friction Slash/ゼロ摩擦)

In an instant he was standing at the end of the pier Guren spoke loudly enough to get Hal to hear him. –This is the true essence to speed, losing everything that ties you to the rules others or the world imposes… Morality and Physics grasp slips away into the horizon you leave behind. - His eyes showed a stern severity. –Try to prove me wrong if you want Hastewell, or try to run… there is no place you can go that isn’t within my reach…-


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RPG » Going for the Kill RP (Closed)


-Ararararara…. Should I be mad? - The Azure Demon landed on the street with surprising grace. Each of her steps seemed to be accompanied by a cloak of fire the same color as her skin (only in a brighter shade) and she seemed as if she was walking down an invisible set of stairs.

-Tauntin’ isn’t good girly, just bad people taunt, and you seem to well mannered and well behaved to do this…- Blue Oni smugly smiled. – What would your parents think about you?- Her expression soured as if mentioning Hitomi’s progenitors made her remember her own. The Azure Demon spitted on the ground and cracked her knuckles.

-So I won’t beat around the bush anymore, it’s not my style to be subtle. - Her relaxed and aloof demeanor until now swiftly changed, as pressure started to pour from her slim yet ripped figure. Hitomi surely would find it similar to the pressure the Oni Kyodai in Ryugu-jo. Behind Oni’s frame a blurry silhouette started to form, like a spectral visage of a giant.

-You are not leavin’ this place alive girly, that’s the only thin’ you must know… Let’s get this festival of blood started. - The image behind her started to gain more solidity on its arms and both purple fists advanced towards Hitomi ready to pound her into a wall, while the Azure Oni sat on the air, or better put Blue Flames.


-I think we might have a problem Bushitora-dono. - Akane Kikkawa, agent of the JHWAB Intelligence branch, specialist in surveillance and covert ops contacted her superior, Norio Bushitora, from her hideout.

-What seems to be the problem Akane-chan? I hope it’s nothing too serious, I’m not in the mood for serious today… speaking of today, do you want to go see a movie?- Norio Bushitora was filling paperwork on his office while smoking a long and thin pipe. He has been trying to court Akane for months, with little to no success.

-There is no time for your Romeo-routine Bushitora-dono, remember the anonymous tip we received today? - Akane’s voice turned into a terrified whisper. –It was true… she is here…-

Norio’s pipe fell from his mouth over the paperwork. The Investigator face showed what could be called true terror. –Are you sure? Is Toshi-no-Hakaisha in Tokyo!?-

-Without a doubt, the blue skin, the sword and most importantly the Kyojinshi is being summoned. I’m sending the photos directly to the computer. - Akane, in a rush, started sending the images she took with her camera.

-God saves us all… Is somebody fighting her? - Norio asked, worried about the possible collateral damage.

-Yes, she is in the photos, I don’t recognize her, but her face seems to be familiar. Can you pass her through the database? - The young agent asked, with urgency in her tone.

-No need Akane-chan, I know who she is, I’ve been working on the permits to allow her to Shinwa-mura.- Norio checked his paper work, cleaning the hot tobacco with his hand, ignoring the pain, until he found the file he was looking for.

-Her name is Hitomi Nakamura, her file is a truly tour de force through the Hidden World Community, in fact she is one of the people involved in the Ryugu-jo event, not to mention she lives nearby one of the Myth Soldiers George Hastewell-san.- Norio kept checking the file. –Be on your guard if her threat level hasn’t changed she may need help to face Toshi-no-Hakaisha, but only act if there isnt any other choice.-

-I’ll search the files on Toshi-no-Hakaisha, she should have stayed under the sealing barriers for another 50 years at least. - Akane heard that and replied. –Roger boss…-


-You are as swift as rumors tell, Hal Hastewell… I would say I am impressed… but that would be a lie. - Guren Senkou was standing in the opposite side of the rooftop, leaning against a broken chimney.

–Still I would not be a good sport if I did not gave credit to your magnificent technique, truly is a sight to behold, yet as I commented previously I do not find it impressive. - He even gave the fat speedster a slow clap with a smug smile hidden behind his scarf, which waved behind him thanks to the oceanic breeze

-I find your existence an enigma, since I discovered somebody else capable of living in the same world I can enter, a world in which I considered myself the sole inhabitant, I found myself perplexed.- He lifted his blade at chest height and one of his fingers slowly slid it over the edge.

-I have always known that True Speed is like a blade, the only way to enhance its edge is through sharpening it. - A creaking sound filled the air, as the inside of his palm seemed to have a grindstone. -The only way to do it is by sacrificing something, losing the small pieces of metal to reach a perfect state. - His words were highlighted by the sinister sound of the grindstone over one of his blades.

-But here we have you, the image of excess, reaching to speeds nearing my own. - A simple pause accompanied by a dramatic gesture, resting his face on his hands, were the moment when his cold demeanor changed. His eyes, blue up until know, turned into red dots of blinding light. His whole body vibrated, with every contact point starting to be grinded by the friction.

-One could consider this some sort of competition, but trust me when I tell you Hal Hastewell, I do not need to compete with you, I know for a fact that I rule over the realms we both can visit.- Guren Senkou gestured Hal to get the first blow. –I would not be a good sport if I did not allow you to have the first move.-

-There can only be one Lord of the Speed. - He stood in a formless stance, with only one of his two swords at hand. –Come Hal Hastewell, come face me in the world beyond sound, and suffer my wrath, the rage of Guren Senkou.-

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RPG » Going for the Kill RP (Closed)


Somewhere in Japan - Underground

-It is done? - Kuro-san asked to DGT the hacker who worked for Aoki Minato, who truth to be told was an agent of the Former Emperor, being the one who helped Kuro-san to erase all of his digital footprints from the networks.

-Yes, the JHWAB already knows, thanks to a concerned anonymous tip, that a Oni level creature is about to strike in Shibuya- DGT, the Choetsu Tensai of Hacking smiled smugly, breaking into the JHWAB was so easy it was almost an insult to proper digital security. Yet he respected whoever administered the information as from what he could gather most important files were still kept on physical format instead of digital copies.

-Perfect, thanks to our source we know their modus operandi, with this they will start evacuating and cleaning after us and when everybody is evacuated, at least an hour from now, my agent will already have left after fulfilling her mission. - Kuro-san kept looking at the screens, most of them tapping to the security cameras in Shibuya, focused on Hitomi Nakamura.

-Sir, I want to confirm the area I need to obscure in South America. - DGT opened maps that showed a satellite view over Cidade Nova.

-Block the whole South American region, considering the capabilities of the target and the assassin the fight could change locations very quickly, so it’s for the best to have a great range. Did you managed to contact their Hidden World Government Department? - Kuro-san asked while checking some data on Brazil.

-It was easy to fool them with a fake identity and a mail from one of the big agencies in the world, the South Americans really buckle down against first world influence, it’s almost painful to watch.- He opened a couple windows showing their activities. –Well it’s not their fault, South America doesn’t seem to have much Hidden World activity to begin with, some minor oddities here and there, but nothing too serious. Their departments tend to depend on other countries or organization for bigger threats… they don’t even have a BHA branch.-

-If you have time to analyze the socio-political status of a continent then you aren’t doing enough work, double check everything while I contact the rest of the Numbers, all of them have other roles to play in this situation, more important than simple assassinations.- Kuro-san left as DGT, realizing he was goofing off followed Kuro-san’s orders to the letter.


Shibuya – Tokyo – Japan

If Hitomi had some sort of enhanced reflexes or at least a hint of instinct she could notice the incoming attack, first as a shadow covering only her and then as the wind pressure descended against her. A massive disembodied fist was falling from above like the wrath of God. It was a purple arm covered in blood stains. The attack had enough power behind it to turn a car into a metallic pancake. Standing over the fist was Blue Oni, the only female member of the Beasts with a blood thirsty smile from ear to ear, baring her fangs with sinister glee.

-Think fast broad! - Was the only warning she gave to Hitomi as the Purple fist fell down from above.


Cidade Nova – Rio de Janeiro – Brazil

Scarlet Flash easily located Hal in the crowd, the 5th Beast of the Numbers didn’t had much trouble to do so, thanks to Hal’s girth and his complexion, easy to spot in this region. The former Shinobi didn’t have the same moral conundrums as Hal and launched an offensive.

With his incredible speed and coordination he ran towards the Obese Speedster using the shoulders of the people in the crowd like stepping stones. His stride was so light that nobody would notice, or at least nobody would think somebody stepped on them.

-Shinku Satsu Sanpo (Crimson Killing Stride) - He whispered as he closed in. Hopefully the last thing Hal would see was the Crimson stream behind the 5 Beast.

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RPG » Going for the Kill RP (Closed)


It was a dark night; leaden clouds covered the sky as the winds coming from the coast brought the scent of the sea to the old building that stood solitary in a hill.

-This is the first time we have been called to the same place… well the first since we were recruited. It must mean we are going to get mayor orders… - A man in a full body black outfit was the source of this comment, as he sharpened a knife. He was sitting with both boot covered feet over the large table in the middle of the candlelit room.

-Thanks for expressing the obvious Demon, but the real mystery is; who are the two strangers in the room? - A man in blue and red garb stood against one of the walls beside a window. The sea breeze made him scarlet scarf wave to the side.

From outside a new voice joined the group from outside the room. –One must not wander about what he doesn’t know, as mysteries won’t be solved with inner reflection, but with action- This time around the origin was a man in simple black clothing, pants and sleeveless shirt. What was noticeable about him was that he was floating 5 feet off the ground in a perfect lotus position. His hair, mostly white also seemed to defy gravity.

-Bah! You can stop spoutin’ the same wisdom for idiots every time we meet Raven, you’re makin’ everybody here cringe.- A female was “sitting” on a chair inside the room, well as the “” indicate sitting is just a matter of speaking, one of her legs was on the seat while the other was atop the backrest. She had bluish skin, horns and sharp teeth. Her only wardrobe consisted on a ragged Tiger Skin Kimono, which barely managed to cover her body. She wore without any signs of noticing that her attributes were exposed.

Last but not least…really not least the tallest figure inside the room spoke, his voice, a thunderous roar echoed inside the room. –SILENCE! - The imposing individual was at least two times taller than the tallest of them; his whole body was made of metal. Everybody followed that order, even if they didn’t want to. In a room filled with soulless monsters he managed to impose his authority.

-YOU CANT COMPLAIN ABOUT BEING SUMMONED, WE, THE BEASTS, ONLY ANSWER TO ONE LORD, AND THAT’S WHO CALLED US TODAY- The Metallic Man smashed his massive fist against the table, making the whole surface crack and forcing the man only referred to as Demon to remove his legs from the table.

-Okay, you don’t need to be a hardass Emperor, we get it, and we will stop complaining. - Demon spoke filled with snark. “Emperor” quickly replied. –I’M MADE OF METAL, NO PLACE IN MY BODY ISN’T HARD YOU SIMPLETON.-

Demon seemed to want to inject another joke, but he quickly realized that he was pushing his luck and decided to shut up. After glaring at him for some moments Emperor resumed his speech. –THE CARDINALS HAVENT ACCOMPLISHED ANYTHING, THEY WERE SENT TO DISPATCH THE TARGETS WE WILL TAKE ON TODAY AND FAILED, OUR COMMANDER SHATTER HAS INSTRUCTED ME TO TELL YOU THIS INFORMATION AND ASSIGN NEW ASSASSINS FOR THE TASK.- He finished shouting at them and all shared the same expression, a sinister smile that would chill the blood inside the veins.

-It is most troubling that our esteemed colleagues in the Cardinal Team weren’t able to guide the souls of our targets to their proper rest, yet now that we can act I must join with Scarlet and ask, who the two guests in our meeting room are. - Raven still was speaking from outside, as he did he kept his eyes on the sky while his hands kept emanating some sort of aura.

-You’re really gettin’ on my nerves with your nice and proper talk, just shut up and keep doin’ whatever you’re doin’ without bein’ a pain in the ass like always.- She taunted him, but Raven’s reply only was. –I’m sorry Oni, I’ll try to avoid doing it in the future.-

-You are no fun-


-Actually I go by Herald, Netsu-kun is a nickname I do not like. - He was standing with the same clothes he had when he left the Hidden World Council. His hair was silver and his sported armor on his arms. He had some patches of silver scales on his body, all symmetrically placed.


The five Beasts took a Dice and threw it. Scarlet and Oni took the higher spots.


-I’ll be on my way. - Scarlet vanished in a red flash of light while Oni whistled and a giant disembodied hand appeared floating on the side. –Titan-chan will take me there, don’t wait up.-

And with that said the 5 and 4 Beast rushed to meet their target, wherever they were…

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RPG » The Vice Before Christmas - OOC

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RPG » Ikari Fukushi (Character Bio)

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RPG » Ikari Fukushi (Character Bio)

JHWAB File 44-M-D-K-44

Name: Ikari Fukushi

Age: 44

Height: 1.82 mts

Weight: 78 kg

Alignment: Villain

Source of Powers: Gainen Medal


· Fukushi Ikari, 44 years old, born to Goro Fukushi and Kaede Fukushi in Tokyo Yamajima Metropolitan Hospital.

· Orphaned at age 6, unknown circumstances.

· Served in the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Force for 8 years

· Transferred to the JHWAB Military Branch as Junior Agent at age 26.

· Dishonorable Discharge at age 33 while serving as a Military Branch Black Ops.

· Freelance Hidden World Ops in Asia since age 35 up until the present.

· Affiliations with criminal families.

· Current Threat Level: Oni-2

A.K.A: “Tokyo no Shikkohito”

Prior Affiliations: Ryuugamine Yakuza, Garyuu Trading Company, Trinity Gate Group, Kago Development Laboratory

Current Occupation: Freelancer Assassin/Body Guard/Hidden World Consultant


· Advanced Martial Arts Training (Muay Thai, Boxing, Kenpo, Jujutsu and Aikido)

· Advanced Kenjutsu and Battoujutsu Training (Shin Ippon Ryu)

· Knowledge of the JHWAB inner workings

· Knowledge of Hidden World Creatures and Locations in Asia

Psychological Evaluation

When he entered the JHWAB, 44-M-D-K-44 tended to prefer solitude and isolation, not exactly a team player. With time the increasing amount of violent crimes he saw started to pressure him putting him slowly in the path to insanity.

On the last interviews he had before being discharged from the JHWAB, 44-M-D-K-44 questioned the usefulness of the organization and his own worth, using the logic that no matter how much he tried new crimes were committed every day, more gruesome than before.

He was discharged for events building up to this as he killed a culprit in cold blood and subsequently destroyed his corpse and banished his spirit using stolen charms from the Omnyo Division of the Military Branch.

He is a dangerous and deranged individual with knowledge of our operations, for that reason he is too dangerous to leave free but he has proven to be resourceful and cunning to avoid our operations until the present.

Most of his issues could be tracked back to the death of his parents, yet the mysterious circumstances around the event stop us from doing nothing apart from suppositions, as no record or evidence exist of the death of 44-M-D-K-44 parents.

Known Crimes

· 59 charges of Homicide

· 2405 charges of Assault

· 3 charges of Resisting Arrest

· 44 charges of Illegal Divulgation of Classified Information

· 108 charges of Sentient Hidden World Creatures Murder

· 1324 charges of Illegal Hidden World Oddities Hunting

· 1 Charge of Major Artifact Theft (See notes)


44-M-D-K-44 threat level skyrocketed five years ago from Kamaitachi-4 to Oni-2 after he stole the Gainen Medal of Hatred from Sakurajima. He entered the island without raising any alarms thanks to his knowledge of our procedures and asked Reiji Fukuma for training.

Somehow he got the trust of Reiji Fukuma and once his guard was down 44-M-D-K-44 stole one of the medals. His Known Crimes file had to be expanded from that moment onwards as his newfound powers allow him to destroy opponents with ease.

According to the case files of the Gainen Satsu Sentai back in the 70’s we have an idea about what powers 44-M-D-K-44 currently wields. Seemingly he hasn’t unlocked all of them yet, but the JHWAB is increasingly worried as he seems to be advancing.

1. (憎しみ炎) Flame of Hatred: Projects flame-like bursts of energy. In reality this energy is a physical manifestation of emotional turmoil, not only “burning” whoever is targeted by it but also affecting their psyche and clouding their judgment. Basically he shares negative emotions with others causing lapses of memory, frenzies and in people with weak hearts death.

2. (憎しみ剣) Sword of Hatred: A similar effect than the last but the energy takes the shape of bladed weapons, the user can pierce this insubstantial blades into the target “soul” and infect them with a Psychic Virus, causing headaches, altered state of mind and emotional unbalance.

3. (の装甲脳) Armored Mind: Whatever psychic effects the user can generate them also shield him from psychic intrusions, protecting him from Illusions, Telepathy or Mind Control.

4. (悪夢タッチ) Nightmare Touch: The same energy that manifest in other possible skills takes the shape of an armor that covers one of the hands of the user. Contact with the armored gauntlet will cause hallucinations to the targets, always about their greatest fears.

The rest of the skills remain under classified files by orders of the JHWAB council not to be opened except for individuals that will encounter 44-M-D-K-44. Still is highly recommend for any field Agent to avoid fighting with 44-M-D-K-44, instead the standing orders are to contact central HQ or the Kyoto HQ so the agents more capacitated to fight him are dispatched to the location.

The Gainen Medals are extremely powerful artifacts that summon the power of the Gainen* trapped inside. The powers the users wield tend to be dangerous and highly difficult to handle, but their two main weaknesses are:

1. Specialization: Gainen Medals tend to represent a single concept, thus they can be easily predicted and so avoidable. Knowing the Concept the Medal embodies is of utmost importance as not knowing can be a disaster.

2. Stamina: Gainen Medals tend to draw energy from the user to remain active; this energy is always linked to the concept, so a Gainen Medal of Flame will siphon heat from the user to work. Thus not many individual can handle the medals for long periods of time, as it requires strong bodies and a connection to the Medal Concept.

Final Words

44-M-D-K-44 is highly dangerous and must be considered a threat to any JHWAB Agent who encounters him. His capture or at least, the recuperation of the stolen artifact is of utmost importance. Yet the Medal itself may not be as dangerous as 44-M-D-K-44 in the long run as he knows how to hurt us and tends to divulge information about the Hidden World without any regard for the safety of the balance between both worlds. For that reason, more than the Gainen Medal he must be stopped.

*Gainen: (Creature) (TL: Oni 1-Kami 2) Interdimensional beings that embody concepts created by humanity. Tend to be mindless but there are cases of sentient individuals. During the 70’s the JHWAB had a special squad that dealt with this issue. From the original 10 members only 4 remain alive and only 1 is still active in the JHWAB. Currently under JHWAB employment exists the only documented case of a Human/Gainen Hybrid, Yami Kizuato, son of Yukiko Kizuato, one of the original squad members.

Since 1981 there have been no sightings of Gainen in Japan or the World.

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RPG » Alexander Stevenson Bio

@waybig1010101: It was in general. Bishonen is the term for the generic Good looking guy in anime.

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RPG » Alexander Stevenson Bio

@waybig1010101: Cool! Its really good having a character that isnt a superpowered bishonen!

I'm going to start "A Day to Remember" this week, so keep your eyes peeled when it appears!

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RPG » Alexander Stevenson Bio

@waybig1010101: I was saying that the series go from X1 to X6 or whatever progression (Like X1 X2 X4 X8 X16 X32) , but only in six steps, when he loads a new set of six bullets the effect starts from 1 again. That could work.

Another alternative could be something with this mechanic:

Bullets make regular damage but once they stay lodged inside the monster, then Alexander uses some kind of secondary feature to make the bullets explode/release power/cause damage/poison/gravity.

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RPG » Alexander Stevenson Bio

@waybig1010101: This is an interesting character. The Colt power seems a tad broken, you should make the cooldown period longer... or make it smaller.

If its a Colt I suppose it has six bullets. It could be X1-X2-X3-X4-X5-X6 and then you need to recharge. Or X1-X2-X4-X8-X16. I like the True Hitting power of attacking any objetive surpassing supernatural defenses, is fitting for a Monster Hunter

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RPG » Masako Hihashi, the Alpha Predator

We all know that humanity is atop the food chain, not for their natural gifts, but for its capacity to adapt to situations and more importantly thanks to tools.

Yet what if something appeared in our world that could adapt its body to the situation on the spot, forced acclimatization to any environment or challenge

What would that being become? A God? A Demon?... no, nothing so esoteric. Whoever can adapt faster and more efficiently will be atop the Food Chain.

An Alpha Predator, whose prey is everything that walks the Earth, swims in the Sea or soars the Sky. A creature with the ability to overcome humanity’s advantages without technological help.

One could argue that the Hidden World Denizens could fall into that category, but even the inhuman ones have values, or customs. The ones who don’t are just animals.

Just adapting to any circumstance isn’t enough to triumph in the race for evolution. One shouldn’t focus on only increasing their strength but they would need to purge their weaknesses.

What is the human weakness you may ask? Is the lack of natural weapons? Their relative weakness in comparison with fiercer predators? No, emotions are humanity’s weakness.

Animals may feel emotions, but not on the level humans do. Animals ruled by instinct that overcomes emotions are more efficient. Humans ruled by emotions or logic are not.

They spend their time thinking or feeling, that slows them down and in the grand scheme of things stopping to run is basically surrendering to the Predators.

A being that can adapt and isn’t tied by emotion or instinct seems the perfect fit to become the wolf among men.

Unluckily for us all we may have found him…

Name: Masako Hihashi

Alignment: Villain

Age: 26

Height: 1.81 mts (Variable)

Weight: 193 Kg (Variable)


Born and raised in Japan, son of a Japanese Diplomat and a Chinese politician, Masako suffered a rift the moment he was born, as only months after his birth, his father returned to China while his mother stayed in a local government position rather than continuing with her diplomatic career. The young Masako took his mother maiden surname, while his father surname is Lei. For his mixed blood he was continuously mocked and picked on the school, slowly making him bitter and angry at the world. Being alone and in constant attack he became cold and unforgiving, turning against anybody that dared to bother him. In only months he made the whole school afraid of him, even the teachers and staff couldn’t oppose him. Thus he reached to the conclusion that the only way to be happy is to rule over others, and to rule over others he needs to be feared and to be feared he needs to be powerful. Thus he will achieve true happiness through the suffering of others under his rule. His most common quote is “The weak are the food for the strong, is the law of nature” and according our exams and analysis his “goal” in life, as he describes it, is to be in the top of the food chain, quite literally.

His powers developed through and accident and activated after a traumatic experience he calls “My True Birth”. He fought against a new gang that tried to take the control of his “domains” he won the fight, but the almost dead delinquents launched a kamikaze attack and pushed him off the ledge in the school rooftop. He cracked his skull open and something snapped inside of him, the faint remains of human conscience or empathy was destroyed and his incredible powers of his own cellular composition awakened. While he was comatose all the people under his “rule” started to tell about his sins and that information reached his mother. When Masako returned home she confronted him and without any kind of delay, the merciless monster killed his own mother in cold blood and ate her flesh. This finished his awakening and slowly he gained control over his powers. He decided that to further advance in his road to “greatness” and decided that he had to cut all the ties that remained to his humanity. He killed everybody that met him before his transformation and then he went for the last one, his own father.

He travelled to Europe, where his progenitor was staying, honing his skills along the way. He destroyed the Chinese embassy in Britain but got caught in the escape and placed in the Black Stone Prison. The Mangetsu Organization (erased from everybody's memory) turned him into a weapon, under the codename Shingetsu. He was sent to a forgotten Japanese Naval Base on an artificial island in which he encountered the living Metal Benkeinium, that encased him in a cocoon. Dr. Kago bought him from a rogue JHWAB agent in charge of the clean up duty in the Naval Base and he woke up in Osaka, during the events of Osaka Ablaze

Masako’s goal is quite simple, becoming the one above all the others in biological terms. He wants to be on the top of the food chain, he wants to consume the meat of different people, and he wants to taste their fear and desperation. He won’t consider himself as a Cannibal as he doesn’t consider himself as part of humanity anymore. Apart from the hunger that pushes him forward he lacks personality traits after his psyche was burned out after being engulfed by Benkeinium in the mission to retrieve the Amaterasu Submarine.



Masako can consume any living being and gain its memories and skills. This covers regular skills, he can get piano performing skills if he consumes a pianist, but he won’t get super powers. People with strong personalities or mental powers maybe prove to give him a “Mental Indigestion” that he has to fight internally to avoid them from trying to take control of his body.

The “souls” or better said, the psyche of those he consumes tend to manifest from time to time through the Benkeinium patches on his body, truly horrifying visages of suffering trying to escape from the prison Masako became for them. The Alpha Predator can recall their appearance at will. Yet there is an unexpected side-effect of the Assimilation.

Masako gets personality traits of the people he consumes stuck “in his teeth” slowly permeating him with traits, ticks or mannerisms of the people he consumes. Creating the illusion of being them to whoever knew them, something that can be equals parts useful and bothersome, as people can be fooled by it.


Masako’s body is almost 90% mineral, as the Benkeinium Metal has fused with him; this living metal is harder than Titanium while it remains in a fluid state. Masako can change its shape, density and properties to adapt to multiple situations. Yet in the case of battling an enemy he can successfully adapt against just one of them, not all.

He can take traits of animals and magnify their utility as every part is composed by Organic Metal, enhancing its durability and avoiding reaching to their limit. Masako can also create simple weapons or even create multiple extremities or tendrils to help him fight. The patches on his body can extend to form armor plates.

The Benkeinium can conduct electricity; Masako can adapt to avoid getting electrocuted or magnetized. It doesn’t rust and is smooth to the touch. Sharpening his weapons is question of concentration rather than skill, as he can modify the structure of the metal on a molecular level altering its sharpness and properties.


Masako’s current body at its utmost potential can fluctuate between these values, yet he will never reach the top of the three, he can top 1, have one in between and the remaining one on its minimum setting. His reflexes are linked to his speed.

Strength 1-5-10 Ton

Durability Bullets-Tanks-Heavy Artillery

Speed- 2x Human- Sub Sound- 2x Sound

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RPG » New Vice Awards

@Justalittlegirl: We all brag from time to time XD

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RPG » Kuro-san's Bio

@SamJaz: It was kind of obvious, wasnt it?

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RPG » Kuro-san's Bio

Updated the bio, added the official look and some extras

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RPG » Capital Of The UnderWorld (RP)

@ownagepants: @SamJaz: -That is truly worrying information, thanks for the heads up, as I am neither a criminal or the government I don’t see any issues with them.- Kuro-san finished his drink and left pay enough for everybody. He then turned to Slayer. –May I request you to follow me, I think I’ll be late for my appointment.- And with that said he left to the streets, moving towards Aoki’s offices here, his home away from home when he need to de-compress from handling Osaka’s Underworld and planning the Fights in the Illegal Hidden World Coliseum he had hidden under the city.

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RPG » Capital Of The UnderWorld (RP)

@SamJaz: @ownagepants: @Lobos_Del_Rayo:

Kuro-san drank the lemonade and started his inquiries. –I haven’t been here in a long time and I was just curious about who are the people that suddenly gunned a café, if I recall correctly firearms are restricted here, so you can understand my surprise upon seeing a horde of gun wielding lunatics trying to attack. - The Former Emperor was using the tone of voice his alter-ego, Usso Namae, used before he erased that identity from the memories of the world. He sounded warm, calming and wise.

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RPG » Capital Of The UnderWorld (RP)

@ownagepants: @SamJaz:

As soon as he heard the first shot Kuro-san already reacted. With cold efficiency he crouched and kicked down the table so he could use it as cover. Bullets whistled over him and some even got blocked by the table as he drank his glass of lemonade, which he managed to save before improvising the cover. Without even sweating or getting agitated from the bullet storm he talked to Slayer. –Thanks for ordering one for me, could you take care of the men outside? We will be late to the meeting and I really want to get this over with.-

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